Dude in a dress: Libs of TikTok features teacher described as part of Dimond High School staff


Chalk it up to wardrobe failure: Fletch Fletcher, a language arts teacher at Dimond High School in Anchorage, made social media this week, with his name and physique featured in the “Libs of TikTok” channel on X/Twitter.

In a video apparently shot by a student, a teacher wearing a dress appears to have his hardened penis tenting out of the fabric, right at eye level where a student under his watch is working on a computer. The distance between the erection and the student’s hand is mere inches. That teacher is identified as Fletcher, although not verified by Must Read Alaska as such.

According to the Libs of TikTok account, Fletcher also wears tight pants that show his bulge and make students uncomfortable.

Students of Dimond High School who are familiar with the situation may contact Must Read Alaska in the comment section below and ask that their names be kept private if they have information that is pertinent to this report.


    • Yes if you really care you will abandon ASD and learn how to homeschool or get to a charter school.

    • It’s amazing how fast it has deteriorated since my daughter started school 25 years ago. If I had a child today, I’d home or private school her in a heartbeat. There is NO WAY I’d have a kid in public school. Not only because of this BS, but because they aren’t learning anything. I have a friend who teaches Math (in a district in another part of the state), to Jr. HS students. He said 80% of the incoming students he gets cannot read at a 4th-grade level. They can verbally describe 46 different genders but couldn’t read them to you.

      • Yeah, it’s hard to teach a class of 30 students with a bare bones staff and parents whose participation in education is just trolling social media.

  1. This behavior is an absolute mental illness that appears to be real, based on my recent research. The real problem though, as I see it, is that it is now being advanced in a wave of social thought and political activism by the extreme elements of Left- wing promoters. So the question:
    Is all of this nonsense borne our of rebellious youth, or is it phenomena from a new type of cultism inflicted and targeted towards our young people? Whichever, it is putting our young people at severe mental health risk. And this is extremely unhealthy for our population.

    • “Research” lol. This is why when students enter schools from homeschool they don’t know how to write their names. Parents think they can teach because they can Google and Pinterest lesson plans. Adults think they can make decisions about their health by reading comments from people with similar symptoms. If you’re not a psychologist, leave your mental health comments to the experts. If you’re unhappy with something, contact your school. Don’t be a wimp and post a comment in some random online echo chamber.

      • Mr. Drew,
        My office is also open for new intake. Persons like you cannot conceal your hatred, or your perversion-like thinking. It comes out fully undressed with your choice of words.
        Please come in for an assessment, or a differential diagnosis. We can help you too.
        I’ve already identified 1/2 of your illness. The other half may take some vigorous counseling.

        • Sometimes reverse psychology works too. Make these sick perverts watch graphic homosexual porn in a padded cell with very loud 70’s and 80’s acid rock for 20 straight hours. It could cure them.

    • We need to send him to China, since that’s where Tik Toc was created and the Chinese are using it to spy onto people and trying to covert our Youth to the “underworld”.

  2. Students who have this teacher should sign a petition and send it to the Principal & the Superintendent.
    There rights are being violated.
    Imagine a male teacher, wearing slacks, walking past kids w/ a boner?
    I think the school would do something about that.

    • This is called sexual harrassment and if i were one of the kids in HIS class, i would file a harassment suit.

  3. Immediate termination with loss of teaching certificate is the minimum acceptable action here.

  4. If this doesn’t make you take your kids away from these pervert run schools there is something wrong with you! Disgusting that kids have to put up with this crap!

    • While I absolutely agree that everything about this teacher is wrong, I don’t see how you can think everyone with kids is in a position to homeschool or have very many options. How entitled to think that something is wrong with the parents that don’t have all the options.

      • One doesn’t have to be “entitled” to think responsible parents would be willing to move heaven and earth for their children.

        Only responsible and sane.

      • It’s not entitlement. It’s called sacrifice. Our family sacrifices a LOT so our kids can be homeschooled. There are other ways to be a two income family if one parent needs to be the dominant educator. There’s this thing called teamwork and sacrifice… which most homeschool families do so they can keep their kids out of muck schools and situations like this one. Most homeschooling parents go without, on more occasions than not, and are willing to sacrifice their $7 lattes from a drive up coffee stand, they are willing to sacrifice their fancy clothing subscription, their monthly massage, romantic weekend getaways, dinners out, hair appointments at a salon, new vehicles, the list goes on and on. Homeschool parents are the epitome of sacrifice. You thinking it’s entitlement, Colette, makes you very naive.

        • Exactly! Between my spouse and I we have 5 paying jobs (to pay for kids’ schooling) and still make time to actively participate in our kids’ education.

        • Your “most” comments represent an insignificant proportion of any populations you’re referring to. Home schooled math eh?

      • It is not about “entitlement”. It is about making clear and better decisions for your kids and the willing sacrifice that some things may have to go. When we homeschooled our children we did not see the inside of a restaurant for years, nor go on fancy vacations. We did educate our children and we did so with our values. Zero regrets.

    • Parents, file a sexual harassment suit on this deciant behaviour. It is grooming behaviour and has no business in our schools. This pedo needs to be fired and never let near children, HE needs mental health help.

  5. Anchorage school district has been taken over by the insane leftists. I’m so glad to be living in the valley. I noticed that the liberal leftist teachers are attempting to attack our valley school board. People need to be involved or suffer the consequences.

  6. There are some great teachers, schools and programs within the Anchorage School District. They are the exception. One example: Someone I know had the police show up at her door for her son missing too much school due to illness. The principal reported her. Nanny state mentality. Losing faith fast.

  7. In what universe is this okay at our children’s schools!!!!??? Everyone reading this article should write to the ASD, it’s the least we can do for the children in our community! I have no doubt re the veracity of the story. But even if only 1 sentence is true, that’s one too much for our children to have to deal with.

  8. Homosexual men cruising for underaged LGBTQ.
    Child-man love is here. Looking for legal avenues.
    Sick minds. Sick bastards.

    • Its called grooming and HE needs to be fired, his credentials revoked and get into a mental health facility, HE is a groomer.

  9. I don’t care if my name is private or not, I went to Homer High School (which is where the video shown was taken) and I actually sat in that exact classroom of that video, and I recall one time he was wearing white dress pants that were far too tight and far too revealing, I’m all for being yourself and dress how you want but that crosses the line, When he was wearing those pants it’s all our class was talking about instead of doing our work because it was OBVIOUS and just out there. Lots of jokes were made too, he’s a very nice guy just wrong environment to be wearing that kind of stuff

    • Nice guy busy trying to groom you all into accepting his perverted behaviour.
      Your tolerance is what they are after, call this out for the pedo behaviour it is.
      It made you all uncomfortable and it was sexual, the DEFINITION of sexual harassment. You KIDS are a captive audience to this perversion.
      Please come forward and be heard by the school board, you can email them or (big bravery), show up for a school board meeting and read a statement of complaint to them. Use your three minutes wisely.

  10. .
    No wonder kids are so brainwashed in public schools. Perverts are their teachers. This is becoming some pretty ugly stuff coming from ASD.

    • None of these kids are gonna be brave enough to snitch on this pedo.
      He fully deserves to be fired and put up on sexual harassment charges.
      Hope this pedo didnt actually have sex with any of HIS students….

  11. Conservatives need to lock the weirdos back in the closet. Bring back profanity laws. Did I mention AIPAC is funded by OnlyFans income?

  12. Perverts rampant in the school district? Cut their budget! Fire them for flagrant perversion!

  13. Drag Queen teacher, with a little bulge to show the kiddies. This *sshole needs to be taken out back and really taught a lesson, before the kids think this is normal adult behavior. ASD us now hiring mentally ill pervs.

  14. Good. More sunlight please.

    Sexual deviants ought not be anywhere near children.

    How much do you want to bet that the more you dig into Fletcher the more criminality you will find.

  15. Every gay, lesbian, homosexual, non-binary, drag queen, cross-dresser, child pervert, tranny, queer person, and bi-sexual is reading MRAK now.

  16. But wait! Isn’t “they” just a sad, misunderstood “minor attracted person”? It’s not “their” fault if “they” like kiddies…

    Once the trans have all been normalized, these m.a.p.s will be the next oppressed group to be glorified by the media – characters in TV series, movies, reality shows and the like. After that? Bestiality?

  17. There was a a male staff member at an ASD elementary school who would wear dresses, makeup and earrings regularly. That was a big part of why we pulled our children from that school and began homeschooling.

  18. Shouldn’t be a huge surprise to anyone. It’s apparent that the ASD Super and School Board are all-in for this guy(?). Non-binary is really a convenient term that really means “I’ll connect my parts with any available organism.” Just think, it was not too long ago that the ASD Super, Jharrett Bryantt, blocked Ben Carson from speaking at Clark Middle School; a school that would have really benefited from Mr. Carson’s experience, insight, and loving encouragement. I guess HE was too Christian for Dr. Jharrett Bryantt but, Frank Fletcher is “right up his alley.” Pun intended. Say, doesn’t Dimond High also have the Teacher of the Year who has a gay pride and BLM flag up in her classroom? What say you Dimond High parents?

  19. I have his class most days, it’s EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE being in his class with most other students including myself going out of our way to avoid talking to HIM for example he teaches Spanish which is the same class I take with him teaching but he has a VERY strict policy about phones in class and not even allowing computers out most days unless it’s apart of the assignments pretty much forcing us to ask questions directly to him rather than allowing fellow students to google answers, one day when I was in my class I had pulled my phone out briefly (BIG MISTAKE) simply to look at my grades in canvas (a school provided app to check grades and recent assignments) because we had recently finished a test days prior and was curious of my grades. Not even 15 seconds after pulling out my phone he begins to write a detention even after explaing to him profusely that I was merely checking my scores on a test and yet he continued forcing me to attend. Keep in mind I have never gotten a detention prior to this one instance and even more infuriating multiple other students had there phone out actively at the same time all of which hadn’t received a detention. Not to mention how often he has an erection in class becoming a common occurrence.Having a teacher such as Fletch has been a massive pain. He has shown prudence, bias, and inappropriate behavior around CHILDREN all of which will say “I don’t like him PERIOD” me included. Even with the sudden outburst of attention to this situation ASD continues to defend this man for the sake of inclusivity even though nobody with reason would find these acts acceptable especially around people under the age of consent, an uncomfortable workplace is one issue but an uncomfortable workplace where children are the constant in that enviornment is peverted and atrocious.

  20. How much more people? How much more of this will we put up with? This nonsense needs to stop!

  21. Where are all our “minor attracted” trolls?? Sine Martha? Busy trying to wipe your hard drives of your CP collections??

  22. Who the he– is teaching these kids? ASD should be held accountable for allowing this man to teach any children. Further, he should be arrested for sexual harassment. For this to go on in schools is beyond belief.

  23. As a Dimond High graduate this just sickens and disgusts me. I simply can’t believe what our school system has come to. No way would put children into the school system of today.

  24. This video was taken at Homer High School and from what I understand she was suspended for taking this video.

  25. All other issues aside, regardless of orientation, in what world is this professional attire?

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