Parents must review three different policies to opt their students out of sex ed in Anchorage schools



In Anchorage, students will be back in school on Aug. 18.

Did you want to opt your child out of sex education classes in school? The state law, “14.03.016 A Parent’s Right to Direct the Education of the Parent’s Child”, clearly states in a succinct manner parents’ rights when it comes to sex education classes.

How the Anchorage School District chose to implement this state law is found in four separate policies- Board Policy 6141, Board Policy 6142, Board Policy 6144, and Board Policy 5141. A parent must review each policy to determine what steps he/she must take.  

The policies with their titles:

  • Board Policy 6141, Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs
  • Board Policy 6142, Family Life/Sex Education
  • BP 6144, Controversial Issues/Books
  • Board Policy 5141, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault

The fragmentation of parents’ rights for their children lacks the transparency that the Anchorage School District says it values.  These rights should be published as a single board policy so parents can readily know what their rights are.

However, when it comes to transgender policy, the ASD clearly identifies the steps the school can take to assist in your child’s transition in a single 10-page document. 

In a separate student opt-out guideline provided to school staff, the school board approved “Sexuality Education Guidelines for Instruction K-12” in October 2016. This specifies what the district must do to allow parents to opt their child out of sex education classes.  

These teacher/administrator guidelines restate the state law (AS 14.03.016): 

“Opting Out and Parent Permission Regarding Sexuality Education Instruction: In accordance with Alaska Statute 14.03.061a)3, the district must notify parents of not less than two (2) weeks prior to the teaching and presentation of sex education, human reproductive education and human sexuality education and provide for the objection to and withdrawal of a student from such activities.  Statute requires that written parental objection and/or withdrawal be specific to the activity, not categorical. Notification to parents, opportunities to review materials, and the option to remove students from class must be extended to parents or guardians of students at all levels”.

But these guidelines are labeled for use by teachers/administrators. It would have been much simpler for the district to use the same streamlined policy for educating parents on their rights, versus requiring parents to review three separate documents.

This would have clearly identified the required steps for both the school employees and the parent. Why should parents have to review three separate policies to find the information they need?

Finally, shouldn’t the transgender policy also be included in human sexuality education policy?  

To provide your comments, you can contact the ASD School Board here: [email protected].

David Boye is former executive director of Alaska Policy Forum and is Must Read Alaska’s education writer.


  1. Parents do the job yourself and do not allow the dangerous school system to do this.
    All they are interested in is brainwashing children until they are so confused they have no idea what is what. Sex Ed at home. Period.

  2. Parent: I would like to opt my child out of any and all sexual education classes, please.

    ASD: Please review, understand, and apply your understanding unto our policies regarding said matter.

    Parent: I have reviewed said policies and understand them. I would like to remove my child from any and all sexual education classes, please.

    ASD: You have not sufficiently satisfied our requirements that you may withdraw your child from our predetermined curriculum of sexual education as we see fit.

    Parent: I disagree.

    ASD: Domestic Terrorist!

    Parent: I only want for my child to attend school for purely academic reasons and feel that any other teaching should be left unto the family at home.

    ASD: Radical Domestic Terrorist!

    Parent: But…

    ASD: Call the authorities!!!

    Parent: But!

    ASD: Your child is ours!


    • Couldn’t have said it better myself, Morrigan. My kids tell me everything that went on at school…. every day.

  3. It is so clear what the crazy left is doing. People need to be reminded that sexual activities of those in power will increasingly get more and more perverse until that society is destroyed. It happened to the Roman Empire and you can see it happening now. Stop it quickly, stop the perverted left. Or this is what will happen-

  4. The purpose of sex is to procreate. To keep humankind alive. Sex is to be between one man and one woman that are married. You democrats can criticize this all you want and say, “But heteros get divorced too and cheat too!” And you will just be denying the truth about how bad LGBTQ “lifestyles” are. Most of them are highly promiscuous. A huge amount of those relationships end in violence (much more so than heteros), and they spread diseases, primarily because they are promiscuous.
    Marriage is the absolute foundation of civilization. Yes, people are born out of wedlock in very different situations, but it starts their lives out very precariously and often doesn’t end well. Without a married man and woman raising children, societies, civilizations collapse. Fact. Deny it all you want. Still fact.

  5. We trusted the church, the Boy Scouts, and now ASD to be responsible for the education of our children. All have ended badly. Remember the teacher that was allowed to continue to teach after several minors reported him for sexual misconduct? There’s plenty of good teachers out there that are willing and able to teach our children academically. They should form their own schools, schools we can all trust to do only that. Education comes from an individual’s readiness to utilize skills that used to be taught in schools. Social grooming should not be part of this. Especially not by people who have never been outside of the education spectrum, who were educated by more of the same, sometimes for generations. They belong to a social culture that doesn’t work in the real world. We need to get back to the basics, and only teach skills needed for individual learning.

  6. “They belong to a social culture that doesn’t work in the real world.”
    Profound, and so true.

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