Luggage heist II? Energy Dept. official with Anchorage Assembly ties now accused of stealing second suitcase


The Biden administration’s top nuclear waste disposal expert, who in 2020 closely advised the Anchorage Assembly on its gay counseling ban ordinance, has been accused of stealing yet another piece of luggage at yet another airport.

A warrant for grand larceny was issued for Sam Brinton, the same high-ranking Energy Department official with top-secret clearance who is already facing a court date this month after he allegedly stole a woman’s suitcase from a Minneapolis airport in September.

Now he has been accused of a luggage heist at a Las Vegas airport, 8 News Now reported Thursday.

Sam Brinton is the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy. The Nevada news agency is, at this writing, the only news organization reporting the alleged second theft.

Brinton already faces a Dec. 19 court hearing for a theft of Vera Bradley designer luggage from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport. He is on leave from the Energy Department, which has refused to say if he is still on payroll.

Brinton is the highest openly “gender fluid” officials in the federal government, and his hiring has been controversial. Brinton has a history of public sexual fetishism, such as “pup play,” where people tie up their sexual partners who are dressed in dog costumes. In fact, while awaiting his hearing for luggage theft, he gave a seminar on the “science of spanking” at a Los Angeles “kink” conference in late November.

For the first luggage theft, he was caught on video taking someone else’s luggage from the Minneapolis airport’s luggage baggage claim carousel. Brinton had allegedly traveled to the city without luggage, but left the airport with an expensive roll-on bag that he took from the carousel and tore the identification tag from.

Later he confessed to investigators that he took the bag. He confessed he took the clothes out of the bag and left them in a drawer at the hotel where he was staying, but officials said no clothes were recovered by the hotel. Brinton then returned to the airport to fly out, and took the bag with him. In October, 2022, he used the bag in his travels to Europe.

When investigators asked Brinton, he first said he didn’t take anything that didn’t belong to him. Later, he said, “If I had taken the wrong bag, I am happy to return it, but I don’t have any clothes for another individual. That was my clothes when I opened the bag.” He told investigators he still had the bag.

Two hours later, Brinton called investigators back and confessed he had not been “completely honest.” He admitted to taking the blue bag, but stated they were tired and took the suitcase thinking it was theirs. DEFENDANT said when they opened the bag at the hotel, they realized it was not theirs. DEFENDANT got nervous people would think they stole the bag and did not know what to do. DEFENDANT stated they left the clothes from the bag inside the drawers in the hotel room. DEFENDANT admitted to taking the blue bag back to the airport on September 18 and checking the bag that did not belong to DEFENDANT. Your Complainant further questioned DEFENDANT on why check the bag on September 18, and DEFENDANT responded they did not want to leave the bag in the hotel room, reasoning it was ‘“’weirder’ to leave a bag than the clothes,” the prosecutor wrote.

Read the prosecutor’s charges against Brinton here.

As for the second theft, the value of the bag and contents is estimated to be between $1,200 and $5,000. Must Read Alaska has not been able to confirm the allegations other than the television news report.

Brinton was the founder of the Trevor Project, a group that advocates for gender-confused and sexually variant youth. In his capacity with the organization, he consulted with the Anchorage Assembly as it designed an ordinance that prohibits counselors from any type of therapy with youth that might dissuade them from a sexually alternate lifestyle.

Violation of the Anchorage ordinance comes with a $500 fine. But counselors in Anchorage may counsel youth to start hormone therapy or chemical puberty blockers, and encourage them toward their journey in transgenderism or gay sexuality, and there is no fine for that form of conversion therapy.

Brinton and the Trevor Project have succeeded in getting over 20 jurisdictions to pass similar legislation.

Citizens pursuing the connection between the Trevor Project involvement with Anchorage politics link it to a made-up identity and an email address set up by a member of the Assembly for “Tom Sconce,” a fictitious person. Members of the Assembly involved in the subterfuge were able to skirt open-meetings laws by using the email address to share secret communications. Attempts to access those communications are ongoing by Must Read Alaska and other concerned citizens, but have been blocked by the Assembly and its attorney.

The Trevor Project provided legal counsel and other services to the liberal members of the Anchorage Assembly during the contentious 2020 debate over whether local government can curb First Amendment rights of counselors. The ordinance banning counselors from dissuading their young patients has not been challenged in court. 

Must Read Alaska has made public records requests for documents relating to the legal advice the Assembly was being given by Brinton and the Trevor Project’s lead attorney, but the Assembly has claimed attorney-client privilege, even though there was no legal contract with the D.C.-based organization. 

The documents requested by Must Read Alaska and others in the community that were released have been so heavily redacted that the email conversations between Assembly members and the Trevor Project attorney and organization advisors cannot be read.


  1. He’s our nuclear waste disposal expert? The Biden Admin sure knows how to pick them, I’ll bet he knows absolutely zilch about nuclear waste. Nothing will happen to him and he’ll retain this position.

    • MRAK found an easy target. This person has a master’s of science degree in nuclear science and engineering from the technology and policy program at MIT. So maybe more qualified than a Joe Gerace.

  2. Biden appointed official right? Multiple felonies in official capacity. Does aiding and abetting felons count as an impeachable offense? Hopefully the new house majority looks into this.

  3. Regardless of any status attributable to this guy, he needs to be treated the same as any government official of his rank.

  4. This all simply represents the highest and best of our culture and society. Talk about someone to look up to…. I am just humbled. More, more, more..! Gimmie more!

    Biden/Brinton in 2024!

    • J. This brinton fellow is weirder than weird، but logically it doesn’t determine his work skills. I could point to plenty of wacko conservatives that manage their position.

      • Any regular person having been caught committing the same act would have their security clearance yanked before the ink is even dry on the indictment. This isn’t about skills, degrees or knowledge. This is about a person in possession of government secrets and displaying behavior which shows a great disregard for the law and the property of other citizens, raising doubt whether or not this individual can be trusted with national secrets.

  5. Mental illness on full display, the gay emperor is wearing stolen ladies clothes whilst riding his human steed……

  6. What is the matter? The fricken leftests can not pay this alphabet person to be nothing more than a prop? Give me a break, how pathetic can they be?

  7. What a GD freak show the Biden administration is. Some dude dresses like a girl, and people are surprised when he steals stuff? And they give this guy a top secret clearance? Those clearances used to mean something.

    At least this helps Biden- it distracts from his POS son.

  8. Wouldn’t be grand to view the resumes of the other applicants for the position of Bidens top nuclear waste expert. Seems like it’s kinda important ,,,,, after all it is nuclear waste.

  9. Well, he’s getting the notoriety he has been asking for. Jesus said if you are untrustworthy in small things, you will be untrustworthy in bigger things, but apparently following the rules is not his strong suit. Guess he showed us, huh? If his choice was to be unacceptable, he has managed to break most of the Commandments to do so.

  10. Sam Brintons style finally makes sense when you realize , he wears whatever he finds in other people’s luggage.

  11. Maybe he needs a more quality job, one he/she can really warm to, like Vice President. Wonder what would happen if he/she went to the border. One look and maybe the flood of illegals might slow down, or die laughing.

  12. Can you imagine this perversionist attempting to force you to wear a mask or claim the next scamdemic? No better than Biden or Fouchi

  13. He can’t be allowed to embarrass the current corrupt admin and this will be forgotten when he quietly goes on trial a year from now and he will not serve one day of jail. By then, 20-30 new freakshow scandals of this admin will have happened anyway and no one will care about this one anymore.

  14. Come on people!! Give “it” a break. He’s just looking for the right luggage to dispose of the nuclear waste in.

  15. The Biden Administration, aka “Operation Freak Show”, continues on with its efforts at demoralization…
    The remnant is not so easily conquered. Our little instruction book is older, and the words hold more power than theirs. Know it. Live it. Breathe it.

  16. so a group of authoritarian mental defectives on the anchorage assembly worked with a mentally defective kleptomaniac degenerate….. the hell you say

  17. To the nefarious nine, everyone is racist, some type of phobic, everyone is Q anon in their minds, but they can’t make up their own minds about whether they are Jewish, gay, married, hormonally imbalanced, oppressed. Heck with that much money already taken, how could they even have a conscience? There ARE no rules including their hero who shows his — to minors. Even basic math escapes them…numbers of homeless or numbers of millions missing. As sneaky pete used to say, ” Sorry folks we are doing it our way ” and my favorite .. “It may not be morally right but it IZ legal . “

  18. When a person grows up in a household that has no moral fiber, this is what you get. A lot of this in the new generation. There’s a cure; be a responsible parent and don’t rely on others to educate your children. Sacrifice some of your income capabilities to spend time with your children. Give up the luxuries for a few years. Join a church, even if it bores you.

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