Bud Light marketing veep gets replaced after transgender ad flop


AdAge.com reports that the person who led the Budweiser Light controversial campaign that featured a transgender social media influencer has taken a “leave of absence,” and has been replaced.

The beer brand was widely criticized for featuring Dylan Mulvaney, who often represents an underage girl on TikTok, as its latest beer personality.

Alissa Heinerscheid, Bud Light’s Vice President of marketing, had defended her ad campaign and said the brand needs to get away from its “fratty” reputation.

Heinerscheid is being replaced by Todd Allen, Budweiser’s vice president for global marketing, according to AdAge.

Anheuser-Busch also revamped its marketing staff so that senior marketing employees are “more closely connected” to the “brand’s activities,” a spokesperson told AdAge.

Heinerscheid’s sudden departure from the company happened three weeks after the Mulvaney face appeared on cans of Bud Light, and Mulvaney shared a video on social media about her newfound beer partner.

Mainstream media reported that the decision to celebrate Mulvaney’s one year of being a “woman” had sparked a “right-wing boycott” of the beer. And, in fact, there was a backlash to the campaign that looked like it had staying power.

Kid Rock shot at cases of the Bud Light and posted the stunt on Instagram. Country musician Travis Tritt said he would remove Anheuser-Busch products from his tour rider. One social media influences used a truck to run over cases of Bud Light, and others found creative ways to destroy the beer. One account by “Conservative Dad” launched a new brand of “Ultra Right” beer.


  1. Actions have consequences. Adults know this but the children in charge of a lot of things, including government, haven’t learned that lesson. Bud has FAFO’ed that fact.

  2. Suzanne: Dylan Mulvaney is a “he.” Don’t be a participant in the delusion. Call him by his God-given pronouns!

    • There are roughly 100 trillion cells in a human body. Every one of these cells contains twenty-three pairs of chromosomes. For males, one of pairs has an “x” chromosome and a “y” chromosome. Female humans have two “x” chromosomes. As noted, this is true for every human cell. No operation or hormone can change this. The individual involved was born with one “x” chromosome and one “y” chromosome in very cell. He is male and will forever be a male for as long as he lives. The rest of this is all fantasy, political posturing and other irrational stuff.

  3. Hope it was worth it to her. But she will be talked about in marketing classes for decades to come.

    An interesting choice to pick a man who pretends to be a teenage girl to sell beer to women. Did anyone think this through?

    • “For the week ending on April 8, off-premise dollar sales for Bud Light declined by 7 percent, while dollar share and volume declined by 3.7 percent and 10.7 percent, respectively, according to Brewbound. For the week prior, dollar sales of Bud Light declined by 1.6 percent, the site reported, citing the data from Williams.”

    • Sure, sure…… that’s why the marketing veep is taking a leave of absence and they immediately turned around and showed the Clydesdale trotting past the statute of Liberty. I guess in your world success is measure in how fast you get dumped…


    • Jason Rodney Stavenes, could you please post the data supporting your claim that “Bud light made a huge profit off this marketing campaign” It seems the actual sales data in the industry states otherwise ………..

      “Backlash over Bud Light’s controversial partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney is continuing to take a toll on the brand, new sales numbers show.

      For the week that ended April 22, off-premise sales volume, which is the beer sold outside of restaurants and bars, fell by 26.1 percent from a year earlier, Beer Business Daily reports. The week prior they were down 21.1 percent.”

  4. No offense to our host here, but this is just another in an endless list of examples why women (with rare exceptions) do not belong in positions of leadership.

      • In all humility, an influential woman isn’t to forget the men before her like your dad and men around her like
        Mrak’s John Quick. Women won’t like
        What i am going to say. The woman is only has strong or influential as the men around her, and how long she has to use what’s been given or loaned. History always been like this for us and it hasn’t changed as alissa learned here what queen vashti from book of Esther found out.

  5. You are expected to accept Mulvaney as a 12 year old girl, but why would they want a 12 year old girl to promote their beer?

    • Because homosexual pedophilia and alcohol go hand in glove?
      With a name like Smuckers Heinerscheid it’s got to be good. Should’ve been, anyway.

  6. Now there is an easy way to identify pedophiles, sexual perverts and the woke. They are now the only ones that drink Bud Light.

    • Isn’t that what light beer drinkers are in the first place? Have you ever been with a group of guys and one of them orders a light beer? Holy moly the guy gets torn to pieces. I think it’s kind of fitting to have that freak sell a light beer

  7. I hope all woke companies that pull this garbage go broke as hell! All day long, the alphabet people are mentally retarded. Do not promote it, don’t accept it and absolutely do not act like it doesn’t matter. Morality matters. Anhauser Busch just got the memo!

  8. Fatal error. Don’t see how they recover… the decline won’t stop. Mouthwash and yeast tasting beer that survived on marketing only in my opinion.

  9. I will bet the farm they are using a 12 year old to promote (encourage) 12 year olds to drink their “Kool-Aid”. Gotta get the message out early. “You aint Kool if you aint drinkin Queer Beer”. Dont be fooled as I will bet Bud will still be “The King AND Queen of Beers” ten years down the road and the Dingbat they fired will be rehired promoted and crowned as an “Advertising Genius”!

  10. So here we have a company selling a product that can legally only be consumed by individuals over the age of 21 years. Yet this ad campaign clearly features a fake woman made to look like a 16 year old and celebrating 365 days of “girlhood”. What demographic are they targeting here??? Are they really suggesting underage drinking by teenage girls is cool? Do they believe any self-respecting woman will find a man made up to look like a girl appealing enough to go out and by their product?? Do they think any self-respecting man would hoist a can of beer with the picture of a guy in a dress? It is truly insulting on so many levels and pure and adulterated virtue-signaling.

  11. They’ll be destroying more stuff over this. A group of people that aren’t quite all there upstairs.

  12. What were they thinking. And the whole faux girl thing – an underage faux girl persona at that. So does that mean Anheuser-Busch also promotes underage drinking as well? A very very bad marketing move.

  13. Even when you remove the trans subject materiel, this has to rank as the most colossal marketing screw up in modern times. I’m amazed that it took three weeks for a couple of executives to go on ‘leave’.

  14. For a reason trans and lgbt don’t look like beer type. They look more like cocKtail, margarita, and straight hard liquor type
    That’s why no one can take them seriously, they already made an image and beer drinking isn’t part of it.

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