Biden’s gender-fluid nuke expert arrested in Vegas


A Biden administration nuclear waste official has turned himself in to Las Vegas police today, arrested for theft of a suitcase at the Harry Reid Airport in Las Vegas. It is the second airport suitcase theft Sam Brinton is accused of committing.

Brinton, the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition at the Department of Energy, made his first court appearance in Clark County. He was booked and released on $15,000 bond, ordered by the judge to “stay out of trouble” as a condition of his release.

Sam Brinton, right, with Rachel Levine, United States assistant secretary for health, in France earlier this year for Bastille Day.

Brinton’s connection with Alaska was as the advisor to the liberal majority of the Anchorage Assembly as it crafted its ordinance that prohibits therapists from counseling youth who have gender issues. The ordinance, passed in 2020 while the Assembly locked the public out of its meetings, has a $500 a day fine for any therapist who attempts to dissuade youth from having gay sex. On the other hand, therapists in Anchorage may counsel youth to pursue a gay lifestyle, and they face no similar legal sanctions.

Earlier this year, the nuclear expert, who says he is gender-fluid [he does not accept his genetic gender], was appointed by the Biden Administration to lead the division that oversees the disposal of nuclear waste. He also has a deep history with kink sex, and recently taught a class on sexual spanking to kink gay audience members, and has posed for publications with men dressed in doggie costumes, as part of illustrating sado-masochism “pup play.”

All of his sexual proclivities and gender confusion has been known and celebrated by the Biden White House.

Brinton has been charged in two luggage thefts — one in Las Vegas, and the other in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Brinton is on video in both airports leaving with suitcases that were not his. He faces felony charges that could lead to more than 10 years in prison.

Earlier this week, the Department of Energy released a terse statement that said he is no longer with the department.

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  1. Sexual deviants used to be excluded from representing our government. Now they are celebrated as part of the LGBTQ “culture”. It’s weird. I have to think most gays and lesbians would even think this guy is too extreme to be working in our federal government. And now unsurprisingly, he’s a criminal. A man with no morals.

    • Today is a day for Richard Nixon quotes and if you recall he was a strikingly articulate crook. Here’s what he had to say about sexual deviants:

      “You know what happened to the Greeks! Homosexuality destroyed them. Sure, Aristotle was a homo. We all know that. So was Socrates. Do you know what happened to the Romans? The last six Roman emperors were fags….You know what happened to the Popes? It’s all right that Popes were laying the nuns, that’s been going on for years, centuries, but, when the Popes, when the Catholic Church went to hell, in, I don’t know, three or four centuries ago, it was homosexual.” —President Richard Nixon, fretting to his top aides in 1971 that the Meathead character on All in the Family was bisexual

      Now, I’m guessing that our little nuclear weirdo is more than just a traveling thief. He’s likely a liar extraordinaire and a quick peek through his background would likely confirm that however, the real issue is that Mr. Biden has looked specifically for weirdos to fill positions when he should have been looking at qualifications. Five bucks says that a qualifications check into Mr. Brinton would reveal several massive and untenable holes.

  2. Over 300 million people in this country and that’s the best we can do? What a sorry government we gave our self’s. We are the laughing stock of the world.

  3. What really bothers me is how a man this mentally ill got through our clearance processes.

    He didn’t need to be in charge of a Burger King, much less nuclear waste.

    • “He didn’t need to be in charge of a Burger King, much less nuclear waste.”

      What’s the difference?……

  4. One thing I will say about him is he seems to be very happy, always smiling; almost gay in fact.

    Thanks for the Nixon quote Trouser; didn’t even know Meathead was Bi.

  5. This freak is only the tip of the freak iceberg in the Biden “administration”. These are the people you indirectly elected to run our government when you voted for Biden.

  6. Yeah, put this nut away for a long time and keep him away from our kids! They should put Levine in there with him, they make a great couple. Two nuts in a fruitcake!

  7. When you allow freaks like this to exist, this is what you get. Our children are no longer safe. Whereas before you could trust our institutions, our churches, our community centers with our children’s safety, now, under this woke regime you cannot. We should not suffer these sinners to exist, they should be given the opportunity to recant their sins and live like normal people, or they should be removed.

  8. This is clearly biased and has no business being passed along as “news”. And listen to the people leaving comments here. You should all be ashamed of yourselfs. Yes, they may have committed a crime, but that is absolutely no reason to dehumanize them.

  9. Quote from his interview video posted earlier describing his qualifications for the job= “Where TRANSparency and honesty and trust-building are so critical”. hahahahahahahahahah heh heh

  10. hey Sasha. How do you figure others have dehumanized this lunatic, he chose his own path and he is obviously Mentally I’ll to say the least, Just because you consider his deviant and his illegal and dishonest behavior normal sure doesn’t mean the rest of us should! This guy needs some serious help. Pretending these Loony Tunes are normal only emboldens their disgusting behavior. Just imagine how little kids get confused when they see this nonsense paraded out on television Daily a basicly promote such behavior, un believable. it Sure was nice when these people were still in the closet. Once they started promoting and encourage young people their lifestyle choices they clearly crossed the line .

  11. This segment of society by basic biological fact do not reproduce. Therefore in order to insure the longevity of this group they must recruit. Young children are by nature easily influenced by adults who they perceive as persons of authority and are easily influenced and brainwashed at an age where they know nothing about questioning authority. I have no qualms about what consenting adults do behind closed doors, but when they start to target kids as in “Drag Queen Story Time” there is a line drawn in the sand or snow as the case may be, and it is absolutely unacceptable. To put freaks like this in high profile government positions is to continue the trend of losing any and all serious credibility and respect that we ever had on the global stage. I believe this deterioration of the moral fabric of this country is all part of a divide and conquer plan in order to achieve the “Globalisation One World Order Great Reset” that the likes of Soros, Gates and Klaus Schwab are hell bent to achieve. Never give up!

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