FAA hiring targets: People with psychiatric problems and severe mental disabilities urged to apply

Photo credit: FAA

In order to meet its targets for Diversity Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility, (DEIA), the Federal Aviation Administration is recruiting for people with severe mental disabilities, psychiatric problems and physical disabilities.

The recruiting campaign comes at an awkward time, as companies like Spirit AeroSystems, which built the malfunctioning fuselage for Boeing 737 MAX 9s, have crowed to their shareholders about hitting their DEI targets for hiring, and firing white men in order to met their diversity quotas.

Targeted disabilities by the FAA are people with disabilities that the federal government, as a matter of policy, has identified for special emphasis in recruitment and hiring,” the FAA’s website says.

The FAA’s targeted disabilities for hiring are, in the agency’s own words:

  • Hearing (total deafness in both ears)
  • Vision (Blind)
  • Missing Extremities
  • Partial Paralysis
  • Complete Paralysis, Epilepsy
  • Severe intellectual disability
  • Psychiatric disability
  • Dwarfism

“Individuals with targeted disabilities have the greatest difficulty obtaining employment. This is the only protected group for which Federal agencies may have a hiring goal,” the FAA says on its target web page.

According to the FAA, people with these disabilities can be hired “on the spot.”

“The ‘On-the-Spot’ special appointment authority is a non-competitive hiring method for filling vacancies for people with disabilities. Full benefits are awarded to the non-competitive appointee.”

The FAA also says that managers can choose to fill an open position through the “On-the-Spot” hiring process.

“The Office of Civil Rights National People with Disabilities Program Manager and Human Resource Management Selective Placement Coordinators share non-competitive position descriptions with a broad network of disability employment collaborators to recruit qualified applicants with disabilities.”

Applicants wishing to be hired through the non-competitive, on-the-spot process “should be prepared to provide his or her résumé, references, and academic transcripts. They are also required to provide documentation pertaining to the existence of a disability.”

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The timing of the discovery of the FAA’s bias-hiring comes as airlines and air manufacturers are also emphasizing DEI over expertise, safety, and quality control.

Spirit AeroSystems, which built the faulty fuselage for the Boeing 737 MAX-9, has made DEI its priority and is now fighting a class action lawsuit from a whistleblower, who says that Spirit Aerosystems has deemphasized safety in pursuit of hiring goals and profit.

The lawsuit claims, “Dean noticed a significant deterioration in Spirit’s workforce after the mass layoffs that Spirit carried out during the COVID pandemic. Dean states that Spirit laid off or voluntarily retired a large number of senior engineers and mechanics, leaving a disproportionate number of new and less experienced personnel. Dean estimates that whereas Spirit previously had about 80% experienced mechanics and 20% inexperienced, those numbers are now approximately 60% and 40% respectively. Dean states Spirit had similar problems with inexperienced quality auditors and inspectors. Dean believes this lack of experienced personnel negatively impacted the quality of Spirit’s work, resulting in more rework and repairs that had to be performed.”

That lawsuit is linked here:

The White House’s DEI executive order is at this link.


  1. Please, tell me this is parody! In case it is not, please send a NOTAM for when these new hires with severe mental disabilities, psychiatric problems and physical disabilities are projected to begin their first day at work. I do not want to be on a commercial airliner while they are doing their new jobs. I’ll re-start my air travel after the first several airliner disasters take place and the FAA is forced to stop hiring these mentally ill people.

  2. Is the Alaska Railroad Corporation under simular guidance? Federally subsidized transpo entities and equal footing among the several states and all. I miss Congressman Don Young in times like these.

  3. Had gotten to the point that nothing the Federal government did would surprise me. Well, Color Me Surprised!

  4. Are we reverting to Affirmative Action which the Supreme Court just overruled in 2023? Competency for employment should not be based on quota or political correctness by whatever special interest policy makers. Let us not loose a qualified workforce because of an affirmative action quota threat or passive aggressive incentive program.

  5. This is nothing new. The FAA has been hiring like that for as long as there’s been an FAA. Just ask anyone in the aviation industry.

    • I was in the aviation industry for well over
      50 years and you are full of crap, it just isn’t

      What is going on now is all about the left’s agenda
      to destroy everything

  6. Deaf, blind, and intellectually disabled air traffic controllers? Sure, that ought to fit in well with aircraft that burst holes in the fuselage.

  7. Is it even possible for a totally deaf person, a totally blind person, a person with complete paralysis or epilepsy, a person with severe intellectual disability or a psychiatric disability to gather the skills required for this position and build a resume that would meet the actual requirements for the job?

    • That’s what our system is doing , wanting people to have more fear of flying . The way we’re headed , going to be a rash of big accidents . One way to shut down America . If Commercial aviation was rated on how many barrels of crude burned each day . It’s better than 1/5th of the US economy . Shut down freedom of travel and shut down America !

  8. What’s funny are the commenters here who leap to the conclusion that these people will be in the air traffic control towers, calling the shots on their air travel.
    These people will carry out the jobs that they can handle. I work in a place that includes folks like this. They come to us through an agency that places disabled persons into jobs. Our janitors include a deaf Asian lady, a late-middle aged man with a deformed hand, and a very awkward but polite mid-20s kid (not sure what his disability is – autism maybe?). They are dependable, they perform a function we need, and they have meaningful employment. They have become part of our crew. They come to our Christmas parties.
    Enough with your silly headlines, Suzanne. Embrace your Christianity instead.

    • I agree with this. Workers are placed where they can function. There are so many jobs outside of high level/safety ones and allowing someone who would otherwise be unemployed and on disability payments to have value and productivity in their lives seems logical to me. It seems kind. Why do I care if the FAA hires someone with a disability to work there. I trust whoever the supervisor is to make sure they are capable of the job they are hired to do. At least they will disclose the disability. How many people out there are hired into jobs because they look good and competent on paper but then turn out to be morons who suck at their job. Worse, morons who are self-important with low EQ and IQ who think they are great at their jobs. There is no article about that. It’s hard enough having these disabilities. If a job can be done well then let the hiring bypass the rest of the stupid government long process and be a direct hire. This is just fear mongering.

    • “What’s funny are the commenters here who leap to the conclusion that these people will be in the air traffic control towers, calling the shots on their air travel………”
      Yeah, it’s downright hilarious. Of course, they’ll be given jobs that……….well……..accomplish what, exactly? Why don’t you fill us in?
      I was involved in DoD contracts with care agencies that hired, managed, trained, and supervised THEIR intellectually disabled employees in dining hall contracts. Please note that DoD didn’t hire these people as employees of their agencies. They contracted with non-profits who specialized in managing these clients/employees.
      So what’s wrong with that? How does that not serve everybody’s needs? Why does the FAA, or any other agency, have to actually hire the disabled instead of letting the non-profits manage them?
      My son is intellectually disabled. He works as a janitor for such a non-profit…….and I can assure you that there is no profit in it. At all.

    • What’s this but the soft tyranny of low expectations?
      All TD’s (Targeted Disabilities) are good for is janitoring?
      FAA’s the pinnacle of meaningful janitorial employment; mopping FAA floors, cleaning FAA toilets, that’s the Big Time?
      FAA’s advert stipulates blind, deaf, psychotic, disabled applicants won’t be allowed to do anything else, won’t get security clearances to do anything else?
      Cancel FAA janitorial contracts, hire civil-service janitors, what government pay grade makes janitoring meaningful?
      FAA, the first government agency to have its very own DOJ, Department of Janitors.
      Now that’s embracing Christianity, no?

      • Seriously? Most of the people with “disabilities” aren’t blind, deaf, dwarfism, and paralyzed. I can’t believe the people on this forum? Plenty of people with a “disability” and incredibly capable and smart and with just a few accommodations can be a huge asset to an organization’s productivity and culture. All I can think is that the narrow view of people here must be because you don’t know anyone who has to work around a limitation. Often they are creative and have incredible resilience. Seriously, it’s a shame that stupidity, like the people saying all these crappy things here, isn’t as physically obvious as some of these targeted disabilities. Surly given these conversations stupidity is more limiting than many of the targeted disabilities.

  9. For the love of God!!!! Is there no end to this lunacy??? Please don’t tell me there’s going to be a certain percentage of employees to fill this category. I certainly don’t want a blind person sitting in the captain’s seat of a control tower directing the plane I’m on for a landing. Nope!!! Don’t wanna be on that plane.

  10. So, if ‘we the pitiable people’ of these United States will all join hands and kick Slow Joe out of the Oval Office, will he then be employable at the FAA? ‘Severe intellectual disability,’ indeed! And dwarfism!

    Where the heck is our Congress on this cockamamy business? One member of Congress knows how to pull fire alarms, so at least HE has a skill. Are we truly electing these morons? If so, we are doomed. But more likely our government is being overrun by nihilist progressives, and we are still doomed.

  11. “Severe intellectual disability” …they added this classification in order to meet their inclusivity targets for Democrats.

  12. Freedom of travel in America is one of the purest forms of capitalism . It’s under attack from every direction ( 360 degrees ) . It’s had a huge impact on jet fuel prices for the airlines . Govt created pilot shortage has caused pilot salaries to escalate to non sustainable costs for airlines . Pilots did need to be paid more , not less . Hiring practices are lowering the bar so low that anyone can get hired as a pilot . When you used to have to go out and prove your capabilities flying small planes with little experience for years and hopefully qualify for an airline job . Not turning into a statistic flying a Cessna 206 out on coast of Ak.

    United Airlines has programs that take kids off street and turn them into pilots never experiencing any of this . This is not going to end well . Going to be a huge accident and it’ll get blamed on Boeing . Boeing is probably going broke if they don’t clean out the management from the top to bottom .

    Now the FAA is using diversity on steroids to hire for oversight of Airlines and tower operators . AirTraffic Controllers are being hired off streets and qualified military controllers are not being hired . This has been going on for five years . Woke doesn’t work in Aviation ! Hard work and paying attention makes for qualified pilot . Also , flying in Alaska a little luck at times .

    My family and I were booked on the flight to Juneau that day on the 727 that hit mountain in the early seventies . I think about that a lot these days ! That’s luck !

  13. There is a difference between discriminating against a person because of a mental or physical disability, and hiring them because of it.
    Then again, the Secretary of Transportation was hired because of who he sleeps with, and has demonstrated nothing but incompetence since taking that position. So… why should we expect anything different?

  14. Inclusion is a good thing when combined with common sense. Too bad that the able body people no longer wish to contribute to the workforce. Their high education limits them for labor. Someone still has to stack the donuts.

  15. While no one should be discriminated against for any disability, hiring should always be of the best qualified candidate who can fully perform every necessary duty and function of the job.

  16. It is interesting that the FAA requires applicants to disclose their medical data directly to them. It was my impression that the law forbids employers to ask about such things. If a physical requirement is necessary for the job, then an outside medical facility determines if the applicant is physically qualified. The prospective employer will be informed without divulging details. It preserves the applicant’s medical privacy. The non-competitive “on the spot” hire circumvents all that and full disclosure by the applicant is required. Seems shady and discriminatory to me.

  17. To show how dishonest Snopes is, they spin this to make it all about Trump saying it has been in place for two decades, while Trump was POTUS. These unelected bureaucrats make these regulations without any congressional oversight. This has Mack Daddy Obama’s filthy fingerprints all over it.

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