Trudeau moving ahead to severely curtail use of fertilizer to address climate change with more organic farming


“Let them eat cake” seems to be the message from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The princely prime minister wrapped up meetings Friday with provincial ministers, and signaled he will move ahead to reduce the allowable use of fertilizer by Canadian farmers as his next step in fighting climate change.

The Trudeau government wants a 30% reduction in emissions, but farming experts say that reducing nitrous oxide emissions can’t be done without reducing fertilizer use, which will hurt their ability to stay in the farming business. Farmers also say this will result in less food being produced by Canada and will lead to food shortages at a time when there are already global food shortages.

In 2021, the agriculture and agri-food system employed 2.1 million people, provided 1 in 9 jobs in Canada, generated $134.9 billion (around 6.8%) of Canada’s gross domestic product, according to the Canadian government.

“The world is looking for Canada to increase production and be a solution to global food shortages. The Federal government needs to display that they understand this,” said Alberta Agriculture Minister Nate Horner. “They owe it to our producers.”

Horner said that this year’s crops are the most expensive that have ever been planted, “following a very difficult year on the prairies.”

“We’re really concerned with this arbitrary goal,” said Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture David Marit. “The Trudeau government has apparently moved on from their attack on the oil and gas industry and set their sights on Saskatchewan farmers.”

Fertilizer emissions reduction was not on the agenda of the annual meeting of Federal-Provincial-Territorial ministers of agriculture. Provinces pushed the federal government to discuss this topic, and were disappointed to learn that Trudeau had already set the 30% target.

“The commitment to future consultations are only to determine how to meet the target that Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister [Marie-Claude] Bibeau have already unilaterally imposed on this industry, not to consult on what is achievable or attainable,” the governments of Alberta and Saskatchewan said in a combined statement. Bibeau is the nation’s agriculture minister.

“Western Canadian farmers already produce the most sustainable agri-food products in the world, and they’re continually being asked to do more with less. We cannot feed the growing world population with a reduction in fertilizer,” the provincial leaders said. “Western Canadian producers base fertilizer inputs on realistic targets based on moisture availability. Producers are conservative in the use of fertilizer inputs and don’t add more than what is needed. They alone simply cannot shoulder the impact of this shortsighted policy.”

Canada is a net exporter of food staples such as grain. It has 0.5% of the global population, but produces about 1.5% of the food in the world, while consuming about 0.6% of world food production.

Sri Lanka has been the test kitchen for the organic-only policy. In 2021, President Rajapaksa banned synthetic fertilizer and pesticide imports, which forced the millions of farmers in that country to go organic, practically overnight. The result has been disastrous, with major food shortages, social unrest, and ultimately a protest that took over the capital and forced the resignation of the government.

Sri Lankan scientists and agriculture experts had warned of dire consequences for many crops, such as cocoa, coffee, soybeans, and other staples.

in Sri Lanka, rice production dropped 20 percent in the six months after the organic-only policy was implemented. Instead of feeding itself, the country spent $450 million on rice imports. The production of tea, which is the country’s biggest export, fell by 18 percent. The population of Sri Lanka is now facing imminent starvation.


  1. All part of the Globalist agenda of reducing the world’s population to less than a billion souls. Wars are too costly and cause too much collateral damage. It is easier and more cost effective to starve the populace to death.

  2. Hey, if the World only read my books, things would be better. It is most definitely possible to team with the microbes. We only have 40 years left with viable soil, so the sooner we switch to organic the better. I do agree, however, they should be lots of consultation.

  3. Putin has pushed the world into facing an inevitable decision point on climate change. Perhaps it was inevitable that something or someone would. Is there any real science behind the religion of climate change? Does anyone in Ukraine have time to listen to Greta? If Holsteins burping is really the problem can we fix it by taking John Kerry’s jet away from him? Is the Russian war just a preliminary speed bump on the road to a war between the US and Red China? When women tell you that every problem would be solved if they ran the world tell them that Trudeau and Macron would never have been elected if women hadn’t been allowed to vote. What I say now is that no matter how old a fellow is all these problems would become inconsequential if he was watching the mini-skirts on Ste. Catherine Street (Montreal, of course) this Saturday afternoon.

      • See how hard it is to beat the plants and bushes and trees rom encroaching road rights of way? A little noticed scientific truth by God deniers. LOL.

    • Part of the “real science” of climate change are thermometers. Please tell me that you trust thermometers.

      • Tell me you understand these three words climate modification industry. It is a skill or set of skills practiced among the wealthiest nations today. Although corporate financed media doesn’t allow placement of any but carefully edited stories private media abounds with advertisements, regional stories, and synthesis of human political brokers acquiescence. So yeah, the earth’s modified purposefully but not secretively natural weather cycles are resoundingly and effectively being ruined on the earth. However running out of cash the earthly God deniers will be unable to stop the reverting of earth’s natural weather patterns designed for it. IT WILL BE As though mankind hadn’t played God for a short time. “OH earth, stand forever”. Faith in God’s purpose is not the possession of every woman.

      • The United States, and Alaska, were much hotter in the 1930’s than it is now. That is why government climate models routinely leave temperature data from that period of time out of their calculations, because it doesn’t fit their climate change agenda. Also, forest fires burned many more acres of woodland during that time than now. Look it up before it gets removed from the internet.

      • My ‘thermometer’ tells me that it is currently 60 degrees Fahrenheit outside my home at this moment.

        What it does NOT tell me is what the temperature was 100 years ago, 1000 years ago, or 10000 years ago at this exact moment.

        Nor does it tell me what the temperature shall be 100 years, 1000 years, or 10000 years within the future, at this exact moment.

        Mother Earth moves within cycles, as does the cosmos.

        Ice ages, temperate ages, drought ages, and everything in between.

        Humankind, as it were, has no more influence nor control over said cycles of Mother Earth, and the hubris exhibited by those such as you that you feel that you are part of some consequential action that can disrupt the natural cycle that Mother Earth goes through is frankly laughable.

        What did your beloved ‘thermometer’ read 10,000 years ago, Lucinda?

        What will your beloved ‘thermometer’ read 10,000 years into the future, Lucinda?

        There is no ‘real science’ regarding climate change, Lucinda, as said climate change has been occurring since the Earth was formed.

        And humans have nothing to do with it.

        • That argument has been debunked Randy. The earth has never had climate change in such a short time. Rapidity is the crucial consideration.

          • Institute of Artic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, Boulder –
            “The NGRIP ice core also provided evidence of air temperatures jumping 9 degrees Fahrenheit in just five decades roughly 115,000 years ago.”
            “In addition, the NGRIP core shows the air temperature jumping about 18 F in roughly 50 years about 10,500 years ago as Earth was emerging from the last glacial period into the present Holocene interglacial epoch, said CU-Boulder doctoral student Trevor Popp of INSTAAR, chief driller on the 2004 NGRIP effort.”
            Lucinda, maybe you should stuff a sock in it so you will quit lying.

          • From the 1940’s to the early 1970’s the Earth’s temperature actually went down. I am old enough to remember newspaper articles warning of an impending new “ice age’. How soon we forget!

          • You’re full of disinformation. The earth is about 4.6 billion years old. So tell me how was the climate say 10 million years ago. We don’t have data on that so don’t guess.

          • Clearly not a student of history or geography.

            Not 40 years ago the hysteria was for the oncoming ice age.

            I accept man destroying the climate is an article of your religious faith. But like alchemy, it’s not true.

            AK public school grad?

          • By whom, Lucinda?

            Have you, or they been around for the entire existence of Mother Earth?

            What about the mini-ice age beginning within the mid 1700’s, or the ‘scientific’ claims from the 70’s, of which I remember well, warning of a new ice age soon to overtake us all?

            Mother Earth shall do as Mother Earth does, regardless of our petty little occupation, but you believe as you wish.

            It shall make no difference within the end.

      • I trust thermometers.
        What I do not trust is the manipulation of the data from thermometers. It is called “normalization” or “normalizing” the data. When done properly, the temperature readings are adjusted because the environment surrounding the thermometer has changed. Say a building was constructed that placed the sensor in the shade, or one was removed. The scientist will adjust the data to account for that variation.
        What I do not trust are the scientists that knowingly normalized their data in the wrong direction in order to make their readings fit their political stance on climate change.

          • Several independent analyses of temperature data from Australia, the US, and UK/Europe have indicated there are issues with the normalization.
            For example, the Aussie data, from Acornsat 2.1 is getting a very good beating from several independent analyses. Turns out the normalization, or homogenization is correcting for environmental factors by adding degrees when it is more accurate to deduct degrees.
            Now, one might be forgiven if the data under question was months, or maybe a few years old, but there is more than a century of data from some of these weather stations. The trend is clear, and the conclusions do not support the data.

          • Further to the above:
            Check out the problem with the Darwin Zero temp sensor. Several sites will give a good discussion.
            Also, check out the fraud committed by the “researchers” at the University of East Anglia, commonly referred to as “climategate.”
            The sensors are stupid. They just record what is happening.
            The scientists are human, full of biases, prejudices, and prone to influence. I trust the thermometers, I do not trust the scientists.

  4. Classic fascist move. Restrictions on movement, attack political foes, starve the people.

    It worked wonders for Stalin.

    He’ll go after the conservative prairie states first.

    Can’t help but wonder why the Mounties and military go along with this. Or are they the Canadian Stasi?

  5. I believe he just wants to Georgia Guidestone – kill 90 percent of the earth’s population. It’s disappointing to have a neighbor and trade “partner” obeying the commands of geriatric fuhrers from foreign lands. i wonder if ethically he could be considered possibly “wrong” to encourage and facillitate premature (starvation) deaths of 90 percent of humans currently alive. Why not America First? I suppose people should wake up from a tv entrancement now if they are ever going to do so.

  6. The Great Reset, probably with a little famine mixed in, blamed on Climate Change, of course.
    Hide the decline using Mike’s Nature trick.
    Is blackface legal in Canada? Or is it “my body my choice”?

  7. As a producer, due to input costs our product will cost you 1/3 more this year, maybe more as harvest comes. Our yields are also down due to fertilizer shortages so some will go without. The WEF looks to decrease nitrogen usage in farming, but keep in mind that 70% of our atmosphere is nitrogen (20% oxygen, 9% argon, maybe .04% CO2). We can return to collecting nightsoil (as North Korea does). Or we can evict the delusional top 1% fools imposing their dictatorship upon the peasants.

  8. No matter how many Canadians starve, how many farmers go broke,
    Fidel Jr won’t miss a meal or a check.

  9. It’s all part of the plan. The global elites want mass starvation to lower population. Starvation is the one thing that can really bring down a civilization quickly. Once the panic starts, the ball will be rolling with little to stop it. It’s probably why many of the global elites have set up large compounds on Hawaii.

    • Jim: there are no social or environmental problems that can’t be reduced or eliminated by a reduction of the human population. Nobody wants mass starvation, that’s an accusation unworthy of your intellect. In recognition of the utterly unsustainable demand of 7 billion humans, I want planned, gradual, peaceful reduction of the rate of reproduction.

      • Sure there are.
        If the population trend continues, there will not be enough workers to keep Social Security, Medicare, or any government funded entitlement program funded. Unless you want to start killing off adults of retirement age, reducing population is going to cause massive problems with the economy. And… the last time I checked, that kind of falls under social.

      • Feel free to lead by example. God but leftists love a good genocide.

        Pity my original comment didn’t pass muster.

  10. “Black face” Trudeau is about the dumbest leader in the world. He has no clue about the consequences of his actions.

    • Disagree. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s looking to see how far he can go.

      At least in recent history, Canadians tend to be docile in regards to government overreach.

      What he’s doing is really no different than the Anchorage Assembly.

  11. Hopefully, Canadians will look at Europe to see the damage done to peoples standard of living and future as a result of the Green agenda. Actually, I hope Americans do the same.

  12. May we wish Prime Minister Justin Trudeau every success enjoyed by leaders of countries like Ghana, Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, Bhutan, Chad, Guatemala, Haiti, the Kyrgyz Republic, North Korea.
    Of course, some leaders abdicated or were bodily removed by hungry subjects, but Mr. Trudeau’s Canadians are, unlike their surly American neighbors, a genetically obedient lot, always eager, even if a bit faint from hunger, to do what’s best for The Climate, no?

    • Father use to say that politicians should take notice of what happened to Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu. At the time I thought it was a little harsh.

  13. Does this mean that in addition to everything else thought of and implemented that oxygen will also be delimited? The truly evil have intention to bring down the earth’s inhabitants by hook and crook by a date certain. It matters who you vote for. The thought is as humans meet their creator complete control of any remnant will be very facile. These world plans of globalists have been calculated and published but not attributed for decades. It is thought that the most quiscient among the racial groups will have the longest but unpleasant stay on the earth. These evil God deniers do not care for Christianity or heavenly hopes of any type. The nwo plan sounds fairly bleak and advanced overall.

  14. Can you not see what they’re doing? They are trying to starve us in the name of climate change.

    It’s all coming down from the creep of the World Economic Forum.

  15. It worked so darn well in Sri Lanka and the Netherlands (to name just a couple of countries that tried it and failed spectacularly) why wouldn’t Canada just dive right in?

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