Stock plunges after Planet Fitness cancels membership of Fairbanks woman who objected to man in women’s locker room


Patricia Silva of Fairbanks documented an adult male using the women’s dressing room at Planet Fitness in Alaska last week, and sent her proof to Libs of TikTok, a social media account that shows how radical some liberals are.

Silva’s video and photographic evidence was seen by Libs of TikTok’s 2.9 million followers on X/Twitter, and it didn’t take long for Planet Fitness to cancel her membership, because she had violated the rule.

What rule? The rule that says you can’t take pictures of other members in the locker rooms.

There is no rule, evidently, for men whipping out their “members” while in the women’s locker rooms, however. Planet Fitness says it is a “judgment free zone.”

In this instance, there was a young girl also in the dressing room, wrapped in a towel, while a man shaved at the sink.

The incident has led to a call for a boycott of Planet Fitness and a drop in the company’s stock price on Monday.

Silva isn’t the only female customer to take on the fitness company. In September, a 15-year-old girl was inside the women’s locker room of Planet Fitness in Monroe, Ga., when a naked male allegedly exposed himself to her, according to the Monroe Police Department. Jakorbie Dixon of Conyers, Ga., was arrested on “multiple warrants for public indecency by exposing himself in the female locker room,” the police department said.

Planet Fitness has a policy about such things:

The policy says staff should “work with members and employees to address this discomfort [sharing facilities with transgender members] and to foster a climate of understanding consistent with the Judgment Free character of Planet Fitness.’

The statement says, ‘Planet Fitness staff shall strive to address transgender members with names, titles, pronouns, and other terms consistent with their self-reported gender identity, if reasonably known to the Planet Fitness staff” and that “a transgender woman shall be referred to by her preferred name and female pronouns” and a “transgender man shall be referred to by his preferred name and male pronouns.’

The statement says the company “reserves the right to terminate a person’s membership immediately for any violation of this policy.”

Meanwhile, a man accused of exposing himself in February to a teenage girl in an Anchorage fitness center is still being sought by Anchorage police.


    • Regardless of the fact that a trans person was in a locker room, the person filming broke the rules of the gym and possibly the law by filming in a private locker room.

      It is part of many gym membership agreements that you CANNOT film inside the locker room. That is a place of expected privacy, just like a bathroom. And written into that agreement is a punishment for breaking the rules.

      Planet Fitness is notorious for banning members for filming in the locker rooms regardless of gender or gender identity. People have been banned for posting a selfie from the locker room with no one else present.

      Should there be a rule that people should use the appropriate facilities, absolutely. But that does not discount the fact that this person filming invaded the privacy of an individual in a private setting and suffered the consequences of their own actions. Just like Planet Fitness is suffering the consequences of not having a distinct policy on which faculties one should use.

      How would you feel if you were in the gym locker room and were getting dressed when some random person started filming you, then posted in on social media?

      • You really cannot compare this to someone just filming for the heck of it? And he was not invading the woman’s privacy? That kind of thinking is why the world is so screwed up today!

        • How was this trans person “invading” her privacy?

          They were minding their own business at a sink when this lady came up and confronted them. At least that is what the video I have seen has shown.

          • There it is. Another square checked off on my bingo board for MRAK comments.

            Jefferson with the “radical leftist extremist” comment.

            Just because you keep repeating a phrase doesn’t make it true. Maybe it is true to you because you are so far to the right that anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as you do is a leftist.

            • No, it IS true, and is true of you, Anchorage Radical Leftist Extremist Voter. And everyone here, including you, knows that, your feeble and flimsy denials notwithstanding.

      • I’m sorry but you are missing the point. Men and women’s bathrooms is a line that should not be crossed and if exposing it means taking a photo of this person to make the point that he is not in the appropriate place, then that is a rule that needs to be broken.

      • I think we’re losing track of who invaded whose privacy here. The man had no reasonable expectation of privacy because he never should have been in there in the first place.

      • Anchorage Voter, you say, “That is a place of expected privacy, just like a bathroom.” Your statement is actually correct; but not in the way you think. For untold centuries public bathrooms have been private to each sex/gender only; which is the first level of privacy. That is privacy from the opposite sex/gender. The second level of privacy is that of disallowing photography, for which the reasons are blindingly obvious. In a real sense, you are actually engaging in logical debate with yourself.

      • “……..How would you feel if you were in the gym locker room and were getting dressed when some random person started filming you, then posted in on social media?”
        As aggressive as an awakened bear sleeping on a moose carcass or a woman coming upon a man shaving in a female locker room. People need aggressive punishment for being inconsiderate, rude, and manipulative, and if government refuses to enact sane laws and regs and enforce them, we will eventually see anarchy.
        Being in a minority during anarchy is incredibly dangerous.

        • Roger, roger, Reggie Taylor! Take it up with the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee where pretty boys already have a table!

        • Planet Fitness has been dumbed down. I’m turning in my membership and going to Fairbanks to join Silva’s athletic club. At least she looks like a bench presser and probably has good abs too.

        • Gonna sue YMCA or Alaska Club too because all locker rooms at these places are for adults and kids?

      • Mindless voter, only the thoughtless follow rules blindly: there is no substitute for good judgment. This “infraction” against common sense is a fair warning: buyer beware, “shrouded abnormalities” may abound!

      • To all of you discounting the fact that the person filming broke the rules that they signed when becoming a member at Planet Fitness because you do not like trans people are missing the forest for the trees.

        I did not defend the trans person, just stated that the trans person was following the rules of Planet Fitness and had their privacy invaded in a private environment, the same way any person being filmed in a locker room would have had their privacy invaded.

        Just because you don’t think that trans people (whether you consider them the devil, mentally ill, or otherwise) have a right to privacy in a locker room doesn’t change the fact that they have the exact same rights as any other US Citizen.

        If that trans person had been violent or inappropriate, that is another story all together. But they were shaving when this woman came up and confronted them on camera. That is not grounds for breaking rules that you agreed to when you signed up for a membership there.

        An invasion of privacy is an invasion of privacy no matter who or what gender that person is.

        • I agree with you to a point. However this “transgender” person, based on his picture, has not made any attempt to look feminine. To me he looks like any other dude. A dude in the women’s locker room is not ok.

        • “……..An invasion of privacy is an invasion of privacy no matter who or what gender that person is……….”
          The majority of women consider a women’s locker room to be “private” from the leering eyes of men, regardless who the man says or thinks he is. Therefore, their “privacy” has been invaded, regardless of the “rules” regarding trans-sexuals being forced on society by perverts. My guess is that the photographer didn’t and still doesn’t care about her membership standing, unless it will be used as consideration in her own suit against Planet Fitness.
          I remember a few years back when this sexual stupidity began. My sweet, beloved, and socially submissive wife argued with me, again seeing me as a brutish, aggressive, loud-mouthed bully. Remarkably, she’s now ready to fight, because her naked fanny is the most basic prize she has, and she treats it so. Sick, inconsiderate men hold no honor whatsoever with her. Once she realized how fully, quickly, and completely this social malaise has released the worse in men upon women, she became a full believer.

      • In 1955 you would have told Rosa Parks to go to the back of the bus because, you know, rules are rules. Some of us believe there comes a time to break the rules. 1955 was one time. Planet Fitness is another one. That rule isn’t there for the benefit of the members. Planet Fitness doesn’t give a feces about its members. That rule is there to protect Planet Fitness for reasons just like this one, because it makes for bad press. How many junkies have been found in a PF restroom passed out with a needle stuck in their arm? It’s things like that, as well as men in the women’s room, that PF doesn’t want exposed and in the news. Because that’s bad for business and affects the bottom line.

        • Sure, that comparison is the same.

          This random lady breaking rules she agreed to when she signed her membership agreement is the same as Rosa Parks.

          Good one Erik lol

          • When Rosa Parks boarded that bus in 1955 there was an implied agreement that she would move to the back of the bus. The comparison is valid.

            • We are gonna have to agree to disagree.

              I don’t see even the remotest comparison in situations between the Ms. Silva and Rosa Parks.

              BTW an implied agreement is no where near the same thing as written contract/membership agreement.

      • Really? That’s your main concern? That the person taking the video violated gym policy? That’s a bigger breach of etiquette/taste than a dude washing himself in a women’s bathroom? How exactly is a person supposed to even tell the difference between a trans person (who would most likely at least TRY and present as a woman) and some dude just going about his business? I think you’re dander is up for exactly the wrong reason.

    • Ms. Silva for Fairbanks Borough mayor, please. She would beat the skirt off the little teacher’s union puppet who promotes LGBTQ culture.

  1. Something I find absolutely fascinating are the number of companies doing their damndest to put themselves out of business.

    Woke may make people feel better about themselves, but it’s suicide for profits.

  2. I live in Fairbanks and heard about this incident from my daughters just yesterday. I have been a member of PF for maybe 14 yrs. I haven’t gone much since COVID just because I got out of my rhythm, but I had decided to keep the membership just in case I needed to use the showers or whatever. When I heard about this, I decided to go ahead and cancel it, so I will be cancelling my membership this week.

  3. Get woke go broke!! At no time is a man pretending to be a woman ok to be in a dam locker room with REAL women!! Boycott Stupid Planet Fitness and their lack of concern over this. The thing to do here? Is not to tolerate these people nor allow this behavior at the gym.
    If they can’t figure out what gender they are, and can’t use the locker room appropriate to their biological gender AT BIRTH then send them packing! Period!

  4. The big picture is that all fitness centers suck. The Alaska Club. CrossFit. BodyRN. None of these places would support this woman if it was their venue. So workout at home. Or with friends at their homes. Don’t pay for exorbitant memberships to pervert fitness clubs.

    • I keep my eyes to myself in locker rooms and unless something sketchy is going on, I don’t care

        • Planet Fitness rules are that one goes to the locker room of the gender they identify with.

          Do I agree with that? No. But I don’t own or run a Planet Fitness, so I can’t control those policies.

          Planet Fitness rules are that one cannot film in their gym or locker rooms. Literally written into the membership agreement that everyone must sign to become a member. Do I agree with that? HELL YES.

          Do I mind my own business in a locker room? absolutely.

          If a person is minding their own business, then I will leave them to it until their behavior or business affects mine. And in this case, while distasteful to many, the trans person did nothing wrong and is being vilified for basically existing. That ain’t right

  5. Alaska has one of the highest rates of rape of women in our nation. Where are our safe spaces?

  6. Planet Fitness was a hit when it first opened since they had cheaper rates than Alaska Club and the crowds were “normal” people. Too bad that they decided to cater to the very small percentage that has identity issues as this is going to drive away the majority. Are there really enough “customers” that have identity issues to generate the revenue needed to keep these places open? I highly doubt it. Good job Planet Fitness. Lock the door on your way out.

  7. I jokingly suggested to my daughter there should be a 3rd dressing room designation for those confused about their sex.
    And this story put the stops on my rejoining Planet Firness.

  8. Glad to hear the strong response in favor of cancelling planet fitness. It is an outrage that men have been allowed to interlope on being female. There are two sexes; it’s time to return to our senses and respect women as women. No man will ever be a woman.

  9. If we search our souls, can anyone honestly say they would let their daughter use a locker room containing a naked male stranger? Really?

  10. The trans clown car is at the top of the roller coaster and is about to crash back down to earth. Gender ideology does not hold up to scrutiny. People are FINALLY waking up from their apathy comas to realize The Emperor has no clothes. Tick tock

  11. LOL, stay butt-hurt, turbo right wingers.
    Make sure you update your Zieg Heil bumper stickers – the 1940’s glue is wearing off!

  12. No filming. No pictures in locker rooms. Period! A rule that most certainly should always be enforced aggressively. Once you start factoring in subjective and political reason(s) for exceptions to that rule, it becomes a slippery slope very quickly. Yes, her membership should have been revoked. And it was.

    Now … a separate issue … which bathroom/locker room should this person use?
    I don’t know. Here’s a crazy thought … a third room?

      • And when you are ticketed for going 66 in a 65 zone, don’t complain. Rules are rules. Try one that makes it against the rules to have a smart phone on the premises and see how many members join. Often times, a picture is the only proof that a crlme has been committed and is much better than a shootout. It’s also a crime to film an arrest.

        • The gym policy is no filming, not no smart phones. You sign that filming right away when you sign your membership agreement with Planet Fitness. As Planet Fitness is a private club with a membership fee, they can make the rules as they see fit.

          And yup, I’ve gotten that speeding ticket for going 32 mph in a 30 mph zone. Thought about contesting it, but in the end by definition, I was exceeding the speed limit.

          Now I agree that a picture is often the only proof of a crime being committed. But pray tell, what crime did that trans person commit? or be suspected of committing? From what I have seen, they were minding their own business, shaving at a sink. What law did they break?

          And to your last point, can you cite that law that says one cannot film an arrest?

          • Well I’m sure any women with there lady parts out may have felt seriously uncomfortable having a guy in there wether he was minding his business or not. Would you have allowed your teenage daughter to get undressed in front or to the side of him under the premise he’s minding his own business and deserves privacy. Gtfo you lunatic

    • She was willing to fall on her sword to get the proof she needed. I commend her. You might be okay with men pretending to be women so they can indulge in their perversion of looking at young naked girls…and that tells us all we need to know about you!

    • The problem with this concept is it is not, and never has been universally enforced.

      If that “gentleman” had gone into a locker room and found a Trump rally going on. Any pictures taken (there almost certainly would be) would be heralded as important to expose the radicals in the locker room.

  13. I’ve never been in the women’s bathroom in the Fairbanks PF. But, it surprises me that it appears exactly identical to the men’s bathroom. On the other side of the mirror is the first shower stall. I used that towel dispenser one time that I forgot my shower towel.

    Are we certain this is the woman’s bathroom?

    • One time I walked into a woman’s locker room by accident. As soon as I realized I had, I shot out the door offering up sincere apologies.

      I didn’t stop to shave.

  14. Planet Fitness “members” are now an inclusive club that allows gay men and trannies to show their member(ships) to females in the dressing rooms. Good job, Planet Fitness. Please cancel my membership.

  15. MEN BEWARE! I know for a fact men’s privacy in gyms/locker rooms and changing rooms are being violated. The gays/bisexuals will film not only themselves, but also straight men getting undressed and naked and then post the photos/videos to porn/gay porn sites such as: Pornhub, Xhamster, Xvideos,, GayForIt, RedTube, BoyFriendTv, XNXX and MyVidster just to name a few. There are many more that can be found out doing a Google search. I know because I used to frequent porn sites before turning my life over to the Lord. I will not hide their dirty deeds. So take notice and i
    I would suggest men to stop changing in gyms/fitness centers. Also let your sons know it is happening in middle and high school because of cell phones and smaller recording devices. They often set them up in an open locker on the shelf or where the camera faces out of the vent in the locker where they are nearby taking a long time “pretending” to be changing. Also be mindful when you use any public bathroom stall. They will try recorded you from above where you least expect it or from the stall closest to the urinals. They use the small crack towards to wall to record mens genitals while urinating.

    • “……..MEN BEWARE!………”
      This might be the hill sexual perversion dies on. Public locker rooms and lavatories tend to have wet, slippery floors. Disagreements on the nature and origins of injuries suffered in them migh5 end up requiring official cameras in them to record such dangerous locations.

  16. I hope that someone will find a productive use for their new building in Eagle River. Most of our few woke are too broke to have membership. Can’t imagine anyone paying for membership in such a place when there are many alternatives. We can surely tolerate different types, but few wish to pay for the privilege. This company is soon to discover what a majority there is that doesn’t adhere to their lifestyle, especially when shoved down our throats. We have been silent about it because we don’t seem to have the desire for acceptance and a high need for attention. If you need attention, join the circus. Sorry your parents ignored you as a child. Live your as you see fit, but leave the rest of us alone to do the same.

  17. Ummm…I’m a dad and grandpa, still in good physical shape. I’ve already shared with a State Trooper friend of mine that if I hear of, or see a male going into a ladies’ locker room, he will get a call to arrest me for assault and battery as I drag the poor deviant/predator out of the locker room.

    No, I’m not a “nut job”. Well respected in the lower 48 and Alaska. No more political correctness. Just action. See my book, “Fighting Words: Why government and culture should fear the church”, Louis Day, PhD.

  18. Looks like a Dude to me not even trying to look like a Woman! If it Quacks like a Duck it’s a Duck and regardless of painting a pig it’s still a PIG! Transgender, Transformer wannabes. Unless your full on transformed just identifying as something shouldn’t get you access to Jack! Hell maybe I’ll just start identifying as a planet fitness member and not pay Jack! See how that flies!

    • Yourbutt, nobody here is “scared” of so-called “trans folks” (i.e, the mentally ill). Disgusted, fed up, tired, annoyed, outraged, offended — but not scared.

      The fear we leave to soy boys.

  19. Not a great investment to begin with but it is recovering, down just under one percent on the week. Maybe a third room is appropriate. After all, if you can’t beat ’em, it doesn’t mean you have to join ’em

  20. I’m in Maryland and I just canceled my PF membership….IDC what you identify as…you could identify as a unicorn, but if you have penis, go in the room with the other penises…if you have a vagina, go in the room with other vaginas.

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