Sen. David Wilson censured by District 27 Republicans, asked to resign from Democrat-run caucus


District 27 Republicans in Wasilla voted to censure Sen. David Wilson for leaving the Republican caucus and joining a caucus in which Democrats hold the majority, when there is a majority of Republicans voted into seats in the Senate.

The district issued a stern resolution in which it said Wilson betrayed the voters of District N, and asked Wilson to resign from the Democrat-led caucus. The district has also asked Wilson to return funds the $4,000 donated to him by the Alaska Republican Party for his campaign if he doesn’t quit the Democrat caucus.

If he doesn’t resign from the Democrat-controlled caucus, the members want Wilson to resign by Friday at 5 pm.

Wilson is out of step with the other two senators from his district, Sen. Shelley Hughes and Sen. Mike Shower. The Democrat-led group put him in as the chair of the Senate Health and Social Services Committee.


  1. Good for them to hold this guy accountable!! The line has to be drawn somewhere and MatSu republicans have the guts to do it!!

  2. You left out the poignant ending: “Senator Wilson looked over his shoulder, shrugged, then went forward to carry out the tasks of his duly-elected office….”

  3. Got to admit, Wilson has some mad skillz..

    Judas got 30 pieces of silver for turning his back on Jesus. At todays prices thats only about 700 bucks. Wilson got 4 grand and didn’t break a sweat.

    Hold my beer Judas. Hold my beer.

  4. When you join a Democrat Binding Cuscus, everything you where as a Republican is null and void. A Bill Walker Puppet, like Cathy Giessel, Josh Revak, Gabrielle La Deux, Jack Coghill, or Kelly Merrick, and her buddy Sara Rasmussen, along with mentor Natasha Von Imhof, to name a few in the RINO hall of fame located in the Lisa Murkowski Pavilion. What good is it if someone should gain the Whole World, and Lose Their soul. Your word is no good, David Wilson.

    • Bill Walker puppet – Probably, in my opinion. While we are at it, let’s have a crippling income tax on producers and retirees on fixed incomes to keep the bottom feeders happy while doling hard-earned bucks to all so they can have a big pee eff dee. Snort!

  5. Come on David, you need to stick with the Republican Party you took money from and respect the Republicans that voted for you.

    “Dance with the one that brung you”

  6. He doesn’t care and he’s not going anywhere.

    Anchorage has come to the valley.

    The GOP needs to have a stake through its heart, be drug into a pit and burned to ashes. Metaphorically, of course. But it is a vampire sucking the life out of Alaska.

  7. Being censured by the Alaska Republican Party is worth just a little less than Herschel Walker’s police badge

  8. Wilson doesn’t look very smart. He’s the guy that ADN reporter Nat Herz filed a police report against after Wilson allegedly hit Herz.

    Wilson should just go away.

  9. It is good that he has been scolded, but if the past is any indication, it has no teeth. If the Republican Party was real, they would spend money to discourage people like him from running again. As the list indicates, they always run successfully again. He knew he wasn’t risking his political career.

  10. Well done MatSu, i am jealous. How about we use the same method that the demoncrats are using on eastman on all 8 of the RINOS? Oath breakers in our state legislature with their treason on we the people? This will let governor Dunleavy select interim people to replace the traitors……

  11. This is why RCV is going to be even more popular than it was when it was passed. I vote for both Republicans and Democrats depending on who I think will do the best job for Alaska. Of course the parties would like to control who I can vote for but that often ends up being people that are too far left or right for me. As Suzanne just pointed out in another article most Alaskans are not registered as Democrats or Republicans. Just because a few more candidates win from one party or the other that doesn’t mean that “Alaskans” have voted for a party line organization that would likely reflect the most extreme positions of that party. Let’s find some common ground and get stuff done!

    • Of course you do. Amazingly they all happen to be Democrats or Romney type Republicans.

      This is as tired a dodge as the dog ate my homework or I’ll respect you in the morning.

  12. Ah, the toothless Republican Party Bites yet again…..One hopes that someday, they will notice that their ‘censure’ did nothing to slow down Murkowski and that it will not be slowing down Wilson either.

    It does make the party look foolish though.

    • Can’t help it that the stupidity of the Alaskan Voter. If you voted for Murkowski do us a favor pack up your stuff and head to Seattle we are done with the leftest BS and will work to eliminate those who have no clue.

  13. There are too many democrats infesting the republican party, he knew what he was doing. Just like the Eagle River union “republican”.

  14. Great work District 27 Republicans. Nice to see that we have some Rs with a little backbone.

    This entire abdication of leadership by the Republicans is unbelievable. NEVER underestimate Republicans’ ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  15. Carefully. This gentleman dislikes to be questioned in close proximity by “reporters” as I recall from previous events reported by the media.

  16. Did anybody read this guy’s ‘about’ page on his website? Yeesh…Many a clue there my friends… empower, equip, communities, common sense reforms…Voter ignorance or apathy at play here. Or our Communist friends have learned to register as Republicans and vote from the inside.


  17. It’s sad to see this comment section taken over by people incapable of anything besides reacting to the last headline they read. Here, let me help you out. In 2016, Wilson was a newly-minted Republican who won the party nomination over Lynn Gattis, despite concerns from party officials about where he stood philosophically. That didn’t seem to matter to voters. Very recently, I read a bunch of comments on this site about RCV to the effect of having the freedom to vote for the candidate of one’s choice without party interference. Could it be that some of us realize the two-party system only works for a tiny minority, and defaulting to the same old blame game isn’t going to fix the problem?

  18. Any bets on whether this censure will end differently that the ineffective Murkowski and Merrick censures?

    • Reliable: that’s a fools bet if I ever saw one….

      BUT, you might find some takers among the Republican faithful.

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