By the numbers: Independent voters are still biggest bloc in Alaska — and nationwide


The Division of Elections annual March purging of the voter roll shed 8,770 voter files from the state database, leaving a total of 586,244 registered Alaska voters. That compares to 585,525 last March and 571,916 the year before.

Each March, the division posts online the current data on voter registrations and then purges the roll of those who are no longer living, haven’t voted in Alaska in many years or are disqualified from voting (i.e. felons). The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 requires every state to keep its voter list up to date, an exercise that occurs each March 3 in Alaska.

The current Alaska voter roll includes:

  • 142,104 – Republican Party
  • 77,348 – Democrat Party
  • 18,715 – Alaskan Independence Party
  • 1,479 – Green Party
  • 6,807 – Libertarian Party
  • 80,819 – Nonpartisans
  • 256,066 – Undeclareds
  • A handful of other party registrations, including the OWL Party (188) and the Uces’ Clown Party (138)

Even with the purged roll, the fresh list has about 33,808 more registered voters than would be indicated by the 2020 U.S. Census, which says there are 552,436 Alaskans over the age of 18.

Alaska’s nonpartisan and undeclared category totals 336,855 voters, or about 57.46 percent of all who are registered to vote in that “independent” lane, with no party affiliation.

According to the most recent Gallup poll (conducted in early January), 46 percent of American voters are “independent,” while 24 percent consider themselves Republican and 28 percent consider themselves Democrats.

In Alaska, 24 percent of voters are Republican, and 13 percent are Democrat, with 57.46 percent not declaring a party. These percentages are relatively comparable to recent prior years.


  1. But independent voters have to contend with Dominion Voting machines, ballot harvesting and mail in voting. Add in activist partisan judges and it is easy to see why independents seldom prevail.

  2. Since support for Biden from independents is hovering in the mid- to high 20’s, the future must look a little bleak to Democrat cheerleaders!

  3. Why this is shouldn’t be the question. The republicans are completely screwed up!!!!!
    Any other questions?????

  4. If independent voters are the 800-pound gorilla in the room, and by definition don’t care for GOP Inc or Democrat Inc, this may explain why GOP Inc and Democrat Inc didn’t seem to put up much of a fuss when Dominion vote-tabulation equipment and ranked-choice voting were forced on Alaskan voters
    … and why they’re in no hurry to restore traditional, reasonably transparent in-person voting and vote tabulation.

  5. This is no longer a Constitutional Republic. Many obviously don’t think so. The State of Alaska is ruled thru corruption, a way of life is being destroyed. And it seems no one cares

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