Door ajar: Alaska Airlines jet arrives in Portland with open cargo door


An Alaska Airlines Flight 1437 from Los Cabos, Mexico arrived at Portland International Airport on March 1 with what observers said was an unsealed cargo door, as confirmed by photos released by KOIN.

“It’s unclear how long the Boeing 737 door was open, but sources say passengers’ pets were inside and lived. It is not clear whether the circumstance could have put the flight at risk, but a source told KOIN 6 the flight did not require an emergency landing,” the report said. In the photo published by KOIN, the gap appears several inches wide.

“Upon landing at PDX on March 1, Alaska Airlines flight 1437 was discovered to have the forward cargo door unsealed. There was no indication to the crew that the door was unsealed during flight and all indications point to the door partially opening after landing. Our maintenance teams inspected the aircraft, replaced a spring in the door, tested the door and reentered it into service,” a statement from Alaska Airlines said, as reported by KOIN.

The company is suffering from the blowback occurring after a Boeing 737-9 MAX jet lost a door plug mid-flight in January, as it climbed out of Portland en route to Ontario, Calif. The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board found the bolts that hold the door plug in place were missing when the plane took off, a factory defect, not an Alaska Airlines oversight.

At least 62 passengers aboard that flight are suing the airline and Boeing for at least $1 billion. Another two lawsuits represent another 59 passengers and the damages in those lawsuits are not yet specified.

Alaska Airlines is the fifth-largest airline in North America, as measured by passengers carried, and is the main carrier for the majority of Alaska residents who fly.


  1. Oopsie… employee Jesus (“hay-zoos”), down in May-hee-ko, might need a fresh lesson on properly closing that door. Noah had the very best help with closing the cargo door.

  2. I see Alaska Scarelines is keeping itself in the news! IMO, I think the airline has gone downhill since hiring CEO Ben Minicucci. Too much time spent on being woke than running an airline.

  3. Diversity is our strength? Less cynical: don’t doors like this have alarms that tell the pilot in the cockpit that the door is not secure and ready for flight? My suggestion for Alaska Airlines is that they re-imagine themselves as a company that puts passenger safety first – not whether someone is a man wearing a woman’s uniform.

    • I once asked a “diversity advocate” to explain to me in simple English HOW diversity, in and of itself, is our strength.

      I really wanted to know. I was open to being convinced.

      He couldn’t. Every example he give me I rebutted as said individual rising above the crowd due to excellence of character, intellect, and personal integrity. Those characteristics are rare, but found in every kind of person regardless of incidentals like race, gender, etc.

      Because he was an honest man, he acknowledged my point. In the end, all he could say was “diversity is our strength” because it’s diverse.

      When one must use the word to provide examples of the word, one has no argument.

      Facts, as John Adams said, are stubborn things.

      • If there is any proof that heterogeneous teams produce safer cars, faster computers, or stronger bridges than those that are homogeneous, I’d like to see it. Yet indeed this is how DEI is sold. We are asked to take this proposition on faith, and – to my knowledge – without substantiated proof.

        Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve spent my career working in both types of environments. I can say for sure that diverse groups are more interesting, as capable, and often times just more plain fun than non-diverse groups. It’s also true that one gains insight and appreciation by exposure to people from different cultures, backgrounds, and ethnic groups.

        But what’s missing in the whole diversity agenda is an honest admission that the real goal of the movement is to provide access to power and wealth to those who have been historically disadvantaged or discriminated against. Rather than being up front about this and selling the agenda on the basis of basic fairness and human rights, we are disingenuously told, and expected to believe, that the resultant output of the work performed will be of higher quality. I think that the whole DEI agenda would sell far better if there were more truth in its advertising.

    • Rollo, I guess the lady in the computer that tells you that “Your door is ajar” had the day off. Or more likely she was no longer diverse enough and replace by some dude in a dress with a man-bun, who could not be bothered to alert you, as it was demeaning to his/them/theirs/ours/yours existence…..

  4. It was never confirmed that the bolts missing on the other door was done by the manufacturer, as stated in your narrative. Plus, they have found many more since that were left out by the airlines. Maybe they will find Boeing responsible for not latching the baggage door in this case as well.

  5. Is this a new way to bring immigrants into the USA? Strap a parachute on em and load em in the cargo hold. Then they can jump off whenever they want. Cool. Saves the cost of a seat on the unknown jets bringing them in at night.

  6. Other airlines are having troubles also. For Alaska Air it’s the doors, for United their wheels fall off. Some are starting to think its intentional, to shrink or eliminate air travel as we know it. Airliners cause climate change (except for John Kerry’s jets) so they got to go.

  7. Another example of poor management and poorly trained people with little incentive to make themselves smarter beyond their GenX and millennial gossip and clique group

  8. I know of Muni People Mover bus drivers get tired of their have dumb co workers are too lazy and who don’t check all the maintenance and safety of the bus being the last one driving it. The next morning a co worker will pull a bus with an unreported issue and worse be stuck on the side of the road with passengers while they wait for another bus.
    I was told this by my bus driver friend.

    The stupidity, laziness, and arrogance is everywhere.

  9. What on earth is happening to the airlines? Where are the people who used to take it personally if even one fault was found on an airliner? Don’t they care? Makes one wonder if you should even board an airliner. Does the lackadaisical thinking also run over to cruise ships as well?

    • They don’t care, it’s part of the plan. The Globalists do not like us common folk flying all over the country and world. Only they get to do that so stay home or walk.

  10. I’m an Aircraft Mechanic, and have worked on 737’s and other Boeing’s. I have serious doubts that this door was ajar prior to or during the flight. First of all there is a switch in the latch mechanism which is engaged by the latch mechanism as the door is closed. A warning light would illuminate in the cockpit that would alert the crew before even starting the engines. Secondly, the baggage compartment is a pressurized area and the entire airplane simply wouldn’t/couldn’t be pressurized with a gap of the size shown in the picture. I could see that the latching assembly might be faulty in that the over centering of the latch might have issues and the depressurizing of the aircraft caused the door to open slightly prior to landing. I’m sure there will be an investigation into this. If there was a decision made to go with a forward baggage door light (highly unlikely) we’ll know more later.

    • Phil, thank you for your insightful comments above. I too thought that the cabin couldn’t have been pressurized had this door been open during flight. That said , reports coming in this last week about wheels falling off, rudder pedals sticking or whatever take a toll on the willingness of the flying publics confidence in the Aviation Industry. It affects me since I cannot cajole my wife into a little late winter get-away!

  11. I believe the problem stems back to, not enough employees for the jobs at hand! This puts pressures on the maintenance crews, flight attendants, ground crews and the pilots having to take up the slack.

  12. I wish this woke airline would get it’s act together and wake up…….for the safety of passengers. This airline is beginning to give the state terrible name recognition.

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