Rep. Andy Josephson’s HB 17 would protect gender expression, like what a shop teacher expresses in Canada


At first glance, a reader would be forgiven for thinking it’s a hoax: A photo of a teacher in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, who appears to be wearing large water balloons with massive nipples under his sheer shirt, has gone viral on social media. At last count, the video of him sawing a wooden board in a classroom has been seen over 750,000 times.

The Oakville Trafalgar High School teacher wears large prosthetic breasts with nipples so massive they appear to be a hazard in shop class, where he demonstrates the use of a chop saw perilously close to the fake nipples.

It’s not fake. That is, the man is actually a teacher in a Canadian high school wearing fetish garments to school.

The local school district for Oakville Trafalgar High School says male teacher Kayla Lemieux’s gender expression must be respected and cannot be criticized. Lemieux has been identifying as a woman for one year.

In fact, the school district has issued a written defense of Lemieux’s gender expression. Gender “identity” is protected in Canada.

That type of gender expression protection is the intent of a bill in Alaska during the last legislative session. Prime sponsor Rep. Andy Josephson pushed House Bill 17, which would add gender identity and “expression” to the list of protected classes covered by the Alaska Human Rights Commission. Legislators who signed on as cosponsors include Reps. Grier Hopkins, Sara Hannan, Geran Tarr, Harriet Drummond, Calvin Schrage, Ivy Spohnholz, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, Andi Story, Liz Snyder and Zack Fields.

To be clear, the gender identity expression become teachers forcing their fetishes on children under the cover of “inclusion.” In this sexual identity era, science is ignored for political correctness and transgender men make mockery of women and their bodies — wholly acceptable to the “woke” government officials who run our cities and schools.

The Halton District School Board in Oakville says its official policy is to recognize “the rights of students, staff, parents/guardians and community members to equitable treatment without discrimination based upon gender identity and gender expression. Gender identity and gender expression are protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Male teachers wearing prosthetic breasts to school is the kind of expression HB 17 would have protected had it not died in committee in March of this year. Several of its cosponsors are up for reelection this year, including Josephson, Hopkins, Hannan, Drummond, Schrage, Story, and Fields.


    • Maxwell, you said it best: WTF! Fig leaves being passé, there will be a hot market in this country for Canadian oak leaf pasties! What do the ladies say? Or will alder leaves do here on the frontier?

      So we’re off to hell—why not laugh about it! Eh?

  1. How many more reasons do you need to get your kids out of public school?

    How many more examples do you need that Alaska is not a red state, and the left wants to destroy everything you hold important?

    • “How many more reasons do you need to get your kids out of public school?……”
      And continue to pay them to play those kinds of mentally instable games? Wouldn’t it be better to somehow bring it all crashing down?

      • Reggie,
        The best and only way to bring “it” down is to flee the system. Let it collapse faster by taking your children out.

  2. The irony. Big plastic titties made of petroleum products. What are the odds ths dude is also an environmentalist.

  3. Those are totally fake hahaha ? ?

    You all didn’t shout out Royce Lopez for screen grabbing his twitter many of your younger readers 18-40 will probably like Royce’s show “revenge of the cis” find it on most podcast apps and patreon .it’s great

  4. People really need to wake up! This is exactly what they want in our Public Schools and in many ways it already exists. This is a global movement to normalize what is not normal and groom your kids! Governor Desantis in Florida gets this and has taken action to protect Florida’s kids. Question is, does Dunleavy get this? I seriously doubt it! Every responsible parent should remove their children from the Public Education System until serious reforms take place to protect your children from the abuse that is being thrust on them without your knowledge or consent. Their are numerous home schooling options and there have already been court cases won that give the parents the right to take the education tax money to use on that education.

    • Do what you want in private, just leave children out of your sexual expressions. Stop destroying the innocence of children.

  5. When stories like this are so common, one can’t help but think the Muslims are right regarding us as a sick, fallen, decadent society.

    It also makes one wonder what is wrong with the hard left which allows them to see deviance and consider it good.

    • Masked, Many Muslim societies are equally corrupted. Sorry to break the news to you.
      ” for utility a woman, for pleasure, a boy…”( an old Arab proverb I once happened upon.
      The wonder is that we’ve allowed ourselves to become just another third world s**t hole similar to what they live in.

  6. This is not about “expression”
    It is about control and power.
    It is about destroying conventional relationships.
    It is about destroying conventional norms.
    Let’s be realistic here. It is quite possible this man wants to be a woman. There are people out there who want to change sex. But, the ridiculous outfit? That is not because this man wants blimp sized boobs, it is because this man wants to make everyone uncomfortable. It is because he wants to see how high he can make everyone jump at his command.
    And, it is because leftists want to destroy conventional male/female relationships. That just gets in the way of the all-powerful State being your primary relationship.
    After all. If you have a spouse and children that are your first and foremost responsibility, you will want to take care of them before you pay off someone else’s student loans, or caring for their kids.

      • Once again, the leftist shill shows up, posts a comment, and provides ZERO supporting commentary.
        Please tell me where I am wrong about anything I wrote.
        And… Lucinda flees in three… two…

        • I’m here for you CB. I can help. BTW, I don’t flee. Sometimes either Suzanne or her First Amendment dampening software won’t let me water this desert with my wisdom.

          You’ve offered some conjecture and opinion, some of it could be true. But some is not true. I can’t understand this guy’s intent (and neither can you), but I can speak on behalf of my liberal (not leftist) position. I/we don’t want to destroy conventional boy/girl relationships, we just want to include other possibilities. If you’re not into gay marriage, don’t marry a man, but others want to marry within their own gender. So what? Why would you care?

          • See, was that so difficult for you to post in the first place?
            And, Lucinda. You personally may not want to destroy conventional girl/boy relationships, but it is obvious that leftists do. The gay marriage push was, per one of the national advocates, just a stepping stone on the path to destroying the institute of marriage.
            I wonder why, when I make a generic statement, you decide it applies to you personally? Can you share your wisdom on that front?
            And, no. I do not believe for a second that Suzanne is deliberately deleting your comments that have content, while letting you constantly post inane blather that is meaningless.
            Suzanne Downing. Please let Lucinda water this desert with her wisdom.

            • CBMTTek, Lucinda gets most of her comments posted, except for the ones where she drops F bombs, or something equally offensive. – sd

          • No school teacher should be wearing short-shorts and gigantic fake breasts with their n*pples protruding in a class of minor children. That’s just disgusting. It’s even more so that a pretend woman is doing it. And, newsflash: Science says if you have male DNA, you’re a male, no matter how much you want to pretend you’re a woman. Thought you liberals were big on science. Guess that’s true only when it’s convenient, right?

  7. Well isn’t that nice of Canada. Getting the kids ready for New York or LA. Go chase your dreams in America. Just be careful what you wish for.

  8. There’s a Gene Wilder / Young Frankenstein comment buried in here but try as I might I just can’t get it to fit.

    It fits even more poorly though in a room full of impressionable young boys. At what point did it become a good idea to parade private intimate matters amongst children? I thought you were supposed to get in trouble for that?

  9. Now let’s see some ladies go to school with Huge dildo’s sticking out under their see through skirts and see how they react!

    • Adults recognize there is a difference between clever and shocking.
      Which means it will be 100% leftist ladies that will do that.

  10. Andy Josephson and his team are with out a doubt moronic. They elevate the proverbial box of rocks to highly intelligent.

    Besides that though I am wondering if the ridiculous boobage on the shop teacher might not be a real case of gross sexual confusion but instead someone trying to prove a point. His ‘faux-titties’ are morbidly hilarious, and really do make me wonder if his is trying to illustrate the idiocy of the whole lgbtqxyz etc agenda. Just a thought.

    Still, that a school district could be so dumb is a strong basis for parents there to get their kids out now.

    • The problem with that assertion is adults recognize there is a difference between clever and shocking. Leftists do not.
      This guy is trying to see how far he can push the boundaries, and how much control he has over a public to terrified to call him out.

  11. The photo of the Canadian teacher is clearly sexual abuse to all the students who interact with him. The man (criminal) is receiving sexual pleasure by wearing such a grotesque costume in front of children. It is also deeply misogynistic. In all healthy societies across time and culture men and women knew what to do when confronted by this behavior (as it is nothing new). Why are we so weak? Why do we tolerate any of this? Do we care so little for children that we will readily offer them as sacrifice to adult fetish and depravity? Have we no shame?

  12. The end of western civilization!

    “History fails to record a single precedent in which NATIONS SUBJECT TO MORAL DECAY have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING to overcome the moral lapse, OR a PROGRESSIVE DETERIORATION leading to ultimate national disaster.” – Douglas MacArthur

    “WITHOUT VIRTUE there can be NO LIBERTY.” – Benjamin Rush

    “Perfect FREEDOM consists in OBEYING the dictates of RIGHT REASON … where licentiousness begins, LIBERTY ENDS.” – Samuel West

  13. Even if you pull your kids out of public school – which I agree with – you’ll still pay for it via your Property Tax Assessment. Don’t pay up, you lose your house. As for vouchers… I’m sure you’ve heard the shrill version of “Don’t allow public money to be used for private education.” One would think that turning out to vote might alleviate all of this but, thanks to Anchorage’s gargantuan heap of apathy, forget about it.

    • “…….As for vouchers……..”
      Vouchers are the answer. It amounts to piece-by-piece defunding if they don’t get their act together.

      • Agree.
        If the public schools had to compete with each other, and private schools, they would suddenly realize that 42 vice principals are not actually needed for a school with less than 500 students, and the test scores actually matter.
        With vouchers you could choose to send your child to Eagle River high (Ranked #2 per US News) instead of West HS (ranked #11 by US News). And, Eagle River HS could choose to charge a few $$$ above the voucher rate, which will allow them to hire the top teachers, and provide more current services.

  14. Heard about this on Salty Cracker on YouTube. He’s hilarious, but in all seriousness, this story itself is not very funny. It’s disgusting and it should be considered sexual assault to expose children to this.

  15. Damnnation!!! How sad when behavior like this is accepted. Especially when it comes to our children, our future. What happened??? WHAT!!?? think about what and how we learned in schools in 1945 as compared to now. It’s disgraceful!

  16. I can’t go into Canada because I’m not vaccinated, don’t think I’m missing much. Maybe the wig will get caught in the bandsaw.

  17. Meanwhile in the world that Suzanne ignores, the whole Trump family is likely to be indicted for years of fraud, the Trump Organization chief financial officer is going to jail, Trump’s former lawyer is in prison, Trump is likely to be indicted – and convicted – on theft of government property and then there’s the whole January 6 thing. But plastic boobs! That’s what MRAK readers care about!

    • Yawn.
      Why bother writing words Lucinda. We all know. You abhor Trump.
      How about we all save Suzanne some bandwidth. From now on, just post a comment with the #1 for “Trump is a criminal” #2 for “January 6th was a violent insurrection and Trump caused it.” and #3 for “Whomp Whomp you have been fooled.”
      Or… hey! Here is a wild idea. How about posting something that actually is relevant to the topic at hand, and provides some content?

      • CB. True that I hate Trump. Suzanne does a good job finding stray stories from around the country. But she chooses stories that inflame her readers and support their ideologies, which is, of course, her right. It makes MRAK a tabloid though. Not serious journalism.

        But it’s fun to get riled up sometimes. Keeps my blood pressure from getting too low.

        Why no stories about the state of New York suing trump?

        • If it is just a tabloid, why spend so much time here?
          And, the State of NY suing Trump is laughable. If you knew anything about law, you would recognize:
          1. This is a civil suit.
          2. It is being brought by someone who was not involved in the transaction.
          3. There was no party harmed by the actions of Trump’s businessed
          If this even gets to court it will be tossed out by any competent judge.

    • Because justice SHOULD be weaponized and politicized in the USA?. Everyone knows democrats are just more spiritually ? lead by God and have such sensitive and well-trained consciences. It is So evident in recent published news stories.

    • I’m not in the habit of flying to the defense of either the liberals or the conservatives, the sane or the insane. They are all the same to me! In the long run it makes no difference to me as to what happens to whom or why, but you do make a good point, but who really cares? Most of “humanity” is looking for a bite to eat and a place to sack out—somewhere to dream about screwing the other guy out of what he has.

      Trump is a good case in point, but I wish him well in his endeavors to do to the people what he does best. So he isn’t the brightest man on the globe, but he has a lot of “squirrels” eating out of the palm of his hand. And so he’s a dishonest, amoral man, but Christian redemption has all of his shortcomings covered in the hereafter!

      Think about lightening up a bit: there is nothing gained by taking life seriously. What do you think we are all doing here—saving humanity and leaving the earth a better place for others to live in after we leave? Need I remind you, Lucinda, we’re on the frontier: take what you can and leave the wailing to those who cry!

    • Lucinda, tell me again why people should be concerned solely about Trump and not cultural decay? But speaking of Trump and his family and alleged wrong doings what news have you about Hunter Biden?

        • Just waiting on the treason.
          Have been waiting since 2016.
          Proof of treason has been promised, repeatedly for almost seven years.
          Still waiting for anything. Anything at all.
          On the other hand, there is clear evidence that forces are intent on destroying the cultural norms that have built this, and most western, nations. Plastic boobs is just one part of it.

  18. You know, this shop teacher gives me an idea ….
    Similarly over-stuff myself as a man to ridiculous proportions, and attend every Anchorage municipal ass-embly meeting. Maybe I can thereby so distract and disorient Felix Rivera, Forest Dunbar and Chris Constant that they will totally fail to pursue their insane and destructive radical leftist agenda.

    • Agreed! This is a MAN, who is living out his fantasies, to him this is how women should look. Men dressing up as women or pretending to be women are complete chauvinists, showing real biological women, how they should dress, look and behave. This is all about power, arrogance and superiority. That this school district is supporting this farce is despicable.
      It is time to vote for a constitutional convention and rescind the Blaine amendment. Change the funding formula to follow the child.

  19. 2002 i knew the undergraduate teaching majors were wacky. I never thought of them be so immoral or demonic. all were young and innocent young adults while josephson’s teaching generation was naive,complacent, and pleasers in 2002. Dumb sheep we all act. If you want to know how we act too much as sheep phillip keller tells us best in ‘a shepard looks at the good shepard and his sheep.’

  20. Interestingly enough if this were a biological woman, walking around in shop class this scantily clad and flaunting her assets in this manner, it would not be tolerated and she would be told to tone it down and dress more modestly as “there are children present”. The double standard screams in your face.

  21. My parents were so lucky … born in the 20s, died in the late 70s (too young !) but at least they didn’t have to witness the destruction of America and all that normal people hold dear. WTF is going ON in the world now? Logical, kind, RATIONAL people do not want to live in this Hell that’s happening all around the world. Is this the end of everything reasonable people care for? When will the “doctors” retake the “asylum” and stop the lunatics from destroying the World (ANCHORAGE, I’m looking at YOU)? … And even that is a misnomer – we can’t trust “doctors” anymore after the “pandemic” debacle. I have no answers. The best I can do is keep living my life and treating people with kindness ~ hoping humanity makes it through this nightmare. That’s all I’ve got.

  22. First it was biological men taking over women’s sports. Then it was biological men as woman of the year, Rachel Levine as first female four star admiral, 80 year old woman banned from YMCA for refusing to shower with a biological man and shouted down by protestors. Now we’ve got the transgender porno high school shop teacher, whose school apparently only dress codes the students. Every mother, daughter, grandmother should be livid that our rights and accomplishments are being stripped away by biological men with body dysphoria. Every parent should fight for the innocence and values they’ve instilled in their children that can be so easily swayed by schools and teachers such as this. Vote these people out of office before it’s too late.

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