Alaska gyms in spotlight after indecent exposure at one, man in women’s locker room at another


On Feb. 10, Anchorage Police responded to an Anchorage residence regarding an indecent exposure claim that had been made. 

Police said the parent at the home told them that a man, identified later as 41-year-old Natchez J. Dunlap, had exposed himself in front of a juvenile under the age of 16. 

The crime had reportedly taken place in the hot tub at Alaska Club South located at 10931 O’Malley Centre Drive approximately 30 minutes before officers were called by the parent. 

Dunlap had left the club prior to police notification.

According to the parent, the Alaska Club had reviewed the footage of the incident and indicated to her that they would not report it to the police; however they would revoke his gym membership. The parent did contact police; the video corroborated that the man was fondling himself in front of the girl.

The social media post that the parent made after the alleged incident at Alaska Club South.

Detectives from the Crimes Against Children Unit began an investigation and on March 11, 2024, detectives obtained a felony arrest warrant for Dunlap for the charge of indecent exposure in the first degree. 

Dunlap is aware he has the warrant but has not turned himself in. Efforts to locate him have been unsuccessful thus far, police said.

Dunlap is reported as six feet tall, 190 pounds with brown eyes and black hair that is dyed a shade of blonde.  The police do not indicate his skin color, but it is dark, according to the photos provided by police and by the parent. Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is asked to call Police Dispatch at 3-1-1 (option #1) or 907-786-8900 (option #0).  To provide information anonymously, you may do so online at

Natchez has a history of felony-level arrests in Alaska.

Meanwhile, a Fairbanks woman who went to Planet Fitness in Anchorage reported there was a man in the women’s locker room who was shaving. She was uncomfortable and approached him verbally to let him know he did not belong in the women’s locker, and also told the staff. The man allegedly told her he was a queer male and would not leave. The staff was unresponsive to her request, she said.

Patricia Silva told her story on Facebook in a video:

Planet Fitness took away the membership of a Michigan woman several years ago after she complained about a transgender woman in the locker room. She was told that Planet Fitness has a “no judgment policy” that allows people to use locker rooms based on “their sincere, self-reported gender identity.” So far, Silva has not had her membership revoked, but may self-revoke it, and was warning other Alaskans to watch out for their children in gyms.

The Planet Fitness gender ideology statement can be found at this link.


  1. Alaska Democrats are trying to make this a legally protected class. HB17 last session and HB99 this session. If the Democrats win and you complain about autogynephilic perverts, you will be sued into oblivion by the Human Rights Commission.

  2. Autogynephilic men need to keep their fetishes behind their own closed doors. No one wants to see that.

    We as a society need to reinforce boundaries to keep women and children safe from them. If they will not listen to words we ought to use other methods.

  3. So even our local police department if so woke, they are afraid to identify the man’s skin color. But you can bet if he was a white man, they would have listed it.
    One day, as a society, we may weary of all the lies and demand that the truth be told. Just not yet.

  4. I’m going to tell my daughter’s grandmother to cancel her Alaska Club membership and that my daughter is no longer to go swimming when she goes swimming.

    Alaska Club response not to contact police was reckless and irresponsible. If they were me afraid of bad PR they received what they were trying to avoid by their avoidance. No one will had known if APD was called ASAP because of police discretion.

    • Reckless and irresponsible?
      When an adult male exposes himself to a minor girl – that is a felony sex crime.
      Report and call the police on that Alaska Club MGMT – it is a CRIME not report a sex offense.
      Parents get a lawyer and sue the sickos at the Alaska Club.
      These perverts and deviants need hard time in a maximum security prison – so the inmates can teach them the lesson we aren’t allowed to teach these miscreants in free society.

  5. This whole story is brought to you by Woke 101. These idiotic progressive liberals who have pushed the “live by how you feel” crap and our society not kicking it to the curb early on are who’s to blame. They gave the green light to these low level scum bags and now, here we are. This is just the beginning.

  6. Just like burning the flag—-Burn At Your Own Risk

    Men exposing themselves publicly to women should do so at Their Own Risk, of a violent reaction from from the victim, and their male companions.

  7. Rest easy folks. Alaska club will reap what they sow with their lame policies and inability to make their members feel safe with their children in their facilities especially considering the amount they charge for membership.
    Budweiser management is paying the price for their choice in using Dylan Mulvaney for their ads promoting tranny fluid.

  8. Hold it!
    Video footage from the shower rooms and spa area? Isn’t that illegal on its own? These clubs need to be closely looked into.

  9. I see a business opportunity: create a franchise of high quality fitness centers that assure members they will only share a locker room with people who correspond to their sex assignment at birth.

    And then, as you are inundated with common sense folks who seek nothing more than that, you also have the pleasure of watching the silly “woke” franchises wither and go away.

    • Someone will sue if you open a fitness club that “discriminates” against anyone (bans anyone)
      And the courts will support them.

  10. As an adult woman I’ve never stepped foot in a fitness club due to dangers and predators lurking everywhere. It’s much safer to do fitness at home, and I don’t know why this happened but it could be prevented by not allowing adults and minors to be in the same pool or hot tub because of both accidental dangers and predators. It just isn’t normal to have both adults and minors in the spa area together. If anything parents should be with their children at these places. Maybe someone should open up a minors only fitness club to keep kids safer.

  11. The idea of public hot tubs – even members-only hot tubs – is just disgusting to me. You couldn’t put in enough filters and purifiers to get me to step in one of those gross cesspools.

  12. Not report it?? So is the place condoning it? Revoke his membership? What dorks. Remember this incident if you ever even consider a membership there.

  13. Women and men need to be more proactive in these situations- if he was asked to leave and he didn’t want to do it willingly- then the women could have helped him change his mind , then men could have escorted him outside and really helped him change his mind.

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