Canadian teacher will be allowed to continue wear oversized prosthetic breasts with big nipples to school


A high school teacher in an Ontario, Canada suburb will be allowed to continue wearing large prosthetic breasts to Oakville Trafalgar High School, where the transgender male to female teaches shop class. The large plastic breasts have nipples that protrude through the man teacher’s thin shirts, and have brought the school district unwanted international attention.

The Halton District School Board conducted a review of a proposed dress code at the request of concerned citizens and has determined that implementing any dress code would bring legal problems to the district.

The teacher at Trafalgar High School walks to school in his fetish attire.

“While the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has acknowledged the ability of an employer to establish dress and grooming standards for the purposes of professional business, and health and safety reasons, the Tribunal has likewise acknowledged that an employer cannot establish standards which, in their application or administration, result in differential treatment on the basis of a protected ground,” Superintendent Sari Taha and Director of Education Curtis Ennis wrote. They said a dress code could be interpreted as discriminatory.

“The Board has requested that the Director of Education provide information on the potential implications which may arise from a decision to implement a staff dress code. It is clear from the above analysis that the implementation of a formal staff dress code or grooming standards would likely expose the board to considerable liability.”

“Similarly, it is important to recognize the impact that dress code policies can have on members of the transgender community,” the administrators wrote, indicating that there is some separate community for transgenders that others don’t have membership in. “Most notably, it is important for employers to make allowances to ensure that these employees are able to express themselves in accordance with their lived gender.”

The teacher’s choice of provocative clothing came to light only after students started posting pictures of the teacher on social media. Those photos went viral on Twitter.


  1. I bet the 15-year old boys in that shop class have given names to those watermelon twins. Cupcake and gumdrop.

  2. All these decisions keep getting passed by the same small group. Nobody likes it, but they keep forcing the courts to make the destruction of society legal. Doubt me? Research how sexual deviants were handled in the 1950s.

  3. That women /male/he/she? has more plastic (Dino oils) in her fake pretend boobs! My little plastic grocery sack? Oh? She/he was carrying that too?
    My God god keep those big boobs away from Skil saw! Safety first ? Then more mentally harm our kids?

  4. This type of story does nothing to contribute to a rational Right/Left ideological debate. Is MRAK a site for serious ideas, or does it exist solely to bait and inflame Conservatives, and draw their clicks?

    I can pretty much guarantee that this situation will sort itself out. Indeed, if social pressure and ostracization don’t do it, back pain certainly will.

    • You’re offended at the story but not at the action that is clearly harmful to the learning environment? For me, I think it goes really well here right next to the story about how the NEA loves the children and knows what is best for them. But that’s me. You do you.

      • Or, Bullwinkle, it could be a serious question about why MRAK (in the “907” section) is doing a post on a Canadian school–that’s 2,500 miles away from Anchorage. In another country. With a different set of laws and social standards. Is it clickbait or is it designed to further your outrage? Keep doing you–keeping getting upset about how school is taught. In Canada.

        • Or the fact that Alaska shares a 1500 mile border with Canada and has a lot of history, culture and commerce there, and that this transgender culture nonsense infects all of our schools. Not to mention that you appear to want to be the news arbiter at Must Read Alaska. I’m sure Suzanne can find a spot for you, MRAK fanboy. Poser.

        • Mrak Fan, everyone knows Canadians desperately want to be like Americans. Their inferiority complexes compel them to try out-doing us at every level. Notice the condescending attitudes you see at border stations? Similarly, this idiot in a grotesque costume is simply trying to out-do the same types in America. Pathetic attention seekers overcompensating.

    • This type of story does nothing to contribute to that debate, because it has NOTHING do to with right/left side of the political aisle.

    • And we have another radical leftist extremist apologist for the celebration and glorification of the abnormal, the deviant, the degenerate, and the mentally disturbed.
      Your sense of morality and decency is topsy-turvy, Whidbey.

      • Don’t put words in my mouth, Jefferson. READ my comments for what they say, not what you want them to mean.

        • I have read them all too often here, Whidbey, and I stand by my factual statements and interpretations of your consistently pro-“woke”, pro-establishment, pro-radical leftist comments here.
          You are simply another in a large, seething mass of useful idiots for the globalist techno-tyrants, but you are both too arrogant, and too ignorant, to realize that fact.

    • Then just move elsewhere Whid. Get off your rocker, put out your joint, let go of the bottle, turn off CNN, and find a different site. You contribute nothing here.

    • Funny thing.

      You acknowledge the value of social pressure to bring moderation. Yet you decry when it happens as not contributing to an ideological debate.

      I get you like to be contrarian for its own sake, but your point is …pointless.

      Please don’t become Frank.

    • Whidbey, You Sir are always so reasonable about this kind of thing, I mean so what if a mentally Ill man grafts a couple of Titan IV Missile Nose Cones to his chest and teaches proper use of a Table Saw to a class of young minds full of mush? No big deal, right? Would you be offended if a Shop Teacher took up the practice of wearing a “Big Man” penis sheath or nambas? I wonder if it might get in the way of things as he demonstrated the use of a Chop Saw? Surely you would find that reasonable too, right?

  5. We had teachers that wore cossacks and made children engage in rituals, other teachers wore dark clothes with their heads covered and faces partially concealed. We were indoctrinated with a book that had many lurid stories thousands of years old. There was also a story about a child conceived immaculately with a 12-year old virgin. Nobody complained then.

    • Nice whataboutism. Great defense of depravity. You go with that one, Frank. You have taken contrarianism to new heights, proving you will argue with anything here at MRAK, anything at all….no matter how absurd your argument is.

    • In the pantheon of your stupidity, this reaches new heights.

      -cultural garments are long accepted as a part of teaching That culture. Plus cultural garments are considered normal by nearly every society on Earth.

      -people like you really need to stop attempting to use the Christian faith to make political points. You clearly don’t understand it, you’re not good at it, and you do it so poorly all most can manage is a sad shake of the head. Kinda like watching an illiterate person trying to read.

      But in a couple cases I’ll be your huckleberry.

      -it’s only been in the last few years the “12 year old” bit caught any traction. Besides being hotly debated as valid, it wasn’t taught that way.

      -there are numerous historical records supporting the early Church and rise of Christ. By the Romans no less, who were no fans of the practice.

      -the practice of Christian beliefs does not include sexualizing children or dressing in an nearly biologically impossible accessories in front of them to make political points.

      I get you seem to be OK with deviancy, sexualizing children, and undermining a social structure that has existed over 2000 years. Fine.
      Just own it and don’t be stupid trying to be clever.

    • I’ve got a serious question for you: what line, if any, are you not willing to cross in search of your particular utopia?

      Child rape? Incest? Sex slavery? Hard drugs in schools? Beastiality? Pedophilia?

      Where does your line get drawn?

  6. Why not? Western civilization is collapsing. This is just more fuel to make it burn down faster.

    I used to love going to Canada. Good food, nice people, dollar goes farther. But they really lost their minds about a decade ago.

    They are what Alaska will be in another decade or so.

    Sanity and freedom. It was nice while it lasted.

  7. What an absolute joke children are in being bombarded by crap like this every day it is so outlandish teachers are there to teach this MAN is supposed to be an educator not a distractor clearly HE needs some attention and acts as such

  8. No longer is the priority of education. Nowadays, it’s all about the personal – selfish – demonic freak show. A complete dumbing down of society. A very sad state of affairs.

    • Whatever happened to the big butt/tight jeans look? Much more natural with the obesity epidemic. Laughingly submitted. Just had to say it.

  9. He is a fetishist. He is acting out porn in the classroom in front of kids. While women who actually have this type of condition have to go in for surgery to function in life, this clown and all the others who enable him are mocking them. (No one has ever seen it this severe and certainly no one with this condition would able to go without a bra). This is the ultimate expression of misogyny. Tell me why another teacher can’t go to school with a large prosthetic penis creating a massive and grotesque bulge in his pants? No dress code? How about someone who has a fetish for being handicapped going to teach with their leg in a cast just because they identify as crippled? Western civilization has lost its mind. The Chinese are loving our lunacy.

  10. Back story on this is the shop teacher took exception with ongoing trans foolishness at his school. Decided on the current “enhancements” as a stick in the eye to the school board and administration who he and his students thought hated him. End game was apparently to force a dismissal after which he could sue them.

    Much to his surprise, they went along with the scam, allowing him to wear the “enhancements” as long as he wants, figuring he will hurt his back and have to stop. Essentially, they called his bluff.

    Lesson? Never get into a fight with anyone crazier than you are or are willing to be. Cheers –

    • All of that appears true. Problem is, what if he decided his next step in his war is to equip them with lactation capabilities and invite people to nurse him?

      One of the reasons Ontario and Canada are where they are is letting this sort of thing go on and on. Failure to act like an adult and the intellectual “children” run wild.

  11. This is an affront to men and women of all ages. This is antisocial behavior in the pollyanna world. Though renegades protest that there is no God Christian principles persist in our western continent. Typically women nursing with prominent nipples cover the nipples with an insert so as to not display this portion of the anatomy. Sociology 101: A social theory that is helpful tends to be valid. Prominent nursing bosoms are not populating shop classes attended by prepubescent youngsters. It is socially helpful and valid to remove prosthetic devices that do not enhance power tool safety which is the purpose of the class. It will take intact spiritual maturity and manly firmness to eject this apparent mental and spiritual illness from this public location. This is NOT funny. This prosthetic wearing individual is not proscribed from wearing this distraction in his own private cabinet shop if need be. OH Canada save yourself please.

  12. Pretty safe to assume that if a parent pulls there child out of that class, will probably serve jail time.
    Maybe that’s where the man is storing is fentanyl to hand out.

  13. Another brick in the wall of the many reasons to homeschool.

    Though it must be said I have wondered from the start if this is a deep troll on the part of the Canadian teacher (note that he has remained unnamed). If so it would be a glorious piece of agit prop.

  14. This is not the kind of publicity my fellow Cannuks look forward to. LGBTQ is an ultra radical way of life found prominently South of the border. Eh!

  15. It’s difficult to tell nowadays what is real and what is not. Give one or both of these gargantuan heart-stoppers a simple, reality test: poke one or both with a sharp pencil to see what happens!

    This has me wondering if anybody is walking around with a huge, airy gut, and I’m not talking about one filled with “flatulence.” Then again fat folks are so common that it wouldn’t be an unusual sight to see an obese man trying stumble around his stomach. Here you’d administer the “pencil test” by giving the slob a sharp jab to the gut; if you get a loud squeal, you’d know that you poked a real fat man!

  16. The young men and women enrolled in the class should refuse to go to that class. The parents of kids should support kid’s decision not to attend.
    The students can make up lost credits in an online course, without having to be subjected to a depraved freak show and the clowns called the school board.

  17. Let it continue, let the idiots mock their own hedonistic ways, they all should walk around with enormous genitalia to proclaim their perversion.

  18. Why the comments about back problems and prosthetic boobs being heavy?

    I have no real experience in this area but would be surprised to hear that they’re heavy at all; they’re likely inflated. This goofball isn’t going to give himself back problems just to be annoying and I’m certain these are much more like balloons than the ever popular genuine article.

  19. Perversion

    The dress code is not the issue. This teacher is obviously mentally ill and society is pretending it’s normal. We need to protect our children from believing this is ok.

    • I’m pretty sure the kids know this isn’t okay. When I went to high school, our hair couldn’t touch our buttoned up shirt collar. If it did out came the scissors.

  20. You have a great sense of humor Suzanne. You placed this story right alongside the one titled “NEA teachers union says on Twitter: ‘Educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need…’”. Well done!

  21. Educators love their students? Aren’t we now bordering on pedophilia, child grooming, and man-boy love? 15-year old straight boys might be offended. Some might even get physical with this complete freako.

    • More than just the lumber is stacked in this shop class.

      The low hanging fruit here is that this teacher is always looking for some serious wood. I’m certain someone will put the squeeze on this schoolmistress’ ambitions and I imagine even he wishes the matter would be well in hand as soon as class is out.

  22. NEA teachers union says on Twitter: ‘Educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need…’

  23. Is there a lathe I that shop?

    Perhaps that thing can get *its* plastic parts wrapped around a work piece.

    Safety lesson there kids.

  24. What would happen if the kids wore MAGA hats or anti Trudeau pins?

    Would Ontario suddenly discover appearance guidelines and standards?

  25. I’d imagine we’ve all joked to ourselves about that one goofball that’s alone in their car w/ a mask on. Or maybe the person that stands out is the one so inept they put a mask on over their mouth and leave their proboscis cantilevered out over the top.

    In this case our buddy the tranny here is doing both but no one notices because he has a couple of other distracting attributes front and center.

    If those things distracted you enough not to notice the botched mask just imagine what they’re doing to those shop class boys. No doubt several feel it’s a hard class.

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