Texas Attorney General opens inquiry into Boeing subcontractor Spirit AeroSystems

Spirit Aerosystems web page devoted to diversity, equity, and inclusion imperatives.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton opened an investigation into Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc. last week, after reoccurring issues came to light about flaws in airplane parts provided to the Boeing Company.

Spirit AeroSystems, with headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, is known as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aerostructures for commercial airplanes, according to the company, which produces the main body sections for Boeing’s 737 jets. On certain models of the 737, apparent manufacturing defects have led to life-threatening incidents, some of which occurred while the aircrafts were airborne.

The Texas Business Organizations Code authorizes the Office of the Attorney General to investigate the company’s organization, conduct, and management by requesting to examine pertinent documents.

Spirit AeroSystems is being instructed to produce a variety of documents relevant to manufacturing defects in their products to Paxton’s office.

Additionally, the company must release documents to Paxton related to its diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) commitments, and whether those commitments are unlawful or are compromising the company’s manufacturing processes. In other words, is the company hiring for diversity rather than qualification to do the job?

“The potential risks associated with certain airplane models are deeply concerning and potentially life-threatening to Texans,” said Attorney General Paxton. “I will hold any company responsible if they fail to maintain the standards required by the law and will do everything in my power to ensure manufacturers take passenger safety seriously.”

To read the Texas AG’s request to examine, click here.

Spirit Aerosystems is not the only entity in the aviation business that has made diversity the priority in hiring. The FAA itself is now hiring severely mentally ill people as part of its DEI hiring targets.

FAA expands door plug inspections to older 737s


  1. This is the result when you hire people based on “diversity”. Apparently they are only hiring people if they are queer or LGBT or whatever other alphabet they prescribe to.
    The ONLY qualifications should be how they do their job. Nothing else.
    When the FAA comes out and says they are gonna be hiring people that are basically mentally retarded in the guise of “diversity”, there is a problem.
    Spirit Aero Systems obviously is a problem and needs to be dealt with.
    Safety comes before ANY diversity….If it is shown that places like this that take care of airplanes isn’t doing their job good enough, get rid of them and start hiring on knowledge and schooling not DIVERSITY!
    The second a plane goes down and it smells of a safety issue because of this nonsense, the wrath of reality will hit them in the pants so hard they won’t be able to sit. Tragic this is what is happening.

  2. In other words, is the company hiring for diversity rather than qualification to do the job?
    Yeah, they don’t want to “offend ” anyone…..

  3. To avoid costs of too many unionized employees, Boeing turned to subcontractors. Well, you get what you pay for. DEI, low wages, poor morale, little oversight…a recipe for disaster which we’re experiencing.

  4. Had to check out the Spirit AeroSystems page to be sure the bit above is not cherry-picking.
    Nope, diversity, equity, community, and pretty much every other woke claptrap is all over their site.
    When you hire people because of what they are, instead of what they do, you get aircraft that fall apart in flight.
    Go woke, go broke is an accurate representation of reality way too often.


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