NEA pushes transgender-identity agenda in Alaska



A major movement afoot to completely change our culture is being systematically pushed across America through our schools. This includes the movement to sexualize our children in the K-12 classrooms

Alaska is not exempt from this radical change. It is seen in Alaska’s schools, including the Anchorage School District, the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, and even the MatSu School District. And, of course, Juneau.

How does such a radical change get embedded into our society? Who is behind it and why is this policy nearly identical nationwide?  

At its Aug. 31 board meeting, Anchorage School Board member Dave Donley asked, through a formal request for information, about this policy.

Donley asked, “Was this policy drafted based on any example or instruction and if so, what was the source document and where did it come from?”

The board had not voted on it because it is a guideline and not policy — a way to get around public scrutiny and board discussion. 

Now we know that the NEA (teachers union), the ACLU, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Gender Spectrum, and the Human Rights Campaign have provided the information and template to put transgender policy into school districts across America. 

Here is a link to that document.

The Anchorage School District has modeled its “Transgender Guidelines” after that template.

The NEA and its collaborators have even included an appendix discussing the use of puberty blockers to delay the onset of puberty. This is to give the transgender-interested child a “pause button…to give the youth an opportunity to explore their gender identity without the distress of developing permanent, unwanted physical characteristics of their assigned sex at birth.” 

Parents are mostly left out of the decision process and professional educators are put in charge of assisting the child to gender transition.  Parents who do not agree with their child’s gender transition are locked out of the decision.

The Fairbanks NSB School District policy confirms this in its transgender policy: “School personnel should not disclose a student’s transgender status to others, including parents or guardians or other school personnel, unless there is a legitimate ‘need to know.’”

Since when did parents or guardians not have a “need to know”?

The Anchorage School District also leaves parents out of the decision-making process.

The NEA/ACLU further believe that “transgender youth need support of the adults (i.e., caregivers and educators) in their lives in order to develop a strong sense of self and thrive.” Parents need not apply if they aren’t in full agreement.  

Professional educators have become the surrogate parents — not for student academic failure mind you, but just for a major life-altering decision that has enormous consequences. 

The NEA/ACLU document even states that “it is irrelevant” if a parent objects to a child’s gender transition based on “sincerely held religious beliefs” or that the child is too immature to make this life-changing decision.  

The NEA has taken this agenda even further by publishing “Legal Guidance on Transgender Students’ Rights” in 2016. It says if a female is uncomfortable with a transgender male in the female bathroom/locker room, that female must find a different bathroom/locker room to use.

Just as the National Association of School Boards last year asked the Department of Justice to label parents who criticized Critical Race Theory as domestic terrorists, three national medical groups are asking the DOJ to “take swift action to investigate and prosecute” those who allegedly threaten or target hospitals and physicians who provide transgender surgery to minors.

Our K-12 schools should be focusing on teaching academics, not gender transition issues.

By pushing these cultural changes to our children, school districts will continue to lose students. Consequently, school districts will lose state funding and staff at a time when districts cannot afford to lose students, classroom teachers, nor funding.

The illustration at the top of this story is from a tool that some school districts across the nation are using to influence very young children in gender identity by employing cartoon Barney-like tools to confuse our children about what sex they are.

Very young children are extremely impressionable and look up to their teachers with respect. Their minds are easily molded at the K-3 ages.  And they are not molded by your belief system, but by the people in power of their curriculum.  

Parents, are your children being taught to read?  What is the content of the reading material?

Visit your kid’s classrooms and ask to see the curriculum the teacher is using. Don’t settle for less because your kids are your most important legacy. Our future depends on it.

David Boyle is an education writer for Must Read Alaska.

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  1. Most of us thankfully can tell by simply observing which of the two genders we are. Perhaps 99.9 percent of us in Alaska know our gender so…do me a favor? Take your “agenda” and toss it out the window. Your miniscule musings are your own private $ business. Keep it that way. THANKS.

  2. Seems disconcerting to realize Alaska’s education industry officials hate children enough to brainwash them into insanity and mutilation to satisfy adults’ perversions.
    Hate? Brainwashing children, perverting them, encouraging them to mutilate themselves are actually acts of love, a measure of professional dedication?
    Anywhere else, this is evil. It is called child molestation, grooming, abuse. Perpetrators are imprisoned, where more than a few don’t outlive their sentences, to the regret of no one.
    Here, this evil is called policy, legal guidance, guidelines. Perpetrators do this with the approval of Governor Dunleavy, the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Education, the Legislature, and local school boards, and child-protective services. Instead of being imprisoned, perpetrators are rewarded with exorbitant payments seized from taxpayers.
    In Anchorage, the School Board perpetrators are protected by the false economy they create through inflated school-district contracts with union-only shops, their demonstrated willingness to give teachers’ union employees whatever they want, and by an easily corruptible mail in ballot system over which voters lost control years ago.
    Parents’ choices seem starkly limited: if you care about your child’s sanity, literacy, physical health, safety, and morality, in other words your child’s entire life, your only reasonable option is disenrolling your children from public schools.
    In the meantime, the occasional reminder to NEA employees, something like Tucker Carlson’s immortal words: “Troll my minor child about his or her sex life, I’ll hurt you.” might be helpful.

  3. Parents have no right to an opinion on this, yet they’re the ones financially responsible for the child and are left to deal with the psychological wreckage these social engineers leave in their wake.

  4. And yet, the kids can’t read or do basic arithmetic. Why, again, do we pay for these schools to NOT teach our kids to succeed? No kid needs to feel part of the school group if they feel part of the family group. Teachers are not therapists, not doctors, not psychologists. The were hired to teach basics and skills that make students productive members of society, not victims of ideology. Fire the losers, root out the horsecrap, dispose of about half of the “administrators” and then get on with it, already.

  5. Look at what the Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals, and nuns have done after abusing children by the thousands and for decade after decade in France, Ireland, and Canada, and right here in the United States—obviously, here in Alaska!

    The victims cry for apologies and go right back for more! It’s always been more of the same! There is only one way to treat the sexual predators: take the culture war to the “front line.”

    • And don’t forget the Evangelical lechers in the Southern Baptist Convention!

  6. Everyone of the school board members across the state that voted for this or stood by and let it happen should be replaced via recall. And that goes double for those who want Alaskan kids to think in terms of skin color or race. Throw the whole Woke program out and tell the teachers to get back to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. If the teachers call in the NEA, outlaw it as a subversive institution. And remember that any vote for democrat Gara or proto-democrat Walker is a vote for this program. Rank Red. Use their own tools against them. Fight back for the sake of Alaskan kids and Alaska’s future!

  7. You may not be interested in history, but history is definitely interested in you. What are you going to do about this if this comes to your community? Start organizing and networking now. Be prepared. And if comes have the courage to stand up against it.

    If not, well at least you know what kind of person you are. Good Luck with that. I wouldn’t look into too many mirrors…

  8. 2 words come to mind, Child Abuse! Pull your children out of the Government School System and start a parent co-op program with home school curriculum. Take your education tax money with you. Starve the NEA of money until it shrivels up like a dried out worm.

  9. The rainbow is Gods promise to not destroy mankind for a gross, reprobate lifestyle, continually. They flaunt it in His face by adopting it as thier symbol. They flaunt it in parents faces by indoctrinating your babies. Pull your kids from government schools. Stop whining about how life is too hard to do that. Bottom line is you sacrifice for family. Parents are just as responsible for this as anyone. Our mayor in the MSB Edna DeVries is a follower of Christ. Call her, ask her to do everything she can to defund the school’s (States problem when you get right down to it anyway). If the schools wont draw a hard line, pull the money. Conservatives have got to grow a spine and put thier foot down. No more polite respectful protests. Stop participating. Be direct and vocal and if you come after my kids, my grandkids…..were losing to immoral degenerates and they have your children for 6 hours a day! WTH is wrong with you?

  10. If parents won’t even be bothered to fight back to protect their own children from this type of crap, it’s no wonder that they have allowed their city to become a slum, by not educating themselves on politics and not bothering to vote. What does it take? You won’t be safe in the valley for long either, because lack of participation there is slowly changing the demographics. Think you only have a few roaches or mice, we all know that is foolish thinking.

  11. The book, “Irreversible Damage” by Abigail Shrier says that these transgender trends are being pushed by the usual suspects: educators, social workers, politicians, psychologists, etc. These groups say, “If you think you might be trans, you are”; “Your parents don’t love you if they don’t affirm your new identity”. This is the new trendy thing to the teens today.

  12. As someone who has supported Mike Dunleavy in the past, I want to know where he (as a previous teacher) stands on this issue. He has already disappointed by not taking any action to make the Alaska public aware of the real dangers of the Covid injections. There is a huge amount of data showing that they are killing and disabling people En mass and Dunleavy and Zink stick with the false narrative “Save and Effective” . One could speculate as to why but none of those possibilities bode well for them.
    Getting a larger part of the PFD that we are owed is a great feather in the cap but Covid vaccines dangers and Perverted Crap being shoved at our kids is even a bigger deal.

    • No, he is not really speaking out at this time. On anything. Maybe when he gets re-elected he will release the secret weapon and fight back on our behalf. We can only hope.

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