Anchorage ballots are in the mail


The Anchorage Municipal Clerk’s Office announced that 206,727 ballot packages were being mailed out March 12 to qualified registered voters. Voters can anticipate receiving their ballot package in the mail by Tuesday, March 19, the Clerk’s Office said.

There are about 242,000 voters in the Municipality, which means the Clerk’s Office did not mail ballots to more than 35,000 voters who had undeliverable addresses.

In addition to the mayor’s election, three members of the school board are up for reelection or replacement, and a number of bond initiatives are looking for votes.

Anchorage Mayoral Candidates

​​​Popp, Bill – Filed 1/12/2024

Tuck, Chris – Filed 1/12/2024

Colbry, Darin – Filed 1/12/2024

Craig, Breck – Filed 1/17/2024

Darden, Dustin Thomas House – Filed 1/12/2024 

Danger, Nick – Filed 1/12/2024

Di Grappa, Jenny – Filed 1/26/2024

LaFrance, Suzanne​ – Filed 1/19/2024

Bronson, Dave​ – Filed 1/23/2024

Isley, Phil – Filed 1/25/2024​

Anchorage Assembly – Seat A – District 2 – Candidates (1-year term)​

Littlefield, Mark H. – Filed 1/18/2024 Replacing Kevin Cross, who resigned

Anchorage School Board Candidates

School Board – Seat E

Higgins, Pat​ – Filed 1/12/2024 LIBERAL INCUMBENT

Schuster, Kay – Filed 1/12/2024​

School Board – Seat F

Frank, Angela​ – Filed 1/23/2024

Wilson, Dora – Filed 1/12/2024 LIBERAL INCUMBENT

School Board – Seat G

​Pohland, Chelsea – Filed 1/26/2024

Jacobs, Carl – Filed 1/12/2024 LIBERAL INCUMBENT

Ballots must be postmarked or dropped in a secure drop box by April 2.


  1. The race is between Bronson and Lafrance.
    All the others are stupid. A voter wasting their vote on another candidate is stupid as their candidate.

    • I enjoy the new Democracy, in which every election is bewteen two frontrunners, and jerks on the Internet make rude jokes deriding the voting process. Enjoy voting while you still can, Jen, both major parties are seeking avenues to limit chances for registered citizens to go to the polls.

      I think its perfectly fine for Mayor Bronson, as the incumbent, to have to make his case why 45% of the municipality where I live, work, and own a home in, should vote for him, and not “against” someone else.

      Likewise, if a runoff is going to be held, it would be keen if the two candidates attemted to reach out and engage voters.

      Sadly, politics are trending in the other direction, it seems. Both parties are trying to energize the base instead of the electorate, and although elections draw differences between policy, its unfortunate that raw numbers of votes (insert both sides whining about election fraud joke here) prevent a more civilized discourse.

      Maybe the new conservative dogma involves being rude. I thought it was about personal freedom and shared community values. If conservatives win the culture war, are we going to talk to each other like the rude conservatives talk to liberals? Its tacky. First Lady Melania Trump had a major social initiative about being kinder online. Ahem.

      • Ummmm, they already took away our right to “go to” the polls, Jimmy. We have to “mail” to the polls now.

        • Not true, one can go to City Hall or the Loussac Library to vote in person.

          You can go between the hours of 9am and 6pm from March 25 – April 1. Then on Saturday, April 2, one can go and vote in person between 10am and 4pm. Then on election day April 4, you can vote in person between 7am and 8pm.

          Doesn’t matter what district/precinct you are in, they will have every ballot available and will look you up in the voter registration to confirm that you receive the correct ballot. You can even bring in the blank ballot mailed to you and fill it in there in a voting booth.

          For those in Eagle River or Chugiak, you can go to Eagle River Town Hall during the same dates and hours listed above. However, they will only have ballots for Eagle River and Chugiak districts/precincts.

    • I want as many people as possible to vote for candidates other than LaFrance and Bronson.
      There is no better way to ensure a run off.
      It is possible that with a field of candidates, LaFrance might pull ahead, but if it is between her and Bronson… Might be easier to get the person not intent on destroying the City into the Mayor’s office. (HINT: That is not LaFrance)

  2. I’ll be getting 2 or 3 extra for people who don’t live in our house anymore, in case someones needs a spare.

      • The real felonies being committed are down at the ASSembly controlled ballot counting office where “certain” ballots are being tossed aside because of “suspicious signature irregularities”.

        And then correspondence between the election office and the voter begins to clarify validity which may or may not get completed in time before the deadline to “count” the vote. A lot of people aren’t even around to get the notice in the mail or have the time or patience to deal with stupid people requesting additional verification of who they are or how many years they have been using their signature to obtain a drivers license or file their taxes or receive a PFD check.

        This happens more than people even realize…especially when a Assembly members seat is on the ballot for reselection. (I witnessed it)

        Thank god we live in a democracy???

        • Yes Andy, this “clarification” process happened to one of my children.
          It does take time & only works if the voter receives the mail & responds in time for that particular election.
          Otherwise their vote will not be counted.

          So much for one person one vote.
          Rwmember when liberals promoted that? NO more.
          Mail in ballots are tossed out all the time, for all types of reasons.

          But Dems get a small competitive edge & w/ mail in and that’s all that counts.

          It’s in the constitution I believe – “one vote per person, unless a political party (our corrupt assembly) can change things to their advantage”

    • Save the ballots that do not belong to you. Report them to the Division of Elections and keep copies of all of your correspondence. Time is coming that we are all going to use this type of information to stop this fraudulent voting system. Check out Cause of America at This group is working directly with Mike Lindell.

    • There will also be a bunch of filled out returned ballots lying on the ground that fell out of the overfilled and unemptied large drive up mail box outside Huffman post office as in past elections.
      I wish I would have stuck around to see if the postal employees had picked them up before the wind blew them away or someone else collected them and “counted” them.

  3. The mail in ballots are nothing more than affimation that Stalin was correct. “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.” The quantity of registered voters in Anchorage, and in Alaska, are numerical impossibilities.

  4. Last election I received two ballots; one for my current name, one for my previous name, and I haven’t lived within the Anchorage Municipality since 1983….
    If the same happens this election and I get them in time I will stick them in a box of Lucky Charms and trade them for pints of Guinness on St. Paddy’s Day.

  5. Thankfully there are no three-way races for the School Board this time around, so we might actually have the chance to knock off an incumbent or two.

  6. Vote By Mail = the party who controls the election clerk wins

    Elections are going to become more about vote harvesting than winning over actual hearts and minds of voters.

  7. Your preferred candidate for Seat G, Chelsea Pohland, filled out her answers to Alaska Public Media with misspellings, punctuation errors and incomplete sentences. Compare her answers to those of her opponent before you complete your ballot.

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