Dunleavy’s parental rights bill gets no love from LGBT Alaskans or teachers during committee hearing


During the first House Education Committee hearing for House Bill 105, the governor’s Parental Rights Act, there was a long line of people testifying — and nine out of 10 of them opposed the bill. The phone lines were packed, with 154 calling in, and 125 getting through to testify. The committee also got 226 emails opposing the bill, and about 125 emails supporting it.

Educators from across the state told the committee that they are the ones who deserve to be able to keep children’s sexual secrets from their parents, because parents cannot not be trusted, and parents may even be harmful for children who are not heterosexual. LBGTQ children could be abused if their parents know about their sexual identity, the teachers said. Educators also said they are the only safe place for these children.

A few of the testifiers who object to House Bill 105, which protects children from aggressive sexual identity politics of schools.

Some of the testifiers roamed the halls of the Capitol and took photos of themselves giving vulgar hand signs intended for the governor. Mainstream media reporters have chosen to call it the “don’t say gay” bill or the “anti-trans bill.”

LGBTQ Alaskans, many who spoke to trauma they had experienced as children, including sexual abuse, also said the bill is wrong. One after another, they told the Education Committee that boys should be able to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms if they identify as girls. They may not have actually read the bill, which provides for an any-gender single-use bathroom in schools to handle the needs of children who are gender confused.

Most of the testifiers were polite, and for the most part respected the committee’s role in hearing the public’s viewpoints on the bill. The committee hearing was chaired by Rep. Jamie Allard, who will bring the matter back for more public testimony in coming weeks.

Some of the testifiers at Thursday’s HB 105 hearing.

HB 105 would require that schools grant parental access to school records, such as secret names and pronouns that teachers are currently, in some instances, keeping from parents. The bill requires that districts get parents’ permission before instructing them on matters of sex, and gender identity. Currently, there are opt-out laws, but this bill would require an affirmative opt-in by parents before these highly controversial subjects are discussed.

Such debates are taking place all over the country, as parents have been alerted to the changing curricula that is incompatible with many family values.


  1. Can you say “ infiltration “
    Media ✅
    Hollywood ✅
    Government ✅
    A vocal flamboyant flaming 3% are slowly infiltrating every aspect of a healthy society.

    • Can you say exact same word Leigh Slone uses regarding her seven mountains religious beliefs when talking about what she and others are doing-infiltrating the government with (her) god’s people.


      Check out her chat with Edna the Mat Su mayor.

  2. It’s clear from the photos above that the lobby is intent upon showing off their…. assets to everyone rather than behaving like adults. I suppose you can’t expect the mentally ill to behave in public as if they could cope with life or give one fat rat’s backside about anyone else. The hubris of these individuals who think the rest of us must engage with their mental illness is breathtaking, but this is a bridge too far.

    • Well said. I found the Noah Williams person on Twitter. Pretty disturbing. Also though the apparent army of people that appear to have been funded to show up in Juneau to testify against the governors efforts. Awful.

      • Yes how many have plane tickets back home. We don’t need outsiders telling us how to live.we need a 30 day quarantine for out of staters.

  3. How mature. The photos sum it up. These people are not well. Who would want them making decisions for our children? Their behavior is further proof the governor is doing the right thing. And I would say the governor should own it. Yep. Transphobic. Also meaning derangement-phobic. Demonic-phobic. It is wise to have a bit of phobia against this deluded condition.

  4. My homesteader dad who was here before statehood and died in this great land is rolling in his grave about the actions that’s going on in this state !!! What the Soldotna City council has voted down the chance to protect our children in this state and in this community makes all of us sick to our stomach. God help them for not voting to protect our children and grandchildren from the schools that have tried to completely destroy their family unit and make them go for this filthy lifestyle. Stop these child molesters at the source !!! Time to stop them !!!
    Vote for HB105.

  5. How many of these “freaks-of-nature” (debatable description?) actually have children in public schools?

    • They don’t have children, they ARE children. If they had children we would not be in this position.
      These are mentally ill people that really need professional care. Somewhere along their road they forgot that they were born perfect, they now want chaos.
      These sexual deviants are sinking to their lowest form of humanity, they want our children to witness, their behavior and get them, at any age, to participate in their sexual deviancy (think dollar bills and g strings)

    • Doesn’t matter since they are in public school. Alphabet agenda trumps every thing else.

  6. I think its time for conservative republicans to champion fiscal conservancy, promote small business, demand law and order, protect borders, fight run away taxation and give up on corralling personal liberties and what they think they’er religion allows 😉

  7. Your children are not your property! They are the property of the teachers, the institution. Liberalism is a Cult! Classic cult mentality.

    Are they telling us their IQ’s?

  8. Wow they show their true colors with sign language. How educated they think they are. Look like spoiled elementary children.

    • Well, Maureen, since you brought it up, I don’t want Donald Trump teaching my kids, either. I fail to see how the sexuality of anyone is supposed to be an issue in a classroom full of kids, but if you believe that’s what schools are for, then I opt out.

      • Wedding rings denote sexuality in general. Will we ban these in schools, too? Also lots of teachers are Mrs. Mrs denotes sexuality of couple. Why do we expose our kids to that?

        • How do wedding rings denote sexuality? I’ve seen both gay and lesbian couples wearing them, not just straight couples.

          If a straight married woman chooses to be addressed as ‘Mrs.’ would you block her choice?

        • Wedding rings denote love and commitment within a relationship. This emblem of love is exchanged between two people on their wedding day and worn to show the world they are married to each other. The ring reminds the couple (and those around them) that they swore an oath of fidelity and perpetual allegiance and loyalty to their spouses.
          Love; commitment; fidelity; loyalty. Those all sound like good values to me for children to be exposed to and learn.

          • Some gay people do wear rings. Can we agree that way more hetero-sexual couples are wearing rings out there? And in our schools. It denotes being married. And of course sex is for married people, a gift from god.

            No more pics of your spouse, and certainly not any pictures of your own children in schools. These too denote sex is or has happened.

          • Love commitment fidelity-these are all emotional terms, that are connected with sexuality (look at fidelity especially).

            Why are your terms of sexuality the ones deemed ok for school?

        • Wow, that was a weak response, even from your intolerant, leftist, childlike mind. Weak.
          Should everyone wear a uniform? No pants, no skirts, no dresses? Because sexuality. Perhaps all teachers should have crew-cuts?
          If your little mind cannot see the distinction between wearing jewelry, or using a common title, and the schools encouraging the children to pick a gender, change clothes, and keep secrets from their parents, than there is no hope for you.
          As to your question, why do we expose our kids to that? That is not the real question. The real question is: Why do you equate a practice the human race has been doing for millennia with pushing NC-17 level sexual situations/issues/content on grade school age children?

          • So we can’t have dragshows but go ahead put holes in your infant’s ears who have no say over their own bodies.

            Why are only YOUR terms terms acceptable?

            Queer people have been around since forever. Why can’t we teach this? Oh, churches will lose congregants —->money.

        • Wrong. A wedding ring implies a commitment between two people to abide with each other for life, ya know, for better for worse, sickness and health , till death do us part etc. it has no statement about having sexual intercourse unlike every symbol of the lgbtq…..

    • The difference is adults vs kids. When adults argue and debate between each other it’s a level playing field. Look at what gets discussed here. But when adults are secretly ‘teaching’ children, without parental knowledge, that is a crime in most areas. And to make matters more disturbing, it sounds like most of the objections against this bill are coming from teachers.

      I don’t care what your sexuality is, if you have children, they are YOUR responsibility. And the more important the education the more responsibility you bear for teaching your children correctly. For any gay or lesbian parents here; why would you be comfortable with a school teacher telling your kids about human sexuality? No? Don’t like that idea? Well, now you have something in common with straight parents. Teaching our children real life info is EVERY PARENTS BIGGEST RESPONSIBILITY. How about ALL parents get together and block attempts at teaching anything beyond the mechanics of reproduction? After all, anything beyond that needs to be between the parent and THEIR children.

      • I’m talking about giving adults giving the finger to Dunleavy is considered vulgar but not Let’s go Brandon and FJB. This article is the potcalling the kettle black.


        We secretly out in the open teach and demonstrate about heterosexuality in our schools.

        • Ok. They give the finger and I say FJB. Valid point.

          Now back to the kids. If you had kids or grandkids in school, do you want a schoolteacher teaching them about sexuality and relationships?

          As for heterosexuality, do you deny that that is typical for the vast majority of the human population, worldwide and throughout history?

          • Absolutely want my schools to teach my children sexuality and relationships. Under science, health, social studies, math studies.

            My point is there are more orientations than heterosexuality. Sure, lots more of them than not thems per your question to me.

            Shall we teach only about the element oxygen as it is the most plentiful on earth? Skip the rest on the periodic table?

          • I just can’t believe that you would want a random teacher to give instruction to your child on a subject this important. It’s simply to important to trust to anyone outside of the family. It was to important to me as a parent, so I assumed it would be just as important to any other parent.

          • Random teacher? They have been trained and licensed to start with. Of course I’m the kind of person involved in my kid’s school so there would be additional oversight, plus the parent teacher conferences and emails texts and ect. Then there is my relationship with the child herself, discussion, values of our family, country and church and that sometimes they are similar and sometimes not. Then we talked about free will, and that it would be up to me in adulthood to balance those parts. My mom got called by my 3rd grade religion teacher because I was talking about free will and the teacher was concerned given my young age. My parents said, Nope-was discussing as a family at dinner last night.

            I got my initial sex ed from nuns. Celebate nuns. With degrees and licenses too.

            I can’t believe you have grown this mistrustful of education.

          • I’m VERY distrustful of any system that thinks it knows better than I do what to teach my kids. I’ve had several conversations (rarely missed a parent/teacher conference) telling the teachers to stick to the subject materiel at hand and I will teach the rest to MY child. Human sexuality an religion are two subjects that have no reason to be taught in a public school. Ever.

            You sound like you would be very involved in every aspect of your child’s education. That’s a very conservative thing to do. Congrats!

          • Education is the basis of liberalism. Very liberal of you to support your child’s education.

            I would be good with world religions being taught in schools.

            Are you as concerned for heart surgeons working on your kid?

          • As I stated elsewhere, I don’t feel human sexuality or religion need to be taught in public schools, at all. So I guess we just disagree on that point. But, while I do support your choices in how YOU educate YOUR children, why do I not have that same option? If I feel sexuality and religion are out of bounds for my children, why should I not have the choice of how those subjects are taught to MY children.

            If we meet face to face someday, I’ll tell you my story about talking to surgeons about my child.

          • Wrong again, Maureen.
            INDOCTRINATION, to a rigid, nihilistic and anti-human political/social agenda, is the basis of what you erroneously call “liberalism”, which in actual fact is a particularly pernicious and dogmatic version of cult-like authoritarianism.

          • Why, Maureen?
            Because flawed and irrational thinking, and outright lies, demand a response. It is my inherent sense of justice that demands that I refute dishonesty and injustice.

    • Like the child you are, you seem to think it is OK to act in an immature manner because someone else did.

      • No, as the way over 60 adult I am, I’m saying it is ironic the the blog calling out vulgarness in others misses again the plank in their own eye.

          • Maureen is just here to split hairs and claim all things are of equal value. It is the usual nonsense of liberal; her grievance is that we don’t immediately tell her what a wonderful logical and philosophical thinker she is, rather than tell her she is just a sophist.

          • Tamra-“We hold these thruths to be self evident that all men are created equal.”

            Thanks for thinking of me.

        • You may have been born more than 60 years ago, but your comments do not indicate adult in any way. Keep trying though, this particular comment should have been your first one, not the infantile one you posted.

        • Sorry Maureen you lose again. Your upbringing and schooling just did not get the job done. There is a very large alternate world out there from your narrow views.

        • Satan accuses Christians 24 hours around the clock. He even goes to church to do it. He is serious as a heart attack accusing the brothers because that’s what Christ followers are. Jesus has chosen to share His inheritance with whom he pleases (like you do). The scriptures advise: “As you contemplate their deeds, imitate their faith”.

    • Nice try, but no banana, Maureen.

      Americans have been cussing politicians since before there was a nation. It is literally in our DNA.

      OTOH, the teachers here are literally telling parents what they think of them, which for a public employee paid for by the very same parents is a poor lifestyle choice.

      I’m glad they are doing it. I am glad they no longer feel the need to wear their mask, as every time they do something like this it gets a bit easier to pass vouchers. Keep it up guys, keep it up. Cheers –

      • Because per Mark it sure appears this is what it is all about—>Wrecking public school funding for vouchers for marginal schools.

        • Nice bait and switch, Madam. The predicate is the awful education establishment that has in recent years glomed onto grooming and other dark arts. The solution is vouchers. Don’t want vouchers, don’t groom. Easy peasy.

          For the record, I note how quickly you dropped your FJB comeback used so liberally in this string. I’ll take the game, set and match. Thanks for playing. Cheers –

          • Bad education that for years has been grooming kids in dark arts (illegally) of Chistianity at Family Partnership Charter School?

            It’s not a competition. There is no game to win in our conversation. I understand YOU have been playing games here. Thanks for letting me know about your own approach of dark arts. Cheers-

          • You are VERY anti religion. I am partly so due to differences I see in the Bible and organized religious groups. That is a personal conclusion for each of us.

            As to the legal part, I agree that YOU have the complete legal right (and even the responsibility) to seek out what YOU consider the best education for your children. And if that means absolutely no organized religious tenets being taught, that is your right as a parent to chose that. So, if I chose to send my children to a religious based school, why do you say that I’m allowing the ‘dark arts of Christianity’ to groom my children? Why do you feel that your choice to avoid Christianity in particular, is superior to my choice to include it? I personally don’t agree with your choice but you have the right to make it. Why don’t you feel I have the right to chose whats best for MY child?

            Think about this and then add in school choice/vouchers. You should be on board with that as it would allow you and I both to chose the school we feel is best suited to our child’s needs.

  9. I don’t believe most people knew about the hearing on this bill or there would have been more participation in favor. As a 62 year resident of the Anchorage area I have had 5 children, 11 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren who have or are attending school in the public school system. Never, did I think, educators and lawmakers would advocate to take parental rights away. I will use whatever influence I have to encourage parents to move their children out of the Anchorage school district and be very aware and vocal about politicians who support the opposition of this bill!

    • That is the fault of the voters. Even in areas that don’t directly affect me I make a point of knowing as much as I can about Juneau politics.

      It pisses people off and I don’t care. Conservatives are lazy. They whine, the left works.

      • Masked; There’s an old conservative saying’ ”Think with the liberals, dine with the Tory’s”.

      • That’s because non-leftists just want to be left alone, to live as they choose, while (radical) leftists are perpetually seeking power and control over others.
        The sick control obsession of the sociopathic radical leftist never sleeps.
        There used to be a phrase that summarized this fact: “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”.

        • Being a liberal myself, the old fashions kind I suppose, what I see now days is Americans hating Americans and being quick to ban, cancel, or call for the imprisonment of anyone that might have a view that they don’t like… it’s distinctly authoritarian.

          I disavow this current iteration of political discourse entirely. Seeking to control the minds of others is not conservative or liberal, it’s tyranny. It’s s type of politics that seeks to weaponize us against each other. But don’t fall for it, I bet you and I would agree on a lot more than we are allowed to talk about in the so-called “news”. Don’t let the media fool you into hating your neighbor. Have a great day my friend.

          • Fellow MRAK poster, I both welcome and appreciate your comment here! My own political beliefs were significantly influenced by actual, REAL, 1960s-style liberals, and I absolutely do not condemn the six or seven of them, like you, who may still exist. But you may have noted that I am VERY careful here to tailor my disparagements and condemnations strictly for those on today’s so-called radical left, who are in truth not liberals but simply authoritarians and neo-Puritanical, neo-Marxist cultists. You are correct, they do hate the USA, and everything that it USED to stand for, and was founded on. And for that, my contempt for them, but not for you, could not be greater.
            Thank you for your post!

          • Jefferson hit the mark squarely. I’ve started to use the term ‘liberal’ less and less these days. In my opinion there are less of them now.

            It used to be that liberals and conservatives could agree that we all needed a strong economy, secure borders, and a good military. Everything else was up for a good fight. We could act like a couple in the middle of a domestic disturbance, fighting with each other, but heaven help ANYONE else trying to step in.

  10. These are the same people that Dunleavy wants to give retention bonuses to for the next three years. Remember that. Heaven forbid we use the estimated $687 million in teacher bonuses (my estimate), to start and/or support private schools.

    • Exactly.

      The only good thing that will come of Dunleavy’s term in office is he will be limited from ever running again.

  11. Reprobate minds in action.

    Perhaps they can join the circus if they decide to stop shoving their disgusting, abnormal and immoral behaviors on the rest of decent society members.

  12. Not impressed with the alphabet soup group! My brother was gay and a partner for 30 or 40 years! OMG! And he always said! Government stay out of the bedroom! And you all bring it in?

  13. Real bunch of rocket scientists there. They like that middle finger. Are these public school teachers flipping the governor off .? Do I sense the school budget getting vetoed.? 2 can play this game.

      • You miss the fact that “Let’s Go Brandon” is a justified reaction to a tyrant (or the husk of a would-be tyrant), whereas this juvenile display by self-absorbed statists is literally nothing but vulgar and uncalled-for.
        Maureen, you a truly dishonest, disgusting and disingenuous person. Any one with any moral sense should avoid you like the plague.

        • Why is your use justifiable and not others?

          As to people should avoid me-you J-quit responding to my texts.

      • Few things.
        First of all, FJB got its start in one of the most blue/leftist cities in the US, the metro NYC area. Yes, it popped up a few other places, mostly college sports events (oh… look a leftist area) but when the crowd at the Meadowlands was chanting it, you know it has gone viral. So, if you do not like it, blame the left.
        Secondly, Let’s Go Brandon was because some ESPN (or CNN) reporter was trying to cover for the crowd at a NASCAR event, pretending that the crowd was chanting something it was not actually chanting. Once again, the left is the reason why a chant disparaging the sitting pResident is part of the mainstream.
        So, yes… the folks on the right are not perfect, but we are only taking up the torch the left lit.

  14. These members of the Alphabet Mafia are groomers, and instead of being in classrooms with children, they should be banned from being within 1,000 of a school.
    But instead, they are being paid a salary, benefits, and retirement package funded by the same people (us) whose children they are grooming.
    This cannot go on……

  15. Duh. And it’s dead in the water ever since he proposed it.

    Dunleavy is initiative poison. His record of failure, back peddling, and lack of spine doom damn near anything he puts his fingerprints on.

    • Dunleavy would do well to listen to his constituents in his own state as opposed to following politics of otherstates.

      • I’m not sure he has a natural constituency anymore. Ever since Wasilla he’s been a dead empty suit walking.

        My personal opinion is he is all over the political map lately to find a niche he can attempt to run for senate in.

        I’d vote for you over the Cowardly Lion. As much as I think you’re wildly off the mark on everything, you have a core you’re willing to fight for. Dunleavy? None at all.

        • Thanks TMA for your kind support.

          I am right with you-it has made me wonder how folks vote for that obvious lack of core.

          Also, I have wondered if he is on the spectrum possibly Aspergers given his ackwardness and overall disinterest in constituent interaction. And legislative engagement.

  16. If you love you kids, get them out of public education. Leave the state if you have to.

    The Alphabet gang and the teacher unions (by extension all other unions) are willing to fight harder, meaner, and resort to violence to get what they want.

    • Where are you going to go? The lower 48 is rife with this filth. If it hadn’t been for the Covid we would not have been aware of this. And how much calling and pressuring your legislators have you done? Keep fighting. How about supporting the governor instead of calling him names? Lock horns with the lefties and keep it up. Support HB105.

  17. Yeah Dunleavy. Let’s give these people bonuses and raises.

    You should be bounced out of office just for saying that.

    Lenin had a term for people like Dunleavy. Useful idiot.

  18. After that public testimony, if I had kids in Alaska public schools, I’d IMMEDIATELY pull them out. This picture just solidifies my position. Disgusting.

  19. Keep your children away from these types in the photo. Let them raise their own children.
    School voucher system might work for parents who can’t homeschool or afford private school.
    My kids tried all the school options. Public school wasn’t a safe place by any stretch of the imagination and there were fewer groomers back 20 years ago.

  20. Once again as usual, the minority making all the noise that gets the most attention. Keeping information from parents is absurd and should be illegal.

  21. A fond memory of mine is beating out a teacher when getting my house and property. Her sour puss face still makes me smile. My advice to her? Learn the Trades.

  22. And where was the support by outraged parents and conservatives for this bill? As usual, the lefties will be allowed to carry the day by their activism while the conservatives and concerned parents sit on their hands. Then the conservatives will blame the governor for not fighting enough. Get out and fight! This is for the kids and the families. If the lefties get their way there will be no families. The schools will split them up for good. Time to draw the line. Support HB105. Keep calling and keep the pressure on until it is passed.

  23. People, you can still provide written testimony on HB105, Parental Rights in Education bill, by sending an email to: ‘[email protected]. Please do your duty to protect our children.

  24. Many had suffered abuse as children and have compensated for this trauma by hiding in a make believe world. They want other children to wind up in their make believe world and not be made whole. They need this to justify their decisions in life.

  25. So Sad to see disrespect from Teachers. They are not good role models. Unfortunately Evil has corrupted what values they had…

  26. Rep McKay indicated the testimony will result in amendments to the proposed legislation, this is the way democracy works

  27. Rep McKay indicated the testimony will result in amendments to the proposed legislation, this is the way democracy works

  28. This is why we homeschooled all of our children and now our grandchildren are being homeschooled. If you don’t want your kids being indoctrinated by the government, don’t enroll them in a government school.

  29. This is why we homeschooled all of our children and now our grandchildren are being homeschooled. If you don’t want your kids being indoctrinated by the government, don’t enroll them in a government school.

  30. Interesting how these juvenile individuals are under the erroneous impression that anyone takes them seriously AND that this behavior somehow convinces ANYONE that all our children are better off in their care. This is strictly about normalizing and re-affirming their fantasy life choices. On a curious note, who pays for all this “transitioning” with drugs and surgery or them traveling to Juneau……
    Their hubris here shows once again that the “diverse”, “tolerant” and “inclusive” people demand that only their vision of the world is acceptable and all others need to be forced to embrace it. What a farce!

  31. I bet none of those testifying against the bill actually have children, or want children. Just saying.

  32. Public Educators telling the rest of Alaska what they think of us who pay for their salaries through taxes. Hhmm not a very educated way to get your point across

  33. I was recently watching Silence of the Lambs when a back and forth, or quid pro quo conversation between Agent Starling and Hannibal Lecter caught my attention.

    The subject, Billy, was being discussed between the two as a transexual, whence Dr. Lecter stated the following.

    “Billy is not a real transexual, but he thinks he is, he tries to be, he tried to be lot of things, I expect.”


    That is the actual truth.

    The victim du jour, no matter the actual mental illness.

    Look at me!

    I am a ‘victim’!

    No matter the type!

    Accept me!


    Worship my victimhood!

  34. How twisted are these people that believe they have rights over the parents of a child? Demons! Who shot 2 children and 3 teachers in a Christian School? A trans person who obviously was mentally disturbed and was convinced by so called “Educators” that they should question their gender.

  35. There was a time when teachers were respected members of the community. I have personal experience with this having been married to one for 50 years. My wife, now retired did a magnificent job of teaching the basics and mentoring children some of whom became teachers and principals due in part her positive influence. This current group of liberal losers deserve zero respect and will have no positive influence on their students as they promote and teach this politically correct, critical race theory, sick, woke garbage that undermines all that is good in this Constitutional Republic.

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