Sam Brinton, luggage thief, fetishist, Biden appointee, and advisor to Anchorage Assembly, gets no jail time


Former senior Department of Energy official Sam Brinton managed to avoid jail time in a grand larceny case involving luggage theft dating back to July 2022, when he was spotted on camera stealing someone else’s luggage from then baggage claim area of the Las Vegas Las Vegas’s Harry Reid International Airport.

Sam Brinton is a drag queen, queer activist, and sado-masochism instructor.

According to the Clark County criminal court, Brinton has been ordered to pay $3,670.74 in restitution to the woman in the luggage theft case, and $500 in additional fees, including a criminal fine.

Clark County Judge Ann Zimmerman handed Brinton a 180-day suspended jail sentence, and told him to stay out of trouble. Fox News reported the sentence.

Zimmerman also determined that the designer luggage and its contents were valued at less than $1,200. Brinton had previously pleaded “no contest” to the charges, waiving his right to a trial.

Brinton, who declares himself to not have a specific gender, was hired by President Joe Biden to be the deputy assistant secretary of spent fuel and waste disposition in the office of nuclear energy for the DOE.

A week after he started, he was caught stealing luggage. Later, it was discovered that he stole more luggage from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in October of 2022.

Brinton is also the founder of the Trevor Project, which secretly advised the leadership of the Anchorage Assembly on the “Don’t Say Straight” ordinance that curbs the free speech rights of counselors and makes it a crime for counselors to talk to gender-confused teens about whether they are really attracted to the same sex.

The Trevor Project secretly communicates with children online and helps them in their decision to choose an alternate gender identity. This is also known as grooming.

Brinton is also an lecturer on the finer points of “kink” sex, including bondage and “pup play,” where one sex participant is collared like a dog and the other is the dog’s master.

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  1. Normally I’d be pretty angry with lil sammy not getting any jail time at all. But after further consideration, jail time might be like a trip to Disneyland for this guy.

    Ladies! Hide your luggage!

  2. Dems should run this person for president.
    He/she is a PP …..Perfect Progressive (Parasite on Payroll?)
    Much more advanced then old Joe.

  3. Sigh….another mentally ill individual hired because of their mental illness, rather than their actual qualifications…

    And forgiven of their actual crimes because of said mental illness….by those that support said mental illness…

    Ah, well…

  4. Here is why the value was considered less than $1200:
    In Nevada, grand larceny (also called grand theft) under Nevada NRS § 205.220 involves intentionally stealing property worth $1,200 or more. Grand larceny (of property between $1200.00 and $5000.00 in value) is a category D felony with a sentence of 1 to 4 years in prison and up to $5000.00 in fines.
    If the value of the property is less than $1,200.00, the offense would be the lesser crime of petit (petty) larceny. Nevada Revised Statutes § 205.240 defines the crime of petit larceny as intentionally stealing someone else’s property when the value of the property is less than $1,200.00. The offense is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 6-months in jail, fines of up to $1000.00, and restitution for any losses that the victim suffers.
    This thing avoided a felony conviction based upon the judge’s determination of the value of property stolen, probably at the suggestion of the prosecuting attorney’s office for the thing pleading “no contest”.
    That’s probably the legal reason why this thing basically got a misdemeanor slap on the wrist. Other reasons at play? Possibly.

    • You say, “This thing avoided a felony conviction based upon the judge’s determination of the value of property stolen, probably at the suggestion of the prosecuting attorney’s office for the thing pleading no contest.”

      Let me correct you. An audaciously provocative homosexual man avoided a felony conviction for his crimes because a leftist judge acted in league with a leftist prosecutor to gerrymander the law to protect the defendant. The judge and prosecutor acted corruptly because they agree with the defendant’s blatantly perverse ideology.

  5. No surprise. Four years after Rembrandt hunter’s laptop crime diary, the biden crime syndicate is still bringing in the graft bucks….

  6. A former staffer who worked in the Obama administration is blowing the whistle on the Bidens – and has accused President Biden of being involved in a “kickback scheme” directly related to his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.


  7. I suggest community service for the miscreant. Perhaps storytelling at the library or dog park. Maybe Chris Constant or Principal Wardlaw could offer suggestions.

  8. Meanwhile, a Republican who got caught not paying for a second bag at the grocery store would serve 10 years in prison with no possibility of parole.

  9. I did not hear anything about this degenerate’s advisory role with the assembly. But I can understand the disturbed miscreants on the assembly solociting guidance from this thieving freak.

  10. Now just how did Joe Sniffy find this seemingly over qualified lapdog for this extremely important position at the DOE? Did Hunter find it in the pay for play section on his laptop? How in the world will they ever replace this magnificent specimen? Did he have to forfeit 10% of the loot to the big guy? So many questions that need answers…… I guess we will just have to speculate????

  11. They would not want the goofball near a bush pilot . He’d probably go up in flames ! Bud calendar is looking to fill a couple of months ! Oh , presidential candidate at this point !

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