What is going on at Service High? Salacious text messages implicate administration, but ASD is mum


Editor’s note: This story is updated at the end.

The people in charge of Anchorage’s schoolchildren have some explaining to do.

Screen shots of text messages said to be between school administrative employees at Service High School and Clark Middle School are swirling through social media in Anchorage.

Must Read Alaska has asked the school district how it intends to handle the situation, and whether it will put any of these school administrators on administrative leave while an investigation is conducted. But so far, this publication’s questions have been ignored by the district’s communication director, MJ Thim. The school district Communication Director MJ Thim acknowledged the questions from MRAK and is looking into the matter.

In short, the messages appear to indicate that a love relationship gone sour has resulted in the exposure of text messages between two or more people that could be seen as career-ending.

This is occurring a week after the district shut down the Family Partnership Charter School, the most successful school in the district, because its board was “dysfunctional.”

Parents have also asked the district how it intends to address the highly unsavory messages, which are accusations that even involve illegal drugs being used by senior school officials. Parents reported to Must Read Alaska that they have been ignored as well.

The text messages include crude references to women, the use of the words “f—,” “cum bucket” and “whore.”

Teachers have gotten the text messages sent to them and students and Service High School have seen the messages as well. Must Read Alaska has copies of several of the messages.

One teacher wrote, “I’m just trying to get some traction on this. I’m embarrassed to be a teacher with ASD. Female teachers do not feel comfortable around him, female students do not feel comfortable around him. The way he talked about women, the derogatory terms, racial slurs, makes me sick to my stomach.”

Must Read Alaska will update this when the school district responds or other events unfold. Readers with tips on this story may leave those tips in the comment section.

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  1. Just like everything else in this state when comes to controversial issues, it will be forgotten by next week. ASD knows this, everyone know by the end of this month everyone minds will be on fishing season.

  2. Teachers without boundaries. Who’d have thought it? In this age where those who finish teacher’s college at the bottom of their class, who claim to know children better than the children’s parents, who think teaching kids that they are only members of a group defined by their skin color or sexual preference, and who apparently were never told not to fish off the company pier? How could that possibly be? Fire them and sort them out later.

  3. I’m curious: were any of the texts in question aimed at students, or was it all between adults?

    That’s the difference between really bad and call the cops.

  4. Brought to you by some democrats.

    Are the (many) problems at ASD a direct result of Deena Bishop’s tenure running things?

    • Hello KenaiMike: Surely you have some statistics or evidence to support your claim about democrats. Please share.

    • The text messages have some identifiable information in them and they are hard to redact without making them into nonsense. Some of the language is just too explicit and there are innocent people mentioned. I thought I would hold off for now. Meanwhile, the principal is on administrative leave and there is an investigation. Check the updated story with the letter from the district. – sd

      • Can you at least tell us who the teacher refers to as “Him”? Or should we assume it is the Principal?

  5. It would be good to have more facts here. Given current society trends, there are people, some of them women, that are “uncomfortable” at any moment around anybody for anything (or nothing). Do not empower these people. Institutions should not weaponize subjective feelings. If we get to that point, everybody will be shanking everybody else. That is the very definition of chaos. (Frankly, we may already be there…)

  6. Whoa.Whoa. Stop the horse. This sounds
    like gossip slander of a group of adults and youth about a particular person we don’t even know.

  7. They won’t tell the truth but he will probably wind up as a principal at another school. Just like the church, the school district hides it’s bad employees.

  8. Fishing off the company dock, illegal drugs and extramarital sex. Is this a glimpse into Anchorage’s poor student test scores?

    Toss out the idiot that is disrespectful to women. He’s unfit to be Principal or BPO.

    Then toss out the other half of that tryst. She’s a poor judge of character with a tenuous grasp on moral and ethical behavior. It’s long past time to make serious corrections at ASD.

  9. “I’m just trying to get some traction on this. I’m embarrassed to be a teacher with ASD. Female teachers do not feel comfortable around him, female students do not feel comfortable around him. The way he talked about women, the derogatory terms, racial slurs, makes me sick to my stomach.” Dude needs to put on a dress and dye his hair pink for any hope of getting out of this.

    • The quote is virtue signaling at its worse. Where was this “teacher” when the behavior were supposed to happen? Did that person make an attempt to report the “uncomfortable” feeling to anyone? I doubt it, but it provided a great opportunity to say “look at me”.

  10. Not excusing the behavior of one bad male teacher but my 14 years at ASD walk around the halls and just listen I’ve heard much worse out of female teachers in the lounges. Talks of swinger parties, cheating on spouses, smoking pot (before it was legal), teachers venting about how terrible kids are and the parents, or how they all dog pile on one teacher or another because of whatever reason. Make no mistake most ASD facilities are just as catty and mean as high school was when you all where in high school. Just now they are adults

    • And the voters just gave them millions of dollars. Well deserved because always remember it’s for the kids. The truth is it’s for the grown ups.

    • Yup. I remember hearing these sorts of stories back in the dark ages when I was in high school.

    • Ya, my dad taught school for 10 years. He gave it up not because of the students or parents but because of the faculty and everything you mentioned. School teachers love to believe they have the hardest and most thankless job when the opposite is true if they just do good honest professional work.

      And I remember our computer teacher asked out my sister as soon she graduated. He was a young teacher and it was not really a huge scandal or against the law or anything, but it was really poor taste. Who does that? And that’s what school systems have in them, not because school teachers don’t get enough respect but because school teachers have lost decorum and professionalism and people’s respect. School teachers have never been paid a lot, but long ago they used to be very admirable people fulfilling a role in society that people honored. Now we don’t hold teachers accountable and people don’t have much respect for them, so respectable people don’t want to do it.

  11. Teachers have the most important job in the whole wide world! What sort of hateful icky poopy meanie would ever suggest one of them could do wrong? If any of this is true, it could only be a Donald Trump worshiping MAGA loving NRA supporting GOD fearing red blooded American who is the perpetrator of these icky deeds. Right Lucinda? Right Whidbey? Yea right….

  12. When the school board fails to detect, or correct, problems with administrators or curriculum in Alaska’s schools, board members must be elevated to state Representative positions. That’s the Alaskan solution?

  13. This horrific treatment of women in my home state needs to stop. With abortion legal all nine months in Alaska, he also had the power to use that as a threat over women he abused and used. He makes a bad, and then he wants them to cover it. With chemical abortion he could even slip her pills unknowingly. Look at the evidence in our state and see if there is a correlation.

  14. While there are all sorts of behaviors that need be flushed-out, corrected and punished, I am really growing to despise the hyper mob mentality of modern society thanks to social media. And then we all end up talking about talking about one thing. It’s like watching 4-year-olds play soccer all running around the field to bunch up around the ball.

    Our maturity needs to catch up to technology. We are way behind. We still don’t know how to properly behave since birth control became readily available.

    • Justin, how insightful! Birth control, eh? As everybody of you ilk knows, things have been going south since the arrival of Eve!
      Have a bite of this, bud: you sound as naive as you are ignorant!

  15. Hopefully, Dave Donley can look closer into this. He is the only school board member qualified (an attorney), and the only one who openly advocates parental rights. The other board members are too incompetent, or too Left-wing to address the issues.

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