District 28 Republicans ask Sen. David Wilson to leave Democrat-led caucus


Wasilla District 28 Republicans passed a resolution asking Sen. David Wilson to reverse his decision to join the caucus dominated by Democrats in the Alaska Senate.

In the resolution, Sen. Wilson is described as having engaged in actions detrimental to the Alaska Republican Party and to Republican values and goals by his leaving the Republican caucus and joining a caucus in which Democrats hold the majority, when a Republican majority was elected to the Senate.

Last month, District 27 Republicans also passed a resolution, with the demand that Wilson remove himself from the Democrat-dominated majority caucus, which awarded him the chairmanship of the Health and Social Services Committee in exchange for his membership in the binding caucus.

The resolution says that Wilson has abandoned his Republican colleagues from the Mat-Su. In fact, both Sen. Shelley Hughes and Sen. Mike Shower have been excluded from the Democrat-majority caucus.

“David Wilson has joined a leftist controlled coalition that is fundamentally at odds with the interests of residents of the Mat-Su Valley,” the Republican grassroots group said, as it asked him to make his decision by 5 pm on Deb. 9. If not, it asks him to refund the $4,000 contributed to his campaign by the Alaska Republican Party.


  1. Starting to believe that saying “There’s a sucker born every minute,” Mr. Wilson perfectly played Wasila District 28 and Wasilla got EXACTLY what they voted for…a RINO.

  2. Good, hold elected officials accountable to the constituents. We vote these politicians in and then they desert us. He needs to ask his voters what they want. (I’m not in his district, thankfully).

  3. Good for District 28 Republicans. Just taking care of business ‘in house’. Hope they stick with it and don’t let Wilson’s actions stand.

  4. Interesting here in sitka you can’t even find the Republican Party. No phone number, nothing.
    It seems like Bert Stedman always sides with the dems and yet he runs as a republican. here’s something to remember — Lisa was picked by her dad, guess who picked Bert to fill a senate seat? Frank Murkowski. it seems to run in the family. I think here in sitka we always thought he was a democrat , we were surprised how that all came about.

  5. Well ain’t that something! A politician with no scruples gets shamed into doing what he promised! To reverse course isn’t enough in this climate. At minimum fired is the only response! Send him walking and pack his bags for him!

  6. Censure him! That will show him! It really worked wonders on other Republicans recently.
    I wonder what the return policy is on the $4,000 donation? Is it a 30 day deal…or more like a Costco “guarantee”?
    Can we get the same return on our monies contributed to AK Republican Party when they don’t follow exactly what WE want?
    Kinda works both ways. No wonder this party is imploding….leadership, leadership, leadership. Do they understand they are setting the example.?.?

  7. So they want him to give up his swat on the Finance Committee and become a member of a four person minority with no committee seats? How is that helping his constituents?

  8. So they want him to give up his seat on the Finance Committee and become a member of a four person minority with no committee seats? How is that helping his constituents?

  9. I am really perplexed at Senator Wilson’s actions. He has appeared to be pro-life, and his past record shows him to be mostly fairly conservative. Maybe a little moderate. Seems very strange he would just jump ship like that and empower the democrat caucus. He is not the Senator foe my district, Showers is, so I do not know much about him but he has seemed to be respected by his constituency and was re-elected by a fairly conservative district. What the heck? Wilson constituents?

    • He only got 44% of the vote i think rank choice got him in ot seems he sold his vote for the chair position does it not

  10. I email david wilson he said all the reports are incorrect that he did not pledge his vote for the budget and that the caucus is not binding personally i dont belive him here is his reaponce to me from email ::::::

    His reply to me asking why he did not make it to face his constituents

    I was with Rep. Johnson at a legislative conference. 

    Actually for 20+ years the Republicans in the senate have been in caucuses with Democrats. 

    The easy thing to do is to be in the minority. The voters voted for me to represent them with my conservative values and that is what I will do.

    Many Mat-Su conservative leaders gave counsel to join the majority. But, with not knowing the outcome of the House organization, this is the best solution for the Mat-Su. We need a minimum of 6 for an effective senate minority. And 2 of the 3 have burned too many bridges with the 8 Republicans that has caused a lack of trust. I respect them and will continue to work with them on many issues but I could not get enough folks to want to be in a majority with them.

    More below

  11. Please also understand that the Democrats do not have control as it takes 11 votes to pass legislation. 

    I just ask before you judge and sentence me I ask you to give the opportunity for you to see if my votes will change. For the record this is not a binding caucus. 

    But again 11 folks did not want to be in an organization with 2 senators, as like a similar situation with the house Republicans are not working with a couples of their elected Republicans.

    I still have the same conservative values and my votes will not change. I would rather be in the arena fighting than in the stands as a spectator.

    If you know me than you should know that I keep my word, I’m honest, have integrity and I don’t need anyone to validate my conservative values.

    God bless you and I hope you have a Merry Christmas

    My question back

    This is from alaska watchman is it incorrect if so please tell me how

    Making matters even worse is the fact that the Democratic-controlled caucus is “binding”, the resolution observes, “which will obligate its members, on certain key votes, to prioritize and vote for the interests of the Democrat-majority caucus over and above the interests of Mat-Su residents”

    His reply David Wilson

    Yes, it is wrong. I’m in the group we don’t have a binding caucus. People say it is because they want to try to make it sound worse. It’s amazing when people are in the caucus oh no it’s not binding and when they leave they say it’s a binding. 

    • It’s binding. Don’t be fooled.

      The Republican majority tent we (Shower, Myers, and yours truly – Hughes) espoused would have upheld the primary tenet of our constitutional republic – that government is of, for, and by the people. This translates into everyone being free to vote on behalf of those they represent. A senator would have been free to vote to represent their constituents. It’s really that simple.

      To enter the current bipartisan coalition majority tent, a member had to be willing to sacrifice the representation of their constituents for the good of the finance cochairs.

      So not only does their organization (which empowers a majority of Democrats) defy the will of the voters (65% of whom cast a vote for a Republican), their binding rule defies the representation of constituents.

      When you think about it, what they’re doing defies the very essence of what makes a constitutional republic a constitutional republic.

  12. A fair question: why should Wilson do any damn thing the GOP wants? They are toothless and impotent,

  13. Wilson is a RINO.
    An unprincipled politician.
    He is swayed by money and power.
    There isn’t any principal he wouldn’t yield to for money and power.
    See Murkowski, Sullivan, the Bushes, McConnell, Begiches, et al.

  14. Politics in Alaska is missing binding integrity. Values roll out the door, conservative values, are out at the first “opportunity”. More is the pity for no longer represented voters. The judiciary has accepted its own self-appointed social elevation too, while ratifying non-resident, baby-talking, lisping lawyers above Alaskan voters asserted votes in the valley. The only effect we have is to vote out lawyers/ judges who aggrandize themselves by virtue of leagues of foreign associations. Tired of them. They give no evidence the US Constitution resonates in their hierarchies. That is what’s WRONG!

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