Dimond High School locks Twitter account, issues statement to parents about tent-erecting teacher


Editor’s note: The images that have emerged that are allegedly of the teacher are too “diverse” and “inclusive” to show at this website.

A Dimond High School teacher whose image was reportedly shown on the X/Twitter account of Libs of TikTok, with a distinct bulge beneath his dress while he hovers over a student, was the subject of a school memo sent to parents on Wednesday. The teacher had given new meaning to the phrase “tent dress.”

The original Must Read Alaska report is at this link:

But the principal’s memo didn’t make it into inboxes of parents before even more disturbing photos emerged that allegedly portray language arts teacher Fletch Fletcher on an “Only Fans” porn website, where the person said to be him is engaged in lascivious behavior with another adult, including images of bondage, anal penetration, and oral sex.

The photos are too graphic to post on this website, but are being circulated widely in Anchorage among parents and students and have been sent to Must Read Alaska from multiple sources.

Also on Wednesday, the Dimond High School X/Twitter account was locked down to “private” mode, in response to the online uproar as the photos are circulated worldwide and parents express outrage. The Dimond High School student government X/Twitter account was also locked down to private mode.

Libs of TikTok posted the new photos on X/Twitter. The account has over 2.9 million followers.

An Instagram account that is an Anchorage School District gossip page has posted several photos that have private areas of bodies redacted, but where the “only fans” link can be seen at the top of the image.

Fletcher apparently describes himself as non-binary (neither man nor woman) and several commenters have linked him to his former role in Homer, Alaska, where he once taught.

The memo from Dimond Principal Tina Johnson-Harris said, “We are reaching out to inform you about a situation involving a member of our Dimond High School staff. We want you to know that the matter is being addressed.

“Unfortunately, this employee is the subject of focus on social media and other media platforms. We have reviewed the relevant information and found that the communications are malicious and harassing in nature, and were taken out of context. We will continue to monitor the situation. We encourage everyone to refrain from communicating falsehoods, misinterpretations, innuendos, and/or bias,” she wrote. She said the staff and students have a right to privacy.

Libs of TikTok, which exposes culturally significant situations ignored by the mainstream media, responded to the memo:

“Principal of @DimondStudGov where Fletch teaches sent this email to parents calling LoTT ‘malicious’ and claiming we took things out of context. In what context would a man wearing a tight dress which outlines his crotch to teach be okay? They say “students have a right to safety” yet students reported being uncomfortable. How is having a man with a f*tish teaching students making students safe??”

Fletcher has a Facebook page under the name Alder Rye, in which he describes himself as a “Pokémonsplainer
they/themsbian.” He has a lot of content at that page that celebrates Pokemon and other video games, and although he appears to love taking photos of himself, there’s nothing overly provocative. At school, he insists on being referred to as “Mx. Fletcher.”

A commenter on Must Read Alaska alleges that the original video that started the uproar was actually filmed in Homer.

“I went to Homer High School (which is where the video shown was taken) and I actually sat in that exact classroom of that video, and I recall one time he was wearing white dress pants that were far too tight and far too revealing, I’m all for being yourself and dress how you want but that crosses the line, When he was wearing those pants it’s all our class was talking about instead of doing our work because it was OBVIOUS and just out there. Lots of jokes were made too, he’s a very nice guy just wrong environment to be wearing that kind of stuff,” she said.

The situation is reminiscent of the male Canadian teacher who was allowed to teach shop class while wearing grotesquely large prosthetic breasts, known to be sold for fetishists.

It is the kind of attire and behavior supported by Rep. Andy Josephson, who have been trying to get bills passed to allow teachers to dress however they want to at school.

Must Read Alaska has reached out to the Anchorage School District for comment.


  1. What ever happened to the good old days when a teachers contract included a morals clause that was generally strictly enforced?

    • Like how you’d think a President would exercise some sense of decorum and not be an admitted (and legally found) sex offender.

      • Biden never got any legal charges against him as a sex offender. Despite extensive evidence and accusations of sexual offensive behavior.

      • You mean like Joe who admits to taking naked showers with his female grandchild? No wonder his son does drugs has an affaire with his sister in law and molests his neice. They’re all sick.

      • Fair point. If you can’t defend the “P*ssy Grabber” then let’s not make excuses for sexually deviant school teachers flashing their bulges in tights and dresses. Depravity is not a partisan issue.

        • Bill Clinton, an alleged serial rapist, was outed in 2016 during the Trump/Hillary debates. Some of Clinton’s many victims stood by Trump…….as Hillary walked around a very lonely debate stage. Funny as hell to watch Hillary have to face all of those rape victims, knowing full well that they were all truthful.
          Hypocrisy is a fact of life with Democrats.

    • Given his record as a teacher in Homer, explain how was successful in acquiring employment in ASD.

      • ASD is at severe liability with this freak teacher. Parents could form a class action lawsuit and go after ASD for $millions under child abuse laws, including stalking and grooming. ASD would be in a nightmare predicament.

  2. Bail on public ed. Its the only solve. Too many lawyers will get involved in this. Stop participating in government education system and in a generation we will impact culture. But….nope, parents will make excuses why they cant do that and this behavior will continue. Weak willed, weak minded people get what they allow. The pandemic proves it and so does this garbage.

  3. HE is a pedo, grooming our children in our public schools.
    HE is an abomination and is in deep need of mental health professionals assistance to deal with the pedo/grooming behaviour. This is unacceptable behaviour in our schools and anywhere around our children, until they are of age, we need to protect our children from these perverts.

  4. So a mentally ill man who dresses like a woman sans underwear in front of children also has an only fans account. Who could have imagined this?

    And progressives are just fine with this.

  5. As little as ten years ago this man would be in jail. And the principal fired for hiring him in the first place, knowing his history.


  6. I’m curious how this is taken “out of context”.

    But she does have a hyphenated name, so…

  7. In Juneau they say declining population is the reason our public schools enrollment is declining to the point we have an $8M shortfall. No, the population is growing. Parents see stories like this and they say, “Let’s home school.”

  8. That’s why they start teaching the junk in kindergarten, so they’ll be prepared for this in highschool.

  9. What do you mean allegedly? It either was or wasn’t. Stop trying to sugar coat bad decisions by someone who should know better.

  10. Taken out of context? How in the world can this be taken out of context? It’s blatantly before your eyes in the photo, showing that it’s blatantly before the eyes of children.

    And claiming “privacy” while this is being flaunted in a PUBLIC SCHOOL is simply pure, unadulterated BS.

    This teacher should be fired. Period.

  11. Imagine being a kid stuck in a class with this person as your teacher. Nothing you could do. Awful. Forced to stare at this sick d— in a dress all day.

    Child abuse plain and simple.

  12. What a wonderful way the Anchorage School District has taken to present the school bond proposal!
    Citizens of Anchorage: do you really support this nonsense?
    Service High, now Dimond, when will the ASD Board learn?
    Make a statement with your vote on Bond Issue #1:
    A resounding: NO, NOT, NYET.

  13. Dear Readers: If you would like to homeschool your child(ren) after reading this article, please note that by Alaska state law you do NOT need to complete paperwork or notify the district of your intentions. Simply withdraw from the school, request your child’s records, and begin teaching at home. Study up on how to be an effective homeschool teacher. Keep good records of your materials and grades. (Checkout ‘https://hslda.org/ ) If you want to enroll with a public school district’s “homeschool” program, their advisors are available to guide you and can provide a transcript for your high schooler. One excellent statewide program I used is Connections (based in Soldotna with KPBSD); see their information here: ‘https://chkpen.org/.

  14. This insane. You have the school leadership defending this pervert, and giving less than 2 fu**s about the children he is abusing.

    • Easy She Ra.

      The issue isn’t erections pre se, otherwise there would be no men in education. It happens, same as women getting erect nipples.

      The issue is nature of said erection being clearly on display, possibly meant to be seen.

      If this dolt had bothered to wear underwear this whole issue might not be an issue.

      • What?! Nipples being hard because it is chilly outside is not the same as a male body part being erect because it’s turned on.

        • Anatomy is not your thing. Are you a public school graduate?

          Some nipples, both genders, are erect all the time. Regardless of temp. Men can and go get spontaneous erections regardless of sexual arousal.

          • V:
            Not sure it was erect. It could have been an implant. Woman pretending to a man. Or, it could have previously been a man, who had it surgically removed only to decide he actually needed it later to show the world that he became a trannie with a “surprise.”
            In this “new” world, anything is possible. The kids seem to understand these things better than the confused adults.

      • Nipples being erect because of the temperature of a room is not the same as male genitalia being erect because they are turned on.

  15. I will NEVER put my child in the Anchorage school district again. My child is leaving the district this year and will be going to private school. This nation is on an expressway straight to hell. This is WRONG! People this is flat out WRONG!!

  16. No uproar when Michael Obama wears similar dresses showing similar “junk” on national TV shows.

  17. “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
    It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world, except for Lola
    La-la-la-la Lola
    But I know what I am and I’m glad I’m a man
    And so is Lola” the Kinks 1970
    It’s been around for a long time, longer than 1970.
    What is needed is to stop incentivizing and allowing the Lola’s into the school system. SB Anti-Lola

  18. First it was books that celebrate homosexual sex.
    Now it is teachers, obviously sexually aroused, doing NOTHING to hide it, in fact, flaunting the arousal.
    Next it will be open sexual acts in the classroom.

    • Call the cops on the teacher.
      Call the cops on the principal – it’s her job to protect our kids from deviant perverts.
      Lawyers and parents please file lawsuits against these pedo’s and pedo protectors.
      This principal is worse than the pedo teacher – this principal sides with the sick deviant before the safety of the students.

  19. Bees go where there’s honey.
    Flies go where there’s sh*t
    Pedo’s become public school teachers for the same reason.

  20. Girls have dress code, no crop tops, don’t let the nipples peek out. Skirt length can’t show the pelvic area, etc.
    But this teacher gets to walk around with an obvious package protruding from his dress at eye level??

    This he/she is an exhibitionist, and is thriving in an environment that allows him to enjoy the shock value & uncomfortable position of his young student victims. Isn’t this a predator?

  21. Homes have walls for reasons even in Alaska. Privacy is a thing even in Alaska. Dignity is a thing even in Alaska. Everyone should follow the Holy Scripture “Do until others as you would have done unto you”. An immature person needs to learn as many practical subjects as he or she can for their few years of free public education. It is shocking to an immature, sheltered Christian girl to see someone of the opposite gender wearing clothing of the opposite gender uncivilly featuring physical prominence of accoutrements that are not familiar. It is symptomatic of an aggressive male disposition unable to empathize with fragile emerging feminine personas in a locations her parents have contracted her to be. She does not even have complete vocabulary to describe to anyone who cares this strangeness. That’s just from one perspective. Possibly this gentleman can find another vocation since he doesn’t have the decency, empathy for this one. No one has a right to be a public school teacher. Certainly not Alaska Natives. His urbane, sophisticated dress wearing ways will be welcomed other private environments. To me this does not look like a perfect fit thus far for this particular public employment.

  22. This guy/gal does not belong in the teaching profession. Couldn’t care less about what he/she does in their own time and place, but public, we do have a say as to his/her actions. The public should not be censored when expressing our concerns on an issue that was made public in a class room.

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