Baggage thief, Anchorage adviser Sam Brinton arrested again — as fugitive of justice


Sam Brinton, a former spent nuclear waste disposal official in the Biden administration, was arrested at his residence on Wednesday by the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland.

The arrest comes following a duo of theft incidents involving stolen luggage at airports, which led to Brinton’s termination from his position in the Biden Energy Department last year.

Police have charged him with being a fugitive from justice, and he has been held until an extradition hearing, as part of an ongoing investigation by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police.

This arrest seems to relate to new charges related to airport thefts. “Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police executed a search warrant May 17 in Montgomery County, Maryland, in connection with allegations of stolen property in luggage from Reagan National Airport that was brought to the department’s attention in February 2023,” the department wrote in a statement to media.

Brinton’s troubles began last year. Brinton, who understands himself as a nonbinary or gender-fluid person (neither male nor female), was initially charged with grand larceny in December, following an incident that occurred on July 6, 2022, at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. Brinton was accused of stealing a suitcase with a combined value of $3,670. The stolen bag contained jewelry worth $1,700, clothing valued at $850, and makeup worth $500.

Brinton pleaded “no contest,” waiving his right to a trial. The Clark County Judge Ann Zimmerman ordered him to pay $3,670.74 in restitution to the victim and an additional $500 in fees, including a criminal fine. Judge Zimmerman also handed Brinton a 180-day suspended sentence with the condition to “stay out of trouble.”

Brinton was also accused of stealing another designer suitcase from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, in a separate

In addition to his involvement in the theft cases, Brinton has drawn attention for his various professional and activist endeavors. That’s where his ties to Alaska come in.

He founded the Trevor Project, an organization focused on supporting gender-confused youth and combating “conversion therapy,” which seeks to discourage alternate gender identities. Anchorage passed an ordinance banning conversion therapy, a move that has faced legal challenges in other jurisdictions due to concerns over free speech rights of therapists. The Trevor Project was involved in secretly advising Assembly members on the ordinance.

Brinton’s name showed up in subject lines of emails between Anchorage Assembly members Austin Quinn-Davidson, Felix Rivera, and Chris Constant, members of the Trevor Project Team and Assembly Attorney Dean Gates. The actual content of the emails were illegally redacted by the Assembly’s attorney, citing deliberative process and personal information.

Brinton has a diverse background outside his professional career. He is known as a drag queen, queer activist, and sado-masochism instructor, providing coaching on various sexual proclivities, including bondage and role-playing involving individuals dressed as animals.

Prior to his dismissal, Brinton served as the head of the nuclear waste disposal division at the Energy Department.


  1. So the cross dressing, dog bondage expert is a mental deviant klepto. Who woulda thunk it? Can any other government top this guy or did we win the DEI trophy?

    • This is just a headline grabber, JB. Tr*nnies, lesbians, lots of homosexuals, are in Biden’s Administration, Cabinet, and social circles. DC is full of them, and they all want to change American way of life.

  2. One thing to acknowledge Biden for. He doesn’t understand the concept of hitting bottom in his for people.

    He gets out the shovel and keeps on digging

  3. Whatever side of the ‘trans’ argument you support, can we all agree that Sam Brinton is a moron?

  4. I simply cant understand why POTUS would fire him. He seems like a very useful idiot to have around to at least take some of the heat off Joey and Hunter. He could back up the press secretary when she lies to the press. I would think with his display of playfulness He would be thrilled to assist in changing Joes pants in the event of a diaper overflow.

    If not the Whitehouse I would think Felix and Chrissy could use him while Meg is healing. He would also add a little flair to the local scenery at Mad Myrnas on drag queen night or assist the children during drag queen story hour at the library. The list just keeps growing when you think of all the possibilities. Would be nice to see a little more color in Anchorage for a change.

    • Andy, you’ve missed all the green, blue, and grey tents spattered atop trash heaps amongst the beige, green and grays of Anchorage in spring. Perhaps REI and Catholic Social Services can hand out some vibrant red tents to excite the eye.

  5. Florida is making good progress on pushing back on this kind of nonsense. We as a nation are pushing back on this kind of behavior, finally, and taking this nation back to its destiny as a Christian nation. I hope this momentum results in turning back “gay marriage” (not a real thing), and restoring the sanctity of holy matrimony. Then we can revisit the mixing of the races and women no longer rearing a family as they should, these have been going on since the 50s and the “civil rights movement” – those movements have tread upon good, upstanding Americans and fly in the face of traditional values and family. Seems we are turning the right way!

  6. Biden finds the most disgusting people for his administration. He has made a laughing stock of the United States of America. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves, but apparently they don’t understand the concept…easy to understand since they are all narcissists.

  7. First of all he isn’t non binary gender fluid, he is a mentally ill moron, lets be clear about that.

  8. So when is joe going to have him move in? He would make a great addition to the Biden crime family.

  9. For the love of God, Suzanne, if you must run stories about this FREAK, can’t you at least NOT post photos of it? Every time I see that bald gender-confused clown, it creeps me out!

    • Hello my desiccated truth seekers: Apparently Downing has allowed me to pour upon you the sweet cool water of truth to revive the withered gardens of your illogic and nastiness.

      Prepare your vessels to accept.

      Here it is: this Brinton thing is a degenerate, a blight, an unacceptable turd.

      I know you desperately want him/her/whatever to be the poster child of the Left. He’s not.

      There are two genders.

      Those who are mentally born female in a male body are still male. Their understandably painful situation should be recognized in some statement like I am a female in a male body. I think even conservatives could accept and relate to that kinda statement.

  10. Wow, MRAK is really hung up on this guy (?). How about a few stories about Rep. Santos to add a little “fairness and balance”?

    • Good try. ?. He is a nut job and it is sad. The man needs serious psychiatric help but he does epitomize the Democratic Party.

    • I just can’t stop dear Whidbey and am sparing you no mercy. I am fed up. I went to Anchorage today. Homeless everywhere and driving down 5th Ave as we approached C St, appropriately next to the FBI building, man in full ‘Phalic salute’ on the sidewalk just goin to town. I am sorry, but this sad man is one of your own. Entitlement, vote for corrupt Biden, completely sloshed on drugs and alcohol but I bet his vote gets counted as it is harvested by the left. You are very very deluded by the lies you buy and it is stunning you spend any time on here at all. Not sure what you are seeking to accomplish when those that support this stellar news source care about this country, truth, decency, morals, ethics, our constitution and freedom for every man woman and child regardless of race or color. Your sex focus is a mental illness and very messed up. Get a clue. Albeit the thought did occur to me that perhaps you are a conservative with actual values just poking some fun and getting the likes of me to respond. Well today you win.

      • If you had experience with the FBI you would know that several inside the building are also in full phallic salute and goin to town. It’s what they’re known for.

      • And by the way, I have neither a “sex focus” (whatever that is), nor do I have a mental illness or am I “messed up”. If you knew me, I’m pretty sure I’d be nothing like you imagine me to be.

        I think you owe me an apology.

        • It’s true what they say; those so afflicted are always the last to admit it. Close the gates to the bridge, dog!

      • Perhaps I am trolling you a bit, dear Elizabeth, but it’s no more than MRAK does to you almost every day on this site by dwelling on stories like this which are intended solely to spin you up and heighten your rage. Can’t you see that?

        I’m far more Conservative than you know, yet you hate me simply because you’ve labeled me a Liberal. Not everything you don’t like can be blamed on the Left, or people like me, sorry. Not everything falls so neatly into the two categories that you imagine exist.

        The Country – both Blue and Red states – is full of homeless people for many reasons, not the least of which is the squeezing of social programs by Conservative ideology. Just look at Florida with a far-Right Governor, where homelessness abounds. Just look under almost any bridge in Miami.

        I know you don’t like the current situation in Anchorage. Neither do I. It’s not the city I loved so much in the past anymore. But lashing out at me and “sparing me no mercy” won’t solve anything. Liberal and Conservatives need to work together to solve this and similar problems. Remember compromise? Live and let live? The Golden Rule? Letting Fox and CNN drive our society apart accomplishes nothing except to pit us against each other while enriching themselves in the process. If you want to talk about evil, well, that’s it right there. MRAK is sometimes guilty of the same exact thing (to wit: this article).

        I would suggest that you redirect your anger at those who are driving us apart, and redirect your energy to solving our problems instead of expending it on animosity towards people like me. Your apparent hatred is neither becoming, nor appealing.

    • As Elizabeth said, this is one of your people, Whidbey. You would rather not read about him, I get that, and a lot of us wonder why you are even here at all. If all you can say is “why do you write about a guy who advised the Assembly and is now arrested as a fugitive of justice?” then there is just not a lot of hope for you. If you don’t think that the guy in charge of spent nuclear waste, who is clearly a sick individual, is important, there’s not a lot of future for Democrats, because if you won’t take a stand, who will? Have some more Koolaid, bro.

  11. Who would have thought that someone who cannot figure out how to play by the rules….. wouldn’t play by the rules? He’s flaunting his freak, and so is law enforcement. Good luck to him in prison.

  12. All these stories and I don’t believe I’ve ever once heard about what credentials or experience Brinton possesses relevant to the position Brinton held at Energy. Didn’t someone recently mention Being There? Was this a real-life manifestation of that film?

    • Not looking for an argument, just stating fact. Until recently, having any kind of sexual kink automatically removed you from consideration for a security clearance. The reason was, those issues places you in a compromised position, as 99.9% of people do not want their sex lives aired out in public. Makes it easy to blackmail the person. Since the libs are all about redefining words/phrases, maybe they think it’s ok now to show off in public?

      • I believe this is true. Which tells me a certain amount about MIT. I have also noted that Yale propagates a large number of similar folks with unique persuasions and preferences. Which tells me a bit about Yale.

    • I don’t see a chick when I (stomach-turningly) look at that person, I see a pathetic and mentally-disturbed clown crying out for attention, and for the affirmation that it does not deserve.

  13. Has the justice system considered castration AND a full frontal lobotomy for these types of repeat offenders. I recall R P “Mack” McMurphy was issued a full frontal lobotomy for what seemed to be a much less dangerous offense. Gee I wish things were like they were in the sixties back when they used to at least confine individuals like Brinton in the state mental hospital down on Center St. in Salem Oregon. My old boss used to tell me stories of guys like Brinton performing sex acts on themselves and each other when he was doing remodel work on the facilities there. I just drove by the old nuthouse last month and I didnt see anyone. It looked vacant. I think they shut it down and moved all the patients outside and are medicating them with Heroine and housing them in tents along the streets and freeways. What a sight that was! All I could think about was seeing Anchorage looking like that in the near future with our fine upstanding rogue Assembly. Everyone that votes Democrat should spend at least a week in downtown Portland and Salem and if they still want to vote Democrat they should be forced to live in those two s**tholes.

    • Now, now, let’s be nice. Portland, Salem, SFO and the like are simply progressive social laboratories trying some innovative solutions to current problems. Some will work out fine, maybe (?). Others will become modern, on-Earth manifestations of Hell.

  14. My question would be , is Sammy still a consultant to the Anchorage assembly ? This may be more telling ! Great comments !

  15. There is nothing “nice” about innocent people being murdered and assaulted on the streets by heroine addicts who are habitual offenders with many past criminal felony charges of assault yet they just release them back on the streets until someone eventually gets murdered and then they get to be housed and babysat by the state by pleading insanity.

    That justice system itself is INSANITY all run by Democrats. Oregon has been a magnetic pothole for Democrat losers who couldnt get elected in California so they pack up their “gang” of misfits and head north to Oregon Washington and eventually Alaska. Now does this sound familiar Felix Chrissy Burky AQD. All they have to do is relocate to a sleeoy unsuspecting community and slip into local government positions where they start their “inbreeding” (collection of cohorts) from their past residences and continue their disastrous policies that ruined their homeland.

    Its ironic that Oregon was the top destination for all the hard working pioneers seeking an opportunity out west and battled the rugged Oregon Trail to find a place to live their dream. I was amazed at the stories about the hardships they endured to reach their destination. Now it is a government run insane asylum with dope being the number one cash crop and Heroine addicts line the streets waiting for an unsuspecting person to victimize.

  16. Whidbey is a Marxist. He can’t even comprehend the awe that most people have in regard to this creep being appointed by the president to a high powered job in our government. Complete psycho. This also should make even the libs question Biden’s reasoning to hire such a nut.

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