Tom Sconce affair: Biden’s gender-fluid nuke waste officer on leave from Dept. of Energy; charged for theft of luggage


Samuel Brinton, the gender-bending activist who in 2020 advised Anchorage Assembly members on an ordinance banning “conversion therapy,” is said to be on leave from the Biden Administration while he faces legal problems stemming from his alleged theft of designer luggage from the baggage carousel at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.

The State of Minnesota charged Brinton after a woman filed theft charges when her luggage was missing from a carousel in the baggage claim area. The incident happened in September, and has been hushed up by the Energy Department.

Officers reviewed video of the carousel and observed Brinton taking the high-end Vera Bradley brand luggage before removing its owner’s tag, the court filings stated. Investigators then reviewed other video and observed Brinton using the luggage during two other trips to Washington, D.C., on Sept. 18 and Oct. 9.

Must Read Alaska has not been able to locate a case number in the Minnesota court system, but the events are reported on several blogs, and now on Fox News.

Brinton was named by President Joe Biden in January to be the deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy.

He is not only a gay activist, but considers himself “gender fluid,” a term for someone who goes back and forth between identifying as a man or woman. He is in charge of all the nuclear waste disposal for the country. Brinton has top-secret Q clearance, allows access to top secret restricted data, formerly restricted data, and national security information.

Brinton, before joining the White House, helped found the Trevor Project, where he started a project called “#50Bills50States” to have conversion therapy banned in every state.

One place he was successful was in Anchorage in 2020. He coordinated with the Anchorage Assembly’s gay members to draft the ban on conversion therapy and the Assembly voted on it in August of 2020, while prohibiting the public from attending its Assembly meetings.

Although Must Read Alaska has attempted to get communication and other documents pertaining to Brinton’s consultations with Anchorage Assembly members, the Assembly has refused the public documents, which involved fake email addresses, a fake person named Tom Sconce, who was likely Assemblyman Chris Constant, the now-defunct Blue Alaskan blog, whose author has gone on to become the communication director for the Alaska Democratic Party, and the Anchorage Press.

Attempts by Anchorage citizen Russell Biggs to get public documents covered by open records laws have led to him filing lawsuits to get the records related to the phony email address and personage of Tom Sconce. The Anchorage Assembly gay members appeared to have used that email address to conduct secret communications during the same time they were preparing to approve the anti-conversion therapy legislation.

Brinton is a flamboyant American male who now goes by the pronoun “they.” Photos of “they” show up in web searches in various cross-species role-playing photos with men who are dressed in leather dog costumes. Brinton, who is also at times a drag queen, is not just openly sexualized, but has sought fame for his roles in promoting bans on conversion therapy.

“Prior to working in government, Brinton was an anti-conversion therapy activist who taught ‘Kink 101’ workshops on college campuses,” according to The National Pulse.

In July, Brinton posted a photo of themself on social media wearing a dress alongside Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine (a four-star admiral and a transgender woman) at the home of the French ambassador to the U.S. during a celebration for Bastille Day.

Rachel L. Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Sam Brinton, deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy, Department of Energy, on Bastille Day in France. 

The photo of the two official U.S. representatives together in France at a diplomatic event went viral and was roundly mocked by Russian officials.

Less than a year in his official capacity, he has run into serious trouble that may end his high-flying career in nuclear waste and give a whole new meaning to the word “baggage.”

“In October 2022 Brinton was charged with felony theft in Minnesota after allegedly stealing over $2,300 of luggage from the baggage carousel after arriving on an inbound flight. Brinton allegedly arrived without any checked bags but still visited the baggage claim area, removed the Vera Bradley roller bag, and the baggage tag before taking an Uber to Brinton’s hotel. He checked in with that bag and later admitted to police that he lied to them about the alleged theft. Later, Brinton traveled with the bag to Europe and returned to Dulles Airport with the bag. Brinton is on a leave of absence from the Department of Energy at this time,” according to another energy-related blog, Exchange Monitor.

The trial date is said to be Dec. 19. The consequences of a guilty verdict could bring Brinton a five-year sentence and a $10,000 fine.

According to court records, Brinton first denied that he took the bag but has since changed his story. But he has a novel reason:

“DEFENDANT said when they opened the bag at the hotel, they realized it was not theirs,” the court filings say. “DEFENDANT got nervous people would think they stole the bag and did not know what to do. DEFENDANT stated they left the clothes from the bag inside the drawers in the hotel room.”

The court is using the “they” pronoun in reference to just one person: Defendant Sam Brinton.


  1. Inmates run the asylum in America.

    No matter what the left says, this is not a mentally healthy person or activity.

  2. You just can’t make this s&&T up!! The Brandon administration just keeps entertaining the public. But not on mainstream media.

  3. His fluidity extends from gender to legality. The principle is that if you consider yourself beautiful, you cannot be guilty of a crime.

  4. File this person’s photo under the dictionary definition of the word “freak”.
    That such a disturbed and deranged individual is even tolerated, much less applauded, celebrated and ensconced in a significant governmental position, says a great deal about the desperately degenerate state of radical leftist extremist ideology in the USA today. 20 or 30 years ago, such a person would have been laughed out of the room, and for very good reason.

  5. The facts, ma’am, just the facts?

    This story reminds me of high school German class, when Frau Siersma assigned us to form groups to write and perform in one-act plays, using our newly acquired German vocabulary.

    My part in the play was to sit up from under the sheet that was draped over me, and exclaim loudly, “Lieb Gott ich bin tot.” I think that translates to “Dear G-d I am dead”?

    • Too cute by half. Makes no sense and you’re wasting our time here. You’re wasting your time too. Lay off the sauce.

  6. Theodore Dalrymple, the pen name of Anthony Malcom Daniels once wrote that the purpose of commie/ pinko propaganda was to humiliate the populace at large. It’s purpose was to get one to repeat a monstrous unnatural lie, after having repeated this lie one loses his sense of probity and becomes a party to the lie itself. This process likely begun with “Political Correctness” and has advanced to what we see before us in this article today.
    I have nothing but pity for this confused and potentially mentally ill man… Sadly I’ve seen his posts complete with pictures of his sexual fetishes wherein he lays it all bare… For this reason alone was this fellow appointed to his post, he is nothing but a pawn and a useful tool for the propaganda machine.
    Change my Mind, go ahead and try. Let’s hear from Frank, Lucinda and Maureen, perhaps even Wayne Coogan?

      • Lucinda, thanks for responding. Look this “nut” as you call him is / was used by the folks who seek to devolve culture and science with their nonsense, he was selected for the job only because of being a freak. I think the man needs help, not enablement, he was used and now probably will be discarded as they work on damage control.

        On a happier note, Merry Christmas Lucinda! I hope you stay warm this week looks like it’s cold from Ketchikan to Kotzebue! Bundle up.

  7. If you break the law, you should pay the price. Gender and political affiliation are irrelevant. There’s a long list of bad characters from all partisan backgrounds.

    • Over $178,000 a year, according to ‘

  8. Other countries fear America as a superpower………. Yeah right.
    Mental illness is a reason for a “red flag “ law ? Yes or No

  9. Furthermore in 1989 the soviet union didn’t see america laughing their heads off at russias demise-you you communist country. Russia should show compassion at
    america’s collapsing state and mental state.

  10. What kind of sick-minded people would put this freak in charge of nuclear ANYTHING?
    I may learn Russian just so I can help those Russian officials mock that pic… – M.John

    • Freak from the old movies? And this thing is in charge of nuclear waste? I stopped watching the old horror movies a really long time ago in my youth. Now they are in my face for real. I disliked the old song, “Don’t Worry Be Happy” the first time I heard it. It irritated me to the bone, and it still does! Snort!

    • And the song irritated me so much because I knew the useless idiots were coming for the fruits of my labor since I was working my *ss off so they could “don’t worry be happy”. 45 years in the workforce here in Alaska, and they are coming to get it!

  11. Well some good news, at least this dude’s marriage will be recognized now and if you don’t bake him a cake expect an ACLU lawsuit up your a**


  12. Something missing… “their” security clearance: 1. should have never been issued in the first because of mental instability; and, 2. must be immediately revoked upon “their” arrest. Woke show appointments give the entire world a reason to mock us. Putin has nothing to fear – except a compromised unstable American President who may not be predictable other than his cowardice.

  13. If you really can’t figure out how to live as a man or a woman, based upon how you were made by God, then what makes you think you can rationally behave in any other venue? Crazy is as crazy does, and just about everything this guy has done fits that bill. His fear of “conversion therapy” is that someone will point out to him that he is clearly mentally unstable and demand that he be treated, one way or another. It has nothing to do with the actual outcomes of said therapy.

  14. SOO compulsive. No functional conscience evidently. Conscience singed. Integrity sensors no longer functioning? A troubled person.

  15. Well ‘they’ can be any type of human ‘they’ want
    And ‘they’ can own any luggage ‘they’ like the looks of
    It is a free country for ‘them’. Who are ‘we’ to judge?

    “… been put on leave …” with pay naturally

    I can’t believe we have a 4 star Admiral that looks like this.
    China, Iran, Russia & N Korea must be shaking in their boots

  16. I am very confident that, if asked, this person would claim that many members of the dominant/straight culture have been oppressing this person since birth. And further, such oppression justifies the person’s acts. Solution: Reject all identity politics. The only group that should have any privilege are the mentally and physically handicapped. (Certainly, this person is mentally ill, but that cannot be twisted into a handicap.)

    Is anyone really surprised by any of this…?

  17. This is what happens when you appoint people to fill positions based on their beliefs, sexuality, or any other consideration other than qualifications for the job. The job qualifications must be paramount. America has entered the senility phase for sure unless we can vote Biden out.

  18. That picture is the perfect metaphor for the biden admin. It speaks volumes, unfortunately. The biggest problem our enemies have right now is not when to make their move–but how. Fortunately for us, they have their own set of problems–big problems. It is not a good thing at all to base our fortunes on their negatives. That’s when crazy (and potentially devastating) things happen.

  19. I keep hoping to wake up to find this is all a bad dream……
    Our country is going crazy……..

    The First method of estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the people he has surrounding him …..

    • Clearly. With love.

      Take care of them, show them the love clearly missing in their lives, help them with their problems.

      But I’m guessing you are in favor of a more Old Testament solution? Hanging? Burning? Stoning them?

    • Go for it and see how that works out for you, goofball. Another nonsensical post from a jesus nutter.

      And on the topic of things that don’t make sense how is it that someone that possesses a top-secret Q level clearance and is responsible for disposal of one of the world’s most controversial waste products is also too stupid to provide a bulletproof excuse for having stolen someone else’s luggage? Nuclear waste deserves someone more strategic than this clown.

      • You got it all wrong…this guy thinks he is entitled and therefor needs no excuse. If this were anyone else, his clearance would have been yanked faster than the speed of light. However now we compromise national security for character-flawed individuals without a moral compass, to please their equally mentally unstable brethren. I fear for this nation!

  20. The inevitable outcome when you hire people because of what they are, and not because of what they do/accomplished.

  21. No doubt Brinton is known around his office as “Fast Fingers.”

    Any news on the personal advice that he may have passed along to his consorts on the assembly?

  22. It is sadly hilarious when he was caught, he did the “confused woman act”. Please! The minute he ripped of the tag, he condemned himself, as knowing exactly what he was doing.

  23. “Whatever” made his getting the job about his sexual prefereces and identity. Not about his qualifications for the job. So now we have to assume the crime is all about the same, his sexual preferences and identity. So now he gets paid a lot of money not to work.

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