Planet Fitness to Bud Light: Hold my beer?

Man in women's locker room in Fairbanks Planet Fitness. Credit: Libs of TikTok.

Another photo of a male in the women’s locker room at Planet Fitness in Fairbanks has emerged on X/Twitter, adding fuel to the public relations fire that broke out across the country after the gym cancelled the membership of a Fairbanks woman who photographed the man shaving in the women’s side of the facility.

In the latest photo, the man was dressing near other women. This photo was evidently taken by an anonymous member of the gym and shared with Libs of TikTok, a channel on X/Twitter that shows radical liberals as they actually are. Libs of TikTok has nearly 3 million followers.

Fairbanks conservative Patricia Silva’s story was featured on Gutfeld on Fox on Wednesday evening, anchoring a segment on “Vanishing Boundaries.”

Greg Gutfeld, who provides sardonic commentary on the news of the day, said that boundaries that have kept us safe and happy are beginning to disappear.

First, he said, society eradicated the boundaries “between male and female, between logic and irrationality, between reason and delusion. Boundaries give us meaning. Without them, we’re done … Planet Fitness sided with the offender. They call their gyms judgment free zones, and so canceled the woman’s membership. Planet Fitness, yeah, more like Planet [expletive deleted].”

That’s a lot of free publicity for Planet Fitness. Gutfeld averages 1.5–1.8 million viewers per night on his shows.

Planet Fitness’ stock valuation has remained wobbly this week, having lost a quick $400 million in valuation after the Silva video made the rounds on social media and in news outlets such as the Daily Mail and the New York Post. Mainstream media outlets in Alaska have remained silent.

Shares popped back in trading on Thursday morning as investors saw a “buy the dip” opportunity or as investment firms sought to shore up a crashing stock.

But the public relations damage continues online, as popular social media influencers have called for a boycott of Planet Fitness, which is standing by its policy of allowing men to use women’s locker rooms. It’s still to early to know if Planet Fitness will go the way of Bud Light, which hired a transexual male who portrays the persona of a teenage girl as the brand’s spokesperson.

That marketing move cost AB InBev, the parent company, and its shareholders. By August, its United States revenue had fallen 10%, as consumers stopped buying Bud Light, the company reported reported in a statement. Revenues fell $395 million North America during the quarter, compared to the previous year. Even today, AB InBev’s stock value, $59.73, is only what it was in 2012, having not recovered from the culture war it started with Dylan Mulvaney.

Wall Street Silver, an account on X/Twitter that has 1.2 million followers, posted the question, “Is it time to give Planet Fitness the Bud Light treatment? #BoycottPlanetFitness.” Many responding said they are canceling, but there’s no data yet to back that up; the company will need to report to shareholders at its next earnings call, which has not been announced. It’s latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission is at this link.


  1. I was considering a membership but not anymore and my wife just cancelled her membership on Tuesday. Go woke go broke.

  2. If you want this bs to stop make some noise!
    I find it very interesting that women dressed as men are rarely seen in men’s locker rooms. I can guarantee that if I was in a women’s locker room and a man was undressing in there I would NOT go quietly into the good night!!!

    • I am trying to figure out if there really is a significant shock factor if women dress as men? Women already wear pants, hunting gear, fishing gear, work wear (carhartts, etc.). Women are too nice to heckle the crap out of a guy or beat him up in the locker room, like guys might do to each other in their lockerroom; so, maybe this is why guys feel “safe” to pull this kind of c— in the women’s lockerroom?

      • As Gutfeld properly pointed out this guy is purposely using every woke tool in the box to promptly smother other female rights to privacy by parading/grandstanding in your face grooming of his sick demented “right” enabled by the far left to destroy every ounce of normalcy and protection we have had in the past.
        Welcome to the new normal Joe and Kamala proudly ushered in hanging from the puppetmaster Obama himself with Michelle as his cheerleader.

  3. Boycott Planet Fitness at every turn. This is how you fight the LGBT push to get these people OUT of locker rooms and bathrooms.
    The ONLY reason they do not use the bathroom according to their gender (using the female bathroom feels safer) is fear of other males telling them to get lost and retaliation! That’s why! Tell them to either use the facility according to gender at birth or leave. Simple! Get woke go broke Planet Fitness!!

  4. The so called “judgement free zone” judges the hell out of people who don’t agree.

  5. It would be great if MRAK can report true facts:
    (1) That person did not broke any Planet Fitness rules.
    (2) Outcry from other Planet Fitness members about that person is unbelievable, because they know per Planet Fitness rules (they agree to follow upon signing for a membership), this could happen
    (3) The person taking the pictures is in fact breaking Planet Fitness rules, as Planet Fitness does not allow use of camera in the locker. That’s the only true crime here.
    Here, we go, I corrected your article.

    • Dude was in the women’s area like he owned it. That is the first transgression and most salient.

      Men are not allowed in women’s spaces for many good reasons.

      Why don’t you respect that?

    • (1) That person did not broke any Planet Fitness rules. Therein lies the problem. Not only is your spelling bad but there should have been a rule not allowing this.

    • Planet Fitness and Bud Light are both understandably looking for new Communications Directors…. You seem well qualified. (You may wish to sue the correct tense of break / broke)

    • It’s impossible to take you seriously Mo, when you ignorantly flaunt your poor Alaskan public education while desperately making a straw man argument.

    • Try to keep up, son.

      You’re days late and dollars short.

      I’m amused with “ true facts”. Spoken like a true progressive. Facts are neither true nor false. They are.

    • Mo, interestingly about 5,6 years ago this would have energized and outraged the #metoo crowd and would have been considered sexual harassment and intimidation.
      Seems now women no longer warrant that protection and are instead judged (in this supposed judgement free zone) for feeling intimidated, uncomfortable and violated, having to perform the most intimate functions while a person is present, who clearly is NOT a woman.
      What do you tell a 12 year old next time some creep wants her to do something she does not want, when you expect her to be okay with stripping in front of any man in the locker room?

  6. Go Woke, Go Broke!!!! I’ve heard ya can’t fix stupid. I can’t wait to see how they’re doing in a couple weeks or a month.

  7. This informative article shows what one brave, outspoken woman can do to try and defend the privacy of women and children. Costco has “male” employees that identify as women and wear skirts using the public ladies restroom. I have encountered this myself and was too shocked to say anything at the time but will certainly be saying something to a manager when I go in next time. They are all about making money and the customer, not the employees come first. They are nationwide and we could all do our part to push back and reclaim our privacy and overcome another one of the evil steps that we have allowed to happen. Men should complain also. Most men have wives, sisters, children, girl friends or someone they care about sharing a bathroom with a biological male. What will be next if we don’t start saying no?
    I remember normal another way!

  8. You can also change clothes in a closed door toilet stall. And many places have single use/any gender bathrooms. “They” do their changing in front of others for a reason. It’s supposedly to make their behavior more acceptable and mainstream. If they don’t get in our face, they aren’t doing what they think is right.

    • “They” get a sexual charge out of dressing like women and they also get a surge of personal power forcing women to see them naked. Perverts, all of them.

      • Tamra, you are spot on there. It is a surge of personal “sexual” power forcing women to see them naked. Perverts? Hell yeah!

    • They are perverts and deviants.
      It is fetish to them – undressing in front of real women and girls.
      20 years ago we all know what happen to people like this.
      They would be arrested by law enforcement if Men didn’t take care of them first.
      What man in this site would tolerate one of these perverts undressing in front of their 14 year old daughter?

  9. These boosters of delusional psychosis fully deserve to reap what they sow. Almighty God, we ask that you allow their corporate delusional psychosis to destroy them, and others like them, all in a timely fashion if it is in accordance with your will.

  10. I have a membership with Planet Fitness and have been considering canceling my membership only because I don’t go very often. I don’t agree with the cancel culture and destroying businesses and lives because our beliefs and morals don’t line up. Although, having a man in the womens locker room is unacceptable under any circumstances, and PF needs to correct this from happening and as another writer said,” we are judged for disagreeing” with this behavior. The world has gone mad…………..

    • LJ, short of violence what other means do you have to protest.
      You must use the “power of the purse” to show these miscreants and their flaccid supporters how you feel.
      To do anything else is cowardly.

  11. I lived in California awhile back when they made it legal for a man to enter a women’s restroom while women were in there . My wife and I were leaving a restaurant and my wife wished to use the restroom on the way out . My wife went in and then I observed a fella making moves towards the women’s restroom door . Needless to say I let him know he wasn’t going in there . He left . That guy at the gym wouldn’t have made it to the women’s locker room if I was there !

  12. Planet Fitnuts is about to lose many of it’s lady members. PF can now open their locker room to “Trannies Only,” and watch their members grow.

  13. So someone tell me where the 340 lb power lifters are??? They should walk in that woman s locker room and …. I’m not ok with this sh–

    Attention all women. Carry mace and don’t be afraid to use it. These freaks are attempting to intimidate you. Start screaming rape & hose them down with mace. A man has no business in a woman s locker room unless he is coming in to rescue you or provide first aid.

  14. Next move for Planet Fitness should be to install urinals in the women’s bathroom . If corporate believes in this stupid idea of guys that dress as women using the girls locker room , just put urinals in ! They won’t , lame brains .

    How about indecent exposure for the kook in girls bathroom . Fairbanks has a lot of big women , poor guy is lucky he didn’t get bum rushed by a 6 foot 2 four hundred pound women and thrown out of the girls bathroom .

    You wonder what kind of parents this poor guy had ? Must of really screwed him up .

  15. Thank goodness we are learning to vote with our dollars. The LGBT community is but a fraction of the overall public. When we vote with our dollars people take notice.

  16. I hope Pat Silva opens her own fitness gym up in Fairbanks and bars all transgenders from entry with a big sign, “Only Real Women Pump Iron Here!” Love that gal.

  17. There is a certain irony here. The people taking the position “she violated the rules” would have been right a home with Bill Conor on the Pettis Bridge.

    Yet when it benefits their POV…

  18. I guess PF doesn’t give a da– about women/girls who have been victims of sexual trauma, yet they are expected to be alright with a strange biological male in the changing rooms with them while they shower and change? Why does PF hate biological women so much that they discriminate against them? Anyone who continues to work there obviously condones the actions of PF. Shame on you!

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