Jab or no job: Southcentral Foundation, after firing unvaccinated employees, is giving bonuses for referrals for replacements


This is the 16th in a series of stories of people being fired from their jobs because they have declined to take the required Covid-19 vaccination. Send your story to [email protected].

Southcentral Foundation and Alaska Native Medical Center, having fired dozens of employees who would not succumb to the pressure of taking a Covid-19 vaccine, is now offering referral payments of $1,000 to $5,000 for finding new people to fill those jobs.

According to Southcentral, the referral bonuses are available to existing Southcentral Foundation employees who refer people who end up being hired. The terms are as follows:

  • Administrative Support Training Program – $1,000
  • Dental Assistant Training Program – $1,000
  • Dental Assistant – $1,000
  • Certified Medical Assistant – $1,000
  • Registered Nurse Case Manager – $5,000
  • Dental Hygienists – $5,000
  • Behavioral Health Consultant – $5,000
  • Clinicians (Behavioral Services Division) – $5,000
  • Clinical Supervisors (Behavioral Services Division) – $5,000
  • Clinical Directors (Behavioral Services Division) – $5,000

To receive a referral bonus, you must:

  • Be a current SCF employee.
  • Refer an applicant to a position eligible for a referral bonus.
  • Be listed as the referred by on the candidate’s job application upon submission.
  • Submit an Employee Referral Request through UKG Pro portal for approval.

If the candidate is hired and all requirements are met outlined in the Employee Referral Bonus Procedure, you will receive the corresponding bonus, once the referred employee has been employed with SCF for a minimum of 6 months.

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  1. Lotsa luck with that. Hopefully not too many good lives will be sacrificed to the egotistical self serving beasts. I’m glad I don’t have to depend on them for my healthcare. But my biggest question is: how much does their inflexibility on shots that don’t work cost the American taxpayer?

  2. My brother is one who was fired from SCF after 25 years of loyal service. They dont deserve him. I wish no harm to the folks that get care there but the organization will go down in history as a violator of human rights and are guilty of coercion.

  3. The real question is: why in the world would anyone want to work for an organization which totally disregarded their employee’s right to ‘informed consent’ regarding the potential dangers in taking an experimental drug that is not approved? (No, the FDA approved Pfizer Vax is not being used, yet. You are stuck with the EUA experimental drug.) The medical profession has always been built on the tenet of ‘informed consent’. There has been NO effort to inform the public of possible dangerous side affects before the poor shrub sticks her arm out and ‘gets the jab’.

    No one should ever consent to ‘taking the jab’ unless your company (not the pharmaceutical) signs the papers to assume full liability for any health damage done to you by the drug since they are making it a condition of employment. Mark my words, the class action lawsuits against companies who did the bidding of the Biden regime by forcing employees to ‘take the jab’ will be biblical. Why? Every day more evidence is being produced which documents the dangers of these drugs which these employers are forcing on their employees. Just ask the governments of Norway, Iceland, Sweden Finland and others who have banned the use of Moderna for people under 30. And now we are going into the ‘booster-shot’ era. The poor souls who have been previously fully vaxxed will be considered part of ‘unwashed’ crowd unless they keep getting their booster pokes. Each poke will subject that person to another round of potential side affects. Never mind that the ‘booster pokes’ may compound side affect causations from the original jab. Now they are telling you that you can ‘mix and match’ one vax pharmaceutical with another for your booster. The companies will be firing more people who balk at getting their boosters’.

    Where will all this madness end?

    • What funding budget accounts are these referral bonus funds drawn from? Are the dedicated federal funds for the Alaska Native Medical Center and SCF sufficiently flexible to be diverted to referral bonuses at facility management level? These budgeted funds are not structured by federal regulation?
      Are there existing built in provisions in Medicaid, Denali Kid Care, etc., to pay for what appears a unique, unlawful and wasteful purpose?
      ANMC perpetually whines about a lack of financial resources and yet it diverts critical funds to replace seasoned employees who worked through the last 18 months with new hires, who will be primarily non Natives and outsiders.
      They are publicly exposing the entrenched disdain, corruption and incompetence towards employees and patients.

    • Time will tell and truth will eventually prevail. In the mean time survival will be tough for those with perseverance to hold out.

    • I’m thinking it’s pressure from Washington. Almost all of ANMC’s funding, SCF helps govern ANMC, comes from the feds. Either walk over employees’ human rights or lose funding and fail at your mission. Let’s go Brandon.

      • Well when the boss doesn’t know which bathroom to use today how can we expect any other good decision? Human rights for others? Bah! Let’s go Brandon! (this post will get me an FBI look)

    • Excellent post and excellent questions, Wayne.
      Unfortunately, this madness, this wave of mass hysteria and neurosis, does not look like it is going to end any time soon, not as long as a majority of the population continues to allow themselves to be terrorized by all the exaggerated fear-porn disseminated by the political establishment and their mouthpieces in the corporate media.

  4. Makes me sick to see people being fired who worked through this pandemic, and many others who have worked there for decades, and then possibly struggle financially while SC has that kind of money to put out just for a referral. Priorities are certainly screwed up!

  5. Good luck with recruiting. Hospitals all over the US are competing for the same small pool of vaccinated, yet available medical staff. Meanwhile thousands of qualified workers sit on the sidelines.

    Full citizenship was nice while it lasted, eh?

  6. Still think this has anything to do with Covid?

    Bleat, sheep. And wait to be sheared then slaughtered

  7. They’ve offered $5000 referral bonus for nurses for years, now the number of positions they’re offering bonuses for has exploded.

  8. Management gives all that money out when there are homeless Native Alaskans in every Anchorage homeless shelter. Many needing an assisted living home where every SCF parking garage stands. Many needing costly medical services that Medicaid and IHS won’t pay.
    Who knows how many of those referred employees will leave after 6 months service? They are taking a gamble While today’s Native Alaskans will still be on the street because SCF and ANTHC chooses to burn its federal and state money on such foolishness.

  9. How can the virtual signaling signs along E 36th across from Providence and E Tudor across ANTHC campus having any meaning for the living when such employers hold the attitude our employees are dispensable and disposable? Those virtual signaling signs are seen with the same sour bitter taste in the mouth as listening to superflourous Christian songs to the ears.

  10. What exactly are they trying to accomplish by forcing employees to receive a vaccine that will not prevent them for getting the virus they are being vaccinated for? Yes, the vaccine is proving to lessen severity, but the employee still has to stay home, quarantine the same amount of time, can transmit the virus jute same as the unvaccinated, possibly even more so as the infected can have such minor symptoms they easily attribute to allergies or something else. The randomness of contracting the illness really does not change. It really is senseless. The efficacy is appearing to be substantially less than the influenza vaccine.

  11. For parents and professionals concerned for their children being used as beagle puppies or ferrets in ongoing big pharma experiments with the mRNA injections:
    Today is the last day to provide the FDA with comments and feedback for a meeting held by the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee
    On October 26, 2021, the committee will meet in open session to discuss a request to amend Pfizer-BioNTech’s EUA for administration of their COVID-19 mRNA vaccine to children 5 through 11 years of age.
      Find the portal at the following link:


  12. Ok, do contact the governor. This is getting beyond ridiculous and is really more politicized knee jerk reactions by these employers. Both mindless and senseless.

    Email, snail mail, write a letter and fax. I just did the email system but cut and pasted into body of letter I will fax.


    • I called the Governor office Anchorage number. After I brought up the employers forcing genetic therapy on employees crisis, I was put on hold with elevator music. The governor came to Pike’s in Fairbanks, and I brought the issue up in person. No verbal reaction. Dunleavy is not dealing with protecting the rights of Alaskans and ending the developing health crisis of mass use of genetic therapy drugs.
      Is it a lack of character and backbone? Scared of the state unions? Paid off by big pharma?

  13. Where will all this madness end? I guess when the government has complete control of all of us.
    It is total madness. So they fire all of the dedicated people who have taken care of their patients and hire new ones who are vaccinated, however, can have the virus and spread it to others. Don’t you love the fact that we get the vaccine but still get covid and spread it. It is such a comfort that I have been vaccinated and if I get Covid my symptoms may be less or if I have a comorbidity I may die.

  14. The medical tyranny going on now is truly frightening! I talked to an acquaintance yesterday who happily told me that he beat Covid. During the conversation he admitted that he had been fully vaccinated including the booster shot when he contracted the virus. Unfortunately, he passed the virus to his wife who was unvaccinated. When they tested positive they both went to their local hospital on the Peninsula. He was given a monoclonal drip and was soon released. Sadly, his spouse was denied the monoclonal therapy & was hospitalized for over a week. There are a lot of vaccinated folks spreading Covid around the peninsula right now -beware!

  15. Great! If you don’t take the jab, you’re kicking road apples. Bonuses are common now. Unbunch your panties and get on with your life

  16. I love all the comments people on this site make about things that make them mad but don’t apply to them. Personally Im glad they got rid of medical professionals that don’t believe in modern medicine. BTW there are lots of vaccines that are REQUIRED in the US and the reason is not “TyRaNnY”. This is not a new concept. Everyone should read the story of Typhoid Mary and educate themselves about what is really going on, its not a conspiracy you crazies!

    • Yes, Dave, right on! Lots of vaccines are required (or have legitimate exemption) for work. I have them. But the mRNA is not a vaccine nor is it even approved beyond EUA. If I get a Hep B vax and react, I have both liability from the company and worker’s comp through OSHA. With the COVID jab I have only the rest of my life with debilitating side effects and care from sympathetic family members as we live in abject poverty (see Maddy De Garay). .
      I’ve said it here recently: when the early Hep B was developed it was given to eight soldiers in my unit. Four developed Hep C and one of them died. Since then I’ve taken the Hep B (and Hep A) once they worked out the bugs and time proved it safe.
      And Typhoid Mary is really not applicable to this argument. Vaxxed shed more virus than non.

    • This just in from The Irish Times:
      “Waterford has the highest rate of vaccination in the country with 99.7 per cent of adults over the age of 18 (as registered in the last census) fully vaccinated. The county has gone from having one of the lowest rates of Covid-19 infection in Ireland to one of the highest.”
      The jab is sooooo good!

    • Dave, the system you advocate, where Politics and Power and the Rapacious pursuit of profit trump the science of “medicine” isn’t tyranny then kindly enlighten the readers here as to what Tyranny is? Oh, but please before you spray more of your indoctrinated logorrhea in these columns you just might want to see if you can find your posterior with a flashlight.

  17. How much taxpayer funding does Southcentral Foundation and Alaska Native Medical Center receive? Should they receive any funding to rescue itself from this self inflicted gun shot wound?

  18. Variola raged throughout the war, devastating the Native American population and slaves who had chosen to fight for the British in exchange for freedom. Yet the isolated infections that sprung up among Continental regulars during the southern campaign failed to incapacitate a single regiment. With few surgeons, fewer medical supplies, and no experience, Washington conducted the first mass inoculation of an army at the height of a war that immeasurably transformed the international system. Defeating the British was impressive, but simultaneously taking on Variola was a risky stroke of genius.

    • different times, different disease, still no science, just BS,
      Do you vaccination supporters have any science? or just CDC guidelines based on politics and economics…killers

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