Gov. Dunleavy to be sworn in Monday at Alaska Airlines Center on UAA campus


Gov. Mike Dunleavy and Lt. Gov.-elect Nancy Dahlstrom will be sworn in at 1 pm on Monday, Dec. 5, at the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Alaska Airlines Center.

The event, open to the public, will be enhanced with performances from the Alaska Native Heritage Center Dancers, the 11th Airborne Division Band, Stephen Holmstock, and members of the Pipeline Vocal Project. The swearing in will be ceremonial, as by law the new governor must be sworn in at noon, which means there will be a private ceremony before noon in order to follow the letter of the Constitution, which mandates the swearing must occur at noon on the first Monday of December. The event will be live-streamed on Youtube at this link.

For his first term, Dunleavy and Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer were sworn in at Kotzebue’s high school gymnasium. The plan was to be sworn in at Rose Dunleavy’s hometown of Noorvik, but foggy weather prevented the planes from reaching Noorvik in time for the noon deadline. Instead, when the weather cleared, the Dunleavy family went to Noorvik for the first inaugural party of many that were held around the state in subsequent weeks.

Dunleavy won with over 50% of the vote on the first round of the ballot counting on Nov. 8. He was not subject to the ranked choice voting process after handily dispatching both the Democrat in the race, Les Gara, and the no-party candidate Bill Walker, who got 24% and 21% respectively.


  1. This is how Republicans have to win. It has to be so lopsided that RCV can’t be brought into the equation. The Lefties have to be going nuts. Republican governor, no RCV, ballot harvesting wouldn’t work, and native dancers at the ceremony. The perfect holiday gift!

  2. Fantastic!!!! The best governor Alaska has ever had.
    I wonder if Bill Walker (a former governor) will show any class and attend?

  3. This guy is a bum. The worst governor in the history of Alaska. He is promoting pebble mine, which most Alaskans are against. He is constantly involved with extreme right wing lawsuits dealing with border crossings,election results, etc. Mike,please give a shit about ALASKA. Take a stand against pebble. Get your attorney general to get involved with the kroger/albertson takeover. You will not be up for reelection, so get rid of your overpaid publicists, Dave and Andrew. And most of all, fire Doug Vincent Lang, Bob Penneys choice as adfg commisioner. Then you just may be able to look in the mirror and like what you see.

    • Gunner, you truly sound like a deranged man, maybe with an alcohol or drug problem. You are so negative that you won’t admit to any faults of the real scoundrels and crooks who have served in the governor’s seat. I bet you live a miserable life.

    • Pebble’s gonna get dug, sooner rather than later. Rationale? It’s all the other stuff found with gold and copper. We call them rare earths. They are necessary for your brave new renewable world. If we don’t produce that stuff on this side of the Pacific, we will be buying them from the CCP. Cheers –

    • What a laugh, bud! Dunleavy came sweeping down out of the North with an indigenous bride, settled in the Valley and became one of them, got elected for a single term as a state senator, served without distinction, ran for governor and won–not once, but twice!

      He’s done well as a step-and-fetch fellow for the “miners.” You certainly wouldn’t have expected to find him in a peony patch! Come on, have more respect for his personal convictions! He’s one of us–you know, “We the People!” We’re always on the “scrupulous” make!

      Merry Christmas!

      • Like I stated below, my office door opens Monday morning, early. All of you Scrooge Democrats and sourpussies who lost your governor candidate are welcomed to orientation. We do group therapy, so you tightwads can save a few bucks. Our motto is:
        WE DO DEMOCRATS. In fact, we love Democrats. That’s how I make my living.

  4. Mr. Gunner:
    My office opens at 8:00 am Monday morning. Walk-ins with political disorders and anger issues directed at the keyboards are always welcome for therapy sessions. I genuinely can boast an 80%
    success rate for conversion. I take Medicare patients, which I’m pretty sure you are enrolled 😉

    • You are correct Dr. Dan. I am enrolled in medicare, with a supplement plan provided by a retirement plan. Been working and paying in to medicare since 1968. Still working and paying into it today. I see no shame in that. Please let me know the error of my ways,I was not aware that being enrolled in medicare was something to be ashamed of. Furthermore,you need to dust off your crystal ball. I am not, and never have been a democrat. To the best of my recollection, Biden was the first democrat I have voted for in my life. I am an independent, and do not vote party lines. Thank you for your offer of therapy sessions. I will decline for now.

      • Hey Gunner…….I got some great pot for you since you don’t want to see the doc. It’ll suppress your downers. Straight from Bethel. Some good stuff, man. You’ll feel better tomorrow.

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