Trevor Project, which advised Anchorage Assembly on banning conversion therapy, is grooming children online


The organization that helped the Anchorage Assembly adopt an ordinance banning counselors from helping children overcome gender confusion also has a website feature that counsels kids online and helps them hide their online chat history from their parents.

The Trevor Project provided legal counsel and other services to the liberal majority of the Anchorage Assembly during the contentious 2020 debate over whether local government should curb First Amendment rights of counselors. Must Read Alaska has made public records requests for documents relating to the legal advise it was being given by the Trevor Project, but the Assembly has claimed attorney-client privilege, even though there was no legal contract with the D.C. organization.

The documents requested by Must Read Alaska and others in the community have been redacted so that the email conversations between gay Assembly members Chris Constant and Austin Quinn-Davidson, and the Trevor Project attorney and organization advisors cannot be read. The public continues to be kept in the dark about the intentions of this group of gay activists; none of the gay activists on the Anchorage Assembly have children.

The Trevor Project, as it grooms children online, gives kids with an exit feature on its live-chat function that erases the chat history, so parents cannot monitor who is interacting with their children.

Children who stumble upon the Trevor Project are interacting with strangers who are taking an interesting the youngster’s sexuality.

Trevor Project uses Twitter to entice children into its universe.

One mother posed as a 15-year-old and reached out to the Trevor Project chat line. Her account was first published in the website The Post Millennial:

A mother who is dealing with her own child’s gender dysphoria posed as a 15-year-old gender dysphoric biological female to access services online with the Trevor Project on Sunday. She found that every step of the way, she was guided further and further into affirmation of being trans, with no stop gaps along the way where a kid could be told that maybe they weren’t trans, and should take a moment to think about it.

The mother, referred to here as Gloria though that’s not her real name, presented herself as confused about many things, but sure of being “not cishet,” and interested in knowing more about detransitioning.What emerged in the online chat with a representative from the Trevor Project was advocacy for transitioning, no information about detransitioning, and apparent certainty in the face of an uncertain teen who didn’t know where to go for help.

The Trevor Project guided Gloria to resources on hormones, including how to get them without parental awareness, chest binding, and an introduction into a community of teen transitioners.

“My child spent a lot of time on The Trevor Project website when she first asserted a ‘transboy’ gender identity around age 12,” Gloria told The Post Millennial. “She also spent a lot of time on Tumblr, Discord and other sites at the time. I had no idea they were actively grooming my child into trans ideology and a new belief system.”

To access a live chat representative from Trevor Project, Gloria had to fill out an opening questionnaire asking if she’d attempted suicide before, and how she identified in gender identity and sexual orientation categories. The options for sexual orientation were “Asexual Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Pansexual, or Queer.” For gender identity, the selectable options were “Agender, Boy/Man, Genderfluid, Gender nonconforming, Genderqueer, Girl/Woman, Non-binary, Questioning, Third Gender, Transgender, or Two Spirit,” with options for “Questioning, Straight, Not Sure, Not listed above, and Prefer not to say” listed at the bottom.

“I’m confused about my gender,” Gloria began.

“Hi, thanks for reaching out to TrevorChat,” came the reply. “My name is Quinn, what’s going on?”

“I am just not sure what to do about gender. I hear a lot [of] stories about people detransitioning. Maybe I made a mistake,” Gloria wrote.“Ok, interesting,” Quinn responds. Can you tell me more about what you’re hearing?”

“I have seen some videos on YouTube of people who had [top] surgery,” Gloria wrote, “And [no] longer identify as trans. Will that happen to me?” She asked.

“I gotcha,” Quinn replied. “It’s difficult for sure. How do you feel about your own self?”

“I don’t feel like a girl,” Gloria replied. “And I don’t like girly things. And I’m gay. I like other boys.”

“What would you like me to call you today while we chat?” Quinn the counselor asked.

“My name is Trent,” Gloria replied.

“Thanks Trent. How old are you?”


He asked where she was located—information which Gloria provided. “I have been identifying as a boy for three years,” Gloria wrote. “I feel like my parents want me to detransition. In the past I did but then my friends said it was just internalized homophobia. I mean transphobia. Maybe. Both”

“I understand,” Quinn replied. “Yeah. [S]ometimes it can be transphobia. How do you feel about it?”

“I don’t know what to think,” Gloria replied under the pseudonym Trent. “I once got a doll for a birthday when I was little and I really wanted a truck. I want people to see me as who I am.”

“What made you first question this – parents or friends?” Quinn asked.

“I read about it and I know right away I was more than an ally,” Gloria wrote.

“I gotcha. What did your parents say to you about detransitioning?”

“Also I am NOT cishet,” she wrote. “They haven’t said much. But I can tell it’s what they want. At first they were very supportive and bought me binders and everything but then they started reading all these terf books and said they don’t believe in gender identity anymore.”

“Not cishet,” Quinn wrote, “understood. How has their belief that they don’t believe in gender identity anymore made you feel?”

The rest of the interview with the fictional Trent and the counselor at Trevor Project can be found at this link.


  1. Has the Anchorage Assembly violated Alaska Statutes 11.41.436 and 11.41.455? Where is law enforcement? What really saddens me more is where are the churches?

    This proves the Democrat/Marxist lie of “it’s about the children!”

    It profoundly reminds me of the epiphany realized….”It’s a cookbook. It’s a cookbook!” The Left will cook our children and spit them out to establish its agenda.

  2. Bibles are everywhere they are free. GOD and Jesus want a personal relationship with you get a Bible get involved. What book says take one step towards me and I will take two towards the Bible. Oath breakers beware.

  3. Shocking! This is stranger trespass into the most private info about anyone. Kids are not emanciipated adults even if they are articulate. This is parental territory or natural trusted family. Certainly not government responsibility.

  4. This article makes me want to hurl. Michael, it is about the children(just not in the way they say), power, control; certainly not caring. That project should be run out of Anchorage! Yes where is the law?! Where are the churches?! Good grief, where are the Mothers & Fathers that protect their children?! Find out who these people are & run them out of town on a rail!!!

  5. If parents are considered the “legal” guardians, shouldn’t there be some “legal” accountability for entities seeking to undermine that position? The idea that any organization believes it is within its right or obligation to cross lanes & provide direction for which it holds no legitinate credential should alarm citizens across the political spectrum.

  6. Why not call it what it is… interactive kiddie porn.
    Home computers and smart phones can be set to block the web site.
    Internet service provider executives can be persuaded, preferably without threats of cruel and unusual punishment, to remove the web site immediately, just as the executives do with any other source of interactive child pornography.
    Respectfully request Governor Dunleavy to issue an executive order which: (a) prohibits access to the kiddie porn site from every state school, library, and government computer not specifically dedicated to law enforcement and (b) terminates state contracts with internet service providers and equipment vendors which enable access to the kiddie porn web site.
    For starters…

  7. Straight white male power is a dinosaur. Enjoy your new minority status, God bless the poor savages.

    • And radical leftist extremism, including the perversion, intolerance and insanity of so-called “wokeness”, is swamp scum that is already dying in the bright light of truthful exposure.

  8. It very common for a child to question such things when there is no strong guidance from clergy or parents, and the schools and other “helpful “ people give them the attention that they really need and encourage them to find different ways, and abnormal becomes encouraged, because nobody else has time for the child, or even cares. A child seeking attention will find it by whatever means brings results, be it dying their hair green, tattoos, body piercing, or deciding on a different gender. And there is no shortage of adults willing to help them out, being victims themselves. Bad parenting has its consequences. There’s nothing else to blame. We all did just fine before computers and TV, but those things are bringing up most children these days. While the parents do their own thing.

    • sometime in my childhood between the ages of 3-6 for about a year or so i liked to play with barbies thank god i wasnt born in 2013 or so these days thatll get your junk cut off

    • Agreed. And I didn’t realize that games like Minecraft, etc were grooming mechanisms. Stupid and naive have I been. We needed Media Literacy for kids and parents years ago. Where are those laws? I did due diligence with screen time, but to no avail. The difference in raising a child even 10 years ago is tremendous. Today, it’s all around us and radicalism has gotten a hold on everyone. This is truly a social contagion, a dangerous one. We need to become Unwoke and turn things around. Detransition Awareness Day is in March. Let’s shout that out at the top of our lungs to help get the word out and support those men and women who have been harmed by a medical community that vows to Do No Harm.

  9. Conversion therapy is illegal in anchorage correct? And yet people are still allowed to convert their children through mastectomy and chemical castration? Wouldn’t that knife cut in both directions? Even when a kid turns 18, an argument could be made against converting a person’s gender until they’re 21. It would seem by just using laws that the assembly put on the books. For instance, a person isn’t allowed to buy a pack of smokes until age 21.

  10. Get a life! We aren’t in the 80s anymore!

    Enough with this QAnon crap of grooming and pedophilia!

    If you want pedophiles look at the GOP, You can start with Matt Gaetz

  11. The trevor project should sue you for defamation. Stop spreading disinformation and seek mental help you psycho conservative hag.

  12. This isnt about grooming, it’s about safety. Domestic violence sites use similar privacy tools. Kids are people, not your property.

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