Battle of the Bulge: Dimond High teacher placed on administrative leave, investigated


The Dimond High School teacher who became world-renown for wearing a tight dress that showed off his prodigious personal effects has been placed on leave.

“We want to provide an update about community concerns relating to a member of our staff. The employee has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of our investigation. We understand you have many questions. However, because this is a personnel matter, we cannot provide additional information at this time,” the Dimond High School principal wrote to parents in a new memo on Thursday.

Social media post on @LibsofTikTok says Fletch Fletcher was taken out by security. This is unconfirmed.

“Thank you for reaching out to me to voice your concerns. We take them seriously and will continue to foster a safe and inclusive campus while ensuring a stable learning environment. The safety and well-being of ALL students and staff are top priority. If you have questions or concerns, please contact my office directly to allow our staff to stay focused on educating our students,” said the memo by Principal Tina Johnson-Harris.

Language arts teacher Fletch Fletcher was the subject of a video that circulated on the X/Twitter account of @LibsofTikTok, in which his dress bulge was perilously close to the hand of a student he was supervising.

Since that video, several photos that have a person who looks like him have been circulating around the school district, and they show him in graphic sexual acts on a porn website.

The principal’s latest memo to parents is markedly different from her first one, which said the matter was private and that people were being mean, specifically that they were “malicious and harassing.”


  1. It’s time this foolishness stops.
    If you want to dress and play house then do it at home as the majority doesn’t want to see that junk.

  2. That principal loves the word “inclusive,” doesn’t she? It only takes a minority of the majority (who hate this DEI philosophy) to tell the minority pushing it that they have had enough.
    But the training is deep. We are so afraid of being turned in or isolated, we become complicit in our culture that is circling the drain.
    We aren’t even in 1940 Germany or Russia, but act like it, fearing our neighbors will turn us in.
    Maybe Fletch’s stiff schlong in a skirt at school will be reason enough for folks to say, “No more.”
    Or not.

    • Yes! And don’t forget to vote for school board members in the upcoming election:

      NOT Pat Higgins
      NOT Dora Wilson
      NOT Carl Jacobs.

      Anyone around ASD for very long has seen these “investigations.” Waste of time. Make your vote count!

      And maybe, just maybe, the other three who support this kind of behavior could be recalled and replaced? Let’s get the petition going!

      Leave Mr Donley alone; he’s fought heroically for us already.

      • Jacobs had a Facebook post showing support by Chris Constant.. That’s an anti-endorsement for me

  3. Oh come on Principal Harris. Millions of people would love to know how pointing out that a dude in a dress with an erection in a high school classroom is malicious harassment. You are part of the problem.

  4. Why is it that when it comes to porn in the library (Gender Queer with explicit graphics of homoerotic sex) or teachers like Mx. Fletcher, the school administration never takes proactive steps to vet either teachers or books and only responds after being exposed publicly. It’s malfeasance of the grossest kind.

    The school board has been asleep at the switch and the administration has, at best, been grossly negligent if not complicit in the promotion of a culturally stained progressive agenda. The board should immediately fire Jharrett Bryantt for cause to strip of him of his sweetheart contract provisions. He has been in charge and he must be held accountable.

    • That’s not the way it works, Cheif. You think somebody from ASD might call Homer’s district and hear “yeah, the dude walks around in a dress sporting a woody”? Not even close. As long as they knew he was leaving they’d have said ‘Mr. So-and-so has no record of disciplinary actions taken against him in his HR docket. Have a nice day and we wish you both the best’. You definitely do not open yourself up to a legal quagmire when you know your troubles are slithering out the door.

      Figure that dude has ever sashayed into the girl’s bathroom? Nothing weird just maybe tone up the boner a bit. Blue steel in a blue dress; stiff enough a cat couldn’t scratch it. What better way to start fourth period. Second and third, too. Maybe get your horn honked in a couple years by the old student body. Serious Johnson, Harris. Hiding it in plain sight. Yee haw.

    • @Pete
      “school board has been asleep at the switch”

      Regrettably the school board is NOT asleep at the switch. The behavior of the school board for the last umpteen suggests they are actively shoveling coal into the firebox and driving the engine of progressivism to ever greater speeds.

    • This is a classic case of voters getting who and what they voted for. Anchorage voters did this to themselves.

      • @Masked while your post is quite true. It’s sad because most young couples have a hard enough time just paying bill, raising kids and dealing with life. Sadly many of them trust the system and are not involved enough to know whats really at stake.

  5. I guess the Anchorage Democrats and progressives were disgusted enough to move ASD to place the offender on administrative leave

  6. It took a student recording the teacher and posting on X to bring attention to the situation? It was then that administration took action. If the student had not recorded would the guy have just gotten a pass? Dress and fetish ok? Was anything said to admin prior to this gross indecency? Had they ignored or brushed off until it became nationwide public school humiliation? Just wondering. Good job for the astute student who took action.

    • Notice ASD’s first action was to suspend their X account. ASD really doesn’t want to do anything about this. They want you and our students to stop speaking up about it so they can go back to ignoring it — or, “investigating” it, as they call it. Don’t trust them.

      Vote them out! It’s the only hope for students whose parents can’t afford private school and can’t get time away from work to homeschool.

  7. Start calling the police – on those that are exposing our children to all manners of sexual deviance.
    Teachers, librarians, and most of all their supervisors – the Principals who have a a DUTY to uphold the law and protect our children.
    Attorneys and parents with money – start suing these perverts and their protectors.

  8. Just FYI in case you haven’t picked up on this already: the Anchorage School District is woke. Their well paid DEI person won’t meet with Jewish parents about antisemitic incidents in schools. Nice to know they support perverted men in tight dresses rockin half boners in class until public outrage tells them otherwise. ASD is also nannyist – I know a mom who had the police called on her by a principal because her son missed too much school due to actual illness. Ridiculous.

    Is this the mindset we want to pass along to the next generation?

  9. High schools and junior highs are the new cruising grounds for trannies, homosexuals, and sexual freaks.

  10. The kid should file a civil suit against the teacher. Not against the city, or the school district, but against the teacher, personally, and wring every last penny out of that sick POS. That should become the norm in such situations.

  11. “prodigious personal effects” Maybe he’s gonna have them removed soon and he just wants to make some memories.

  12. I think Tina Johnson-Harris needs to step down also. If this had not gone viral via Libs of TicToc on X/twitter and Must Read Alaska, I think she would have just let it go as part of her liberal ( grooming )agenda. Sadly after looking at the ASD site on X, I was not shocked they are promoting a month of DEI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion = AKA Racism. It is no wonder the Superintendent would not let Dr. Ben Carson speak at one of our Anchorage Schools

    • The District will just move her up to the Head Shed. As if other teachers and administrators did not observe the inappropriate behavior of Fletch.

  13. So how long before a teacher plays with themselves in front of students arguing freedom of expression?

  14. As a free thinking progressive, maybe I’m expected to support Mr/Ms’ right to have a boner. But I don’t. This guy is a menace and an insult to the quality of education we could have. How did he slip through the vetting process? Which administrator(s) are responsible?

    • You are spreading falsehoods, misinterpretations, innuendos and bias according to the death and destruction cult ]you worship in, evan.
      Personally, I think you are a liar. I believe you love watching teachers stick their genitals in children’s faces.

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