Liz Snyder, candidate and dirt scientist, now wants you to refer to her as ‘doctor’


Democrat Liz Snyder, working to unseat Republican Rep. Lance Pruitt in District 27, has changed her social media profile for a third time.

It’s cool to be a doctor these days, so Snyder is now listing herself as “Dr. Snyder,” and she’s been giving out a lot of advice on COVID-19, the China virus while on the campaign trail.

Only she’s not a medical doctor. She’s a soil scientist, with a PhD from the University of Florida, a “Doctorate of Philosophy in Soil and Water Science, Dept. of Soil and Water Science,” her University of Alaska Anchorage bio says.

Her change on Facebook was made on July 3.


  1. Well… if she has the degree…. I mean they do bestow these titles. Dr. Walter Williams and Dr. Thomas Sowell use their titles and are heros to me and many others despite not being M.D.’s

    • Donald, you know it isn’t available. Just as Barak Obama’s college grades and birth certificate were not available.
      Maybe they don’t exist!

  2. We had a woman on our school board years ago who had a Doctorate (probably in education). During her campaign, whenever she was introduced, she said very vehemently: That’s DOCTOR so & so! I shouldn’t be critical because I’m sure she was just proud of her achievement. However, she made such a big deal about it that the rest of us involved in elections at that time sort of kept straight faces while snickering inside. It would have come across better if she just tactfully mentioned that she liked to be called Doctor rather than getting in the other person’s face. I’ve noticed that the only people besides medical doctors who insist on this are in education.

  3. Suzanne – I’ll clarify that I also have a Master in Public Health, and have been a health sciences prof for 10 years, which is why I’m part of UAA’s COVID-19 research team. I’ve been a doctor since 2009 (when I was 28), and I agree it’s very cool! Thanks for highlighting all of the hard work I’ve put into my education and how I’ve used it to benefit the state.

    • Dear Dr. Brainwashed:
      Just because you have a PhD., doesn’t make you smart, or necessarily qualified, for anything. That may be your own personal achievement for your own ego and self-gratification, but it doesn’t make you “common sense intelligent.” That comes with experience, age, and an ability to use common sense and logical, critical thinking skills. And, being pleasant to others. The fact that you insist on being called “Dr.” implies to me that you are insecure and threatened by a challenger. Your basis for the prefix, is also a strong indicator that you may not want to be challenged by anyone at all. I have multiple degrees too, with probably more distinguishable titles than yourself. Yet, I usually just go by my first name. Sometimes, “doc,” as in M.D.
      You, dear, need to take yourself less seriously and relax. You’ll have a much better life.

    • Your doctorate is not in health or medicine. Using the prefix is misleading. And what is sad is you know that.

    • Doctor of Philosophy is PhD according to Guidance on Post-Nominal Letters not Dr. You should know this. In written form, the titles “Dr.” and “Ph.D.” are not interchangeable.When someone has earned a Doctor of Philosophy, or Ph.D., degree, that person is subsequently referred to as “doctor” in formal speech. The same is true of a person who is a medical doctor, psychologist, dentist or veterinarian. In formal speech, that person should be referred to as “doctor.” However, the rules are different in written form when addressing someone who is called “doctor” in formal speech. In written form, the titles “Dr.” and “Ph.D.” are not interchangeable.

    • Thanks Doctor Liz Snyder for the clarification, the subtle hint that productive Alaskans should take you as seriously as you take yourself.
      And most of all, thanks for telling us in advance you’re a (self) important member of Alaska’s damned bloody Medical Establishment doing its part, working its lousy rotten heart out to wreck Americans’ lives, health, economy, spirit, unseat our President, and otherwise make an (expl del) out of our country.
      The term “waste of space” does not begin to describe our sense of “UAA’s COVID-19 research team”, its humanity saving accomplishments to date. Some new, better way to fudge numbers, get money, show we’re all dead if we don’t let you lead the parade, yes?
      All your sorry industry seem to have done so far is lie about numbers, get money, spread disinformation, kill old people, disrupt the economy, and spread panic even among well-intentioned public officials whose primary goals may have nothing to do with getting rid of President Trump.
      Sure you and your worthless warriors may believe you’re about to accomplish what 244 years of America’s external enemies couldn’t do, but one might suggest, not unkindly, you haven’t done it yet; it’d be an epic mistake to assume you have.
      Mark our words, your arrogance will be your undoing. And, for productive Alaskans, the sooner the better…
      One might suggest, again not unkindly, the louder you toot your horn from the ivory tower of a third-rate university that can’t even sort its accreditation, the sillier you’ll seem until even you wonder why anyone should take you seriously.
      So Doctor Liz Snyder, tone down your tooting, get over your insecurities, work at being a decent humble human being, you may yet get somewhere, be remembered for something good.
      Could happen…

  4. Once again, MRAK is trying to make to discredit the value of one candidate that Suzanne does not support. Dr. Snyder never claimed she has any medical formation, she only displays the title she earned during her formation.

    It may be good to remember here, that earning a doctorate degree rewards the completion of a substantial body of original research, the publication of research articles in peer-review journals. It is important to point out, that a person earning such a degree have a better knowledge of research methodology than the authors behind MRAK, who only exposed their biased and unchecked opinions.

    • No, earning a PhD rewards putting in the minimum amount of work required to check the box. How many doctoral dissertations actually result in any new significant findings or research vs. simply gathering dust, unread by even their authors after the award?

      As for using publication, particularly nowadays, as a marker for credibility denies reality. Much as a decent prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, with the breadth of journals around, all too often showing little to no rigor in their review and publishing process, even patently obvious fraudulent papers can get approval by review and be published. Its an ongoing scandal in the academy.

      In any event, reviewing research for flaws in methodology is not particularly hard for anyone versed in the topic of study, or even in the fundamentals of basic research methodology, it ain’t rocket science.

      And the timing of her title change, in context, is clearly to gain a certain gravitas and implied medical expertise in the current situation.demand. A rather puerile attempt, considering.

  5. Really, another new low for MRAK. A real hatchet job by insinuation of Ms. Snyder’s vanity here.

    Dr. Liz rightfully takes pride in the fact that she has two advanced scientific degrees, which she undoubtedly worked hard to obtain. Harder even, one might think, than one would, say, for a degree in something as challenging as Journalism, or Communications. She deserves respect for her accomplishments.

    Those who respect science and its achievements, unlike an increasing number of Conservatives, understand that it is the key to solving many of the world’s problems – not religious faith, not denial, not drinking bleach, or whatever. Unfortunately, anti-science influence on policy causes everyone to suffer when the world heats up, CV spreads unchecked across the globe, or preventable disease runs rampant due to lack of vaccination.

    But, have no fear. Come the day that, say, a CV cure is created, the enlightened scientists who developed it will restrain themselves from their desire for schadenfreude, and generously share it even with even the most ardent Anti-Vaxxer.

    Stories like this keep us all entertained and merrily clicking away, generating ad revenue, and moving MRAK up the rankings of Alaska news sites. So, keep up the good work and those high journalistic standards! Only, next time, fully research your target before incorrectly attacking them.

    • Yawn. Another woofer comment from an outsider. Benign attack. Meaningless. Move on, little man.

      • I have in fact moved on, dear CrissyB. I used to be a Conservative like so many who share their enlightened world views here. But then I moved on after watching the GOP morph into something cruel, closed-minded, white, and intolerable.

        And by the way, as much as I still love Alaska, I did move away. But I’ll bet I contributed a darn sight more to the success of the State than you have in my 35 years of living there. So please don’t give me that Outsider BS.

        Now, hadn’t you better be getting back to your desperate Tinder swiping?

    • Dear Witless Dog, I am unaware of anyone drinking bleach, however it appears that you Sir have been nipping on the Kool-aid!

      • Naw. The Dog of Whidbey Island is a gulper, not a zipper. Of course, a healthy serving of gin makes dog woof more.

    • So-called scientists have become in the main grant whores. I hired enough “expert” witnesses with a lot of letters behind their name to know that I could buy somebody with a lot of initials behind their name to say anything.

      Since the ’70s, if you paid and showed up sometimes you got to hear “Pomp and Circumstance” and put the piece of paper on your wall that you could try to be a snob about, right up until you really screwed something up and revealed what a fraud you were. I gave a subordinate, a Juris Doctor, a less than complimentary evaluation, because J.D. or not he was a waste of oxygen and space. He wouldn’t sign it, but that didn’t matter. He came in the office over the weekend and hung all his diplomae on the walls of his cubby on an inside wall with no window; that’s how you keep score. I poked my head in and said that wasn’t going to change his evaluation. Thankfully he resigned and went to work for a union where the standards were much lower.

      I worked with former UA President Dr. Jim Johnsen in State labor relations until the Troopers’ Union used him like the cabin boy on a Greek freighter and he decided it was time for him to continue his education. Look how far he went in the minor league of academia, and even there he turned out to be a failure.

      They’re not experts and they’re not educated; they’re merely credentialed.

    • You refer to “Science,” as do many on the Left, with the blind belief of a pagan mystic. It’s a process, a way of looking at information, full stop, not magic.

    • You need to not get involved with the state issues as you do not live here. So, “no dog in this fight” wag your tail somewhere else. We do not give a dog biscuit what you say.

  6. So Lizzy wants everyone to know she’s has a PhD. The nice thing about the USA is I don’t have to care or refer to her as Dr. unless I want to. Maybe she has done some pretty awesome things since being given the title of Doctor, and maybe not. I don’t know. Until reading this article I have never heard of her.
    Putting titles aside, all I really care about is how will Liz help me as an Alaskan.

  7. Really someone gets their doctorate they have every right to put Dr. by their name.. another nothing burger exclusive at mra.. She must be running a great campaign to get a smear job. Kudos on the exclusive

  8. The things one can find online.

    PHO NE 90 7.903.57 99 ▪ E-MAIL E HODGES4 @ALASKA.EDU
    E L I Z A B E T H H O D G E S S N Y D E R
    University of Florida Gainesville, FL
    Doctorate of Philosophy in Soil and Water Science
     Fate and transport of xenobiotics in land-applied biosolids
    Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health Atlanta, GA
    Master of Public Health, Global Environmental Health
     Agricultural pesticide exposure assessment
    University of Florida Gainesville, FL
    Bachelor of Health Sciences, Rehabilitation Counseling
    WORK EXPERIENCE_______________________________________________________________

  9. Examples of Xenobiotics are compounds that include drugs, food additives, and environmental pollutants.

    Biosolids are primarily organic materials produced during wastewater treatment which may be put to beneficial use. An example of such use is the addition of biosolids to soil to supply nutrients and replenish soil organic matter. This is known as land application.

    Basically residual things in dried poop being used as fertilizer. I guess it’s important.

  10. Not seeing the bonafides and validity to opine regarding the Chinese flu, any more than any other poster here.

  11. Philosophy of dirt?!?! Sounds like a Monty Python skit to me or Dirty Lizzy made up an easy bull** degree for herself since it’s obvious she isn’t intelligent enough to be become a real doctor. You better check your privilege, doctor.

  12. The issue is pretty simple. If you want Anchortown to look like SF, and Seattle, then vote in people like this lady. Having a DR or not isn’t going to make one bit if difference. That’s ego- nothing else. You can’t manufacture or demand respect; you either have it or you don’t. Those that usually have to remind everyone they are the boss or a doctor, what have you-they don’t have it. Beyond that- They don’t give doctorates for wisdom and it’s obvious today’s left either wants the chaos and destruction we see in these other cities, everywhere-or they are so foolish they can’t see the policies they support lead to it. Either way, if the voter can’t summon the wisdom and the will to defeat them, they’ll get what they deserve.

  13. Remember everyone: Lawyers are technically “Doctors” as well, but I doubt many people extend them the “Doctor” title ……. I can think of a few other Titles people like to refer to them as though

    • Yes they are. DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or Doctor of Dental Medicine)

  14. “Doctor Liz” would like to join Doctor Rep. Claman, and Doctor Rep. LeDoux, and whoever else has those Doctor of Jurisprudence degrees, such as Doctor Former Gov. Bill Walker, and Doctor Senator Bill Wielechowski, and Doctor Rep. Andy Josephson. Lest we forget, we have another PhD Doctor Sen. Gary Stevens, who has his PhD in Education. Snyder is so pretentious and transparent. She is trying to look like a covid expert. Which she is not. I liked her better when she was the tattooed earth mama with the pitchfork in her garden.

  15. Comes down to this. The education machts nichts–matters not. What matters is her party. She is running as a Democrat, the same party supporting the destruction of our cities, our monuments, our society, our rule of law, and the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.
    She supports perversion, the use of public schools as indoctrination centers for Marxist thought, baby killing, the end to traditional marriage, the traditional family, and sexualization of children. Pedophilia to her is a ‘normal urge’ to be supported and imposed upon an unwilling society.
    Her education matters not. Her political affiliation does.
    America is burning, and this individual is running for the party whose leaders are requiring the cops be pulled back, the National Guard remain unused while business and lives are destroyed by Marxist insurrectionists. Golly.
    She will fit right into Berkowitzs Soviet Alaska.

  16. Why is this controversial? Getting a Ph.D. degree takes a long time and a lot of work. And she clearly has a background in Public Health. Confused…

  17. Weirdly, once again, my original comment has been removed. I guess not every comment are allowed on this authoritarian site.

    Besides the right for Dr. Liz Snyder to use her official title, that she deserved after completed her research, she probably has acquired a good methodology to research, source and inform herself, which is clearly lacking on this site. Otherway, MRAK would have found that Liz Snyder also as a Master’s degree in Public Health. Despite her master thesis to be focused on pesticide, it remains on hazard identification which is clearly at stake with this pandemic, with people not considering the virus, and its air transmission as a hazard.

    • Marc – that is because your original comment is mainly live links, not allowed in comments. – sd

    • Marc, it’s pretty obvious that many of those who expound in these pages are jealous of those who have succeeded academically. Well tutored in the technique by Trump himself, they demean the educated and motivated in an attempt to hide their own inadequacies and failures.

      The lesser-able double down in their denigration of science, largely in an effort to hide the fact that they actually doubt their purported position, but try to hide that doubt behind a smokescreen of ever more strident opposition.

      It’s the educated who move the world, and all of mankind, forward. Others will live out their days hunkered down in their bunkers, fully prepped, armed to the hilt, and praying for God to deliver them from their problems.

      What a sorry state of affairs.

  18. Maybe she got into grad school by checking the Native American box on the application form. Worked for Liz Warren.

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