Alaska GOP leaders to gather in Juneau for quarterly meeting


The Alaska Republican Party will meet in Juneau on Monday for its quarterly gathering of district chairs, regional representatives, and bonus votes.

The party’s leadership holds its winter meeting when legislators are in Juneau, and Republican legislators are invited to attend. House Speaker Cathy Tilton is on the agenda to give a legislative update; the Legislature gavels in on Tuesday at 1 pm.

The group will meet in the Treadwell Room at the Baranof Hotel.

There will be a training session to prepare for state and national conventions in what will be a busy presidential election year. There won’t be any elections for party organizational positions; the party’s chairmanship and other seats will be up for election in March. The only announced candidate for party chair is Nikki Rose of Anchorage. Party chair Ann Brown has not revealed if she is running.

Republican candidates for Congress are expected to make appearances in Juneau at the GOP meeting on Monday, including Nick Begich and Nancy Dahlstrom.

Also, the Alaska GOP will have its annual Juneau fundraiser sponsored by Capital City Republicans before the legislative session starts. That fundraiser is at 5 pm Monday at the Baranof Hotel. It’s a $50 donation to get in.


  1. The GOP actually has leaders? It sure isn’t obvious if they do. The current GOP is NOTHING like the old days (1950s and 1960s).

    • Now! I know John Hancock is a pseudonym for you! I just found out he’s the famous signature in the US Declaration of Independence! I just learned this during my fourth grader’s homeschooling lesson. She so lucky! And I tell her so. At her age she learning more than I did in fourth grade. Which is a little sad but glad she on course to be smarter than me when she is 17.

      • Get James Madison’s reading list from when he was ten. He was homeschooled also (privately educated). Get George Washington’s books that he authored to be read by civil young people in the several states. I wonder if these books are even in the Anchorage Library reference section.

  2. How can they keep a straight face and call it a House and Senate republican fundraiser when most of the Senate republicans joined with the Senate democrats and gave the democrats majority control? When the people voted in more republicans than democrats into the Senate?
    The Alaska GOP is spineless and worthless. The democrats would never allow it if they had a majority.

    • You are very on-point in that condemnation of the egregious surrender-monkey tactic of the Senate Republicans towards the Democrats. It was on its face logically inexplicable and indefensible, and it is interesting that go-along-to-get-along shills for the corrupt and unprinciled GOP establishment like Rich Thorne here uniformly refuse to defend that move or to even address it — because they cannot.

    • When I see a chastised puppy cringing down on its stomach on the floor, shaking and wetting itself with fear, with its ears down and its tail between its legs, I am immediately reminded of Alaska GOP ‘leaders’.

  3. Translation: Alaska Designated Lower Party leaders gather in Juneau to formulate new ways in which they can abjectly surrender, time after time, to radical leftists and pro-globalist Democrats without (too overtly) appearing to do so, and without even the pretense of putting up a fight.

  4. I thought the republican party of Alaska was a catch all party. Over half are not Republicans or don’t act like it and join the democrats. I only support my local candidates. The state GOP has no backbone.

    • The Alaska GOP should ditch the elephant and adopt the jellyfish as its official symbol: no eyes, no brain, no backbone, and no ability to move by itself, merely drifting on the currents and propelled by outside forces.

  5. The GOP Inc. whose “leaders”, champions of ranked choice voting, who conduct themselves like wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democrat Party, host their quarterly Money Getter in a Democrat stronghold where registered lobbyists outnumber legislators seven to one, comfortably insulated from angry voters who’ve lost all confidence in and respect for them.
    Sure and it’ll be a standing ovation, delirious joy, voices lifted as one to interminable renditions of the GOP anthem, “They Bad, We Good, Send Money”.
    Conducting Family business at the Baranof seems a bit in-your-face symbolic, no?
    “The scene captured by a hidden FBI camera in Suite 604 of the Baranof Hotel in Juneau has become one of the most famous in a state well-versed since the gold rush days in what happens when money, ambition and alcohol intersect.”
    Who knows, maybe an insurrection’s brewing, out with the old guard, in with the new.
    Until then, no expectations, no disappointments, right?

  6. I no longer give money to the republican party. Only directly to candidates who I support. The party will take my hard earned dollars and give it to “republicans” who join at the hip with democrats. No thanks.

  7. What the “party” should be talking about is their own primary district wide for whomever wants a seat in the next election…. then fully support that one candidate my god act like a “PARTY” with Balls!

  8. Oh, one wonders why this article is in the bottom of this page in the ” Almanac ” section, that although maybe the best place for it! Ya Old Farmers could sow a seed better then the Party of Lincoln today! The Grand old Party really represents today a free for all, in a feral cat sense, not in any way “You need to sow the seed before the harvest” . At least the Old Farmers had it right. Yes .this article did get planted deep on your page very fitting. The deep pockets “the Lobbyist” nosing around will fill the coffers at this event, nevertheless!!!

  9. What has the Democrat party done for Alaska? Their plan to put us all on medicaid so the healthcare administrators can say they put a forward looking plan together, regardless the economic impacts and impacts on crime, and they if we aren’t native enough then they don’t have to include us and take our resources and tell us they don’t have to respect or recognize our our constitutional & civil rights then if you are not Alaska Native there’s a contract spelling out how cook inlet region inc and the Alaska Native tribal health consortium and Southcentral Foundation can violate your rights without consent, at all. Over it!

  10. Above commentators: most hide behind pseudonyms and bellyache and whine. These commentators are the losers. Take all that bitterness folks, get off your butts, and HELP – get involved!

    • Rich, what a disingenuous and ludicrous comment! Stop being a willing defender of the Designated Loser Party already! And your idiotic and irrelevant attack on our anonymity here marks you as just as stupid and contemptuous of privacy as longtime troll ‘frank rast’.

      In fact, I did get involved with the Alaska Republican Party, during Ron Paul’s run for the presidency in 2007-2008. But it became rapidly clear to me that the party’s establishment was not only NOT willing to work with us, or to support Ron Paul — who supported virtually every policy and party plank that the GOP SUPPOSEDLY supported as well — but they were in fact openly hostile to him, and to us, and did everything within their power to sideline and attack us.

      And that is just ONE example of the willing abdication of responsibility, honesty and principles by the Alaska GOP establishment. Their recent abject surrender to the Democrats in the state legislature, when they had a numerical majority in both houses going into the legislative session, was yet another. And I could go on and on with such shameful examples of the Alaska GOP’s contempt for their own stated principles, and for their voters.

      I bet you still have an abiding love for Frank Murkowski, and for his RINO daughter the crowned Princess, eh Rich?

      Your comment here makes me want to vomit.

      No, I agree with The Masked Avenger: the Alaska Republican Party is so rotten that it needs to be burned down and rebuilt from scratch. I can see no possible redemption from within.

      • Ever notice the anonymous trolls crowd refuse to provide proof who they are?

        I debated calling myself Voltaire for awhile (John Gault) was taken. Didn’t because the point would go over their heads.

    • Rich, thanks for your polite and sane comments. “Nola illegitami carborundum” as they say. My spelling of Latin is not the best, so the (cleaned up) translation is: don’t let the turkeys grind you down.
      Plus, you’re braver than I am to let said turkeys have your full name!

    • Richie, there are so many things I could say rebutting your moronic, ill informed, presumptuous missive. But I’ll not bother as they would escape you. You seem to be in the Craig Campbell wing of AKGOP of excuse making and butt kissing.

      But I will respond to two points.

      1-if the use of pseudonyms was good enough for the Founders, it’s good enough for me. Do you somehow think yourself smarter or cleverer than the Founders?

      2-this will tax you, but consider: have you ever asked yourself WHY so many of us have lost faith in the Alaska political process? I mean really asked, not provided yourself ample justifications. It’s so simple even you could grasp it. The AK political system is broken, the GOP worst of all.

      I could provide you endless examples from Josh Revak to Princess Lisa, but the perfect one is alleged Governor right now. Mike Dunleavy , the Cowardly Lion of Alaska. He ran on “standing tall” and has done anything but. Yes, many of us did work towards his election. As soon as he got the first hint of resistance he politically peed his pants and disappeared behind Ben Steven’s desk. He has proven to be one of the most effective democrats in office.

      If Dunleavy is your standard bearer, you’re doomed from the beginning.

      Simple fact is, most of us accepted Eisenstein logic years ago. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the sign of insanity.

      You appear a mix of butthurt and politically insane. Most of us aren’t.

      • Wow, TMA and Jefferson – nicely said.

        I’m a fan of Thorne but he can sometimes be a “Thorne in the side”. Rich – unfortunately, attacking anonymity on the internet is a diabolical plan!

  11. Folks, there IS an alternative. But the MSM suppresses its actions. Which party took the lead in supporting a change to the socialist state constitution, leading the way for a con-con? Which was outspent $8 million to $40,000 by Soros? Which party organized against the Covid hoax, with a huge rally with local and worldwide medical professionals? Which party has been the only thin, reedy voice speaking out against the 58-2 Dunleavy carbon sequestration scheme?

    Wake up and join the AIP, whose convention will be in Fbks April 13.

  12. Maybe the Alaska Republican Party will understand they have lost support of the Alaskan people when it hits the pocket. It is America. When people don’t like what you are selling, they stop shopping there.

  13. Hopefully the RINOS got flushed down the toilet and the real Republicans showed up. Alaska needs a true conservative in the Govenor’s house and republicans willing to stand up to voter fraud. Also, get fully behind President Trump and help make America great again!

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