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Gender confusion literature: Read-aloud book at Anchorage library tells kids how girls can be boys

A book displayed in the children’s library at the Loussac Library in Anchorage supports the gender-confusion agenda now being pushed by the far Left.

“Jack (not Jackie)” is the story of a little girl who likes bugs, not fairytales, and therefore wants to be “Jack.”

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In this heartwarming picture book, a big sister realizes that her little sister, Jackie, doesn’t like dresses or fairies-she likes ties and bugs! Will she and her family be able to accept that Jackie identifies more as “Jack.”

From the pages of the children’s book, “Jack (not Jackie)”

“…as Jackie grows, she doesn’t want to play those games. She wants to play with mud and be a super bug! Jackie also doesn’t like dresses or her long hair, and she would rather be called Jack,” says the Amazon review, which notes that “Readers will love this sweet story about change and acceptance. This book is published in partnership with GLAAD to accelerate LGBTQ inclusivity and acceptance.

The book is also listed as a quality book for children by the Feminist Books for Kids website, which has a list of “15 Trans and Non-Binary Books for Kids.”

The book is rated Kindergarten through Grade 3 by a review in School Library Journal, which writes, “Told in clear prose with no hint of sentimentality, this timely picture book addresses gender identity in a way that allows children to understand the differences on the outside while remembering what is on the inside is what counts. Vividly illustrated pages with astute details will capture the audience’s attention and invite closer appreciation of their wordless support of the narration. The author includes a note in the back as well as an appendix of further resources, including books, articles, online resources, and picture books on the subject of children’s gender identity. VERDICT A can’t-miss addition to any collection that is looking to offer more inclusive resources.”

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Dang I’m glad my kids are grown and didn’t have exposed to this vile stuff while they were so young. I’d be homeschooling.

      • It’s vile. Don’t let your partisanship kill ALL of your humanity and reason. Surely there is some part of you that still knows wrong from right?

        This is wrong. It’s vile.

        • I suspect your idea of “vile” is on the order of your own thinking about obscene or quality. Further, I suspect, you couldn’t define any of those things but like to throw them around like you understand them.
          There is nothing “vile” about the young kids this book is designed for and because you, and some others on here, are thinking this book is designed by someone “grooming” young kids is asinine IMO.
          What you are talking about is “pedophilia” on the order of what has taken place in the Catholic Church for years and finally being addressed. You might get on board with helping that Church get rid of their pedophiles if you are wanting to cure something “vile.”

          • It is vile because it is a lie. And FYI, people usually point fingers when they are on shaky ground.

          • Of course Carol, you can produce some facts to support your opinion it’s a “lie.”
            And FYI people usually resort to BS when they are on shaky ground.

  2. How perfectly sexist. So, a woman can’t become an entomologist? I thought women were just like men, but now I’m being told that to be a man if you are a woman means you have to think and look differently. Which is it? Can a woman like bugs? Or does she have to dress as a princess or be called a man?

    Maybe I need to check this book out and forget to return it.

    • Reminds me of “gender reassignment surgery,” wherein those parts of your body that do not determine gender are mutilated in order to appear what gender you may be, which, again, is not defined by those parts . . .

      We’ve reached the apex of the Sexual Revolution: the obliteration of woman.

      What a great time to be alive, ladies!

  3. Science applies to the response to the pandemic, but not to the lunacy that is more than two genders? Okay, go!

  4. Alaska Statutes define the felony of unlawful exploitation of a minor by the exploitative adult who is grooming them.

    How is deliberately placing books such as this within the reach of minors in a public environment by the adults employed by the school district or local government not providing our children with pornographic materials and consequently not the unlawful exploitation of a minor?

    People responsible for this type of exploitation must be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Once that is done, I believe this behavior will stop.

    • Amen. A little more elaborative than my “this is child abuse”. Will “they” stop? Not likely, but prosecute we must and pick your judges carefully.

    • Michael,
      The Left uses subtle operant conditioning as a tool to train and effect outcomes. They will argue that your interpretation of child exploitation is wrongheaded. That’s not to say you shouldn’t pursue this further, just be aware that the subtleties will probably be overlooked by prosecutors and Lefty judges. What moves them is “actual contact” with children and images of contact. Catch them and they go to jail. Non-child pornography per se, and conversations about sexual orientation among the under-aged seems to be fair play in the schools. It’s all part of “the Agenda.”

  5. Gee mommy it’s not fair, Johnny’s got a penis and I don’t!!! That makes me feel angry!
    Mommy why can’t I have boobs like yours??
    Raising kids today is not for the faint of heart, (flakes)! Please get the vaccine and get a bonus, sterilization!!!

  6. Still think the left is the “party of women”?
    Still think Alaska is conservative?

    If you do, I got a bridge to sell you.

  7. My daughter didn’t like dresses or princesses when she was 2. Her favorite cartoon was about a monster truck and she likes jumping in puddles. Now she’s 3 and wears princess dresses, wants to accessorize, and still loves mud puddles. Let kids be kids. If Jackie wants to be Jack, say no. Kids aren’t old enough for this trans garbage. It’s parents pushing it on them.

    • I don’t believe parents purposely force their kids to be socially different. I think it’s more of a mental illness. Jen would say it’s the devil doing it. I think some form of early guidance is appropriate for sure. Who knows, it may help some of those kids still on the bubble.

  8. That is not the only book. Just as screens, parents and grandparents should know the book and series. When in doubt choose to read the classics, the children authors you grew up knowing.

  9. When my kid came home with a coloring page that depicted Rosa Parks as a feeble old lady with a sewing machine under her arm getting the the crap beat out of her by a police officer wielding a billy club next to the bus she was thrown out of…I pulled my kids out of public school.
    This and the argument with a teacher who was teaching the kids that Indians taught the pilgrims (white men) how to ride horses.

    • Good for you. I hadn’t heard that one about the horses. I heard there was a smaller horse here early on but natives killed and ate all them. It wasn’t until the Spanish brought the mustang over that the natives had the current brand of horses. The natives quickly became excellent horseman though, using lakes and rivers to quickly break a horse.

      • No, Bill, the absurdity (that is already leading to atrocities) is the radical leftist extremist denial-of-reality that biological sex does not exist. Moreover, it also consists of the coordinated and diabolical campaign to teach children that biological sex does not exist, and that gender is a choice and not an artifact of conception.

  10. This is a deliberate attempt to poison our children’s mind and damage them psychologically. I consider this child abuse and an attack on both the child and their parents right to rear their children according to their values. The schools and libraries have crossed a line and should be reigned in through child protection laws. Either schools get back into educating students on Math, English, Reading, Science, Civics and History or remove your kids from public school and start a home school co-op that parents can help manage with the tax money that should go home with your child. Our public education system and colleges have become indoctrination centers for the government. This is not educating a child, it is molding them into the robots the leftists politicians want them to be. They want them dumb and compliant. Protect your kids and take action, like so many parents are now doing across the nation.

  11. The majority of children’s books in libraries have sick sexual things in them that are totally, 100% inappropriate for children. I’ve been trying to point out that and a thousand other sick, sick things about our “education” (Indoctrination) system to “conservatives” for 30 years as well as the fact that the vast majority of those who are considered “fathers of our education” system were actual Satanists (look it up).

    • The Brothers Grimm stories are much like you describe. Even the book of Enoch describes the first woman as being Lilith. Remember Lilith on Frasier Crane? She was a domineering thing that was equal to Adam. They had to take her out and replace her with Eve, but when she went over to the dark side, that’s why they they sing lullabies to babies. So Lilith AKA lullaby doesn’t come and take your baby while it sleeps. So simple things that have been changed into good meanings have kind of terrible origins.

  12. Ever since my oldest learned how to read, I stopped taking my kids to the Loussac Library. As soon as they could read the titles in the display cases in the children’s section, I was done. That was seven years ago.
    I’ve been in there for the Science and Engineering Fair, to vote, and to attend an event, but never do I rely on the Loussac for books or an educational experience for my kids.

  13. I have no doubt there is a percentage of the population who were in fact born into the wrong body. Gender dysphoria is a legitimate mental disease. I would believe one out of ten million, maybe (and this is a stretch) one out of five million people are in the wrong bodies.
    What I find difficult to believe is that suddenly, in the 2020s, that percentage ballooned up to ridiculous levels.
    In fact, what this looks like is how everyone suddenly becomes a fan of the home team when they make it to the playoffs. People who could not name a player or coach of the team a month ago, are suddenly wearing the team jersey, and talking about how they were always a fan.
    It is really nothing more than a bunch of low self esteem people trying to get into the cool kids crowd. If you were to really get an honest answer out of these gender non-binary people, they overwhelming majority will admit they are attracted to the opposite sex. Gender fluid human born female will be attracted to a man 99% of the time. But, you get no cool points for being hetro.
    How much of this tripe would the country be enduring if this was not embraced by the liberals and the news media? (Sorry to repeat myself there.) The liberals would be very happy to see the family unit fall apart. The primary relationship with the all powerful State. And, the news media will sell whatever BS gets more eyes on screens.

  14. I found this book on display in the Kids Section of the Loussac Library. I was the one who took the pictures. Fine if such books exist. Fine if some parents feel the need to show this material to their kids. There is a dedicated LGBTQ section in the library. This material does not need to be displayed to my very young, innocent, and non-sexual 6 and 9 year old boys. Thank you for putting my photos on your site, Suzanne. And thank you for calling attention to this matter.

  15. It looks like we need a bill like this one:


    Which would allow parents to have books with objectionable sexual content removed from public libraries.

  16. The Nazis, Commies, Totalitarians, Apostate Religions, and Extremist Leftists have always been quick to burn any books that shed light on their evil agendas. They’re also the loudest to whine whenever any of their books are challenged.

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