Bill Walker tells voters to rank Democrat Les Gara second


By ranking the “red,” perhaps former Gov. Bill Walker didn’t understand that it means rank the Republican. Perhaps he thought it meant a different kind of red — the Marxist type.

Walker, who was once a Republican, wants voters to rank him first for governor, and to rank Democrat Les Gara second.

Walker started running as a no-party candidate in 2014, and then merged his campaign with Democrat Byron Mallott, who became his running mate. He served as governor for four years, but voters booted him out of office in 2018. Now, he is running again, still an undeclared candidate, but with radical-progressive leanings. At the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce debate on Wednesday, Walker said voters should rank him first, and rank Gara, the hardest of the hard-left Democrats, second.

Alaskans will, for the first time in state history, rank their choices for governor on Nov. 8, rather than choosing just one. Walker, during the open primary, only received 22.8% of the vote, slightly behind Gara and far behind Gov. Mike Dunleavy, the incumbent, who got 40.4% of the vote. Charlie Pierce, another Republican, received 6.6% and Chris Kurka, yet another Republican, received nearly 4%.

Dunleavy was not at the forum, as he was on site in Western Alaska, where there is a major disaster occurring with coastal flooding.

During the debate, Walker also said the state needs to return to the Coastal Zone Management Program, a program that the state disconnected from in 2011. The issue boils down to who gets to control the outcome of permitting decisions on state land. The Alaska program had had a twisted history with a jumble of plans that led to uncertainty, and the program was another layer of review that did not add any value other than being regulatory netting.

During the debate, Gara said that Dunleavy is anti-gay. It’s the second time he has made the assertion about the governor who, during his first run for governor in 2018, suffered from a Democrat-led smear campaign that alleged Dunleavy was secretly gay.


  1. Pierce and Kurka should drop out. They have no chance of winning, just splitting the votes. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Gara drops out at the last minute, leaving only 1 Democrat and that would be Walker. It worked for Peltola. Still, no substance to the Democrat campaign, just petty labeling and name calling.

  2. Insurance package for Bill Walker? LOL. That coward is uninsurable. He doesn’t know which party he is in, nor does he care. He’s an old buffoon who had a pedophile running mate who cost Walker his political career. His lapdog, Scott Kendall, tried to save him with RCV, but Walker is widely hated. Bill Walker, go back to your retirement beach in Hawaii and walk out on the water. You are finished in Alaska politics. And the media knows it.

  3. I will not rank Walker or any lib period. I will be as vocal as possible to tell everybody that Walker stole money from the people. He is a liar and thief.

  4. I keep thinking that Bill Walker and his crowd can’t make my blood boil any higher, but here he is again, advocating programs that would sink Alaska in the end. And he wants Alaskans to rank him first and Gara second? The same Gara that complained that Dunleavy was ducking a debate when Alaska’s hard working governor was at the command center attending to his duties co-coordinating the state response to this disaster in Western Alaska. Did Gara mention that? Or the fact that Dunleavy cancelled his own fundraiser that had been scheduled for Monday so he could assess the damage in person by touring some of the affected areas, as his job requires? Of course not! Neither Walker nor Gara should get a vote from any thinking Alaskan. They are both duds. Don’t rank either one of them, period! And we are still not out of the woods. Walker campaign co-chair Natasha Von Imhof is chairing the “investigation” into the firing of Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. director Angela Rodell, promising to conclude this by the end of October, just in time for the voting in the General Election. Note that this could still cripple Dunleavy if there are any insinuations (doesn’t need to be facts) in the report against him, so the Walker crowd has not given up smearing him. And this latest anti-gay thing after accusing him of being gay (with 3 daughters?) in the last campaign? I just marvel at Governor Dunleavy’s staying power.

  5. I think Walker has a good chance to win. Yes, he’s widely hated. But he has the support of the unions, state workers, teachers, and the “power people” who benefit by him getting elected.

    Look at the Assemblies in Anchorage, Soldotna, and Juneau. They don’t give a damn what people want, or think.

    Don’t forget the major assist by the afternoon drive radio host on KENI. Despite claiming conservatism and dissatisfaction with Walker, he happily teamed with Scott Kendal to push RVC.

    • I was under the impression that Mr. P. on KENI had disavowed the RCV fiasco after realizing (too late) how we would end up filling the seat of Rep. Young. I’m still beside myself that the Division of elections and the Lt. Governor both pointed out the the referendum for RCV was an illegal vote because it asked three questions all bundled in one ballot measure, and yet, our even measured State Supreme Court ruled that it could go forward. Folks, the fix was in. Don’t be surprised if Les wins, or Lisa wins or Mary P. gets two years in Congress. God Bless Alaska as we march ever onward to being a copy of WashingtonOrgonCalifonia.

      • “…….God Bless Alaska as we march ever onward to being a copy of WashingtonOrgonCalifonia.”
        Destroy the oil industry like they’ve destroyed mining, fishing, and timber, and the Left Coast Power Wolves fade. No money, no interest. The industry that will never go away is military due to our strategic location, even as it ebbs and flows in intensity. That, along with 75% federal ownership of the land, is why we will remain a colony until Washington DC is gone. Being a low population colony has good cultural benefits………..

  6. Stranger things have happened during this Ranked Choice Voting fiasco. It appears that Mary Peltola might have asked her supporters to “rank the Red”, also. After all, according to MRAK, 65% of her voters ranked Begich second! Of course, they might have been fooled by the last name, or NOT!

    • Don’t forget Democrats and RINOS are one and the same. The Uni-party works to enslave Americans to high taxes, life destroying/Constitution shredding legislation and legalizing illegals pouring across our border to turn us into a 3rd world country. Xiden is selling us out to the CCP and using his Nazi S.S. in the DOJ and FBI to attack your 1st Amendment rights. But for some reason some citizens are either to blind to see it or are okay with it because they are to busy trying not to offend the woke crowd or believing the propaganda on CNN, ABC, NBC or some other fake propaganda news site. It is heart breaking to see voters flocking to the same failed politicians that talk a good talk but refuse to act like the leaders they should be to affect positive change in the direction of defending your Constitutional rights and rooting out the corruption that is deeply rooted in our political, corporate and education system. We need leaders that will make the hard choices in spite of the criticism they know will come from the left. Leaders like Ron Desantis from Florida, who is standing up to the communist takeover of our nation and defending families. What is Dunleavy doing? Why does he garner 40% support, for what? For feeding the gravy train of corporate corruption? Who will stand for working class Americans? Who will stop ignoring the piles of evidence of voter fraud? Who will investigate Murkowski for orchestrating RCV that will help steal an election for her just like it did for Mary Peltola? Who will rid our State of the Dominion Machines or pull Alaska off the ERIC contract that refuses to clean voter rolls? I can tell you this, it won’t be do nothing Dunleavy who stood by while Alaskans were losing their jobs over unconstitutional vaccine mandates and had the gall to give Dr. Zink an award for following Dr. Fauci’s unscientific orders to unconstitutionally lock people down and wear masks that don’t work but make people sicker. This is not freedom, those decisions were authoritarian. I actually had someone tell me they wouldn’t vote for Kurka because he was a bomb thrower! I was like, do you not see the condition of the country? Do you not think we need some bomb throwers that will stand their ground and make sound decisions to protect our future? Alaska, you need to change direction and alter your thinking or we will continue to go down a very dark path to oblivion. As RFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Do not allow the fake news and false political attack ads to alter sound judgement! Vote for your Constitutional Republic like your future depends on it, because it does! America will not survive this communist insurrection, color revolution or whatever label you want to place on it without your help and sound judgment on those you place in power.

  7. Thanks F4F, that 65% is a number I never knew before. I always wondered where Mary’s #2 votes went. I was always curious how strong the Begich name effect would be, now I know, thanks to your good reporting.

  8. Oh, I wanted to thank Suzanne for pointing out the obvious that Walker is a great danger to this State. He is sold-out to the CCP in China and will take your PFD. He and Gara are 2 peas in a pod!

  9. The irony of politics – no loyalty from Walker who benefited from Palin’s endorsement of him- thereby pulling enough votes from the republican Parnell (who had been her loyal lieutenant governor) to get him elected – but, hey, Alaskans have short memories and have forgotten all about that bizarre and disappointing event


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