What does it mean to ‘pop a cherry?’ Anchorage School District is teaching that to high school students



The Anchorage School District’s policy states parents may opt their child out of sex education and that the curriculum is to be sent out to you two weeks before the class is taught.

Yet a parent notified Must Read Alaska that she had opted her children out of sex education, and they still ended up attending a class.

Another parent notified Must Read Alaska that students at Dimond High School are being subjected to what many would consider sexual grooming in its sex education classes. The students were paired up boy-with-girl to ask each other very intimate sexual questions. The teacher teaches this course to grades 9-12.

The boy-girl pairs were to pretend these were speed-dating questions. These questions didn’t ask speed-date questions like what you like to do for fun, what’s your favorite movie, or where do you want to go in your life, 

These were questions included: “How do I use a female condom?”; “Does the size of a guy’s foot really predict his penis size?” “How can I prevent premature ejaculation?” “What does popping the cherry mean?” “What is cunnilingus?”

There are many more even sordid questions most would never think about asking another student. 

This particular teacher even shows dildos in the classroom. Is this what Anchorage taxpayers are paying for? 

It may be somewhat “educational”, but many parents would question if it is appropriate.

Parents need to ask for the “course syllabus” in their student’s sex-ed classes so they can opt their student out of these classes.  Ask to see the lesson plan. 

Parents, keep an eye on your students and ask them to bring sex education materials home for your review. 

The Dimond High School students were admonished that there should be no pictures taken in the classroom, but some pictures have made their way into social media. The Dimond High School administrators had to do something.

The Dimond High School assistant principal sent out an email to staff stating that the above content was well within curricular expectations and expectations outlined in the course syllabus.

This is one more example of the sexual grooming of our students. 

Parents and students have the legal right to opt out of sex education classes per AS 14.03.016. The ASD has even put this state law into its guidelines for teachers and administrators. These state that the district must notify parents of not less than two weeks prior to the teaching and presentation of sex education, human reproductive education and human sexuality education and provide for the objection to and withdrawal of a student from such activities. 

Parents, you have the power and the right to determine if your child should be subject to this. You can reach the Anchorage School Board at the email address: [email protected]

Superintendent Jharrett Bryantt can be reached at: [email protected].  

David Boyle is the education writer for Must Read Alaska.


  1. As a former ASD employee, if we were told by ASD to ask our fellow employees these very same questions, it would fall under sexual harassment! There would be lawsuits filed! This goes beyond the pale of sex education. This is sexual abuse of our most innocent. ASD are not even allowing them to set safe boundaries by requiring them to ask fellow peers these horrific questions in class. Questions that I as an adult even find troubling. This is Horrific abuse of our greatest treasures…Our Children!

  2. I find it very interesting that we keep referring to high school students as children. They are firmly young adults. They are curious. Giving these young people some answers to largely slang terms, rumors, and assumptions is a much healthier way to actually learn about these things, and the new consequences of unprotected sex.
    Say what you will, but learning about sex is necessary, and skipping the bit about how they should protect themselves is part of that. As the parent of two teens, I know they will do what they want, regardless of their parents wishes. We all remember a certain governor’s daughter and her before marriage baby. Maybe by taking the mystery out of it, we can actually empower our young adults to make better decisions.

    • Those are things that should be taught to kids by their parents, not by strangers who are far too intensely interested in sex and your children…..

      • While your statement that these things “should be taught by parents,” the reality is that most parents
        don’t teach these things. The result is kids become young adults without this knowledge, other than what they pick up from their friends.
        What’s the odds their friends have the correct knowledge?

          • You just make things up as you write Mark? First of all, nothing wrong with me and I had sex Ed starting in 8th grade. And at 78 years young, I also don’t need any catching up.
            You must be speaking for yourself? Heheh!

        • How the hell would you know what “most” parents teach their kids??
          Worst (and most common) excuse given for the sexualization of our kids.

          Any adult who talks to other peoples children about these things are boarder-line pedophiles. And should be called out as such.

    • Yes… teens are curious. They want to learn what slang terms mean. They want to experiment and engage in sexual behavior. I was there, I remember it will. I also remember not getting told the NC-17 details when I was in 9th grade or younger.
      There is a world of difference between a clinical discussion of sexual intercourse, birth control, and STD prevention, and talking about how often a girl can orgasm, or predicting how well hung a guy is based on size of extremities.
      So, I agree in part. Teach them about sex, sure… Keep the NC-17 content out of it.

    • I’m a parent of a teen and I did just fine telling my son “hey look you shouldn’t have sex but I was 16 before and I know your going to do what you want regardless of what I say . So if your going to have sex just be safe about it “. I don’t need the school district to do that for me

  3. These questions are the same ones that were actual jokes discussed in the boy’s bathrooms and locker rooms 35 years ago. Is this progress?

  4. Probably most of the students already know the answers to those questions. They may not be aware of the correct terminology but it surprises me that they use correct terminology on some of the things and slang for the others. At least they got the boy on girl part right so Anchorage School district is improving at least on one thing.

  5. Just curious what is required of this site’s education writer?
    I believe Betty White said something like “my muffin hasn’t had a cherry on it since 1939.”
    Boyle wants young adults to learn their sex education in the gutter where it belongs. Heheh!

      • I’m a grad of public education but not in AK. Also have BA and MS from a college and university.
        I have two kids who graduated from combination of home school and public education in AK that are both quite successful (by the way).

        • I’m never impressed by people who list the number of degrees they have. Especially when not listing what the degree is and where it came from.

          It’s telling, however. Usually it’s insecure liberals trying to project an unearned superiority. I asked you a single question, not for your family resume.

          Its often the case the smartest people I’ve ever met with the most common sense are tradesmen with zero college behind them.

          • Agree totally there Avenger. What the degree is in IS more important than the degree. But, leftists (please do not call them liberals, there is nothing liberal about them) will cite the BA/MA/PHD, or whatever as if that matters. Besides, a degree in the Arts (that is the A in BA and MA) generally means useless.
            I also note that Yankee replies, but does not mention the field of study. Curious. (Well, not curious at all, because Bill seems to think having the letters is important, not the knowledge.)

          • In case you or MA don’t know an MS degree is master of science. Further, I will add now since a few on here seem to think it’s important-both my degrees were in mathematics (and applied math at that).
            Now MA objected that I gave him/her too much information and you (CB) complain that I didn’t give enough. Go ahead and bitch some more about what you don’t like about my comment.
            Tough noogies to you both (by the way). Nothing but a couple of crybabies.

          • Totally agree.

            I’ve always found that many the most “educated” to be woefully lacking in any kind of common sense. Reason and logic seem to evaporate with those degrees as well.

        • Bill – hmm, I would have never thought you were a college graduate. I guess it just goes to show you!

        • I know perfectly well that MS is master of science. That does not change my statement at all. An arts degree is generally useless. At no point did I say your MS was not useful.
          Why do you read something that I did not write?
          Also, I notice you completely ignore the point of my agreement with Avenger. Leftists just love to talk about how well educated they are because they have these degrees. But, when they neglect to mention what the degree is in, it makes me think it is in a useless field that has zero value in the job market. Meaningless degrees impress no one.

          • All you’ve got here is an enormous whine about nothing. And frankly, you agreed little with Avenger as he/she whined about my giving too much information and you whined that I gave too little.
            The two of you are nothing but bit whiners with little to whine over. Oh, and do you think mathematics is a useless field that has zero value in the job market? Heheh!
            Tough noogies to you both.

  6. This is why parents need to pull their kids out of public schools. I understand that for many families this would be a great sacrifice in the form of private school tuition or the lost income of one parent, but is there any more worthy cause than your own children?

  7. My questions are Who wrote this book on Sex Education and who approved it for ASD ?the ASD policy states parents may opt their child out of sex ed curriculum and curriculum is to be sent out 2 weeks before class is taught. How is this curriculum being sent out? If it is given to students to have their parents sign I say Not. as I have had students sign their own paperwork and then parents call to scream about their students attendance.{ Some Students will sign their parents names if given the opportunity } Another question is: Who is training these teachers to teach the curriculum. If this is sent out on e mail, do all parents have computers. This whole thing is Pathetic. I say teach the curriculum to parents and let them decide whether they want it taught to their students.

  8. Once again, this is a very self inflicted wound, Anchorage.

    You keep re-electing progressives into the school board, you don’t bother to go to PTA or school board meetings, and most of you never really bothered to look into what your kids were being taught until Covid.

    The school system is giving you exactly what you told them you’d be ok with.

    The power to change this is and always has been in your hands. But you’ve gotta actually DO something.

    • The problem is the School Board Election is Muni wide not by districts as it should be. The only way you will effect change is change the way the vote is taken and counted. But remember Joseph Stalin said it best ” It is not who votes but who counts the votes”

    • You’re correct.
      I am guilty of what you describe. I just always trusted that our schools were teaching our kids HOW to think and not WHAT to think.
      I know better now. Yes the school boards are where we fix this. Just like much of the country is all ready doing.

  9. Groomers. It’s all about desensitizing and normalization of “those” particular topics.
    Keep that to the parents.
    School is for the three R’s
    i remember in my highschool along with the basics I also had woods, welding, typing, foods.
    We need desperately to get back to that.

    • “It’s all about desensitizing and normalization of “those” particular topics.”
      It is even more insidious than that.
      It is about destroying the conventional relationship between parent and child, and replacing it with a relationship with the all powerful State. Just remember, the leftists demand allegiance to the State first, all other relationships are secondary.

  10. Shame on you for pushing this horse—- narrative. I sincerely hope these teachers sue you for libel and slander. People like you are a pox on the intelligence of our nation, and those you kowtow to are just as bad. If you’d climb down off your sanctimonious high horse and actually read a book once in a while, you may just learn something. But I’ll bet the word “Educate” only works for you if it’s synonymous with “Indoctrinate”. Trash.

    • How is it misleading or indoctrination to list (with proof) what actually occurs?

      I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty sure slander only occurs when a provable lie is told.

      Can you show me where the lie is?

      Also, most of us unwashed tend to ignore people who demand we “educate” ourselves to agree with their semi religious opinion. If you want to reach us unwashed, try reasoned conservation instead of insults.

      Do you want to sway us to your side, or force compliance?

  11. This is a purposeful attack on our kids and they disregard the parents wishes. This is basically training them and grooming them for pedophilia world. Until parents get involved in retaking control of local school boards and reject the crap their selling, it will not stop. Parents need to unite to take over school boards and review/reform all curriculum in every age group K-12. Why is our Governor ignoring this and not challenging the Teachers Unions? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Please point out where the Cowardly Lion (Dunleavy) has lead any fight since Wasilla.

      I genuinely can’t think of any.

  12. If an adult, in any other setting, were to ask your teenage child these types of questions – they’d have the cops called on them for being a pervo and a groomer.
    Call the Anchorage police, file charges, and if yiu have the resources – hire an attorney.
    Our children are functionally illiterate in math, reading comprehension, and writing when they graduate from ASD.
    We have some of the lowest test scores in the nation – right there with Mississippi and Alabama.

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