FBI contacts passengers of Flight 1282, says they may be victims of a crime in door plug incident


Passengers who were aboard the Alaska Airlines flight in which the door plug blew out mid-flight have received letters from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, telling them they may be a “possible victim of a crime.”

The FBI said an investigation has been opened and due to the “large number of potential victims in this case,” they may not receive another notice by mail. “A criminal investigation can be a lengthy undertaking, and for several reasons, we cannot tell you about its progress at this time.” The letter, dated March 19, informed the passengers about services available to them in the FBI Victim Assistance Program.

Mark Lindquist, the attorney representing 22 of the passengers in a lawsuit against the airlines and Boeing, who made the 737-9 MAX jet with the faulty door plug, released the letter to members of the media this week.

A new Boeing 737-9 MAX, nearly fresh off of the manufacturing line at Boeing, was flying from Portland, Ore. to Ontario, Calif. on Jan. 5 when, as it climbed out of Portland and was at 16,000 feet, a door plug at Row 26 port side blew from the plane, which depressurized quickly. Pilots were able to land safely back in Portland.


  1. Something’s fishy here.
    Three options:
    1. the door was purposely messed with to cause harm or injury= terrorism.
    2. Boeing is throwing red herrings to make it look like it isn’t their fault, bad design.
    3. The new dei employees at Boeing are this bad at their jobs and our woke government doesn’t want anyone to know how much danger we are all in.
    No good answers.

    • FWIIW, from what I have seen, the design is pretty good. That the plane flew for many cycles – with apparently NO bolts securing it – says something. Key inquiry is who failed to put the bolts in and why the task wasn’t done. It was probably Boeing but it is curious why Alaska Airlines did not inspect the hull when pressurization issues were reported. All that said, let’s fix the problem and the process and move on. The “victim” mentality, litigation and finding fault for everything is killing this country.

  2. Does the FBI letter begin with: “If you were on Flight 1282 you may be eligible for compensation. Our operators are standing by to take your call…”

    • Right on PJ… This has all the smell of a political hit on Boeing. There were no reported injuries, not even wet pants, yet the government continues to stoke the lawfare demolition of one of our largest exporters. Who wins? AirBus? The Chinese? The Antonov Design Bureau in Ukraine? brandon’s ten percent? Of course the lawyers win.
      Oh wait… I get it! Drive up the cost of flying – the cost of lawfare ultimately being borne by the consumer… Drive the cost up so high that few can afford it, so that there will be fewer flights – and bingo! – we save the planet by not burning so much jet fuel. So only the uber-wealthy can pollute the middle atmosphere like ketchup-john kerry.

  3. The lawyers win again.
    Lawyers are the evil that has us where we’re at now.
    Less lawyers would be a great start in cleaning up this anti America mob.

  4. I expect the Brandon Regime and the FBI to unleash a massive strike force against Boeing, complete with dozens, if not hundreds, of FBI informants and operatives. Boeing may not be “playing ball” in the way the Deep State wishes. It shall be punished. The goal will be to cut this American plane maker down to size and prosecute possible domestic terrorists and other enemies-of-the-State. Be certain of this much: The FBI has less and less to do with criminal activity – rather the agency is becoming the enforcement arm of the “woke” power structure. Sort of like the Stasi in the former East Germany. Soon Comrade/Director Christopher Wray will be wearing a cream-colored military uniform with lots of gold braid.

  5. Inspect, fix or replace as needed, reinspect. This has been and is being done. Alaska Airlines is flying Max9s as they get cleared by FAA inspectors. It’s a great airplane, now that they’ve remedied the trim issue. Boeing has likely already identified the perps and they will have been promoted sideways since they are union members – they will enjoy mucking toilets for mechanic’s wages.

  6. Never, Ever, talk directly to the FBI. They are a criminal gang and they can blackmail you, accuse you of lying to them, frame you of a crime which never even occurred, and have sent to prison. Do not say ONE word to them, it could cost your freedom or your life.

    • Always assume law enforcement is lying to you. It’s been argued before SCOTUS and ruled as legitimate law enforcement.

      Any dealing with law enforcement should be painfully courteous, politely say no to anything they ask to see without a warrant, never resist, and never discuss anything with them beyond the weather without legal counsel present. If they ever want you to sit for questioning, ask a simple question: am I under arrest? If the answer is no, wish them a nice day and leave.

      Most actually are trying to do the right thing, but you-not they-are left to pick up the pieces if they are not.

  7. This airplane was NOT ” fresh off the assembly line”. It had 154 takeoff and landings and had 510 hours of flight time. The FBI might have found the airplane had been tampered with after if left Boeing, which is logical since the plug occurence would have been expected to have occurred in the first 510 hours of flying time.

    • RR – You may argue it. However, it was around two months old at the time of the accident. It was delivered to Alaska Airlines on Oct 31, entered service on Nov. 11, and the door blew off 55 days later. There are aircraft much older. Average aircraft in service is about 18 years. – sd

  8. Disabled people sit in those rows for easier access to lavatory which they may urgently need frequently especially under stress of air travel. the level of hostility toward political opposites remains unchecked. Liberals under no religious guidance or satanic guidance would do a happy dance of glee under the full moonlight at harm done to disabled conservatives if so motivated. It appears to be a very urbane and sophisticated trick. Such urbane, trickery is highly valued by liberal party in-crowds. They arranged to interfere with a conservative who had to travel to re-present her conservative district at the citadel of immutable liberality. So liberals have demonstrated a willingness to use air travel as a vector of their urbane, sophisticated treachery to “win” at any and all costs.

  9. Alaska Air is way too woke to be investigated by this DOJ. Even though they knew there was something wrong with this aircraft and had removed it from across ocean service. They were going to take it in for inspection AFTER it made a few more runs.

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