Sen. Sullivan offers assistance to Ukrainian Alaskans


Sen. Dan Sullivan came home to Alaska last weekend to speak to a congregation of Ukrainian Alaskans on Sunday, and he brought them a message that was both sobering and hopeful. Using a translator at New Chance Church in Anchorage, he said he believes the situation in Ukraine, now under siege by Russia, will get worse before it gets better.

Introduced to the congregation by Anchorage Community Development Authority Executive Director Mike Robbins, Sullivan said he is offering his constituent relations staff to the Ukrainian settlers and their families in Alaska to help their relatives in Ukraine get to safety if they are not able to fight for their homeland. Those who are in America now, he said, will be able to stay here under safe haven provisions. He encouraged those who have relatives or who are refugees from Ukraine to let his office know, so he can get them the paperwork to start a case file and get whatever help is available for their relatives.

Sullivan told the congregation that he had been on a Zoom call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, along with 300 lawmakers on Saturday, hearing about the need for the United States and other countries to immediately stop buying Russian oil and gas, and the importance of cutting off banking for Russia.

Zelenskyy is calling for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, but not one that involves U.S.-manned planes. He wants older fighter aircraft transferred from Poland to Ukraine, so Ukraine can enforce its own no-fly zone; those are aircraft that Ukrainians can fly. Poland can be sent a new fleet of jets, Zelenskyy argued, agreeing that it would be a dangerous development for for Russians and Americans to be fighting directly. Zelenskyy also urged the U.S. to revoke most-favored-nation trade status for Russia.

Sullivan said that since he became Alaska’s senator in 2015, he has been pushing for more military equipment to Ukraine so it can defend itself.

Watch Sullivan’s remarks at this link.


  1. We need to stop buying Russian oil period. Look at the price of crude today, $115 per bbl. Imagine if our pipeline was running at about 80-90% capacity and no money was going to the Russian war machine. Just a dream, Biden and his handlers will never allow this.

  2. Let’s hope he feels fake about himself at the very least here. Because Dan Don Lisa every time I see or here from one of you I must read admit here, you 3 always make me feel like it’s fake, not real no oath integrity at all here to see citizens. Oath breakers the citizens see threw you as do GOD we all want oath integrity immediately. So help you GOD oath takers.

  3. That’s nice Swampy. Gets you a nice pic in the ADN. What are you doing for regular Alaskans?

    Teaming up with Princess and not opposing Haaland sorta works against us.

  4. Making problems with the bear that’s within arms reach is ALWAYS a BAD idea. Where No Name dropped off, Sullivan picked up the reins. Arms running is highly frowned upon by most civil societies and rather it be covert or in our faces makes zero difference to we the civilians as we are the ones that take the full force toll both financially and physically. A kinder gentler Warhawk? Not likely.

  5. Senator Sullivan said a lot of nice things to a good group of Ukrainian-Alaskans. However, he avoided discussing the central issue that could bring the killing to a quick conclusion: Russia’s concerns about expansion of NATO. Until this is addressed, many more bad things will happen. Conflict with another nation changes when the other nation has over 3000 nuclear weapons. At least it should change.

  6. So here is what Sullivan and Don Young are not telling you.

    Russia entered Ukraine for 3 purposes.
    a) To dismantle the Deep State financial system that launders U.S. Taxpayer money through Ukraine via the Clinton Foundation, Open Borders Society (think George Soros) and many others.
    b) To destroy 13 Bioweapons Labs built by your tax dollars by Obama. Labs used to create very nasty viruses to use on their enemies. Obviously, Putin does not want that next door.
    c) To disarm the Azrov Battalion, a group of Neo-Nazis that have been armed and were used for regime change in Ukraine in order to place who the Deep State wants in the presidency.

    So, who is the bad guy here? We built Bioweapons Labs next to Russia. Tell me Senator Sullivan, why are we funding these labs and what the hell are they working on? Attacking Russia economically and risking WW3 is absolutely irresponsible and just plain stupid! What Alaskans should be doing is asking the fools we have elected what they are doing about election fraud, an illegitimate president that is purposely subverting our Constitution and ignoring the damage he is doing to our country. We have illegal aliens pouring through our porous southern border and we’re worried about Russia? I’m sorry the Ukrainian people are caught in the middle of this, but this isn’t our fight. Our fight is to fix all the broken things in our own country! What the news isn’t telling you is Putin is using precision munitions to target the Bioweapons Labs and Azrov Neo-Nazi soldiers. His demands are specific, and he is not targeting civilians. The Ukranian military is placing their artillery in residential areas that forces Russia to retaliate and hit civilians. Don’t blame Russia for this. I’m no Putin fan but he is doing us a favor by going after the Deep State corrupt government placed in Ukraine to launder our money offshore and create lord knows what in those labs. Sullivan and Young need to ask themselves why we are supporting such things instead of jumping on the war wagon!

    • The truth is precisely and perfectly stated here.

      Dear Senator Sullivan, I ask you: If Russia built Bioweapons labs directly on our border, would that not be considered an act of war? The narrative is widely rercognized as being untrue, and advanced by a legion of corrupt individuals. Abandon it in place and take on the mantle of a true soldier with an abiding love for this country in his heart. You have great potential to help us restore our moral authority, but you are going to have to put your back into it. Please proceed sir. NO DELAY.

    • Agreed. Look at the subsequent steps:

      – More than 100mm Russians have halted all payments to Visa and MasterCard

      – Swift is cutting Russia off on Friday which could precipitate the demise of US fiat currency

      – Non-ferrous coin and bar stock is already trending upward (last chance for sub 30 buck silver)?

      – China is selling its US treasuries now

      – China is prepping to go into Taiwan and take out bio-labs as Russia is doing to the Ukraine

      What will be the US response?

      – Interest rate increases will kill the housing market and introduce a bore tide of foreclosures

      – Gas will hit $8-10 bucks a gallon (that’s higher than Hunter Biden!) and taking out US power plants would end transportation as the hair sniffer will use fuel costs to further his electric vehicle agenda. Those EV’s are immobile street cloggers when the volt meter gets low.

      Is there a key element that has made the US different from any other nation? Might it be that we’re all armed and an invasion would be met with gunfire from every household? Not now though. Your independence is in question and you can’t even buy ammunition. A carton of 300 .22LR’s at Walmart is that curious amalgam of scarce, ineffective, and at $39.97/300… grossly overpriced.

      Don’t worry though. The king of all dementia patients has a plan and he has your back.

  7. When are the neocons, neoliberals & RHINO’s going to finally learn that regime change never works out for the USA or the nation they are trying to change. What a blockhead Sullivan has turned out to be.

  8. Dan Sullivan, you’ve been served! You like Lis, have NOT been for Alaskan’s. You support the leftest and by golly, what are you hiding to be so hinged to the leftest agenda?
    Get your house in order Dan. You’ve been served!
    Let’s go Brandon!

  9. More useless solutions to problems that all you in Washington did everything you could to create. Hope the three of you frauds are proud of yourselfs.

  10. Worthless feel good nonsense. Shoot ’em a box of masks while you’re at it.

    What is it that has transformed Alaska into a repository for global detritus?

  11. I’m still waiting for a response from him regarding my concerns about the United States Southern Border. But by all means let’s pile more people onto a slowly sinking life boat!

  12. Sullivan, read the comments, all negative, you, lisa, and don have done 0 for Alaskans except to vote against your constituents values. Your personal voting record is atrocious. You are not voting/standing up for Alaskans who sent you to DC. I thought you were a fighter. Alaskans are getting hit hard and you and the GOP are letting us down. Food chain problems, high gas prices, economy are not being addressed by you are the GOP. lisa and don this election cycle, you the next cycle, Alaska is sick of inaction

  13. A Ukrainian-enforced no fly zone over the Ukraine? What a good idea! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before??? Sheesh.

  14. According to sources, Biden is trying to start a war to cover up his own crimes, the crimes of his family, and the crimes of his foreign and domestic associates and their families in government and unelected bureaucratic agencies. We the People of America, the people of Ukraine, and the people of Russia, are being played while our so called representatives walk us right into the trap. It is my understanding that each and every Senator has been, or soon will be, supplied with an AUTHENTICATED copy of Hunter Biden’s now infamous laptop, upon which is documented proof of the above noted deceptions and illegal activities. Senator, please give this matter your utmost attention, at least long enough to have a look. Silence on this issue could imply complicity in the coming days and months. Strength and honor.

  15. What’s the plan, Senator Sullivan, when Russians retaliate by arming Mexican drug cartels and/or Cuba the way America apparently plans to arm Ukraine’s military?
    Recall what happened in October 1962, Senator Sullivan, ask yourself whether America has the leadership to resolve a Cuban missile crisis redux should Russia initiate one to deflect American attention from Ukraine.
    Recall the situation at America’s southern border, Senator Sullivan, ask yourself whether America has the leadership to repel a Russian-instigated invasion by Mexican drug cartels, guided by Russian advisors, armed with Russian weaponry, shielded by waves of illegal aliens, to deflect American attention from Ukraine.
    Seems reasonable to expect Russian leadership already know the answers, and have the option of acting accordingly, no?
    Maybe we should be thinking more about the situation in America, now under siege by her very own government, which will get worse before it gets better?
    Who’ll open case files, Senator, for productive middle-class Americans whose lives and livelihoods are being wrecked by their very own government?
    With respect, Senator, Americans don’t need a bureaucrat or a translator to hear what Alaska’s Semator has to say about these things.
    But American Alaskans do need to hear something from you.

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