Day 14: Secretary of Defense remains in hospital


Giving not a bit of insight into the health condition of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Pentagon Press Secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder provided the following update on the secretary’s health status on Sunday:  

“Secretary Austin remains hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and is in good condition. We have no updates to provide at this time regarding his release from the hospital but will continue to provide daily updates until then.”

Sunday marks the 14th day the secretary has been hospitalized. He went into the intensive care unit on Jan. 1, and has not left the hospital since.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on Face the Nation on Sunday that it was a problem that Austin did not tell President Joe Biden of his original prostate cancer surgery in December.

“And the President has spoken to that that that is not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s certainly something we need to get more answers to,” Kirby said.


  1. There are internet rumors running rampant that Austin was actually severely wounded by a Russian rocket attack while secretly meeting with Ukrainian leaders in Kiev on January 1st.

    Given the extreme level of malevolent dishonesty and gaslighting we have seen and heard from the usurper’s regime in Washington DC these past three years, this rumor would not surprise me if it turned out to be true.

  2. He forced an experiment upon every man and woman that still has the courage to wear a uniform, and that experiment is killing innocent pawns in a game of political wokeness. He can choke on his stars!

    And it’s not colon cancer, it’s clotting! Karma

  3. Karma with a capital K
    He along with a league of other idiots forced the clot shot on many young health people . Yes he did force them as in losing your career , family support , on and on
    Whether his illness is related to the jab who knows – but evil and stupidity are subject to Karma

  4. He must be like the ultimate hero, to be able to overcome the pain without the help of available pain strategies in order to be of sound mind and continue his job in the middle of a world crisis. No, I don’t buy it. It is an insulting media narrative.

  5. Had stage four prostate cancer. Was advised to begin the process of writing notes and letters to friends and family. Discovered the radiology process of “Cyberknife”. Normally if cancer caught soon, one series of radiation consisting of five days at 30 min (approx) each and the cancer is eliminated, no pain, no cutting, nothing but music of your choice and the five short treatments. In my case, a second series for cancer lymph nodes and a third for metastased cancer on my pelvis.
    My point, in three sessions with 10 days between them and all while at home, or short clinic appointments, never as confined as this fellow’s issue.

  6. Right now Biden administration has government employees in Venezuela door to door recruitment of people to live free in US
    This a new WEF form of Defense

  7. And another comment goes missing. All I said was to question if he was transitioning into an even more acceptable DEI victim.

    Can’t help but wonder if part of the sale requires some of us to be muzzled.

    • I have noticed the same thing happening to some of my comments, TMA, without apparent reason. And I can’t help but note that you and I are not the only posters to be noticing the seemingly inexplicable disappearance of certain comments here in the last few weeks.

      One of those non-posted comments of mine was under the article on China Joe banning climbers’ rock anchors on federal lands, joking that Biden has also now banned the removal of tags from new mattresses, under severe penalty of law. Really, THAT was offensive to somebody??

  8. Update: According to other media reports the Secretary has been released from the hospital. Now the proxy and actual wars can continue.

    Article I, Section 8, Clause 11: [The Congress shall have Power . . . ] To declare War…

  9. He is dead in smoking hole in Ukraine. Russians got lucky, and took out him and bunch of NATO officers.

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