Read aloud: Anchorage School Board gets treated to gay ‘how to’ sex manual that is in elementary school library


You’ve heard of Drag Queen Story Hour for kids. This is different, and a more graphic story that is definitely not a subject for children, even if it is in the school libraries.

Anchorage resident and House candidate Jay McDonald used his three minutes of testimony time in front of the Anchorage School Board on Tuesday night to give the board members an elementary lesson in how to have gay sex.

He read a passage from “This Book is Gay,” by Juno Dawson. It’s a book marketed to young adults but which is available in at least three school libraries in the Anchorage School District — an elementary, middle, and high school.

McDonald wasn’t able to get through the entire passage, which included explicit instructions on how to give a satisfying hand-job orgasm and a blow-job orgasm between male partners. He never got to the part about anal sex. He was interrupted by Board member Carl Jacobs.

But McDonald made it though enough of the explicit passage to make his point, and told the Anchorage School Board that he had been told numerous times by school officials that the book was not in the school library stacks. Board Chair Margo Bellamy, who had dialed into the meeting from her hotel room, called for a point of order, and was visibly uncomfortable.

Not only is the book in the library stacks, it’s in at least one elementary school and has been checked out at least 38 times, McDonald said, referring to the data available online.

Jay McDonald gives the school board a dose of what children are exposed to in school libraries.

Jacobs said the reading of the book violated decorum and that McDonald needed to get to the point. McDonald responded that he had just one question: What is the learning outcome that is expected from this book?

“The passage I read was right after a chapter explaining in detail how to meet men for sex anonymously online and through apps,” McDonald explained after leaving the board meeting Tuesday. McDonald is a candidate for House District 12, running against a liberal. describes the book as a “bestselling young adult non-fiction book on sexuality and gender! Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender. Queer. Straight. Curious. This book is for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual preference. This book is for anyone who’s ever dared to wonder. This book is for YOU.”

“There’s a long-running joke that, after ‘coming out,’ a lesbian, gay guy, bisexual, or trans person should receive a membership card and instruction manual. THIS IS THAT INSTRUCTION MANUAL. You’re welcome,” the book promotion says.


    • Mark, I must say the public education system is more than a “waste of time.” It is a grave danger to their consciences and their very souls. It is much like sending your son to fight in an illegitimate, constitutionally-nonconforming foreign war.

      • Just another example of the gay agenda trying to reproduce themselves to make more gays because they know they cannot reproduce in the natural sense. Kinda exposes what is natural and what is un-natural. How is this different from what cigarette companies try to do? Go after kids. We live in a world where immorality goes after the young and innocent. If you don’t see this as evil, then your conscience has been seared.

    • Running away from public schools is not how you correct a wrong. Change happens when good people stay in the trenches to fight and make change in the minds of the unaware and lost people. Isolation only makes things worse in the long run.

  1. This is happening across America under the noses of parents. What most people are doing when they find them in the libraries is check them out and not bring them back. If the library or City Council that funds it doesn’t get rid of the books, you can just take care of it yourself and pay the fine for replacement. Then, place people on the board that will not tolerate this type of abuse of kids. Another thing you can do is check the cities decency laws and statutes. There are laws that deal with pornographic books and materials. The library may be breaking the law by having the book in the first place.

    • Also, once, I accidentally dropped an explicit, teen graphic novel in the sink as I was washing my hands in the library bathroom. It dropped out from between my arm & my body were I “thought”I had it secured well; right into the sink. It got wet & was ruined, so I tossed it. My bad.

  2. Operant conditioning of children for the benefit of extremely perverted adult homosexuals. This kind of information does not need to be taught at any level of schooling. Human procreation is an instinctive activity. The only goal of these homosexuals is to legitimize their perversion and pass it along to underage children for the benefit of themselves. It’s child abuse, also known as pedophilia. Do you see any books on the shelves at school libraries with in-depth topics of how HIV/AIDS kills people? How about a book on all of the STDs that plague our society?
    A book on homosexual addiction? A book on mental illness stemming from internet pornography? A book on how continuous anal sex tears the anal muscles and causes loss of function of elimination? Why aren’t these books on the shelves?

  3. Nice to see Anchorage pubic schools are grooming kids openly.

    If your kids are in public school, you are abusing them.

    • Not all public schools are abusing kids as you say. You making general statements that have no support. I know a lot of schools from Kansas to Florida out in the country that don’t share your cynicism.

      • I stand by my statement.

        Hitler loved his dog. That doesn’t negate his evil.

        Test scores nationwide have been dropping for decades. Discipline not existent. Cutting advanced courses for gifted students to not hurt others feelings or to achieve equity. School systems hiding information from parents.

        I could go on and on and on.

        You love to engage in whatabboutism. Fine, your nickle.
        There are exceptions to every circumstance. But whatabboutism isn’t an argument. It’s an admission of lack of a cogent counter argument.

        • Country folk live by a code that may be on its way out but it’s still alive and well in the country. They believe and strong family bonds, the good book, spare the rod and spoil the child, being heavily involved in there child’s upbringing and goings on. That also means what’s going on in their child’s education. Country folk don’t tolerate this crap that Anchorage seems to revel in. You are wrong in believing that all schools are out to harm kids. I’d say you may be right when talking about Anchorage in Seattle and Portland and Chicago and New York and all the other stronghold libtard locations that don’t have any common Sense anymore. You claim that schools in the lower 48 are all declining and scores and like I said earlier that’s a generalization. Country schools are average or above average on their test scores. Nothing’s going down there. Parents wouldn’t allow it. So it’s okay for you to squat down there in the southeast yipping about how bad everybody else is doing but when you say everybody, it doesn’t mean everyone. You’re just too stubborn to admit it. There’s a sociopath term that escapes me right now but it describes the person like you that tries to get everyone convinced that they know everything there is about all subjects while they know very little about most. And stop hiding behind that damn masked avenger crap. Unless you’re going to post under your real name, what you say has very little consequence on here.

        • Kids are not groomed this way at No. Lights ABC School on Lake Otis, the grade school with the most kids in the whole ASD system. They have a waiting list to get in and over 600 pupils. Individual schools can be quite different from each other.

      • Greg, the Masked Avenger is right. He just forgot to qualify his statement that its a matter of degree. All schools are morally corrupt to varying degrees. Some very little, some very much. All to some degree.

    • I would say most teachers are not on board with this stuff. Parents do bear the responsibility to be vigilant and involved. Don’t blindly trust anyone to be in charge of your kids. Nasty stuff can happen in private schools as well, and homeschooling is a commitment not everyone can make. Support good teachers, vote for decent upstanding board members and vete curriculum and library collections. Be proactive.

    • Trom, The librarian who bought the book was hired by the superintendent, who was hired by the school board, who was hired by parents and voters. We have seen the enemy and it is us. Do you greet your leftist neighbor with, “good morning Karen, nice day.” Or, do you say, “hey you stupid communist, spawn of Satan, your reprehensible voting choices are endangering my children. It is written, it would be better to be thrown in the sea with a millstone tied to your neck than mislead one of these children. Behold, follow the light and the truth, so we need not end up at war with each other. By the way, FYI, communism doesn’t work.”

  4. Funny how Jacobs found reading the book out loud violated rules of decorum. But having it available for elementary school kids was just fine.


  5. Why are we being taxed up the nose for this filth? Just asking as a responsible taxpayer for 60 years in this city. (Outrage on my computer.)

    • Because you (Anchorage) don’t vote, don’t attend school board meetings, and most don’t bother to meet their kids teachers.

      Like all the rest of the social rot in the Muni, it’s self inflicted.

      • I have voted in every national, state, and local election since I was old enough to vote. My eighth grade Civics teacher said in 1958, “If you don’t vote, don’t gripe.”

    • Sassy, there is an answer. The father of all lies is in control of your political and legal system. He holds us hostage by our desire to protect our precious (JRR Tolkien) which is our jobs, benefits, healthcare, retirement. To resist is to jeopardize our precious. We are all guilty. In the end, very few of us will resist. Are you vaccinated?

      • Well said! I’m vaccinated so I can visit my family member in the lower 48 who is currently being radiated for cancer. It’s a sensitive issue. It’s a sacrifice. I won’t live forever, and he won’t either.

  6. Yeah, and?
    As a student at Hanshew Middle School several decades ago I distinctly remember being in a sex ed class where at one point a female student bluntly questioned our male teacher to fully explain female masturbation and technique. He realized it was a serious question and began, brandishing his fingers in clear exasperation, to walk the class through that process. While traditional sex ed didn’t cover hookup apps that didn’t matter because kids figured out how to make full use of a public bathroom at that age, all on their own.
    This is such a nonissue, America is a great place full of opportunity so when someone seeks local status and maybe a little power by squeezing libraries… that’s low hanging fruit of the highest degree. Don’t be pathetic, there are opportunities everywhere.

    • There is a difference, a big difference, between asking and responding to questions in a biology/health class, and putting a book like this in the school library.
      The fact that you do not seem to realize there is a difference speaks volumes about you.

    • Several decades ago when we had sex ed, it wasn’t about showing anyone anything. Had someone done what you describe, it would have been trouble for the teacher if he had been caught. There were no such things as “apps.”

      This is definitely NOT a nonissue. America is no longer a great place full of opportunity. It is a society that has lost its sense of freedom and is in decline, and it seems that with who we have in charge, civilization as we know it is on the verge of ending.

      Parents don’t send their kids to school to learn sex.

      • So, “America is no longer a great place full of opportunity.” Amazing how millions of illegal aliens still pay exorbitant prices and take great risks breaking into our country to chase “no opportunity.”

    • Oh please, teenagers through the ages always aim to embarrass teachers. Furthermore what would a male teacher know about that anyway….
      I am not sure I give much credence to your story, especially since decades ago sex ed class was separated; boys being taught by a man and girls by a woman.
      Any library peddling porn to underage children should be prosecuted for trafficking, inducement and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

  7. This book shouldn’t be anywhere near a school. It should be in an “adults only” section of a library or in the trash. There’s no reason to give it to kids.

  8. Wake up folks: This is really happening in Anchorage schools – it is not some right-wing conspiracy theory. And that sweet thirty-five year old third-grade teacher at your neighborhood school is completely fine with it and thinks that it makes her a righteous social justice warrior.

    • JMARK, or further on it may improve their chances of a “hook up”…
      Recruitment is practiced by many groups and organizations across a wide spectrum of beliefs, disciplines and preferences, especially so when it’s sexual.

      Flee the School System, vote with your feet, one can avail themselves of many different options. This may take a sacrifice, but are your children not worth it?

    • A 35-year old school teacher and her spouse moved next door a couple of summers ago. I’ve lived in this home for 41 years and have never had neighbors so impolite and presumptuous to destroy my peace and quiet. Their behavior says a lot about how they were raised.

      • I should have dressed like a sl*t and donned a dark wig over my white hair when I went outside to do my gardening. Ha!

  9. Thanks for the article

    Jay McDonald speaks for all families of conscious. It’s interesting that the board members were not horrified and immediately make a motion to find material like this and free our children from this oppression exploitation.

      • Third Reich 1933-1945. This is a public square know your history. Jewish citizens, academics and unwilling clergy were harassed and removed from their jobs as early as 1933. The first camp was establish in that same year. By 1935 Jewish Germans were no longer recognized as citizen.

    • So, according to the last presidential election there are over 80 million pedophiles in our country that we know of. Do you really stand by that? All the complaining about Biden calling MAGA voters semi-fascist and then you see so many comments like yours. Get a grip. Not everything is black and white, there is nuance and details to everything. The book should not have been in library. As someone that often, not always, votes for Democrats, I can say that your assumptions and demonizing of people that have different political and social views only creates more suffering for yourself. I would say that most people that vote for Democrats have the same for concern for the well being of children as you. If you believe otherwise it is because you want to believe it, not because the evidence supports it.

    • You have plenty of older democrats who grew up in a different time and are not like that. I call them Kennedy Era democrats. In fact, my democrat mother (74) and democrat step father (80) have decided to vote republican/conservative for first time in their lives. My mother’s reason? She said the democrats have become the party of filth and hate and the way Biden and other political democrats talk about conservatives and threaten them has really ticked her off, because her 2 children are conservatives.

  10. It is time for a major overhaul of our society’s morality. It doesn’t matter what religion you espouse or if you are an atheist or a pagan of some sort…all good people know that this is WRONG!!! I would want to find out what imbecilic, moronic, PEDOPHILE bought this book for the schools!!! Find out who it is and fire them…then make sure they are blacklisted from EVER teaching in a school again. Quite frankly, this person ought to also be added to the sex-offender registry and never know another moment’s peace.

  11. What a freak! They will stop at nothing to try to legitimize the mental illness known as lgbtq blah blah blah. There’s nothing normal about it mind you but I have no doubt that it probably feels normal to them because of their illness. They view the world in different ways than most people. Their way of sex can’t produce a child mind you, but it’s just another way of saying that somehow their brains got screwed up or even to go so boldly as to state that God must have made a mistake with them. What are they going to put in the library next a penthouse Cosmo? If I had a student in Anchorage, I would be guilty of checking out that book continually and sometimes I misplace things. Parents need to draw the line somewhere with these freaks. Let them know that as far as our children are concerned, it’s hands off.

    • About 30 years ago, I was working as a janitor in our local public school. The school district had purchased “Heather Has Two Mommies” and another introduction to homosexuality book for every school library. The principal left it out where he knew I would see it and throw it away – which I did of course, making sure it was burned at the landfill. Two weeks later, the district librarian inspected the library and replaced the books with a warning to the principal. This has been a long time in the works, and way past time to say “enough”. We can be respectful of persons without promoting deviant behavior to our children or destroying their innocence.

  12. Unbelievable, that this porn is in our Anchorage schools!
    Dimlibbys have no shame, principals or common sense!

  13. Ty Jay McDonald for your courage!

    Catch a fire people. Get up. Stand up for your children. And the future.

  14. I was apprised that the schools these books are in include Polaris, Romig/WEST and Bartlett High
    If the parents do not get these books out of these schools, there is something amiss. It appears these books are not ok for the school board, but are ok for the children For me the Board should be accountable and not only get the book out of these schools, but let Anchorage parents who is responsible for allowing them in these schools. Yes Remove B4 Flight, it is porn and someone needs to go to jail.

  15. So, looks like anyone can become a school board member? This is perversion and grooming, in-your-face. The school board accepted this material so they have to be held accountable. What we need is change and someone with balls to take charge of the school district to stop these panty waisted, fruity freaks from getting on the school board, that’s done by changing the policy.

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  17. What is going to be a sign that we hit rock bottom is when garbage like this is read at a School Board meeting and none of the members are the least bit embarrassed.
    “Thank you, Mr. McDonald. Next?

  18. After reading the exert from this book I can only conclude that your School Board is training children to be a bunch of Jack Offs. This training will equip your child to enter into society upon graduation and behave like a model Democrat. Congratulations!
    ( BTW, I learned a new term…cut? )

  19. This Book is Gay is only a book, however, ask the school board members of the worse things they encourage and that is encourage kids to socially gender transition at school and hide it from the parents.

    Oh and by the way their latest trick it to mandate school closings so parents get up in arms and the board gets more money to waste. One of their many ploys which used to include not rehiring new teachers to save money on payment of insurance over the summer and then hire them back in the fall.

    I remember one Principal ordered a golf machine for him to practice his golf(the school didn’t have a golf team or golf class) paid out of the school budget. Do you wonder why we said Will the Real Budget please stand up>??

  20. We live in a time where intelligent people are being silent so that stupid people won’t be offended.

    • And being silenced in public meetings and sued for expressing their opinions. That’s next. Count on it.

  21. Sexual abuse of children in the public schools by administrators and teachers is bigger and more pervasive then the Catholic Church scandal. An average of one administrator or teacher is busted for it a day. And like all sexual abuse stats it is under reported or covered up. 3 million by the admission of the NEA. Now you know why.

  22. What a sad state of affairs when the only way parents can save their children from this abuse is by disenrolling them immediately from Anchorage School District…
    Abuse? Read about “mental injury” in Alaska Statute Title 47, Chapter 47.17, Child Protection, Section. 47.17.290 Definitions, ask yourself if that’s not exactly what’s happening here.
    This abuse happens because School Board officials are confident that nothing and no one can stop them from projecting their perversions on other peoples’ minor children.
    No? Nothing and no one could stop this School Board from gaining national recognition for its outrageously overpriced underperformance when it comes to children’s academic achievements. Nothing and no one could stop this School Board from padding school-district contracts so they can be pushed only to unionized contractors.
    After such stellar accomplishments, what could be next? Why not perverting and confusing little minds trying to develop their senses of identity? Confuse them about what they are while they’re still working on getting a sense of who they are, dedicated school-district employees can morph ’em into prime candidates for chemical castration and surgical mutilation, domestic-terrorist parents be damned.
    Maybe it’s time to flood Alaska’s Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-478-4444) 24/7 with complaints about the abuse which Anchorage School Board members perpetrate against children.
    Maybe it’s time to flood Governor Dunleavy’s office (907-465-3500) 24/7 with the same complaints because, without the Governor’s boot on their a**, the Department of Health and Social Services whose job it is to fix the problem clearly has no interest in fixing the problem.
    Maybe Governor Dunleavy can be persuaded to withold state funding for Anchorage schools until the problem is fixed to parents’ satisfaction and those responsible for the problem are fired from their jobs and tried in a court of law for child abuse.
    After all, this is an election year.
    Think this is bad? Watch what happens when Anchorage School Board officials find out the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices adds the COVID-19 vaccine to its list of required childhood vaccines.

  23. It should be investigated as to who purchased such a book to have in the school Libraries and the person or persons should be fired.

  24. This is criminal. Whoever is responsible for putting this crap in our schools deserves to be hung. This should be declared pornography and anyone 18 or under it is illegal for them to have this in their possession. Also how about some librarians get hauled in for providing contraband to minors. …….?….? Absolutely it’s child abuse.

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