Sullivan: Biden’s budget puts U.S. deeper into dangerous territory, weakening national security


For the fourth year, President Joe Biden has sent Congress a budget that cuts defense spending. It comes at a time when the Chinese Communist Party announced another 7.2% increase in their defense budget.

Alaska U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and chairman of the International Republican Institute, responded to Biden’s Fiscal Year 2025 budget request:

“Since President Biden assumed office, global chaos has spread, with the dictators from Russia, China, and Iran acting with greater impunity. In each of those four years, President Biden has proposed inflation-adjusted cuts to defense spending.

The budget significantly underfunds key enabling capabilities for the Pacific; cuts a submarine after the Department of Defense said the industrial base needed stability and budget growth; fails to maximize production rates of more than a dozen key munitions; decreases the purchase rate of tactical fighters; and slow the development and purchase of missile defense programs.

“This latest budget proposal thrusts the United States into even more dangerous territory—it puts the United States on track for our defense spending to drop below three percent of GDP for only the fourth time since World War II, which occurred in the years following the end of the Cold War,” Sullivan said.

“The President proposes using budget gimmicks and accounting tricks to spend billions above spending caps for non-defense programs, but makes significant cuts to, among other programs, the Missile Defense Agency and our submarine fleet, and slashes new orders of fighter jets—including F-35s. Meanwhile, he’s funding more than one hundred million dollars to cater to his far-left base—including a diversity, equity, and inclusion office in the Pentagon that has nothing to do with winning wars and lethality.

“If there ever was a time for this White House to reverse course on these weak defense proposals and deter global aggression, it is now. Jimmy Carter did this in his last year in office. We need our Commander in Chief to lead,” Sullivan said. “We need a defense budget that reflects global threats—with real increases, not cuts, that improve our military readiness, and project strength, not weakness, in an increasingly dangerous world.”


  1. Sullivan is a good advocate for the Pentagon and defense contractors. Everyone and everything else not so much.

    Audit the Pentagon. Freeze their spending.

  2. Elections have consequences. And we are paying them.

    All because the icky Orange Man made mean tweets.

  3. No money for you Sullivan. Please resign from your position and stay away from politics. You are part of the problem.

    • Well said. Sullivan is bought & paid for by the Military Industrial Complex. It’s time for him to start representing Alaskans.

      • I would like to ask Senator Sullivan (or any other senator, really) just what portion of US military spending goes to actual DEFENSE, vs. the proportion which goes to interventionism and OFFENSE? I am certain that the latter far, far outweighs the former.

    • If you really believe that the rich, elite folks who’ve created this mess are going to pay for it when it falls is just….. stupidly in of itself. Get a grip man. Us plebs will be paying for this in spades.

  4. If Senator Sullivan wanted to impress me, he would talk about the disconnect that now exists in the federal budget — that the Biden Regime and a majority in Congress have agreed to simply print “money” to support the spending without reference to revenue. This disconnect, over time, will produce unrelenting inflation, currency devaluation and, in the end, economic collapse. Even the great Donald agreed to this approach during Covid (No real surprise to me; the Donald would not feel constrained to control much of anything, truth be known.). And Biden is an order of magnitude worse. The annual deficits are increasing. We send more to service the debt than on defense. Senator Murkowski, an appropriator in the “Uncle Ted-as-Santa-Claus” mold, will spend without limitation.

    • You are correct about the endless printing of money has led to the collapse of our currency. The end effects just haven’t hit yet. As for Trump and the Covid idiocy, he was essentially damned if he did and damned if he didn’t go along with the idiots in congress with their deranged response to a virus. His first response was the correct one, “we will have to learn to live with it”. Covid was a scam initiated to get Trump. End of story. And the sheep went along with it.

    • JMARK , Republicans are merely better disciplined Santa’s then their Democrat counterparts.

      The cure for this problem is to rediscover the Constitution and budget accordingly.

      I understand your angst about Trump, but given the choice before us…

  5. Bush 2 blew the Clinton surpluses, like Donald blew his daddy’s $$$. “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.” Dick Cheney

  6. Deepstate Dan, Senator from Ohio, is working overtime for the military industrial complex. Bankruptcy is the worst thing we can do for national security Senator. Bankrupt nations are vulnerable to all kinds of things. You are far more dangerous to America than Russia or China.

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