Canada to allow mentally ill citizens to kill themselves starting in March, 2023


Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying program is expanding in 2023, to allow Canadians to be considered for a state-approved euthanasia program, when their only underlying condition is mental illness.

On March 17, 2023, Canada’s MAiD law will expand, allowing doctors and even nurse practitioners to dispense lethal medication if the mentally ill patient requests it. 

The law was originally created for those who were diagnosed with terminal illness. In 2016, it was expanded to include those who have chronic pain. Then in 2021, the law was amended to include those with mental illness, with a 2023 enactment.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enacted a ban on almost all guns.

Also earlier this year, Trudeau cracked down on a truckers convoy that protested mandatory Covid vaccinations. When the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa to protest Trudeau’s mandates, he ordered banks to freeze the accounts of activists and their families.

Trudeau also cut the use of fertilizer in the country by 30% as a response to climate change.

Medical ethicists warn that those who cannot afford mental health care may be urged to simply kill themselves.


  1. Trudeau, like each of us, needs to fear and obey the perfect will of God, who has given us life and who will judge us for our unrepented misdeeds in this life. Otherwise, it would be an incidental act of mercy to the good people of Canada if the wretched PM were to leap from a tall bridge.

  2. Quite literally, the globalists want you to kill yourself to make room for replacement migrants. Not everywhere, just in the western world.

  3. Just like hitler and his nazi commanders done. The first ones to die were handicap or mentally ill. Eventhough they aren’t sending people to a gas chamber- its the same demonic spirit. You know at the loussac library there are portraits highlighting our mentally disabled residents entrance lobby because we are supposed to cherish life. Just like alaska i think canada church and churches aren’t scattering and sowing enough gospel seeds-tracks, acts of service, prayer ,affimations- for this death obsession to had taken root in canada’s social fabric.

    • In fairness to Canadians,Fidel Jr was using the Mounties to force churches closed.

      I don’t discount the need for the community of faith to be more active in life here in the north, this issue goes beyond that.

    • Boom, Jen!!! Yes !!! You gotta check out courtsofheavenwebinars, look around, there’s several spirit filled Canadians and Anericans working in prayer to the tide on what you’ve identified. There is hope for Canada

  4. Ah, “progressives”.

    Just a short step to encouraging them to kill themselves. Then another short step to requiring it.

    Then turn the attention to other undesirables. Handicapped? Certain diseases? Wrong political opinions? People of faith? Fidel Jrs political foes?

    Who thought Canada would be the modern face of National Socialism?

  5. President Donald J. Trump and his administration will appropriately negotiate with this problem person unfortunately negatively impacting this continent.

  6. Justin Castro Trudeau is truly following in the footsteps of his father. Just an evil little dictator who is drunk on his own power. So sad for the Canadian people, and they can’t get rid of him because he’s the darling of the global elites. Add France’s Macron to this list also.

    • And Gavin Newsom, he runs an economy twice the size of Canada and rules over more people and will certainly be the Democratic front runner for POTUS

  7. Elitist globalists, WEF proteges and the davos scum are really into the culture of death–as long is it isn’t theirs….

  8. Looks like young Justin is doubling down on his success of killing off Canadians which began in 2021. According to News Reports coming out of the Province of Alberta, the leading cause of death in Alberta for 2021 was something called “Unknown”. Unknown deaths spiked to 3,362 in 2021, up from a mere 500 or so back in 2019. This dramatic rise in deaths couldn’t possibly be caused from the universal forced jabbing of Canadians with an ineffective experimental m-RNA concoction however. The root cause of this “spike” of deaths amongst the population of Alberta more likely came from the effects of carbon based fertilizers , Climate Warming and Transphobia.

    With this act, Fidel’s Love Child has graciously allowed Canadians, driven MAD by his leftist policies to at last find peace. We citizens of the U.S. should be so lucky!

  9. When a society doesn’t value life (before or after birth) it’s pretty obvious that said society is on the decline.

  10. Trudeau is an evil man. I don’t say that lightly. Kendall, Walker, etc are slimy and corrupt, but not outright evil.

    Trudeau is.

    The bigger issue looming for Canadians is how much more and how long are they willing to be a party to it? This would not be happening except for the consent of the governed. Re-electing this man is giving consent.

    When the bill comes due, it will be ugly.

  11. By definition a diagnosed person with that level of mental illness can’t legally make decisions, thus a “family member” can? Does that mean my Mom, with advancing Dementia could be killed on my say so?
    This isn’t just the Fidel Jr, this is the majority of the Parliament!

  12. Universal health is soooo great isn’t it Canada?

    We don’t want to pay to treat you, so just kill yourself and save us a dollar or two! LOL

  13. Trump should just take Canada, they’d be helpless.
    Then we could drive wherever we want.
    We don’t need a war …just keep sending conservatives over their border non-stop for decades.
    Western Canada would gladly become sanctuary Providences for us.

    I wonder if the snarky Brits would show up to save them?

    • Right out of Hitlers playbook.
      Nazis didn’t want defective people messing up the master race & started a program to get rid of the handicap.
      One of the high level officers (I forget his name) running ‘the Riech’ for Hitler, had his own down syndrome daughter killed to start the program rolling.
      The the j * ws … the gypsies ….. the communists …. certain Christians … poc and so forth.

      • Gay people George, they also went after and killed homosexuals. It’s where the pink triangle comes from.

  14. So they make people so miserable that the people would prefer being dead than deal with this sick society, then provide the inoculation to kill them.

  15. So would this new Law include the Shop teacher in Canada who is obviously Mentally ill, I would wonder, what does the transgender community in Canada think about Justin’s new law!

  16. Geez, this is just a cost cutting measure for Canadian Medicare. Look for doctors to be compelled to “assist” suicides or lose their billing number. Next year Canada will lead the world in access to suicide. After all, they did ban handguns, which are sooo messy.

    • Believe you’re on to something…
      Ammunition’s cheaper than Canadian Medicare, so government shot down its competition, as it were?

  17. No, Canada is not going to allow the mentally ill to kill themselves. Canada is going to coerce the mentally ill into killing themselves. Or just flat out murder them. And then say, well, they asked for it!

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