NEA teachers union says on Twitter: ‘Educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need…’


The National Education Association wrote this weekend that teachers know better any anyone what students need.

“Educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need to learn and to thrive,” read the message from the official Twitter account of the NEA.

There were over 5,000 comments responding to that tweet. Most of them were not playing along with the NEA.

Libs of TikTok, an account that makes fun of liberals, wrote, “Is this an ad for school choice?”

“Nope. Get your kids out of government schools ASAP,” wrote one account.

“‘Better than anyone’? That’s rich,” said another.

“Increasingly educators seem to know better than no one,” wrote yet another. 

“Then why haven’t they been thriving in the last 25 years? Because we’re always at the bottom of the barrel world wide yet we spend millions and millions of $. I think parents need to start following the $$$,” a parent commented.

Some teachers defended the comment and said teachers really do know best.

“Professional educators have done the studying. We’ve done the research, and continue to do so, and as a result we have the subject-matter expertise. Thank you for your support. It *is* a rich skill set, and far too few respect how valuable it is,” wrote one math teacher, who has his pronouns in his Twitter bio.

But others told the NEA it was way out of its lane.

They included former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who chimed in: “You misspelled parents.”

Others dropped some expletives on the teachers union. There were lots of F-bombs by the end of the weekend.

“So gross. You’re with my kid for one year. I’m with him from the day he is born until the day I die. Stop trying to do my job. Start doing yours,” a parent responded, echoing the sentiments of evidently thousands.

NEA-Alaska has 12,000 members in 213 of Alaska’s 229 communities, and is one of the most powerful political forces in the Alaska, where students are performing at the bottom of the pack nationwide.


  1. Not just no, F no. Your few hours a day with my children do not give you any real insight to them.

    Get back to me after you’ve taught them to read, toilet trained them, sat up several nights with them sick, played with them on the floor, held them after a bad breakup, taken them to tutors/choir practice/swimming lessons etc.

    You have very little to know clue what makes my child tick, their wants and dreams, any of it.

    The arrogance of public education is another reason the system needs to be burned to the ground.

  2. HA! Nothing says you love those students like 25%-44% profiency scores. Yeah! Loving them straight to homeless, api, or treatment to continue loving them into adulthood. Hahahaha. Read to your kids . And don’t read fluffy fantasy or silly kid books that is equivalent to eating poptart for breakfast.

  3. NEA union = selfish —– who’s only goal is to funnel money from members into political action accounts for Democrats.
    Woke teachers = brainwashing robots for climate action, LGBTQ, gender reassignment and cancel culture.
    Students = lazy, electronic addicts, mentally unstable, mixed-up about sexual identity, can’t write in cursive, can’t spell without hand-held device, can’t balance check books, and cry racism when distressed.
    Prognosis for America: Devastating our once proud, world-leading nation.

  4. The only thing the NEA knows to do is to make kids mental basket cases between the transgender crud taught to poor suspecting trusting kids from kindergarten on up. Add to that the gross criminality of the so-called Critical Race Theory which helps people to again hate other races just when we were all really beginning to respect each other, and you have future school shooters, among other consequences. It has to stop and it is the parents who must signal that this is to end. NEA is a sorry organization that should either be reformed or disbanded in the interest of social unity and safety. Best example of a respectful society is Governor Mike Dunleavy and first lady Rose Dunleavy, a native Alaskan and their three daughters. Also, US Senator Dan Sullivan and his lovely Athabaskan wife. Why would Alaskans want to go backward?

    • Agreed. But then there is the stark story of what just happened and is still ongoing in Kipnuk. If you want a good snapshot of what happens in Alaska bush family life read the autobiographical novel Ordinary Wolves by the Kotzebue environmentalist Seth Kantner.

      • Snapshot of a very unique Alaska bush family Kayak. Hardly an example of Alaska bush life in general. Howie Kantner was as extreme an Alaskan as possible and his family life is certainly worth the read. And then follow it up with Seth’s masterpiece “A Thousand Trails Home.”

  5. I dislike the NEA very much. I think I may have still been a teenager when the NEA converted from a professional organization to a union. Big mistake for America.

    However, my long-term, direct experience in Alaska is that teachers actually do know what is wrong with Alaska education and they don’t like it. Alaska teachers don’t like the deterioration in student performance. But pressures from school administrators and school boards, and from the union, as well as political correctness prevent teachers from being honest with anyone except when talking quietly with one another. School administrators don’t want the noise and clamor that would result from teachers being forthright. Parents could not handle an honest evaluation of their children.

    So stupid decisions have become institutionalized. Want one example? An example is putting retarded students in with regular students, a common practice. The political correct term is special needs or just “special,” but they’re retarded. Teachers call them the droolers. Often a class will have even more than one student who will never be able to even recognize his/her name in print. One student throwing a tantrum, screaming and pounding on the carpet for example, can take ten minutes out of a 40 minute class. (and what kind of message does that send to the real students?) Any teacher could give you a dozen similar examples, including giving high grades to students so parents won’t cause trouble for them and for administrators. Teachers receive great evaluations if parents say only nice things about those teachers when talking to administrators and school board members. Can you see what’s going on?

    As you might imagine, Alaska has some education challenges that are not found in most states. Those are REALLY off limits for open discussion. We have a Governor who knows exactly what those challenges are, and he’s not about to mention them either!

    Even before the upcoming first session of the incoming Alaska legislature the NEA (the AEA, if you like) and school boards will be banging the drum for reverting to a defined benefit pension plan for teachers and implementing much higher salaries for teachers and administrators as a way to improve school performance. Those changes would not do anything for students of course, but they could reduce teacher turnover in the larger municipalities (if that is desirable). However, next time we have $50 oil Alaska will not be able to come close to meeting its costs even if the incoming legislature somehow resists the demands to increase the costs of government. In the meantime I have no idea how to incentivize teachers to reveal what is actually wrong in Alaska education; why would teachers do that?

    • The “good” teachers they must stop doing what the germans and its church leaders done not speak out choosing passive acceptance to
      hitler. I’d rather be fired for doing right than be characterized
      a mediocre worker which is far worse.

    • Probably true. But it’s also true that after the first week of school a First Grade teacher can tell you with almost 100 percent accuracy which students have had someone read to them every day and which students have not. Also, after the first week of school a good Sixth Grade teacher can tell you with 90 percent accuracy which students come from a home that experienced a divorce while that student was alive and which students did not, and even a mediocre teacher can tell you with 100 percent accuracy which students live in single-parent homes.

      • Teachers in Anchorage can tell by the end of the year federal test scores which children have parents who work with their children in separate gifted curriculum materials nightly for hours at home the usually minority student is segregated from using by separatist third grade teachers who love their own, if any, children during the day at school.

      • Those teachers must stop judging their students gossiping about their home lives. Thats none of their business. Their negative thinking
        only drains their energy away from teaching. Thanks for bringing it up. Now i can tell other parents how teachers judge their kids.

  6. Let’s be clear, concise and honest, the NEA and it’s members “love the students” as this is their main-line conduit for greater personal benefits, profits, wealth and power. “If” and “Only If” the NEA and it’s members true LLY cared, wouldn’t it be reflected in higher test scores, smarter kids, and greater confidence – faith in the community?

  7. And look at the great education they are receiving. They all can’t do simple math or read a elementary school level book. They can’t tell the difference between a male or female.They can’t hold jobs and think government controlling their every move is called freedom. Yes leave your kids with the dumbing down of America education system.

  8. Teacher Union should represent their membership and not dictate what is and is not taught in Alaska schools. Alaska students’ performance is at the bottom of the nation. That is an indicator to me that teachers and school district school boards are failing the residents of Alaska.
    Get back to the basics READING, WRITING, AND MATH.
    TEACHER UNIONS do not dictate school criteria. The students’ parents do.

  9. NEA members are hired to teach our children. They are not hired to decide what our children need to learn. Granted, their detailed involvement in the process ought to give them considerable insight, but that doesn’t give them the right make this ridiculous declaration, particularly when their leadership seems to be more focused on pushing ideology rather than basic education.

    In light of recent test scores in Alaska, the NEA ought to be doing some serious soul-searching right now.

  10. Yet another reason to homeschool. Do not allow your children to be indoctrinated by these people as they would gladly take their minds and soul. They are Godless and reprobate and are on the road to perdition.

    • But don’t support any public homeschooling groups like idea or raven
      . Their staff are ignorant democrats going along the status quo. I just found out 6th grade enrolled raven student online included health curriculum wouln’t be appropriate for a 3rdgrader. What can be Inappropiate? When a child needs higher reading/writing and history. What i think public homeschools are sneaking in crazy sexuality topics.

      • Even at 6th when my child reaches, i don’t want them learning about dating. I’ve already told her i don’t want her dating any boy without a job, commitment to his studies, honoring his parents and God, nor has a clean life. She already agreed. Now i pray when her peers do turn teen she doesn’t reduce the standard. No sixth grader should be learning about dating even from an alaskan public online homeschooling health program. Dating should be taught by parents and just like reading books if parents aren’t teaching about dating and who to look for and how to see red flags then tough luck on that child. Their poor choices in life relationships will be their teacher. A curriculum purpose is read, write, math,science, and learn history fundalmentals that tells of nations foundations, growths, and falls. Nothing
        else health class is a waste of public money for its inclusion.

  11. We shouldn’t confuse teachers with the nea. There are two different identities. Any teacher that I’ve ever known and it has been many, truly did care about what was best for their students. Yes some of them belong to the NAA but many did not. I never belonged to the organization because I saw them for what they are. Just a power grabbing society. In the end, they don’t establish curriculum, that’s for the school board to do. They don’t save non-tenured teachers from dismissal. Non-tenured teachers are at will and subject to be dismissed for any reason or no reason at all. NEA knows this and their lawyers know this but they may try to bluff a school district wanting to dismiss crappy teacher. The only thing that I know they’re good for is charging teachers way too much for membership. Kind of like taxation without representation. They are absolutely worthless. I never knew a good teacher that needed representation. They said their teacher reps to negotiate contracts, but that’s just a good faith move by the district. The superintendent is going to decide his budget and who gets a raise and who doesn’t. The nea is a farce.

  12. That one, seventeen word statement sums up ALL that is wrong with the public education system. Not ‘private’ ‘charter’ or ‘parochial’ education systems. Just the public ones.
    What do they have that the public system does not? Continuous input from parents. Some of those schools even require parents to come into the classroom to act as teachers aids from time to time. Public ‘educators’, as a group, seem to want minimal contact with parents. Maybe see them at parent/teacher conferences a couple of times a year, but no more.
    I remember a conference with a couple of my son’s middle schoolteachers. I laid out, in no uncertain terms, that I would be responsible for disciplining my son if he EVER got out of line in class. They were there to teach subject material and nothing else. By the look on their faces, I expected a call from child protective services, the next day or two.
    My kids have turned out reasonably educated, from public schools, but it was because their mother and I spent time both furthering their education and keeping tabs on what the teachers were telling them.
    No matter the school system, the above article proves that all of us need to pay much more attention to our kids education than we have in the past. If there is ANY good thing to come out of the zoom class scam, it’s that parents got an eye full of what was going on in our schools. And the the results are a pleasant surprise. To me at least, maybe not some low quality teachers, lol.

  13. On average 1 student a day molested by teacher or admin or staff. and that is just what is reported. Scandal is way worse then catholic priest scandal. The Children’s Center for Psychiatry, Psychology, & Related Services:Of children in 8th through 11th grade, about 3.5 million students (nearly 7%) surveyed reported having had physical sexual contact from an adult (most often a teacher or coach). The type of physical contact ranged from unwanted touching of their body, all the way up to sexual intercourse.
    This statistic increases to about 4.5 million children (10%) when it takes other types of sexual misconduct into consideration, such as being shown pornography or being subjected to sexually explicit language or exhibitionism.
    Very often, other teachers “thought there might be something going on”, but were afraid to report a fellow educator if they were wrong. They didn’t want to be responsible for “ruining a person’s life,” although that is exactly what they are doing to the child if they don’t speak up, thus allowing the abuse to continue.

  14. “NEA teachers union says on Twitter: ‘Educators know better than anyone what they need…’

    Yes, they need bigger paychecks, bigger pensions, fewer students, and remote teaching from their vacation condo…..

    The money saved by laying off the 3 assistants per teacher can be applied to the increases in pay and benefits for the remote teachers.

  15. Wonder what part of the “Troll my minor children about their sex lives, you’ll get hurt.” message is not understood by the NEA teachers’ union.

  16. More Nanny State “from cradle to grave” mentality in which the nuclear family and God are viewed as counter-culture and a threat to progressive agenda. Two words: Home School. Anyone who says they can’t do it for financial reasons doesn’t put their children first. Period.

  17. Dear NEA – thoughts to ponder:
    1. It is expected that the most valuable part of a child’s education and character training will be secured from his parents and at home, and fathers devote almost as much attention to child culture as do mothers.
    2. All sex instruction is administered in the home by parents or by legal guardians.
    3. Religious and sexual training were regarded as the province of the home, the duty of parents.


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