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Vermont high school bans girls from their own locker room because they don’t want to change clothes in front of boy

Randolph Union High School in Randolph, Vermont has banned girls on its volleyball team from using their own locker room after they objected to having to undress in front of a boy who is being allowed to use the girls’ locker room.

The teenage girls on the volleyball team said a male student claiming to be transgender “made an inappropriate comment while members of the volleyball team were getting changed,” according to news reports from Vermont.

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Vermont state education policy says students can play sports and use the locker room corresponding to their gender.

“It is the policy of the State of Vermont that all Vermont educational institutions provide safe, orderly, civil, and positive learning environments. Harassment, hazing and bullying have no place and will not be tolerated in Vermont schools. No Vermont student should feel threatened or be discriminated against while enrolled in a Vermont school,” the state policy says. “An owner or operator of a place of public accommodation or an agent or employee of such owner or operator shall not, because of race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity of any person, refuse, withhold from, or deny to that person any of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, and privileges of the place of public accommodation.” That means boys can use girls’ locker rooms in Vermont.

Read the Vermont state policy in full here.

Girl students in Alaska face some of the same pressures from their adult overseers, who insist that they undress in front of boys who are having gender identity confusion.

In Juneau, 9-year-old girls are being forced to undress in front of a boy who is being allowed to use the girls’ locker room at a local swimming pool, while the boy is apparently being groomed by his guardians to live as a girl. Some parents have pulled their children from the Juneau schools over the policy.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • Avenger, the problem is not leftists’ disrespect for women. Rather, it is the leftist agenda of intimidating every American into accepting blatant lies at every level of our society. Goverment lies to us, we must lie to each other, we must lie to our children. If we don’t propagate lies we will be threatened and marginalized. Eventually, we will be sent to re-education camps or gulags. This is nothing new under the sun.

      • Correct on all counts, but what is the desired result?
        In my opinion, the leftists want to destroy conventional relationships across the board. Replacing the normal family, friend, boy/girl relationship with a subject-all powerful State relationship.
        This is just one factor in making that happen. Convince an entire generation that there is no difference between males and females.

        • Exactly

          Leftists want to tear down every institution that has made America into the greatest nation on Earth so they can rebuild these institutions in their own image.

      • Wayne Douglas, exactly right, and the more obvious and unnatural the lie the better. It is about a process of humiliation. It’s about getting one to lie to himself about something so obviously opposed to the natural order. Why? Because it’s about the destruction of reason and tradition and faith within society. To say nothing of instinct.

        We must resist , failure to resist will result in acceptance to the lie.

    • Too right! EVERYTHING they claim to oppose turns out to be something they actively foster: misogyny, bigotry, poverty, censorship, authoritarianism, pseudoscience, misinformation, crime, divisiveness….these people aren’t progressive or liberal in the slightest. They’re profoundly REGRESSIVE, and illiberal.

  1. Disgraceful!!!! I would NEVER EVER send my children to a public school!!!! Schools used to protect our children! Schools are supposed to be a safe place for our children!!!

  2. First men were curbed so the mother of their children are not disqualified from welfare. Then unemployment, then the sexual revolution, then the ERA, then national legal abortion, then unpaid child support w/o legal nor reputation consequences, then women and girls empowerment, then SNAP for veterans who are mostly men.

    Now it’s turned our boys into girls another way society further erodes manhood and castrates our men.

    We already know what happens when a society – or a nation – loses its men, when men lose absolute moral judgment and ethics.

    You know where you real men need to be is at the city gates – your neighborhood councils – and the youth centers for the sons and daughters w/o dads.

  3. None of these children could forced into these situations if every parent stood up or pulled their kids. “Over my dead body” should be every parent’s response to the sexual abuse of his children. God, have mercy on us.

  4. These high school girls are smarter than their principals, coaches and teachers who banned them. The perverts are both the transgendered (mentally sick) athlete, and the adults who enforce the laws that do not protect girls (sexual abusers and brainless nutjobs).

  5. You need to make a special room or bathroom for these special kids. There are lots of children with special needs or ways of thinking and it’s not always safe for them to be around other children in this manner. I know first hand. Please keep ALL the children safe. If a child decides to take a new path then that’s their choice but please do not put the other children at risk. Give this child their own space to have their own area for their needs.

    • Tp, your grammar is not parallel (it is improper). “This child” is a singular form; “their own” is a plural form. You are engaging in the current fad of grammar deficiency which is just another form of the cultural lies I have referenced above. You are propagating the degradation of our effective common language and thereby our culture itself. If I did that I would also hide behind a cowardly two-letter pseudonym.

      • I don’t think that I don’t disagree with you, nearly as little as I don’t think that I don’t disagree with Tp.

    • The problem is that these special kids don’t want a special place. They want to be in the bathroom and locker room of the gender of their choice. There is no way to know who is actually having gender confusion and who is just taking advantage of these policies so that they can watch the opposite sex undress.

  6. (“It is the policy of the State of Vermont that all Vermont educational institutions provide safe, orderly, civil, and positive learning environments.)
    What is “safe, orderly, civil, and positive learning environments” of having men in women’s locker rooms?
    ( No Vermont student should feel threatened or be discriminated against )
    Ummm, the girls?

  7. Sad that adults shame children with mixed up biology. These same people go to church on Sundays as Christians and act like demons the rest of the week

    • Frank, “mixed up biology”? What the —- is that? What if I told you I was a Lesbian, trapped in a mans body? Is that ok? Where would that fit in? Could I go in the girls locker room and watch them dress and undress? You gotta a daughter? How about a Wife? no? Sister?

      Come on Frank, have you NO SHAME!

    • Frank, there is no “mixed up biology.” The child is a boy taking advantage of idiots he knows will cooperate with his fantasy of impersonating a girl. A thief who steals stuff from your garage knows our legal system will be lenient because it sees him as a victim of addiction. These are examples of the endless lies Marxists (Frankfurt School) are extorting us to propagate. Stop being misled. Peace be upon you.

  8. The insanity is mind boggling and chilling.

    Romans 1:28 – ….and since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them over to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.

    There’s plenty ore if one would like to read further.

  9. Curious how I never see articles about genetic females demanding access to the boys locker room, or the men’s toilets.
    Always seems to be a biological male that is demanding to see girls/women in a state of undress.

    • You’re right. I guess gender dysphoria only affects little boys. The same little boys that would do just about anything to get a peek at naked girls.

    • Boys are visual, girls are verbal. Girls will go out of their way to read or hear “girl’s porn” naughty stories. The “Falconhurst series” is some of their favorites.

  10. While the left clearly hates women and science (irony), what is really going on here is the establishment of their new religion (something else they hate).

    While they deny it, the evidence is clear.

    1-rituals to follow: drag performances and the mutilation and murder of children.

    2-clerical hierarchies: Al Gore the profit, Greta the saint, and idiots like Joe Biden to perform their rituals and sacraments. And the Earth itself as god with a transgender as Holy Spirit.

    3-No tolerance for non believers.
    Classic in the early establishment of most new religions.

    4-willingness to use and excuse violence against non believers “for the greater good”.

    5-promise of a future paradise for the righteous.

    6-evangelical passion to share the faith.

    7-an unshakable belief in something not easily provable.

    And it goes on and on and on.

    These “people” are like Johova’s Witnesses without the patience, self control, or modesty of JWs.

    History shows this kind of religious fanaticism ends in violence. Lots of it.

      • And entirely accurate, Lucinda.
        I have been saying for several years now that radical leftist extremism is not only a mental illness (which is categorically is, in its wholesale denial of reality), but effectively a religion as well. That is why radical leftist extremists, such as you, do not try to debate their opponents, or reason with them, or give them any credit or benefit of the doubt for acting and believing as they do in good faith — no, their political opponents must be zealously and mercilessly attacked and silenced, because they are not simply political opponents, they are heretics in the eyes of the radical leftist extremists.
        You are a Crusader, Lucinda, whether you realize it or not.

  11. Watered down BS, this country is in the state its in because political figures have no balls and are hell bent on perversion.

  12. The last thing we need to do TP is give these people anything. They are the gender confused which in my book says mentally incompetent as a person and should not be allowed in a public school with others. Period.
    Bye the way, the AMA regards Transgenderism as a form of mental retardation. You do not promote that.
    If they can’t fall in line and use the gender they were born with bathrooms accordingly, then send them away.
    Honestly the only reason the trans wannabe men are using women’s locker rooms is because the real men/boys would make life miserable for IT. As it should. Its disgusting.
    Our children need to be protected. Not used as pawns in the Lefts game of sexual grooming! Parents SPEAK UP!!

  13. Evil preaches tolerance until it’s dominant. Then it acts to silence good.

    Archbishop Chapultepec of Philadelphia.

  14. How a public school can make a child undress in front of anyone who makes them uncomfortable is deplorable. We are past the days of group locker rooms, group bathrooms, or any place that we must expose ourselves to anyone, regardless of assumed gender. It’s time to spend a few extra bucks on making sure that our children are not exposed to uncomfortable situations anywhere, especially public schools. They do not have to learn sexuality in a locker room or a bathroom. That’s what parents are for. Schools are supposed to be for learning the skills required for learning.

    • Oh please! When I went to Junior high we took showers after gym, even our gym coach showered with us and no he wasn’t a pervert. He is wanted to get the sweat off before next class. We didn’t think anything of it. What are they going to do when they get in the military? Plead to the colonel that they want their own shower room because they don’t want to shower with a bunch of guys? I think boys should shower with boys and girls with girls. Majority rules. If you’re uncomfortable because you think showering with someone like you is offensive then opt out. Or, all the high school girls can strip in the locker room in front of the guy and make fun of him as his member becomes engorged and make comments about it. More than likely that would cure him.

  15. High school girls actually ARE pretty intelligent, and DO understand the politics of sexually confused and predatory adults. A prime example was Bill Walker’s running mate, Byron Mallott. If it wasn’t for an underaged Native girl who ratted-out Byron, we might have had another unbearable four years of Bill Walker and his horrible cronies running Alaska into the ground. Thank you, brave teenage girl.

    • As an addendum,
      That brave teenage girl that ratted out Byron Mallott was an Alaska Native girl. Yes, she was brave to go up against Chief Byron. As a result, she killed-off Bill Walker’s comeback political aspirations. And, she has done pretty well for herself since 2018, making it on the cover of multiple magazine covers as a beautiful young woman. Yes, there is justice against perverts, pedophiles, and pedophile enablers, after all.

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