Cover up? Planet Fitness pushes back, says photo of male in Fairbanks women’s locker room is fake


A few short years ago, it was “Believe All Women.” Today, not so much. Now, it’s “believe men who think they are women.”

Planet Fitness is on the record saying that the photo circulating online of a man in the women’s locker room at the Planet Fitness franchise in Fairbanks is fake.

A person from the Libs of TikTok account on X/Twitter called Planet Fitness and asked if the photo was real. The Planet Fitness person, identified as JuJu, responded that it is not real.

“People can take anything online and turn it,” said JuJu. “So we had to, of course, they did a full investigation and that’s why I say based on our nondiscrimination policy, we don’t discriminate against anybody — alien, monster, nobody.”

Watch the Libs of TikTok interview:

When asked to elaborate, JuJu said, “There was a big meeting about it .. and it’s just crazy how much social media can really fool you.”

“Was that a real photo of someone in a Planet Fitness bathroom,” the interviewer said, drilling down further.

“No,” JuJu replied. “No that was not. No. Nope … We were shocked too. And yeah, they had to pull apart the picture and that’s not in the Planet Fitness restroom at all.”

Must Read Alaska spoke with longtime Fairbanks resident Patricia Silva, who took the first photo and posted it online. Not only is the photo real, she said, there’s another photo that a separate client of Planet Fitness has taken of the same man on a subsequent day.

And now there is an account from a third woman, who says that Fairbanks’ Planet Fitness has assigned a staff member to accompany the man into the women’s restroom. When confronted, the staff member told the woman if she was uncomfortable, she should dress in a toilet stall.

Silva said that the attempt to discredit her is a form of retaliation.

“We fought hard for women’s right. Women [suffragettes] in 1848 were jailed and beaten. We’re going backward allowing this new cult to take from us, remove our rights,” Silva said. “It’s like they are the chosen ones to be given preference and favor.

“I truly feel across the board you are a God-birthed child, born male or female, and you have options. This group — we’ll call them transgender or nonbinary — are just as important as me and you,” she said.

“My message to Planet Fitness is if they want to create a safe space, they should create a third space for trans and non-binary They’re telling us that we are not as important, that we have to find a place to hide in if we want our privacy, that this man has all the rights and you, as a woman, are not as important, so you need to remove yourself.”

“Planet Fitness is now slandering and defaming me, my experience, and silencing women’s concerns for their safety in order to protect the current loss of their assets. I have not once slandered or defamed Planet Fitness or this male individual in any video or interview,” Silva said. “I am an advocate for safe spaces for all people. Male, female, transgender and non-binary. They cannot coexist in the same space in order to create a safe space.”

Silva’s membership was cancelled by Planet Fitness after she posted the photo of the man who was shaving at a sink in the women’s locker room, with a young girl nearby. Since then, she has heard from many people who state they have cancelled their gym memberships at the franchise.


  1. And, just for giggles, it’s being reported nationally they are providing him/her/it/whatever an escort.

    Nobody learns one of life’s most basic lessons: the cover up (lie, in this case) always hurts worse than the crime.

    • I hear that dead and imaginary voters make the best pro-trans activists.

      Hey, if the cause itself is imaginary, why shouldn’t the voters supporting it be imaginary as well?

      • Answer to Jefferson: “Imaginary” voters are either dead or non-existent, meaning they don’t have to live with the consequences of their votes. You and i do. There you have it; the reason why voters shouldn’t be imaginary.

    • Uhhhh, about 20 million of those people care FAKE. Do you really believe there are that many dumb Americans who voted for Joe Biden?

  2. Whether or not the photo is real, (and I do believe Ms. Silva) there is still the policy in place at Planet Fitness which needs to be changed.

  3. Interesting, IF the photo is a supposed fake and it is NOT a Planet Fitness bathroom, then why cancel Mrs. Silva’s membership?
    If you are in a hole stop digging and come clean. This is akin to the Bud Light fiasco, instead of dealing with this open and honestly, they double down and attempt to deflect, blaming the victim!
    Wonder if there is confirmation of the staff member escort for this person? That would blow the “fake photo” narrative out of the water.

  4. Seems like the “no-judgment zone” has been violated by Planet Fitness by judging Ms. Silva. Also seems like a company dead set on letting perverts into the locker room is going to be able to serve about 0.3% of the population and nobody else. Safety has gone down the toilet at PF, and nobody in his or her right mind would go there; it’s left for the perverts and mentally ill.

  5. Children… FBX is a very small town. Everybody knows everybody and whomever that dude is, he’s known to several. Why has he not been asked?

  6. Hey Fairbanksans, Post who this guy is. You can use a fake account so you aren’t ID’d. Help make Fairbanks safer for women and girls.

    • Josh
      This is about Planet Fitness and their screwed up rules allowing this person to take advantage of them. That he thinks he is a woman is his problem, that PF supports and fosters his psychosis and values it over all of their female patrons is the real issue.
      Before you get all exercised, I think he is a creep, but doxxing is not okay.

      • Doxxing is calling out an online troll. That’s not what this man is and you’re wrong again when you say he thinks he’s a woman; that’s clearly a dude, dresses like a dude and cuts his hair like a dude. He doesn’t think he’s a woman… this is something different than that although it’s interesting to note that you’re inventing excuses for someone you likely don’t know and have likely never met.

        This guy’s behavior is over the line and in meat space. It’s not doxxing to ID a man that is perving in the ladies room. I’d bet a nickel it’s not a local FBX’er and their desk records would indicate that. Further, in a time when facial recognition software is available to us all and something as simple as a google image search could likely ID the guy there’s no reason he should not have been held accountable already.

        • Sorry, no TB!
          Per Webster dictionary doxxing is defined as follows:
          “to publicly identify or publish private information about (someone) especially as a form of punishment or revenge”
          The ONLY form of public “doxxing” acceptable, that I know of, is when the police or other authority release the name and description of a criminal suspect/person of interest. Since this is a private business and this is their policy, while inherently creepy, until such time as the authorities are investigating this incident, I do NOT support vigilantism, which is what your kind of doxxing boils down.

          • Partial credit for your use of an objective reference and points decucted for not having read the material you’re responding to.

            I said that FBX is a small town and that this guy is known well enough that he could be asked (specifically about his behavior). I did not suggest a vigilante solution though I understand why you might think that’s on people’s minds.

            Five bucks says this guy is not local to FBX. He’s from somewhere else and is trying to force a point. Further, the most recent alleged photo of this dude shows an underaged girl in the background. It is unlawful for a man to expose himself around little girls. It would appear big ones don’t much care for it either.

            • LOL TB!
              I take your credit, but would like to point out that we were both responding to Josh’s original post, who encourage all to post the personal information of this person here at MRAK. His insinuation to use a “fake account” makes it obvious that this is a questionable legal and ethical practice.

              You are making an assumption not in evidence with your claim of this individual most likely not being from FBX. I can not respond to a hypothetical and having lived there, FBX has its share of characters.

              I sincerely hope that this underage girl and her parents will file a complaint against this person and PF with the police.

        • TB, on another thought, I am aware that this person is a man. I find it despicable that he has access to the female locker facilities at PF. In no way shape or form do I condone or defend his voyeurism. I do not have to know or meet him to understand that he takes advantage of the current idiotic drumbeat of LGTBQ fake women……….. over everything and everyone.

          It is erasing women and another form of chauvinism.

          The real issue is with PF, who are more concerned with the loud obnoxious and litigious fake women crowd(and their support from lawmakers, who are trying to legitimize their demands) than their actual female patrons.

          The emphasis should be on making it impossible for any man to access these spaces or demand to be part of the “team”, rather than hounding individuals, which will only create martyrs for their cause and you locked up for harassment.

          • There are multiple women amongst my family and friends. I highly respect each and would gladly risk a harassment charge to defend their privacy from this POS. In all sincerity he looks like someone several of the FBX women could set on a more correct path and if there’s a shred of truth to any of this story I suspect that may be PF Man’s future.

            Every 12 year old knows how Google Image search works and whomever that is has already been established by those that care more than the wet hens that respond to these articles. Present company excepted.

            • Now, who didn’t read what you are responding to….
              I am all for women standing their ground and making it clear that they do not stand for having their spaces invaded. That is entirely different than ousting personal information of individuals to set them up for others to harass or worse.

              In my reading facial recognition even in law-enforcement has its share of issues and to my knowledge can not be use solely to establish culpability.

  7. Given the track record of organized and clever lying by Republicans, I’d side withe gym.

    • Yes, yes, I remember now, it was the Reagan Foundation that revealed the Steele dossier, the “pee pee” tape, and the Rooskie Colootion of Trump. I also think it was the GOP that stated: “There’s no way in hell that that bat virus emanated from a bio-lab in Wuhan. It was the wet market down the street from the lab, where everybody’s eating raw pangolin”. And isn’t it the ghost of Rush Limbaugh echoing through the expansive voids in your mind…..”the border is secure…the border is secure…”

      What a maroon

      • Valley does not do sarcasm. He is 100% leftist, incapable of doing sarcasm, or understanding when it is used in his presence.

    • There is that typical radical leftist extremist projectionism once again: always accuse your enemies of that which you yourself are guilty.

      So lame, so predictable, so radical leftist.

    • With this logic, Ms. Silva’s membership should be re-instated because then, by their rules, no photo was taken in their locker room thereby she didn’t break any rules. Then, PF could really double-down and sue her for slander. But, you know what? They won’t because it’s real and you’re in denial, like most of the liberals out there in Western Society.

    • Track record of republicans?
      Got any examples? I mean real examples, not ones that were discredited at great taxpayer expense.

      • CB. How about: “I’m really rich” uttered by defendant Trump and later proven false by his failure to post bond.

        • Oh child…stop before you really embarrass yourself. And stop living up to your handle.

          Do you need more crayons?

    • Like the pee tape?
      Or Russian collusion?
      Or the Hunter Laptop collusion?
      Or “I did not have sex with”?
      Or the Gennifer Flowers and Kathleen Wiley cover ups?
      Or Sandy Berger?
      Or Grandpa Bloodstains flying illegals all over the country and not telling anyone?

      And on and on and on.

      Son, if you’re not gonna try, go play elsewhere. Adults are talking.

    • “Given the track record of organized and clever lying by Republicans, I’d side withe gym.”
      Given the track record of unorganized and open lying by the sexual perverted classes and woke corporations, I’d side with Ms. Silva.

  8. If it’s fake…then reinstate the woman. Cause this is barbaric for them to do this. But hey…go woke, go broke.

  9. Well, the “believe them” campaign was sure short-lived. So much for leftist ethics. It’s (D)ifferent when they do it.

  10. According to this, Juju says that they don’t discriminate against monsters. Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

  11. The only thing fake here is the laughably false concept that one can physically and mentally mutilate oneself and thereby become a member of the opposite sex.

    Until whole-body gene engineering becomes a reality (and it is nowhere on the horizon), the word “transsexual” will be and will remain a lie.

  12. I am not going to spend any time looking at the videos, but can anyone even confirm if the Planet Fitness in Fairbanks has a bathroom that looks like that? Do they use that kind of tile, are the counters that type of material?
    If Planet Fitness were to pony up a pic of the actual lockerroom/bathroom sink area, and it is different, I might actually believe it is a fraud.
    Pics, or it did not happen.

  13. The only way for Planet Fitness to get out of the coming lawsuits is for them to hire Patricia Silva as their DEI representative.

  14. We’ll never know, but I wonder: if someone was in blackface, a Klan robe, or doing meth would they still be complaining about the picture?

    My guess is not.

  15. Planet Fitness better watch it . That lady can hire an attorney easily in Fairbanks to sue them for defamation . And guess what PF would loose in Fbks big time . They better shut up and pay her off now ! That’s what we love about the interior !

    The rednecks probably aren’t drinking much bud light either in the Fbks bars . No more pounding down a couple of bud lights in the Mecca . Love it !

  16. based on our nondiscrimination policy, we don’t discriminate against anybody — alien, monster, nobody.” except women !

  17. So, they rescind this lady’s membership for breaking policy of taking photos in the restroom, which they are now saying are fake. So, is the photo from your restroom and against policy or is it not and therefore, she did not break any policies?

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