New record: Two million illegals cross U.S. southern border in one year, an all-time high



 More than two million migrant encounters have occurred along the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2022 as of August.

This is an all-time high and driven partly by an increased influx of people coming from what U.S. Customs and Border Patrol refer to as the failing communist regimes of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. They comprised 35% of the migrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border in August 2022. There was a 175% increase in people from these countries being spotted around the border over the past year.

“Failing communist regimes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba are driving a new wave of migration across the Western Hemisphere, including the recent increase in encounters at the southwest U.S. border,” CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said in a press release. “Our dedicated teams of skilled agents continue to work around the clock to secure our border and safely and humanely process and vet every individual encountered, but those fleeing repressive regimes pose significant challenges for processing and removal.”

There were 203,598 migrant encounters at the southern border last month. Most were apprehensions (181,160) of migrants who entered the country illegally. A much smaller portion (22,427) were migrants and asylum-seekers processed at legal ports of entry.

With one month left of the fiscal year, CBP agents along the southern border had encountered more than 2.1 million migrants.

That beat the record set in fiscal year 2021 (1.7 million migrant encounters).

About one million of the migrants encountered at the border have been expelled to Mexico or another country subject to Title 42, which was used to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Title 42 does not carry any criminal or immigration penalties, unlike other deportations.


  1. Illegal aliens. Criminal entry into the United States of America. Any other country around the world will prosecute those who cross their borders without legal entry.

  2. For September 20, 2022, there were approximately 29,364 new China Virus cases and 238 new deaths in the United States. The costs associated with those cases are massive. Hospitalizations, doctors visits, medication costs, and massive lost work days that cost hundreds of millions.

    Over one million Americans have been killed by the China Virus. Nearly 100 million Americans have suffered an infection.

    More Americans die of the China Virus every month than were murdered on 9/11/2001.

    But the traitor Joe Biden tells us its okay for millions of people to invade our country without any health screening or vaccination. It was traitor Biden that fought to end Title 42 which had helped us keep infected illegals from coming into our country and harming Americans.

    Traitor Joe. Can’t wait until the corrupt, demented moron is removed from office.

    And when we no longer have a corrupt Democrat Congress to deal with, we need legislation that allows class action lawsuits to go forward against China- for deaths and injuries caused by the engineered virus China created- just like we do with countries that promote terrorism that has killed or harmed Americans.

    • That’s all water under the bridge because China Joe declared the other day that the pandemic is over. I got my sixth shot for nothing damn it. Made my arm sore. I did get that $20 coupon at Winn-Dixie to use for shopping. Just when I was counting on that set of steak knives too.

      • You’re a hoot Gregory.

        Happy to see you have changed your tune a bit about the vaccines and boosters. Let us not forget how incompetent and corrupt the FDA, CDC, and other government health agencies really are. They truly need to be burned to the ground so something else can be rebuilt with a much better foundation of sound philosophies, disciplines, accountability, and oversight that welcomes sincere and honest debate and scrutiny inside and from the outside, well not only welcomes it but requires it. And the whole field of epidemiology needs, at the very least, a very stern look.

        Sorry that’s off topic and not nearly as funny, but I really don’t want it to be just water under the bridge and I’m glad people that weren’t seeing it as much before are seeing it now.

    • China Joe announced the other day that the pandemic is over. Right after I got my sixth shot also and got a sore arm, but I did get that $20 gift certificate from Winn-Dixie. There goes My hopes for a set of steak knives though.

  3. How could that have happened? Trump built the wall! And Mexico paid for it!

    You wouldn’t be telling me that Trump’s campaign promises were complete bullwhackery, would you?

    • As you know, the wall was never finished. You know what happens to an unfinished wall don’t you, it’s a jailbreak. Mexico did pay for the part that was constructed though. Paid through higher tax levies and import fees.

    • Trump did build the wall, well, a lot of it. Then Biden cancelled all of the construction almost as soon as he was sworn in. Large swaths of the wall were incomplete, and now completely open because Biden just had to reverse everything Trump did as soon as he could.
      What is weird is the contractors got paid anyway. There is a requirement under US law that the Federal Government cannot cancel a contract without making the contractor whole. So, we paid for a wall we did not receive because Biden is a spiteful and evil man.
      But… thanks for playing. Perhaps next time you might want to… oh… I do not know, find out a few facts before posting a comment.

    • The wall was funded and under construction when Biden took office. He immediately stopped construction while the contractors still got paid for not working (sound familiar?). The billions of dollars we would have saved by not having to feed, clothe, provide medical, and house the migrants would have more than paid for the wall.

  4. Pray the “church” people are ready to Evangelize this crowd. Pray they don’t just feed them physical food, clothes, and possessions when there are longtime church attendees and local citizens of need. These new arrivals need the gospel and discipling, they are selfish and self-centered just like anyone else w/o christ.

    • If their former countries also had a biblical foundation like america with founders God-fearing men and women there be less run-aways today. Just saying.

      • Just remember – if there’s 1000 religions in the world, you’re an atheist to 999 of them. Just sayin’…

        The only religion people really need is The Golden Rule.

        • And the Golden Rule stems from Christianity.

          Among other things, you clearly don’t understand what atheism is.
          Or belief, for that matter.

        • No. Wrong. Get a clue.
          There is no religion that I know of that thinks the adherents to other religions are atheists. Not even the muslims are that closed minded.
          In fact, the big three religions (Judaism, Christianity, and islam) all worship the same God. Different names, and different beliefs concerning Christ, but the same monotheistic god.
          And, like the good leftist/child that you are, you claim to know what people need? How about you grow up, and actually let people live their own lives without judgement.

          • CBMTTek: Ding. and I award my point to you.

            I find that most atheists aren’t really atheists completely. Rather they assume the beliefs of others very incorrectly and then tell themselves they don’t believe in that. It’s like they believe religions believe in God like kids believe in Santa Claus, literally. They think religions teach that there is an actual bearded man in the sky with a staff that loves us all. So because of that, they think one religion believes in the Easter Bunny and another believes in the Tooth Fairy, but call it the same thing.

      • Jenny you really need to go back and redo your history lesson. The Catholic Church has a stronghold every country in South America. It’s been that way ever since the Spanish invaded. I don’t blame these people for wanting a better life. The fact that you do makes me question your Christianity. Unless of course you think the Exodus was a crime. I do criticize these people for not doing it they’re correct way. Perhaps they are desperate enough and the right way to do things is unobtainable. Maybe they think the only way to do it is the way they’re currently doing it, risking life and limb along the trail up here and then drowning in the river. All while being victimized by traffickers. No I feel sorry for people in the world that are less fortunate than we are.

      • Jen, don’t forget the next verse. “Everything you do, do it in love”. Jesus came to save the world not to condemn it.

  5. Ship them ALL to Martha’s Vineyard! And to New York City, and to Moscow-on-the-Potomac, and to San Francrisco, and to every other radical leftist hellhole. Diversity is YOUR strength, right?

    • I’m always impressed by the depth of your Christian compassion and benevolence. A model for us all.

      “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” Matthew 7:12.

      • I’d have thought the last time you embarrassed yourself trying to quote scripture you clearly don’t understand would have taught you.

        Clearly not.

        I could walk you through this, again, but I am a big believer in not trying to teach pigs to sing.

      • It is being compassionate.
        Those places have openly admitted that immigrants are welcome.
        What is compassionate about leaving them in cities and States that do not want them there?

    • As an indigenous person, I can tell you that most tribes especially small ones have their hands full just trying to take care of their own people. Wealthy tribes like the Navajo don’t really have too much to offer. I would like to remind you that my tribe the Choctaw donated money to the starving Irish during the potato famine so it’s not like we’re without feelings or compassion if that’s what you’re trying to insinuate.

  6. In 20 months the burden on the working class exploded by a corrupt life long politician. I can’t wait until we get a conservative business person back in the white house.

  7. Third world countries love this Biden administration policy. It’s a perfect opportunity to clean out their prisons and offload their convicts, straight across our border.

    • Of course, so do the cartels and human traffickers. So do terrorist abroad trying to sneak in. So do our foreign adversaries. And of course, so do the progressives (just don’t try and fly them to THEIR neighborhood).

  8. Illegal Aliens come for the easy to get jobs such as painting, Tile, handyman work, hired by homeowners by going around licensing, Bond and Insurance requirements cheating ligit contractors out of jobs by low biding and there is no law enforcement to protect us from this theft.
    However if an Illegal try’s to illegally occupy a government or corporate job the police will show up in 2 minutes, shame.

    • Yes, they should all be registered to prevent them from avoiding those job requirements. Secure the border and require the carpenters etc who are already here to get a permit.

  9. When Tom writes about these “migrants” I assume he means illegal immigrants or illegal aliens. When people refer to illegal immigrants or illegal aliens as “migrants” they are falling into the progressive woke trap of redefining words.

    I’m not sure how we could have over 2,000,000 illegal immigrants or illegal aliens cross our borders when VP Harris just recently and repeatedly informed us that “the border is secure”.

    • As soon as the left was able to take control of the language, the culture war was lost.

      Migrants come and go. Illegals stay forever.

  10. The US is one of the few countries in the world with unsecured borders. The others don’t need to secure their borders because no one wants to go there (take Somalia for instance). Look at Canada’s requirements just to visit. Most countries have their armed military guarding the border and will quickly turn you around by gunpoint. But, Biden’s handlers have an agenda and this is all by design.

    • Not to worry. Once the regressives are in control, borders will come up fast.

      Iron curtain time. But we’ll be on the other side.

  11. Not true that Judaism, Christianity and Muslim all worship the same God!! Only Christianity teaches the triune God ( Father ,Sonand HolySpirit, all co equal, coeternal and all powerful etc,etc) but Christianity LSC declares that Jesus Christ is the incarnate son nd only thru a proper relationship with Him does one have access to the Father God. The Holy Spirit leads us human beings to right understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ and in dwells us as a guarantee of a unique relationship with Jesus Christ ( born again) qualifying us for eternal life in heaven!!

  12. And still Latin American countries get seduced by socialism. We should take a look at that history during “Hispanic Heritage Month”. Hmmm I wonder why it isn’t a focus on why so many immigrants came to the US? Why could that be….? Don’t we all, as Americans understand how important it is that we maintain ourselves out of the grips of socialism so that we continue to be a leading example for our neighbors and a refuge for those trapped under the most oppressive regimes? We all understand that right? So why isn’t it discussed?

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