Biden’s nuke official who advised Anchorage on ‘Don’t Say Straight’ counseling ban gave kink-spanking seminar last week, even after being charged with luggage theft


Sam Brinton, who secretly consulted to members of the Anchorage Assembly as they drafted their 2020 “Don’t Say Straight” ordinance banning counselors from helping teens troubled by sexual confusion, did not let the felony charge against him stop him from delivering at the gay “Leather Getaway” conference last week.

View the agenda for the conference here. Warning: Not for children. And remember, the internet remembers what you click on.

Presenting under the pseudonym “NuclearNerd,” Brinton delivered a seminar called “Spanking: From Calculus To Chemistry.” It was under the heading of SM, for sado-masochism. There were other categories with seminars on things like “Fisting with a Passion,” and “Fisting Fundamentals,” an activity evidently popular with gay men.

The Energy Department now refuses to tell reporters whether Brinton, who holds a “Q” level top-secret clearance pertaining to national security, continues to be paid after being charged with felony theft of a Vera Bradley brand suitcase with women’s clothing, valued at $2,325.

That theft happened in at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport in September, and Brinton has confessed to stealing the suitcase. Security cameras show that he tore the luggage tag off the bag before wheeling it away quickly as though it was his own. Security cameras also show him using the bag for various travel after the theft. Brinton’s next court date is Dec. 19.

Two years earlier, when former Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz had locked the city down due to the Covid pandemic, the Anchorage Assembly’s gay caucus got busy and passed an ordinance that bans counselors from engaging in what is called “conversion therapy,” which is aimed at helping people with sexual dysphoria or sexual impulse problems. The Assembly passed the ordinance while prohibiting the public from attending Assembly meetings.

During that lockdown period, some Assembly members also set up a fake email account belonging to fictitious “Tom Sconce,” so that they could illegally communicate with each other about the controversial ordinance. To this day, the Assembly has refused the public access to those emails and that fake email account, despite numerous requests. They have claimed attorney-client privilege, even though they had no contract with Brinton’s group, the Trevor Project and its attorney.

Brinton advised the Anchorage Assembly and other jurisdictions on the conversion therapy ban topic before he was hired by the Biden administration. His group, the Trevor Project, also grooms teens to adopt the sexual choices it promotes through its secretive online counseling program, which advises teens to avoid parental oversight.

Sen. John Barrasso, the senior Republican on the Senate Energy Committee, wants Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to fire Brinton.

“Sam Brinton is on leave from DOE, and Dr. Kim Petry is performing the duties of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition,” a DOE spokesperson told Fox News Digital this week.

The State of Minnesota complaint against Brinton includes that his gender is “UNKNOWN”:

Brinton appears to be using his federal position to continue to build his own personal brand as an advocate for the highly sexualized, gender-fluid lifestyle for which he advocates.

In the world of fetish sex, he is also known as a pup handler, who role plays with other men who pretend to be dogs. He is featured in this Metro Weekly story on the world of “pup play,” a subset of leather and bondage sex play. His role in the Biden administration has given him worldwide notoriety as a representative of the government both at home and abroad.


  1. What is this thing? Yes, you can see how low they will go. After all, the corporation of the united states scammed America and put in Biden. Need I say more?

  2. We have a real mental illness in this country. Some may be caused by FAS, drugs, and other maladies which is not always the victim’s fault. This freak, who knows what. Sick, sick individual and look at his high ranking in Liberal Democrat politics. Has he tested for Monkeypox, excuse me, Mpox?

  3. This guy’s disgusting, dishonest and typical of what liberals want.
    Diversity ….. their ‘Golden Idol’
    This is your team Brandon, Lisa, Mary and now Dan.
    Thanks for nothing. Thanks for tearing our country down.

  4. This person is a complete pervert. He’ll either get AIDS, or he’ll see the light when one of his many partners decides to run a 120 watt lightbulb up his wrecked-em.

  5. I guess you gotta stick with what works.

    The thing I detest above all else with the Senile crook in Chief is the way he assembled his “administration”. Nothing but tokens. It’s like going to the Chipotle of progressive diversity.

    I’ll have 3 trans, 3 Hispanics, 42 blacks (preferably women), 712 gays/trans/nonbinary/confused, and so on. No hint of going for actual talent.

    Either they playing progressive paint by numbers or considering the man in the White House, the bottom of the diversity barrel was the best they could come up with.

  6. More importantly, did he/she/it invite the Assembly? Dunbar and Constant will be butthurt (pun actually not intended) to be left out.

  7. This Binton person is an oddball around whom I’d feel very uncomfortable, would never hire, but s/he seems to have brought out the worst of intolerance among the MRAK clan. Why is that?

    • calling Them s/he is very intolerant Lucinda and is a terrible micro aggression that is very close to hate speech.
      not cool folks

      • No, AK4, Lucinda’s lack of proper pronoun usage constitutes literal VIOLENCE against all gay/bi/lesbian/trans/queer/non-cis-binary/trans-human individuals. Nothing less than being sentenced to years in solitary confinement (as have been the wantonly murderous and treasonous. Putin-led January 5th insurrectionists who continue to languish in prison under abominable conditions) is warranted here.
        Lucinda, you have been served notice or your egregious crimes.

    • Not just odd.
      A dishonest, high paid, government person in an important position that has to do w/ our nations security and the security of our environment.
      The Biden Administration should be ashamed of themselves
      And disgusting ….imo, due to backside perversions.

    • Who are you to call anyone an oddball Lucinda, what makes you the arbitrator of normality?

      Shame. On. You. Lucinda.


  8. Diverse perversities are now lauded in the MSM, openly accepted in government and the military, and even welcomed in the ‘mainstream’ demoninations of Protestant Christianity. Little is immoral and shameful, except holding to moral values as declared by the Creator. Our society is spiraling and sinking like an great airplane that has lost its rudder and stabilizers, and the corruptocrat in the nation’s executive office is the putative chief mechanic and pilot. Our airplane still retains some forward momentum, but the inevitable crash will be spectacular.

  9. When did Matt Damon and an alien Hook Up lol, just more proof how sick these loons in power are, unbelievable and Pathetic. who ever said you can’t judge a book by its cover was a Liar!

  10. Wow, sick people like this running our government. What could possibly go wrong? America needs a course correction very, very soon!

  11. Mark my word!!! The building of Sodom and Gomorrah!!! Being promoted by the Brandon administration!! Everything sexual is allowed. Drag presentations, gender transformation on minors, etc. Need I say more? Anything goes and if you disagree, you’re a sexist.

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