Moving on: Rep. Dr. Liz Snyder sells house in East Anchorage


Rep. Liz Snyder, the Floridian who came to Alaska for adventure and who stayed long enough to serve one term in the Alaska Legislature, has moved on. She and her husband sold their East Anchorage house in July for $500,000 in an off-market, not advertised sale. The Snyders bought the home in 2019 for $408,000, according to real estate listings.

The State of Alaska will continue paying her $4,200 monthly to be a legislator until the new representative is sworn in in January 2023.

Snyder, a hardline Democrat, represents District 21, formerly known as District 27, which she won by 11 votes against lifelong East Anchorage Rep. Lance Pruitt, a Republican, in 2020. Although she kicked off her reelection campaign in November of 2021, on June 1 of this year she said she would not run again and she supports fellow Democrat Donna Mears. Forrest Wolfe, a Republican, is also running for the district seat.

By the time she pulled the plug on her reelection, Snyder had accepted $55,585 in donations this year. On July 15 distributed more than $37,600, the last of her campaign war chest, to three Democrat-heavy groups:

  • $10,000 – House Democrat Campaign Committee, an in-state group that supports Democrats
  • $10,000 – Alaska Democratic Party
  • $17,600 – Anchorage Federation of Community Councils

Donna Mears has already received $5,000 from the House Democrat Campaign Committee.

Snyder’s husband, Sam Snyder, has taken a job with a political firm out of state, Blue Strategies. He had been involved in various anti-Pebble Mine initiatives in Alaska.

Liz Snyder is no longer listed in the faculty directory at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She had been working for the university while the Legislature was in session, a possible constitutional violation, but one that the Legislature never pursued (being on State of Alaska payroll while taking a legislative salary).

During her campaign in 2020, Snyder insisted on being called Dr. Snyder out of respect for her public health doctorate; she frequently presented herself as an expert on Covid.

In October of 2021, she and fellow Democrats in the Legislature fought for the governor to declare a health disaster for Covid, something he would not do.

Dr. Snyder may have moved, but she’ll still be an Alaska legislator for the next five and a half months.


  1. She has or is abandoning that commitment, right? This is happening a lot among the woke everywhere. I wonder why.

    • Because her job is done here. It will take a decade to undo the damage done to this state in the last few years, if that is even a possibility at this point.

    • G Galeutian,
      What, you would prefer she stayed? I have employed hundreds of workers over the years and thereby learned that some employees are better to be paid to stay home. They do less damage that way.

  2. I live in east Anchorage and called her with a concern. She returned the voicemail I left for her four weeks later during what she called a “cross country” trip. She made it sound like she was on vacation and would be back in Alaska to deal with the concern I registered. She did NOT say her cross country trip was really a cross-country move. Shame on you, Liz.

  3. Carpet Baggers…don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out. At least they fought for what they say they do…Dunleavy re-election signs says “fighting” for Alaska…now that is a joke and he can’t be trusted. Who’s worse?

  4. The Left poured a lot of money into getting this person elected. Now she is checking out. Hard to understand. I guess the Left has a lot of money to waste. Interesting to note that she accomplished very little as a legislator.

    • That depends on your point of view. How much of the conservative effort did she assist in thwarting? That may be the only reason she was here!

  5. Too many muldoonians figured out what she did to Lance…. she is a SOIL DOCTOR people ! many new billionaires and doctors coming out of the woodwork during 2020-2022 . She is holding onto Ivy’s coattails and was there when the FAR LEFT told her to wear the Berk Carharts along with Forest’s carhart jacket and Berkies vest and oh wait ! another lady now is following suit. They were there and told ” you need to wear these because they make you look like regular people ” . so stealthy. that dept in Juneau will continue to say— we have NO MONEY !

  6. Democrats are adept at hanging on tightly to the hind teat of government. This one is kind of cute though. (For you city folks, the hind teats have more milk and it’s let down first.)

  7. Well! This is very good news- that two liberal idol worshipping democrats are flying away from alaska. My best regards they have everything they want in their new home state, so not to return, and that its got good soil dirt Dr. Snyder can play in.

  8. Almost makes me wonder if these hard lefties nomad to other states in an attempt to establish their anti-capitalist ideologies while reaping the benefits of that specific system. We need not look far to see George Martinez planting himself in Anchorage with the help of Kameron Perez-Verdia (or whatever his hyphenated moniker is) in order to pour gas on his BIPOC agenda and ponder a run for political office like Ms. Snyder. It’s become a common theme of those of this ilk to sh-t in their own messkit, relocate, rinse and repeat. If you’ve moved from a blue state, come here and vote in the trash you fled from, please leave yesterday.

    • You have a certain amount of truth here. Alaska has always been vulnerable to political migration due to the relatively small population. The worst, IMO, are the wealthy opportunists from the East with degrees from fancy schools like Harvard, Yale and Amherst that elbow Alaskans out of jobs and then seek political power. It happens on both the left and the right. Sadly, too many Alaskans are taken in by these reptiles in Carhartt jackets. Just because the picture looks good and the story seems interesting doesn’t mean the person is authentic.

    • Thank you!! I have been saying that for 50 years here finally somebody put it in writing thank you thank you

  9. We cannot be too selfish, clearly she is needed elsewhere, she has done us such a favor with her wonderful deeds of representing Alaskans. Clearly she is needed elsewhere. Let others elsewhere know the blessed joy of her countenance. I say Vaya Con Dios Dr. Snyder and may you never return to our shores!

  10. Don’t blame her, she simply looked around and saw gutless “leaders” who do nothing and could care less about abiding by rules. She was an opportunist who stared Dunleavy down and he went away and hid! We need Dunleavy to leave the state as well

  11. You had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.
    Dems/Repubs…grifters …grifters know no allegiance to anyone but themselves. She should run for Sarah P.

  12. We know she’s not running for office next term, but has she in fact moved? And is she still in Alaska and actively working as a legislator? Those facts would help flesh out the story.

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