Juneau School District allows boys to undress with girls during swimming field trips


One Juneau grandparent is up in arms after discovering that his 9-year-old granddaughter, while using the dressing room at the Dimond Swimming Pool in the Mendenhall Valley, was being watched by a fellow classmate.

And by fellow, the grandparent means the granddaughter was being watched by a boy who was in the girls’ dressing room.

“The boy changed his clothes in a stall, but then came out and watched the girls undress,” the grandparent of the girl said. “She saw the bra drop in the stall, which was very confusing to her. No school official gave the parents a heads up on this possibility. This is unacceptable.”

While the Mat-Su Borough School District has put such gender-bending policies on ice until further review, it’s apparent the Juneau School District has bent to pressure from parents and students who say they are more comfortable appearing to be the opposite gender. Unlike the Mat-Su, the district has made no effort to put its policy into “review” status.

The parents of the girl wrote to the school district superintendent last week, saying their daughter was very uncomfortable having to change in and out of her swimsuit in front of a boy. On Wednesday, a week after this happened, the parents got a response from Elizabeth Siddon, the president of the Juneau School Board:

“The district strives to foster inclusive and welcoming learning environments that are free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression and to make sure that all programs and activities are free from discrimination. The district complies with local, state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination, harassment and bullying. 

“Our Administrative Regulation states that access should be allowed to restrooms and locker rooms based on the gender identity consistently expressed by the student. Transgender individuals should not be required to use facilities that are inconsistent with their gender identity, nor should they be required to use single-user facilities. If any student, regardless of gender identity, is uncomfortable using a shared restroom or locker room, considerations can include safe and non-stigmatizing alternatives such as the addition of a privacy partition or curtain, use of a nearby private restroom or office, or a separate changing schedule. 

“Protecting individual privacy rights and disclosure rules must be taken into consideration throughout the process. Families are encouraged to work together with teachers and school administrators to develop solutions if questions or concerns arise. The privacy of all students is important and creative alternatives can be used to make everyone feel safe and comfortable during school activities. The use of parent volunteers can help increase the amount of supervision available during school activities such as sporting events or swim lessons. 

“You are encouraged to bring any fears or concerns about specific situations to the attention of your child’s teacher and/or principal.”

The parents have been told by district personnel that their daughter can simply use the family dressing room, which has a door on it. But the parents also said their daughter was told to be discrete about using the family changing room and not make a big deal about it. The district doesn’t want other parents to find out what is going on, the parents suggested.

Now, girls are lining up to use the changing stalls so they don’t have to undress in the open in front of the boy, a parent told Must Read Alaska.

“I don’t understand. Why are they making my daughter’s feelings not matter? The other girls are now so uncomfortable they are lining up to use the stalls, instead of the boy using the family facility. She [the daughter] didn’t do anything wrong and she is the one who has to change in the family locker room.”

A parent told Must Read Alaska that her daughter is now putting on her swimsuit before she dresses in the morning so she won’t have to change in front of the boy. Another parent has moved her child to a home school pod.

For a while, the matter was brought up on the Juneau Community Collective Facebook page, but that discussion has since disappeared.


  1. Absolutely disgusting! Shame on you Juneau what the heck is wrong with you? Boys have no business in a girl’s dam locker room PERIOD! The freak wanting protection in a girl’s locker room needs to be the one on the family bathroom or whatever, not the other way around. Juneau parents pull your children out of these sexual grooming schools immediately. All of them. See how they can survive without kids to teach.
    This is the same place that also promotes Drag Queen classes.
    Nuff said.

  2. Democrats are not the party of woman rights anymore. Young girls forced to undress in front of boys. How is this OK? So let me get this straight, if I want to watch females undress all I have to say is I identify as female? Biden will go down (HA HA) in history as the trans president.

    • I have news for you: the Democrat Party has never been the party of womens rights. Feminism is a lie designed to trap women, not free them.

      • All it was was a front for LGBT all along!!!! Same with the long hair rocker Bull. Those suckers thought they were being macho, but in fact being groomed! My Lord – these people.

    • Sadly that is likely what it will take. The consciences of people pushing this sick agenda are so seared it is only legal force that can restrain them. They cannot see truth as they are so steeped in lies and darkness.

    • “Those girls need to lawyer up………”
      Pay the lawyers. Yeah, that always fixes everything.
      Dick the Butcher and Wild Bill Nelson were right.

      • You totally wrong. Why do you hate lawyers so badly? Not every lawyer is an ambulance chaser. Prosecutors are lawyers. Are you against them? By filing lawsuits, they not only can achieve getting the policy changed, but also some extra coin in their pockets because school districts love to settle out of court. They hate publicity and will pay just about any amount to make problems go away. Everyone needs to remember that.

  3. Well you know where the school districts priorities are.
    it isn’t your chlldren’s academic skills OR the three R’s.
    Assimilation to their twisted ideology is the goal.
    Starting with the most vulnerable and easily swayed.
    Our kids.

  4. Let me see if I have this right. The administration says….”Transgender individuals ……………… nor should they be required to use single-user facilities”

    Then the administration goes on to say that the girls……..”make use of a nearby private restroom or office”.

    If a “single-user facility is “stigmatizing” for the tranny why would a private office ( or single-user) not be stigmatizing for the young girl ?

    Do Democrats ever consider being consistent ?

    • “…….Do Democrats ever consider being consistent ?”
      Democrats are way more consistent than the rest of us. They are consistently devolving society, culture, and morals to a virtual free-for-all, and have been doing so for well over a half century.

      • You left out:
        consistently wrong
        consistently ignore what they said yesterday
        consistently blaming others for their mistakes
        consistently racist
        consistently intolerant

  5. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”
    So when do the atrocities arrive? Because the absurdities stage is well under way.

    • “…….So when do the atrocities arrive?…….”
      Wow. Got a massive case of ADD going on over there? The world is so filled with atrocities it’s difficult to even catagorize them for analysis. 9/11 comes to mind. The Congressional baseball shooting comes to mind. Are you just blinded to sexual atrocities, perhaps? How do we begin to awaken you?

      • Reggie, I don’t disagree with you — I was just trying to make something of a rhetorical point. Actually, it is undeniable that the absurdities and the atrocities are all wrapped-up in each other.

    • They are already here.
      Puberty blockers and gender affirming surgeries used on children. And, abortion up to the moment of birth. Oh, and BLM “peaceful” protests. And, no bail release for crimes up to and including second degree murder.
      And, let’s not forget. Forcing battered women’s shelters required to admit biological males. And, prisons for women being forced to admit males as well.
      And, have you looked at Netflix lately? Check out the borderline kiddie porn movie Cuties. Speaking of sexualizing children, take a second and see the number of teachers who are sexualizing children. One teacher was filmed claiming the pedophiles are really just MAPs. Minor Attracted Persons.
      The atrocities have been here for a while.

  6. Mary Lisa Dan. Alaska is a democrat state congratulations to, rank choice, dominion, legislators and judges of the oath breakers trade craft union and most of all team Obama. Now the ladies know why he is called tiny, battle on ladies union.

  7. As soon as there is a sexual problem with this and there will be some encounter then sue the school district and politicians who endorse it.

  8. Juneau is a Democrat town. They voted for this direction since as much as i know since 2001. Its current local leaders won’t do anything. Up to citizens like
    Anchorage get on your district council and take control over the juneau democrats or juneau
    republicans-whom i think the current their is homosexual so no empathy from capital city republican. Grandpa! he and other independents, democrats are on their own about little perverts watching little girls undress.

  9. The cure for this is to pool your resources and hire a team of attorneys to keep the school board and administration in court for the next decade.

  10. Protecting individual privacy rights? For whom? Only for someone who thinks they are a gender other than what they are? The gender confused are being lied to, and enabled while the majority-others are forced to accommodate them.

    This school district is condoning lies, allowing the abuse of children by forcing girls to change in front of boys and allowing boys to live in a deluded thought pattern of believing themselves to be girls. It is truly criminal and every administrator and board member of the Juneau school district should be charged with child abuse.

  11. This right here is precisely why I absolutely hate and disgustingly disrespect this pos of a governor (overseer) we have at present! If either walker or gara came out and condemned this outrageous activity by our institutions directed at little kids , I would heartily give them my vote. Damn you dunleavy, you gutless punk!!!

  12. I did this stunt in junior high. Three boys hiding in the girls gym locker room. We got ratted out and had our hind ends swatted hard by the gym coach and then again by the Vice Principle, One-eyed Jack. It hurt so bad I couldn’t sit. I got it again from Dad at the end of the day, for being a juvenile pervert. Today, all the perverts are adults who encourage this behavior. How did we get here?

  13. This is and other similar situations are so absurd and so far away from the sensibilities of nearly every clear-thinking, common sense person, regardless of political affiliation (i.e., this is not a Dem vs Rep issue) that I have to think the pendulum will soon swing back and eventually settle into the realm of common sense.

  14. The pitiful part about this is this is happening wether we like it or not. We are getting older and the young run the world. Nothing can be done about it. And it happened on our watch. That’s the sad part. These are our kids.

  15. “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.” – Theodore Dalrymple

  16. “……the Mat-Su Borough School District has put such gender-bending policies on ice until further review……”
    Translation (from lawyer/journalist/politician speak):
    “The Mat-Su Borough School District has put such gender-bending policies on ice until a sick sexual revolutionary and his lawyers inevitable attack is ruled on in court.”
    And, knowing our courts (the lawyer corner of the sick trideology controlling us), such a ruling is a flip of a multi-faceted coin.
    And what of the Big Apple of Alaska? Are the little boys of Anchorage enjoying such viewing opportunities?

  17. Those young women don’t have to just sit there and take it.
    Ladies ( the real biological ones) gather your clothes and things and walk out of that shower- go to a laundromat , go to a friends home, go to your own home to take a shower.
    If their parents refuse to protect them, then they need to protect themselves and each other from mentally unstable boys, they need to protect themselves against a school district that cares more for woke ideology then their safety and rights.
    Ladies stop waiting for permission- if that boy will not leave when he’s asked- then physically push him out of your locker room.

  18. I live in Juneau and this is the first I’ve heard of this. Funny how it’s been kept quiet. We have a good Superintendent, but this part gets confusing. The pool is a city owned property but it was a school sponsored event. The president of the school board responded so they have input. If I was the grandparent I would have called the police that same day. Oh well, looks like we’ll need 3 restrooms. Male, Female, and he/she.

  19. I remember on talk radio during Obama when this transgender bathroom stuff started happening, people kept saying it wasn’t about bigotry against transgenders; it’s that pervert hetero men would be pretend to be transgender to peep on women.

    “That’ll never happen, bigot!” was the usual response.

    NO ONE saw the phenomenon of men being allowed to compete in women’s sports back then. I can’t believe that hasn’t been made illegal yet.

  20. The KPBSD is the same exact way and some of us have had enough. A parent recently reported a teacher threatening to hit a kid in class and the board members just shrugged. We are starting a charter school to take over the existing NEA “woke” school. This way the parents give the oversight and hire and fire the principle. If you actually care then get off your backsides and get down to the board meetings.

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