Trevor Project founder who advised Anchorage on gay items was member of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence


It gets weirder.

The man who founded the Trevor Project group and who advised Anchorage Assembly members on creating an ordinance to prevent therapists from counseling gender-confused children was also a member of a notorious drag queen group, “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.”

That group is made up of religious bigots who dress up as grotesque Catholic nuns and prance and dance salaciously, desecrating Christian religious symbols, such as crucifixes. They celebrate Easter by desecrating the cross and poking fun at Jesus.

Sam Brinton was, as regular Must Read Alaska readers know, also a highly placed member of the Biden Administration, which put him in charge of spent nuclear waste at the Department of Energy. He had top security clearances. But he was also openly a drag queen who also gives lectures on kinky sex involving men in bondage.

Brinton was fired from the Biden Administration after stealing women’s luggage from two airports, and he is now under arrest in connection with a possible third luggage heist.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is the group that the LA Dodgers decided to honor for Pride Month. The decision has embroiled the team in controversy and, like the controversy over Bud Light, may cost the franchise.

“Brinton wasn’t just a member, but held a leadership position with the DC chapter of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a drag group that dons religious garb and poses salaciously with crosses in order to get their message of inclusion (or something) across,” writes the Post Millennial, which reported the story, based on tax filings that made the connection.

Brinton’s drag name with the group was “Sister Ray Dee O’Active,” a nod to his interest in nuclear power.

When Brinton was involved with Anchorage, he was writing back and forth with some of the gay members of the Assembly to counsel them on creating an anti-free-speech ordinance that prohibits counselors from talking to children about the cons of being gay or developing into a transgender person. The counselors, under the ordinance that passed, may only affirm a child’s wishes to identify as something other than boy or girl they were born as. Any other type of counseling may be seen as “conversion therapy” and would be fined at $500 per instance.

Counselors in Anchorage will not likely take the risk of accepting youthful clients who are gender confused, when they are faced with such draconian, albeit unconstitutional penalties.

Read more at the Post Millennial.


  1. Truly an evil spawn. A shock trooper for “The Cathedral”. One can hope his usefulness to them is coming to an end.

  2. The current and former gay members of the Assembly must feel so proud of what they have been able to learn and achieve from and with this person.

  3. What a perfect representative for the corrupt Biden batch of fools. this scoundrel resembles Hunter in so many ways. The whole world is laughing at America and the pathetic bunch of fools running our nation into the dirt and trampling on every value our brave soldiers sacrificed their lives to protect. This is the saddest memorial day in the history of America.

  4. Suzanne, ‘He has top security clearances’ ??

    I’m fairly sure that any clearance this person might have had has been revoked. If it hasn’t, you are probably missing a much bigger story.

  5. Why ridicule Catholic nuns?

    Because they represent self-control and purity. They give their lives to Christ serving others, not themselves. They are the antithesis of the absolute hedonism pursued transvestites and drag queens.

    Not unlike Satan himself, these desperate souls hate what they refuse to have -I do not say “cannot have,” because every man, through the grace of God, can turn from sin- but they refuse self-control and purity, choosing rather to chase fleeting pleasures and cheap thrills. These do not last, and they do not bring peace or true happiness. But rather, they corrupt and instill a self-loathing that begs to be inflicted upon others.

    The desire for everlasting happiness is in the heart of man -and it IS attainable, thanks be to God!

    St. Charles Lawanga, pray for us!

  6. Ask yourself this: would these people mock Islam this way?

    Of course not. Not unless they want literal holy hell coming down on them.

  7. At first the Dodgers were not going to honor this group, but then pressure was brought to bare and they gave in. I cab only compare what is happening to this country to the last days of Rome, when licentiousness ruled. What a horrible Memorial Day weekend it is to see this happening.

  8. One wonders what MRAK hopes to accomplish by posting endlessly about this Brinton dude. Is this story written to promote the public interest or simply to keep the conservative base riled up?

    NB: Brinton is an attention seeker, and the less you publish about him the sooner he will stop acting up. You’re giving him just what he wants.

    • Whidbey, good observation. Brinton helped write an Anchorage ordinance and he did so in secret with particular members of the Assembly. One might think that it matters that the ordinance violates the Constitution. This publication will follow his exploits so readers and taxpayers understand who is running Anchorage and what kind of judgment they have. Thanks for your comment. – sd

      • Dude refers to Brinton because that’s what he is. Please read more closely before lashing out.

  9. I’d say just stop giving these any press, i definitely wouldn’t post pictures of these weirdos. I think that alone gets them excited, remember you are dealing with some very strange people, they love the attention, so posting pictures of them is just what they want, articles informing the general public is good, but stop the scary Clown Photos please. If you
    Have seen one of these clowns, you’ve seen them all!

  10. Thank you for the article as it is only when we shine light into darkness the truth can be revealed. Some of our assembly members are truly evil and we need to continually shine light on this fight. keep up the great work!

  11. This is exactly what the weirdo members on the Anchorage Assembly want for our youth in Anchorage. THEY sought him out for advice on preparing the ordinance that they passed. They knew exactly what he represents and that is who those assembly members identify themselves as, weirdos that want to corrupt as many youth as they can. It’s as simple as that.

    We understand that its hard for the liberal lefties to see the despicable photos and read about all the disgusting details of this satan worshipping catholic nun degrading habitual baggage thief who will never spend a day in jail thanks to your almighty god George Soros who is hellbent on destroying America.

    That is exactly the reason we are supporting Suzanne for her efforts to expose this unlawful tragedy that is sweeping across America that will impact innocent youth for the rest of their lives. The children are innocent. The gay ASSembly members are guilty as well as their supporters when the proof can be seen. Have you ever wondered why those emails between Constant and Brinton were deleted? That in itself is illegal. Their day will come but we are working together to bring that day sooner. If you cant handle the truth go to ADN and read fairy tales to your children. People supporting the “queer agenda” just dont belong here. ADN welcomes those.

  12. Anchorage has many problems and this is just one of the more horrendous ones! The good citizens of Anchorage need to rise up and defend what is right in their city, in our state and quit being timid about it.

  13. I wonder why folks that offensively portray themselves as degenerates like to ‘target’ Catholics.

    On the other hand, I take offense to folks (that aren’t Catholic, and wouldn’t normally associate with one if they knew a Catholic) sit in Congress and speak for us, lumping us in their agenda for whatever suits their political fancy.

    C’mon. There’s a reason the US Constitution separates Church and State.

    • The Constitution separates church/state so we don’t have a state sponsored religion.

      The colonists were a wide variety of Protestants, Catholics, and some Jews.
      Most came here to escape the persecution of the Church of England in Britain.

      The Founders, mostly Deists, were not interested in recreating the circumstances they left England to get away from.

      • Even Muslim folks were here. They arrived as slaves to the new world BEFORE the Puritans arrived. As slaves mostly.

    • Mrs N, The only separation between Church and State in the constitution in the First Amendment. It prohibits the Government ( Congress) from establishing a State Church. Beyond that there isn’t a ” separation” of Church and State.

  14. This group has been around since 1979 expressing their First Amendment Rights. The Republican Party was founded on individual freedom, not culture wars attacking minorities.

    • a critique is now an attack now? what minority? brinton is just some white guy with no personality so he try’s to shock people with provocative acts of degeneracy and mocking religion. when a person or group does things like that they run the risk of criticism or in other words, the group with little power (traditional people) expressing their first amendment rights by criticizing the power structure (those of the progressive faith) . I understand that words are violence is progressive dogma but it’s simply not true frank.

  15. Frank and Maureen,

    you need to get your liberal heads checked into API, and stare at yourselves in the mirror or wall and ask WHY?


    You cannot even see how crazy this is for our kids to see. Maybe Frank/Maureen you can give Tom Sconce (curtesy of Mr Sam Brinton) masterbat#^*{ lessons to yourselves on the book “Let’s Talk About it” in our ASD public K12 schools!!!


  16. Anchorage is becoming more and more like LA and Portland the assembly should be run out of office.

    • Instead they were re-elected in a landslide.
      ANC is a lost cause now, as you can easily see by just looking around.

  17. Some people just can’t help themselves. Ignorance is bliss especially when there is no one in your life you REALLY care about especially innocent children.

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