Document: Biden’s new nuclear waste expert helped craft Anchorage’s 2020 ban on gay ‘conversion therapy’


In August 2020, while the Anchorage public was banned from attending Anchorage Assembly meetings due to Covid-19 infection concerns, the Assembly quickly passed an ordinance banning on the use of so-called “conversion therapy on minors.” The vote was 9-2 with the leftist majority in favor, and the two conservatives from Eagle River — Jamie Allard and Crystal Kennedy — opposed.

Now, documents obtained via a public records request show that at work behind the scenes designing that ordinance were not only the three openly gay members of the Anchorage Assembly — Austin Quinn-Davidson, Chris Constant, and Felix Rivera — but the ACLU of Alaska, the Trevor Project of Washington, D.C., and a now-famous role-playing sexual fetishist who was recently named the chief of the nation’s nuclear waste disposal program.

Sam Brinton was appointed by President Joe Biden as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy in February. But in 2020 and for years prior, he was a consultant with the Trevor Project, which seeks to pass legislation around the country to advance transgenderism in youth and prevent conversion therapy from being practiced on minors.

Conversion therapy for minors is a wide range of therapies that involve helping guide a sexually confused youth back into a heterosexual orientation. Some therapists have used various techniques that may have been harmful to some of their young clients.

Brinton, in writings, on social media, and in videos, says he is a gender-fluid survivor of conversion therapy. Raised in a deeply Christian family, he says he underwent a form of therapy that he experienced as cruel.

Human Rights Campaign says, “So-called ‘conversion therapy,’ sometimes known as ‘reparative therapy,’ is a range of dangerous and discredited practices that falsely claim to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. Such practices have been rejected by every mainstream medical and mental health organization for decades, but due to continuing discrimination and societal bias against LGBTQ people, some practitioners continue to conduct conversion therapy. Minors are especially vulnerable, and conversion therapy can lead to depression, anxiety, drug use, homelessness, and suicide.” Some methods used in the past involved forms of aversion therapy, in which pain or discomfort is associated with an undesirable habit.

In the 1950s, some treatments included electric shocks given to patients while they looked at photos of men or women in different stages of undress or while inducing sexual fantasies. Those treatments are not performed today, however. In fact, very little actual conversion therapy is practiced. But the LGBTQ activists do not want therapists to even attempt to dissuade youth of their same-sex attractions, even if the youth are uncomfortable with it.

Brinton’s name showed up in subject lines of emails between Anchorage Assembly members Quinn-Davidson, Rivera, and Constant, members of the Trevor Project Team and Assembly Attorney Dean Gates. The actual content of the emails have been redacted by the Assembly’s attorney, citing deliberative process and personal information.

Brinton is a flamboyant individual who was born a male and now goes by the pronoun “they,” and identifies as “gender fluid,” which means sometimes he feels like he is male, other times female. Photos of him show up in web searches in various role-playing photos with men who are dressed in leather dog costumes. Brinton, who is also at times a drag queen, is not just openly sexualized, but has sought fame for his roles in promoting bans on conversion therapy. He has told his story in magazine articles and on videos.

Sam Brinton and his role-play dog in a story from Metro Weekly about the sexual subculture of “Puppy Play” role-playing.

Brinton is a graduate of MIT with master’s degrees in nuclear engineering and technology. He is known for his work with The Trevor Project, where he advocated against gay conversion therapy.

“My husband sometimes describes me as a weird kind of Batman. Why, you might ask? Because by day I work to save lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth from suicide, and by night I work to save the world from nuclear waste related environmental disaster,” Brinton was quoted as saying on a MIT program website.

“Brinton has raised eyebrows on social media for his open advocacy of sexual fetishism and expressed enthusiasm for “puppy play,” a sexual “kink” involving role-playing as animals, in a post in the student newspaper at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2017,” reported the Daily Mail, which says Brinton also goes by Sister Ray Dee O’Active, a stage name in the “Order of Perpetual Indulgence,” which is a group of drag queens who dress as nuns. Brinton has given lectures on the “physics of kink.”

Brinton has appeared in photos in sadomasochistic wear with a whip and a man in bondage in a parade. In other photos, he appears in gowns or in suggestive scenes with men dressed as dogs with bare bottoms.

Although most of the documents obtained through a public records request were completely redacted, it appears that Brinton was brought in at the end of the ordinance-drafting process to sign off on the ordinance before it passed in August of 2020.


  1. How can any of us have any faith in our Assembly commie 9 with this type of moron helping craft our city ordinances? Proof they hate us, proof they want to further destroy our city.

    Those ludicrous ordinances make more sense now — they used morons to craft them, then the nine morons voted yes to enact stupidity on our once glorious city.

    Now we will have to make up their %56 million debacle of the Sullivan arena as a homeless “shelter”.

    Take back Anchorage, vote ’em out!

      • Frank.
        You are making a fundamental mistake here. Assuming that making your way through a college curriculum makes that person somehow smart. MIT may be a tough school, but graduating from it means nothing more than you graduated from MIT.
        This Presidential administration is full of individuals that have impressive resumes, but are incapable of performing their jobs. Why? Because they were selected for their skin color, gender, or sexual orientation, not their skills and experience.
        Given that the Undersecretary of Energy is better known for his kink, not his education, I am going to say the MIT graduation is not indicative of any actual intelligence.

      • Some of the dumbest, lack of common sense people I chose not to hire had degrees coming out the ying-yang–but, was obvious they’d be a disaster in the workplace and overall, incompetent.

  2. Brinton’s appointment to the DOE is under scrutiny for irregularities.

    “ There were “substantial irregularities” in the Department of Energy’s hiring process for a senior nuclear waste management position, an unidentified DOE employee alleged in a recent letter to the inspector general of the federal government’s personnel agency.

    In a Feb. 2 letter to Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Deputy Inspector General Norbert Vint, the DOE employee alleged that “prohibited personnel practices” were utilized in selecting Sam Brinton for the position of deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition (NE-8) in DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy. The letter requested that OPM investigate the matter.

    The employee alleged that “undue political influence and preferences were applied” at DOE to select Brinton for the position. The letter also raised concerns about Brinton’s qualifications for a position in the Senior Executive Service (SES) — the class of federal career officials who rank just below top presidential appointees in seniority.

    The DOE employee complained that Brinton’s “background is limited to select advocacy work and an academic background at the graduate-degree level which together satisfy requirements for the competitive placement of a qualified GS-11 in federal career service, not a high-standing member of the SES,” the employee said.”


    • Tatitlek. I must agree with your comment… except for the corny pronoun (unless it was tongue-in-cheek). Particle Physics is a very rigorous field of study; and MIT is very exclusive; it has extremely difficult admission requirements. The guy must be intellectually talented. We can see he is talented at attracting attention to himself.

      • YES, Now I understand why nuclear war and nuclear winter may be just around the corner. Oh well, at least the lefts global warming scam will be put to rest. (for good) lol

  3. We are free to choose the paths we take good deeds bad deeds do on to others as you would want done onto you and yours it’s biblical for all of us. Except for the oath takers so help me GOD hand on our Bible contact with GOD bind’ed. for the people of the people by the people. Dare mock GOD oath breakers, citizens find your oath breaker and oust them immediately, oath integrity needs it’s voters to support integrity only.

  4. Must have used Obama’s investigators for his clearance. This country seriously needs a courtesy flush. Wonder why a bunch of dirt farmers from the Middle Ages don’t want American values in their country?

  5. Not that many years ago this individual would have been institutionalized, and rightly so. Now our broken nation elevates such individuals and celebrates dysfunction. We are about to reap the whirlwind.

  6. The LGBTQ lifestyle can lead to depression, anxiety, drug use, homelessness and even suicide. See how that works?

  7. Did any Chirstian these two ever knew and respected and had a good friendship even share gospel with them. Or these two always were this rebellious all their lives? Or were the christian as Lot may had behaved when Lot took the whole plain of Jordan where sodom was and now is toxic waste land of salt pillars where the land was lush with growth and the sea cultivated marine life. Or was the christian only caring about their own life not wanting to offend, so they compromised, Sinking these two into deeper darker sin because of getting all peoples they ever loved approval. This is why we ought not hide our lamp in the closet, put our lamp on a lampstand will it can light an entire room. There are ways christian parents and friends can respond to homosexuals where their interactions still witnessed jesus and respected but didn-t tolerate their behavior though it drive them crazy usually resulting the person not talking for weeks, in the silence you pray. One mother of a girl who had family issues that were not met and the woman grew up believing her life be better being a man. So as an adult she went the transforamation period to be a man. Rather than her mother call her by her boy name, she call her sweetheart. It would just drive her daughter batty. I wish this woman can come to our alaska giving talks to the church telling us alaskans the dangers tolerating and approving this lifestyle in children and friends before they can’t even recognize the sweet little child they once were. I’ll have to find the podcast talk i heard to share it. You know! becoming a friendly homosexual church where the church splashes a rainbow on its fence saying all is welcome or hire a homosexual pastor isn’t going to win these struggling people to jesus.

  8. This calls for an intervention from a biologist, not a nuclear scientist. This individual is clearly a SQUIRREL…

  9. thanks for sharing. it all makes sense. especially the nexus between banning conversion therapy and nuclear waste. I think.

  10. What is troubling about this is this man’s apparent sexual fascination with canines, or at least for the moment, humans acting like canines.
    Where will this lead? ?

    • Where it already has led. The Dog as a sacred cow! Here eventually you will see starving children in the streets and fat dogs unless they are in China where they go on the barbie. Strange world!

  11. Is this the sort of creature that received a grant of federal Covid money from the Juneau Assembly? Must Alaska put up with this? Must taxpayers put up with this? This is as much a freak of nature as a two-headed calf.

    • If he puts on a drag show, of course.

      CBJ will support racial genocide if it comes with a drag show.

  12. Keep giving these spiritually, mentally, and psychologically damaged people power and they will continue their war against families and indoctrinate your kids. They need help and should receive it but do not speak for me or anyone that disagrees with their lifestyle. They have the freedom to be what they want to be but not to teach or indoctrinate a child against the will of their parents. Government sponsored indoctrination is currently happening in our public schools without parental consent. This is why parents are fed up and organizing against this war on their children’s minds. It is sick and in my book illegal to do so.

  13. WOW! I am left dumbfounded, you cant make this up for sure! This is what happens when one lacks testicles or is raised in a matriarchal household and loses their testicles much like the Anchorage assembly.

  14. That man looks so much like Pennywise! Not the old 80’s version, but the new version. CREEEEEEPY!

  15. When this story was first posted, I scanned it but decided not to read it in detail. On the one hand, it seems so completely beyond-the-pale, yet, on the other hand it is about what I would expect of an Assembly that has collectively lost its’ mind. The re-read has not improved things. I would note, in response to a comment up the chain a bit, that deviant individuals seem to come out of the Ivy League and their associated schools with abundance. Hiring graduates from these schools at one time was a big deal. These days, it is more likely an indication that the person is a complete absurdity. Anchorage residents at some point will have to decide if they want to continue to have Mr. Constant and Mr. Rivera in positions of responsibility.

    • JMARK, good point. It appears that this individual may be educated and intelligent but is he capable of leading an organization? I wonder if he has the maturity to do so. He seems to relish in drawing attention to his sexual behaviors. Seems like a definite drawdown to his leadership.

  16. Another “Beautiful Mind” no less, but I wouldn’t trust either John Nash, or this mentally I’ll character to dispose of my recycling properly at the local dump.

  17. I’m sickened by the comments here because a fundamental misunderstanding of democracy burns like napalm through my community. Let’s start with a simple definition of democracy as compared to dictation: dictators can make changes quickly and they feel that democracy is chaotic. That’s the short sighted view of politics and when the strongman falls, everyone falls.
    Democracy makes changes slowly, because it is more chaotic. This is a long view strategy because the growth of freedom compounds over hundreds of years.
    This understanding is true for the world and for individual interactions everyday. When a conservative wants to kick gay people out of their community they start with repressive laws that may even include religious beliefs to add even more speed to their anti democracy approach. They might even further their hardcore position by claiming we don’t have a real democracy anyway, this is a republic they say. They will say anything to enforce their feelings about a fellow American through the law. Undemocratic. Against freedom.

    Now listen well to this point because it’s the rest of your political life in one message:
    The older a democracy gets, the more freedom matures, the more of these unconservative people will be seen. Gay/trans/Bi is only the start. The more people whom feel safe being themselves, the more people will be coming out with lifestyles that you the conservative will not understand and will dislike. Your feelings against these people are to be expected but you have NO RIGHT to stop them. Everybody has the right to pursue happiness while you do not have the right to stop them. You do not have the right to do what you want at the expense of someone else’s rights. Those rights start with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not your personal feelings about how people should live. Your rights ended the moment you decided to chase different people out of “your” community.
    LGBQT IS THE FRUIT OF DEMOCRACY. YOU WILL NEVER STOP THEM FROM EXISTING, YOU WILL NEVER GET AWAY WITH DISCRIMINATING IN THIS COUNTRY. The fruits of democracy will keep growing, one new group after another until your selfish and hurtful conservative views give way to the awesome power of democracy + time.

    • Your enlightened group have been discriminating against those who don’t want to be test subjects for an experimental drug (and still are) for the last year.

      What on earth happened to MY BODY, MY CHOICE– that was one of your very first tenants, in your brave new world of personal autonomy, and I, for one, fully supported you, but you did not support ANYONE ELSE when the chips were down.

      And, now as we’ve seen, the experimental drug abstainers turned out to be no threat TO YOU, as your drug worked as intended, FOR YOU.

  18. Your enlightened group have been discriminating against those who don’t want to be test subjects for an experimental drug (and still are) for the last year.

    What on earth happened to MY BODY, MY CHOICE– that was one of your very first tenants, in your brave new world of personal autonomy, and I, for one, fully supported you, but you did not support ANYONE ELSE when the chips were down.

    And, now as we’ve seen, the experimental drug abstainers turned out to be no threat TO YOU, as your drug worked as intended, FOR YOU.

  19. This article is insulting to the very factual teachings of Christianity. He (or what ever it identifies as) claims to have been raised in a “deeply Christian home”. Completely irrelevant and absolutely nothing to do at all with Christ. The love of Christ was never the centerpiece of this individual’s life nor the people that raised him. It is clearly and factually false to claim Christianity had any factor in the sexual identity crisis he suffers. Only demonic forces allowed to intercede would produce a person this messed up. Sincerely hope that he comes to Christ, repents, and seeks forgiveness for himself and those that perverted his understanding of Christ and apparently altered his youth and life to date.

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