Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 passengers sue Boeing, Sen. Cantwell demands documents from FAA


Some passengers onboard Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 have filed a class-action lawsuit against Boeing after a door plug blew out of a 737 MAX 9 aircraft operated by Alaska Airlines on Jan 5 as it was climbing out of Portland International Airport en route to Ontario, California.

The aircraft depressurized and pilots returned to Portland and made an emergency landing.

Stritmatter Kessler Koehler Moore, trial attorneys out of Seattle who have sued on behalf of Black Lives Matter rioters and the like, filed the class-action lawsuit against the Boeing Company on behalf of six passengers on Flight 1282.

Daniel Laurence from The Stritmatter Firm stated at the company’s blog, “The NTSB has yet to pinpoint an exact root cause of Flight 1282’s alarming decompression. But given Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun’s forthright admission that this terrifying event was caused by Boeing’s ‘mistake’ (a soft take on its apparent negligence), our passenger clients elected to file suit as soon as possible in order to seek fair compensation for their injuries and those of all other passengers, spouses, and registered domestic partners, as soon as reasonably possible. Unfortunately, although everyone is glad that the blow-out occurred while the crew could still manage to land the aircraft safely, this nightmare experience has caused economic, physical and ongoing emotional consequences that have understandably deeply affected our clients, and is one more disturbing black mark on the troubled 737-MAX series aircraft.”

The litigants seek compensation for injuries and trauma sustained on the flight, including many who said they had difficulty breathing and ear bleeds, and some reporting that the oxygen masks did not all seem to work properly.

Alaska Airlines has refunded the tickets of the passengers and awarded each of them $1,500 for their discomfort and trauma.

On Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration opened a new investigation into Boeing’s role in the incident to determine if the company had complied with regulatory standards for safety. The fuselage of the jet is built for Boeing by a subcontractor, Spirit AeroSystems, which also installed the fuselage part on the new 737 MAX 9 jets.

Spirit AeroSystems has a fuselage plant in Wichita, Kansas, although the door plug that blew out was made in Malaysia. It is a company that has a record of focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — DEI — and is now getting a lot of attention for its hiring focus.

U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, a Democrat and chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, sent a letter to the FAA Administrator Michael Whitaker on Thursday demanding more information about Boeing and “Specifically regarding Spirit AeroSystems, please provide the Committee with an explanation of FAA’s oversight of Spirit’s production system and of FAA’s oversight of Boeing’s supplier control system as it relates to Spirit. Please identify what, if any, improvements in oversight by FAA that you intend to implement to ensure that Spirit’s future performance meets all FAA regulatory requirements.”

Cantwell has asked for last two years of notices of FAA quality-control audits related to Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems.

On Friday, the FAA said it was increasing its oversight and auditing of Boeing’s 737 MAX 9 production line and suppliers.


  1. Good sue to stop stupid drive and the problems it brings.
    Also the lax inspection and assembly issues.
    They should sue the contractor for substandard parts.
    Sue them all just like the left for willfully endangering people.

  2. Translation:
    “Pay us, or we’ll increase the noise and pain.”
    There’s no way I’d associate with the lawyers who represented BLM.

  3. When I first saw that passengers were taking action, I thought good! But, then I saw who the lawyers are and knew this is just more b.s.
    Why isn’t Alaska Airlines being sued also? Here’s a video link showing what Alaska Air is focused on instead of safety!
    Alaska Airline flight to San Francisco. Bet you can’t even imagine what this video is about. (insert sarcasm)

  4. I’m from Washington state and remember the good old days when Boeing planes were proudly made in the USA. They could beat Airbus because Airbus contracted out and used suppliers from all over Europe causing logistical problems. Now look at them. DEI should be rearranged to DIE.

  5. Back in forties and fifties , thousands of passengers were killed Douglas , Lockheed and Boeing airliners . Bad pilotage , engine fires . A Boeing 727 hit a mountain going into Juneau in early seventies . Douglas Airliners just plain disappeared and never found off the Coast of Ak. Oh and Lockheed Constellation hit the mountains coming into Anchorage one nite .

    In the last ten years , almost 20 billion passengers have boarded commercial jets in the US alone . One fatality when a window blew out . That’s not over look the facts and the numbers . It’s very safe to fly in the 21st century . More than half of these passengers have boarded Boeing Commercial Airliners .

    No question that Boeing is poorly managed . Probably need to clean house .

    Pilots did great job landing the Max after panel blew out . They found it and the planes are getting properly inspected .

    Think it’s unsafe to fly , try driving back and forth to the west coast from Fairbanks in the winter .

    BLM attorneys are suing Boeing , what a joke . Maybe someone in Seattle or Portland should sue BLM for all the destruction of these beautiful one time cities . Oh wait , AKAirlines gave money to BLM and is and was selling gangster stuff in their online stores .

  6. The aircraft had an unfortunate incident that could have easily been worse and even much worse.
    It was either a design error or a manufacturing/installation error or a subsequent maintenance error. When the NTSB completes it’s investigation we will find out where the error or errors were made and learn of the NTSB’s recommendations to prevent a re-occurrence.

  7. Hope the lawsuit includes as defendants every executive, pilot, mechanic, union official, and FAA official who flew, or allowed the aircraft to fly, multiple times despite cabin-pressure alarms.

  8. From what I’m
    Understanding Boeings pressurization warning system worked perfectly and Alaska bypass the system 3 times instead of looking for a genuine problem. All new equipment I have ever purchased needed stuff tightened up and checked after a few hours then again at a few hundred hours. Naturally Alaska will throw boeing under the bus. I’m not a fan of that stretched out hog hauler either. It’s uncomfortable, and cramped. Alaska has now double screwed themselves by operating mostly 1 model of aircraft. The old saying never put your eggs all in one basket. This is not the great airline I grew up with, I don’t even recognize it anymore. Sad day. Mabie if they spent less time sticking rainbow flag stickers on their airplanes and more time doing actual maintenance parts would not fly off mid flight. We are all fortunate that jet wasn’t at 38.000 feet at full cruise no one would have survived. Good job on the flight crew getting everyone back on the ground safely.

  9. If what you’re saying is true , it’s as much an AkAirlines maintenance issue as a Boeing problem . I suspected this and non of the experts have mentioned this ? Very good !

    It’s interesting to note that when passengers were allowed to smoke in the aircraft back in the 20th century , the nicotine streaked out of cracks and passages . Jets were very easily inspected back then for cracks , fatigue and loose rivets .

    I believe the air was much fresher and healthier when folks smoked on the flights . The entire cabin would recirculate fresh air in 8 minutes . When the airlines figured out that they could save 10 gallons and hour shutting the fresh air system off , way unhealthier to fly . In fact the flight attendants union sued over and over about it .

  10. I think we should just stop air transportation all together. People want tossed threw the air at 465 kts and don’t want to take any responsibility. Guess what ?? Parts fall off cars at high speed too. I think it’s amazing we have as few accidents as we have in the air. This scumbag law firm sees a ripe rip off of boeing and in the end the price of the jets will increase, the tickets will increase and freight rates will increase. The public bears the extra cost and a bunch of bottom feeder attorneys buy new Ferraris and summer homes in the riviera. That’s how it works people.

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